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Fire & Sword Battle 04: Sally at Abu Hamed

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As referred to in Turn 03: January 1884, at Abu Hamed Sayed Bey decides to sally forth from the town and endeavour to temporarily break the siege. While Abu Hamed is now plentifully supplied with resources (it has over 6 months of…Read more &#8…

Modelling New Zealand Bush

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I was searching for information on scenic material (scatter and flock and such) and stumbled across this (NZ 1:120  TT scale) New Zealand model railroad blog. It features some photos of Grant Morrel’s Kerosine Creek layout from the Masterton …

Warlord North American Buildings

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To supplement my Perry Miniatures’ ACW Buildings I also have a couple of Warlord laser-cut MDF Settler’s Log Cabins – like the Perry buildings these are suitable for most North American eras from the French & Indian Wars & Am…

From PhilH: 28mm Colonial British Hussars, Mahdist Gun and Crew & 15mm WWII American Infantry (84 points)

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From Phil:My final offering to push me towards my target. The British in the Sudan finally get some cavalry support, the rather dashing 10th Hussars. Not a fancy pelisse in sight by this era, but I still think they look fine in their navy striped trous…

From DaveD: 28mm ‘Camelapocalypse’ – Sudan Supply Column & Naval Gun Crew (165 points)

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From Dave:Its been a switch over to the Colonials for the Sudan.I had decided to make an effort on dealing with the support elements first. For the desert column I really wanted a decent amount of animals. So here we have a further addition. It’s …

Perry Miniatures ACW Buildings

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These are some ‘in progress’ pictures of my 28mm Perry Miniatures’ American Civil War Buildings – I’m hoping they will be useful for not just the ACW, but also for the American Old West & Indian Wars, some Colonial the…

Miniature Addiction!

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Roundie, from my local gaming group (the Auckland Wargaming Club), has recently launched his own website & blog of his wargaming & modelling work – he’s one of our area’s most prolific modellers & painters and has built so…

From DaveD: 28mm Mahdist Horsemen and Camelry (190 points)

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From Dave:So here we have the Mahdist mounted forces (19 in all) , 6 Beja camel, 12 Baggara cavalry and another leader for the cause. All 28mm Perry figures. For the Baggara I had to replace the “chocolate fireguard” Perry spears with something that wi…

From PhilH: 28mm Mahdists with Command & Challenge Desperado (75 points)

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From Phil:My next entry, it may surprise you to know, takes me back to the Sudan. Seven foot Mahdists, plus a command stand of one foot one mounted. I painted these alongside the casualties I also submitted, a fairly sizeable batch for me but a mere dr…

L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum – Late 19th to 20th Century Spanish Colonial

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From DaveD: Sudanese Beja Mob Part Deux (371 points)

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Here is the second points sortie in Dave’s Sudanese carpet bombing campaign.From Dave:Ok you Challengers here we have part 2 off the production line.Its 72 figures plus 4 prone casualty . all 28mm Perry . Hmm I think it might need to do some …

From DaveD: 28mm Sudanese Ansar Tribesmen (437 points)

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Dave brings out the big guns with this huge points entry.From Dave:Having completed my initial point target (600) or the Challenge , it seems to have got the paint well and truly flowing. Having completed a Sudan “caravan” as part of the chal…

From ClintB: 10mm Mahdist Tribesmen (64 points)

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From Clint:Yet More Pendraken figures 3 figures to a 20m by 20mm base and 21 bases in all. I have kept the patch colours on the Jibbehs muted so no need to wear sunglasses while playing in England. (Chance would be a fine thing at the moment!) Overall …

From RobP: 28mm Sudanes, Nuns & French Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Pied (276 points)

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RobP, veteran member of the beer disposal unit of the ‘Dutch Water-bicycle Detachment’, debuts in the Challenge with this stonking entry of Sudanese, Nuns and French Chasseurs. An entry which, I’m sure, will raise the eyebrows of his compatriots Michae…

From ClintB: 10mm Ansar Tribal Riflemen (33 points)

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From Clint:Another 11 Stands of 10mm Ansar. Again these are by Pendraken with 3 figures to a base for use with “Patrols in the Sudan” Rules. As the rules differentiate between rifle and melee armed stands each of these stands has two riflemen on each s…

From JamesB: 28mm Afghan Cavalry, Bengal Lancers, Ghurkha Rifles & Ronin (377 points)

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James has the most ambitious points target within the Challenge this year and to start biting into that goal he sends in this very nice mixture of figures from the North-West Frontier and Feudal Japan.From James:I have had a few questions about my lack…

The Battle of Matigulu

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Posties Rejects gathered over the weekend for our first game of the year, and once again Postie pulled out something new from his collection for us to play with. This game used The 1879 Zulu War and Boer Zulu Conflict rules written by Richard…

Queens’ Lancers Museum

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A small interesting museum that covers some the most famour British cavalry charges ever!

From TamsinP: 28mm Coureur de Bois (32 points)

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From Tamsin:This submission consists of eight 28mm FIW coureurs de bois from AW Miniatures. These represent my painting contribution for the most excellent Bloggers for Charity project organized by James B and AndrewS.These were painted over black prim…

From JamesB: 28mm North-West Frontier Infantry & Cavalry (320 points)

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James enters our paint-spattered melee with these lovely North-West Frontier figures.From James:Here is my first non-bonus entry. I have the first of what will be several lots of NWF figures. These are all from the very fine Foundry Miniatures ran…

Mystery 25mm Colonial figures

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This afternoon I set out to discover who made some Zulu War figures and terrain I had. In the search I discovered some 25mm foot to eye Colonial figures suitable for fighting in the Sudan. They stood out or more correctly didn’t as they were dwarfed by…

RAFM $1 Figure Sale II – How I Think It Works

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How the deal works seems a little unclear.  Below is what I posted over on TMP – I think I have it right. ;)

My understanding and the way I did my order: A “pack” is a SKU – basically the RAFxxx number. For non-1889 lines that usually me…

$1 Figure Sale at RAFM!

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RAFM is having a $1 per figure sale on all their historical lines. This
includes the Space 1889 figures – always high on my list but also their
Ancients, ACW, French Indian, Colonial and other lines.  Well worth
looking at.

Follow this link fo…

Last Argument of Kings – a review

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So whats this supplement all about then!This supplement covers the periods of conflict from 1690 through to the end of the Seven years war. The supplement opens with an overview of warfare and tactics in the 18th century. As is expected of modern suppl…

Searching for the war gamers Holy Grail is it Black powder?

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I am pretty sure we have all, as we have got older, wanted one set of rules that we can use to play most of our games. I am no exception to this and neither is my main gaming opponent Kevin.Whilst we are happy with the rules we use for our skirmish gam…