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Sisters of Battle

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Started and finished 30 Sisters of Battle, in 3 days this week. That is probably the quickest batch of models painted up by me.

INQUISITOR – Severina & Sevora

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It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks. With Winter Storm Jonas dumping 30″ of snow on Baltimore in a day and all the distractions that come with that (my eldest daughter has been off school for the last eight days!), and my wife’s birthday I have sa…

Rivet War, green team !

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January has been a complicated month for painting models as I’ve been stuck at home with major works going on in the house. I’m still working on some Rivet Wars and other bits. I finished the machines for the “green side”, don’t think that’s it’s their actual name :).
I’m making good progress on the blue one too. There were some good models in there, very fun.

Le mois de Janvier a été complique pour la peinture de figurines. J’ai plein de travaux a la maison, c’est très envahissant. Je travaille toujours sur du Rivet War et d’autres trucs en vrac. J’ai fin les verts quoique que je ne crois pas que ce soit leur vrai nom :).
J’ai aussi bien progresse sur les bleus. Il y a de belles figurines dans le lot, très fun.  

Something completely different – I made a thing!

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Last year my good friend dave Pauwels decided he wanted to put together a project that was an homage to DUNE (the novel celebrated its 50th birthday in 2015). He had a sculptor in the UK sculpt up some 6mm spice smugglers, a mutual friend Rich Erickson…

JP the Brony

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After a long time, I finally get around to posting my pics of Ponies from Impact miniatures. The sculpts for these models is great. They have character and paint up well, and most importantly look the part of the My Little Pony characters. My daughter…

Two More Pathfinder Iconics

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Continuing my posts of the Reaper Bones II with two Pathfinder Iconics. The first model is the iconic gnome druid. I painted with one with a blue to white hair style, to contrast with the one I painted for Tom back in 2013. Now that I put pictures of …

Deadlands Party

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Today’s offering from the Reaper Bones II comes in the form of a party of Deadlands adventurers. Any Western game really, so Legends of the Old West or Victorian Sci-Fi could also use them. The sculpt on the mad scientist is fine, but the casting I go…

INQUISITOR – Barbaretta

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Here’s the second completed model from the Inquisitor commission – Barbaretta and her faithful/programmed hound. I like working with metals so the hound was pretty straightforward. Barbaretta’s black jumpsuit was the fun task on this one. To add a litt…

Monster Monday: Chimera

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This is my Reaper Chimera. Simple job really: I chose a red dragon head and based it for Frostgrave.

Heroforge Miniatures Review – Schlemazal

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I’ve been keeping an eye on Hero Forge Miniatures since their kickstarter went live. For those of you who haven’t heard of them before, Hero Forge makes custom 3D-printed miniatures designed with a web interface where you can pick from libraries o…

What Daddy gave his kids for Xmas

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For a while now, I had those little guys painted up and ready for the kiddos. These minis I got as part of the Kickstarter by Impact Miniatures. As I have many others to post, and I will provide a more detailed review of these models. Today is a day of…

INQUISITOR – Quovandius

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I’ve finished up the first couple of miniatures from the Inquisitor commission. The first one to show off is the mutant Quovandius (and his two-headed rat).I particularly liked painting up the dismembered doll.More to come : )CheersDave

Mixed Work

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This is probably my last post for 2015. It’s been a busy year hobby wise and the bench work is really loaded right now. On the first 3 pictures, these are models from Ral partha, the hunter is pretty good and was fun to do.
On the tforth picture, these are the miniatures from “Fury of Dracula” the board game. Very disappointing models from FFG who do better usually. I guess this is not a miniature game but still….
The last picture is a Kraken from the extension for the Abyss Board game, a very simple model but doing the job.
Anyway, back to painting before a small break for Christmas. Happy holidays if you made it to the end of the post.
C’est probablement mon dernier post pour 2015. Ce fut une année pleine niveau peinture et hobby et mon bureau est chargé, très chargé. Sur les 3 premières  photos, ce sont des figurines Ral Partha. Le chasseur est sympa avec ses 2 chiens, bien agréable a peindre.
Sur la quatrième photo, ce sont les figurines du jeu “Fury de Dracula”. C’est plutôt décevant pour FFG, ce n’est pas un jeu de figurines mais ils auraient pu faire beaucoup mieux.
Et pour la fin, le kraken pour le jeu Abyss, c’est une petite figurine chouette.  


