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Hobby update – 24/4/17 – fates entwine!

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Hobby update blog header

Greetings all – welcome once more to the inner workings of my hobby station.

This week I’ve mainly been working on commission projects, hoping to finish my current workload so that I can concentrate on the Dusk Knights prior to my doubles tournament in June.

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Something old, something new, something chaotic and something blue!

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Greetings all, this is going to be something of a different hobby update post to normal, as the bank holiday here has yet again messed my internal clock mechanisms up (I’m currently on my first day back at work after the break, so feel like it’s Monday, when in fact it’s Wednesday and I’ve realised I’m two days behind my normal schedule!

So, basically I’ve got my normal hobby update stuff, followed by a generic news update – aren’t you all so lucky!

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Back in the saddle – sorry for the absence!

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Greetings all!

Well I hope you noticed I went away for just over a week, if not then my blog isn’t quite as interesting as I thought it was!
I’ve not been ill, or away on a holiday or anything like that, just very busy – my eldest daughter was 4 last week so the week was spent visiting various relatives and friends to gather in an even larger collection of dolls, clothes and toys than she already has (seriously, how many dolls does a 4 year old need? Turns out it’s a bit like plastic crack, there’s always more to buy!). 

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Hobby update 20-3-17 – In 40k – everyone can hear you scream!

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Greetings all!
Welcome to this week’s glimpse into my studio!

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The Burning Eye Commission Painting Service

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Greetings all!

Way back last year I posted up about dipping my toe into the world of commission painting and in January I also showed off my first finished commission.

With that success, and a couple of other projects taken on since then as well, I figured it was about time to launch the service properly.

What will I do?

I will consider any commission. If you want something painting and you’d like me to do it then please get in touch!


I am not a professional commission painter, this isn’t my livelihood, it’s something that I do to help support my own hobby, and I have my own painting that I will continue with alongside any commissions. As such, if you want me to paint you a 6000pt army in 3 months, the chances are I’ll say no. If, however you want a few units adding to a force, or you’re starting a new army and want to get an initial gaming collection on the table painted, then I’m happy to help out.

What services do I offer?

I offer a painting service, and as such I don’t offer to assemble the models for you. I will prime models if necessary, but that will be included in any quote. I will base models, my standard basing method is sand and 3 colour drybrush to colours requested. If basing is not required this will reduce the price, and more complex basing will increase the price, particularly if new materials are required.


Please note, these figures are guideline prices, and may be both decreased as well as increased depending on the specifics of the models, the work required and any deadlines. Contact me at [email protected] for a specific quote. Payment for postage to me and back to you is your responsibility, if you want to specify a particular type of service (ie signed for or tracked etc) then please specify this at the outset, otherwise I will include 1st class postage costs in my quote.

Infantry £3-4 (25-32mm or equivalent base size)
Elite infantry £4-5 (40mm base size)

Character models £5-10 – these will receive a more detailed
paint job than standard infantry to reflect them being a
focal point of the army.

Walkers/Monstrous Creatures £ 8-15 (dreadnought/sentinel/daemon prince equivalent)

Small vehicles £10-15 (rhino equivalent)
Medium vehicles £15-20 (leman russ equivalent)
Large vehicles £20-25 (land raider equivalent)

Lords of War £quote only (superheavies, gargantuans etc)

If you want anything specific, please don’t hesitate to ask, (lightning effects, flames, blended armour etc).

If you know anyone who is looking for a commission painting service that doesn’t cost the earth and will paint your miniatures to a good standard, please put them in touch – I’m more than happy to help you through your grey tide of unpainted plastic!

ps-at the moment I’m pretty busy, but please email me with any requests you might have to see if I can squeeze you in! I will keep a total of requests on the waiting list on my commissions page, along with an up to date list of what I’m working on at the time