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Remember the Three Stage Gnome? Part 1 and Part 2 Well I “lost” the pictures for part 3. I know its really stupid of me, but I had no idea where I put the pic. Oddly enough, I put it in a directory ordered with the rest. As proof of the name of the fi…

Gotrek Gurnisson

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Postać absolutnie ikoniczna dla świata Warhammera, jedna z tych, które definiują świat gry. Powstał w wyobraźni Billa Kinga, bohater kilkunastu opowiadań i powieści, dumny zabójca chyba wszystkiego, co plugawe – od trolli, do demonów, smoków, gigantów i wszystkiego, co pomiędzy. Wstyd powiedzieć, lecz to dopiero druga skończona figurka – po Snorrim Gryzonosie – do starej dioramy produkcji Forge World, przedstawiającej bohaterów sagi w dziwnej skali 40 mm. Na szczęście, towarzysz Gotreka, Felix, już jest w końcowej fazie malowania, a dwójka pozostałych bohaterów dołączy do nich wkrótce.
Poza miniaturki może wydawać się nieco dziwna, ale to tylko obecnie wygląda ona niezwykle. Docelowo, Gotrek będzie dynamicznie skakał ze skałki, podpierając się na niej nogą, którą teraz ma w powietrzu.
Gotrek Gurnisson, iconic hero of Warhammer world, one of those few, which define game world. He is a creation of Bill King, hero of dozen books and stories, proud slayer of everything what is vile – from trolls, to demons, dragons, giants and everything in between. It is a shame, but this is just a second finished model, after Snorri Nosebiter, from the old Forge World 40mm scale diorama. Fortunately his old companion, Felix, is close to being painted too, and the last two miniatures from set will be painted soon.

Pose of the miniature may seem a little awkward, but this is strange just now, as the finished diorama will see Gotrek jumping from the little rock.

An Entire African Village

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Ever since I got into wargaming, circa Y2k, I have collected colonial miniatures. This has led me to research a lot about the 19th century, an era I know little about. Wow is that an exciting time: the rise of science and industrial revolution. But a…

Two bands of knights

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I recently got my hands on the Lion Rampant rules by Osprey Publishing. I really like the rules though I have yet a chance to play them, I like what I read about them. The first group is the obligatory Templars knights: white with red crosses. The sec…

Two Wizardesses

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Getting to the end of the first round of Reaper Bones… This first one is the Pathfinder Oracle Iconic. As Kitty liked her, she became her wizard in Frostgrave. Asking her what color she wanted the wizard, she said “purple”. I like this sculpt as pe…

Cleric, Wizard, Mekanik, and a Drunk

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These models, part of the Reaper Bones II are the last of the currently-painted wizards and spell casters. This first guy serves as my own wizard for Frostgrave (remember, I have a dwarven warband). I like his cartoonish sculpt. This second dwarf s…

INQUISITOR – The box arrives!

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A new, long-term, slow-burn commission has arrived in my bunker. Over the next who-knows-how-many months, I’ll be building and painting what appears to be almost the entire range of GW’s 2000 release, Inquisitor.First on the docket are Barbaretta and Q…

Friday of the Dead: Ghosts and Zombies

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Today, more ghoulish things to threaten people with. Very versatile model indeed. Most of them have interesting tidbits This guy I received at PaizoCon one or two years ago for participating in Reaper’s on-site painting event. After looking at what th…


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This is a model from Mierce Miniatures which was Kickstarted about a year ago. I think the piece is actually nicer than the original artwork. MM really do these large creatures very very well. The assembly was tricky but I really enjoyed painting this one, I really love large/ugly creatures. If anything, the rider is a bit understated, maybe the piece would have been better with a more exuberant one…Lovely stuff though…

Il s’agit d’une figurine de chez Mierce Minaitures qui fut kickstarté en début d’année. Je trouve la pièce plus sympa que l’illustration dont elle est tirée. MM fait vraiment ce genre de modèles très très bien. L’assemblage fut compliqué mais je me suis régalé avec la peinture, j’adore vraiment ces créatures larges et effrayantes. L’orque sur le dos aurait pu être un peu plus exubérant mais je pinaille…  

This Red dragon wyrmling could become huge

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The final of the four dragons that came with my Reaper Bones II. I kept the final dragon, the red dragon for last. Now I have a love for them as they were the first dragon I wrote in Living Greyhawk, the enormous Kerridzar which terrorized Tusmit and …

[Frostgrave/Pathfinder] Four Wizards

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Working my way through Reaper Bones II. Here is the first batch of Frosgrave Wizards. Some may be used for Pathfinder as well. I realize that I paint them quicker than I post them here… so I will try to push more pics per post. And I may even double-…

[Frostgrave/Pathfinder] Three rogues

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Three more painted rogues for RPG or Frostgrave. The first one is a bard playing a flute. The second one is a female Drizzt. The dual-scimitar makes it clear where the inspiration comes from. This one will serve as a ranger. This final one is a ninj…