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INQUISITOR – Two sides of the same coin?

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Thanks for bearing with me through these busy times. So much to do that often there isn’t a moment to be posting on this blog or browsing through the wonderful blogs of others.I wanted to make sure that my client had a chance to check out these models …

WW2 – A few more American tanks… and a little surprise from Gerry!

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As is becoming increasingly typical, it has been a really busy month. Not even enough time to put up a few blog posts! Well, hopefully I’ll be able to clear a backlog of work that I can show you over this next week *crosses fingers*One of my recent com…

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Cultists

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Hey Wargamers! Another post with Chaos units – yes, you like it, I know 🙂 Today you may see filthy traitors, servants of dark gods, fallen people – Cultists. Lead by Champion they are ready to sacrifice their life on altair of warp daemons. I really like the miniatures and idea of cultists army. Maybe[…]

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Obliterators

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  Hello Wargamers! Chaos is rising! Today you may see three mighty Obliterators. Daemonic man-machines are deadly and dangerous on battlefield. Their living flesh can transform to any weapon of destruction – that`s why they are so useful for all Chaos Lords. I hope you like miniatures and painting scheme – soon you can expect[…]

W40K – Chaos Space Marines – Heldrake

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Hello Wargamers! Today – definitely epic post. I`d like to show you a Heldrake miniature painted by one of our painters. Massive, shiny, dangerous – this evil chaos machine is now ready for a battle. Soon you can expect more amazing miniatures on our blog so stay tuned!

INQUISITOR – Some of the Henchmen.

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An Inquisitor can’t do everything by themselves, and sometimes the things they need others to do are particularly unsavory. Enter the demonic, the dangerous, and the downright dastardly.To be honest, though, I can’t reminder all of their backstories, s…

W40K – Astra Militarum – Artillery

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Astra Militarum army (vel Imperial Guard) has some more heavy toys than Leman Russ tanks 🙂 Today I`d like to show you rocket artillery – two Manticores and one Deathstrike launcher. Painted in jungle camo for Catachan army. Weathering is mostly MIG pigments with some other techniques. Check out other posts in 40k section to[…]

W40K – Astra Militarum Tanks

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Hello bloggers! Today we have “heavy post” 🙂 Four Leman Russ tanks for Astra Militarum Army. Two machines are standard battle tank, another pair have special, demolisher cannon. Heavy armour, massive firepower – hammer of Imperial Guard regiments. Thousands of machines took part in battles all around the galaxy and became a symbol of imperial[…]

W40K – Sentinels

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Today very short post with only one picture. Id like to show you a pack of 5 Sentinels which I painted for my friend few months ago. I dont know why but they are my favourite vehicles in Astra Militarum army 🙂 Small, fast and armed – perfect as a vehicle hunters!

Flames of War – ZiS-3 Battery

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ZiS-3 is 76mm gun used mostly as anti-tank weapon. This time I painted whole battery of soviet artillery from Battlefront Miniatures. 15 mm scale is absolutely great – still a lot of details and much more units on table (in compare to 28mm). In this box I found 4 guns with crew and scenic, resin bases.[…]

April 2016 on Minis For War – summary

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I decided to prepare a small summary of all posts from April 2016. Each photo is a link to full post. Enjoy!

Flames of War – T-34/76

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Flames of War and Bolt Action are the most popular wargaming systems in WWII scenery. Famous tank battles on eastern front have some symbolic machines and one of them is definitely T34. This time you may see T34/76 version from Plastic Soldier Company. All miniatures in 15 mm scale so they`re really tiny. I used[…]

Flames of War – German Mortar Platoon

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Hello! Today something different than 40k. German Mortar Platoon in 15 mm scale from Battlefront Miniatures. Flames of War isnt my favourite game, but they have definitely great miniatures. 15 mm is a perfect balance between scale of battle (10mm) and regular, 28 mm wargaming. I`d like to see 40k in 15 mm <laugh> 🙂[…]

Warhammer 40K – Tau Empire – KV128 Stormsurge

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KV128 Stormsurge is the biggest, regular machine in Tau army. I had a pleasure to paint one few weeks ago and it was a nice experience at all. I tried to paint old, bruised,  used armour, destroyed by years of fight. I hope you like it – feel free to check full gallery below 🙂[…]


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My INQUISITOR commission is still underway. Here are the two minis I delivered at the end of March – a Genestealer Magus and a Purestrain Genestealer.It was pretty crazy timing that I started working on these just before the Deathwatch Overkill board g…

W40K – Death Korps of Krieg – Quartermaster Diorama

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Hey Wargamers! Today Id like to show you something special and a bit unusual. Death Korps of Krieg is one of the most famous symbols of 40K universe – faceless soldiers, trenches, artillery bombardment… You know what I mean 🙂 In this post you may see a small diorama I made for my friend few[…]

W40K – Space Wolves Predator

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Space Wolves reinforcements on way! In this post I`d like to show you SW Predator. This heavy tank supports marines on the battlefield with his enormous firepower of four lascannons. I decided to use light colours and a bit of MIG pigments for weathering. Check out the full gallery below and let me know in[…]

W40K – Space Wolves Pack

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Hello Wargamers! Another day – another post. This time I`d like to show you proud warband of Fenrisian Warriors – 20 fearless Space Wolves with their leader Njall Stormcaller (two versions). This chapter is definitely one of my fav, lovely sculpts and nordic atmosphere. Absolutely no.2 on my best-marines-list (Imperial Fists are no.1). Minis painted[…]

W40K – Nurgle Warband

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Father Nurgle is here! With a rotting pleasure I`d like to show you Nurgle Warband which I painted for one of the champions of Chaos! As you may see it`s a mix of conversions and standard miniatures. Dark Apostle is a leader of the pack. 16 Nurgle Marines are the fist which will crush servants[…]

W40k – Inquisitor

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Praise the Emperor! Today you may see GW Inquisitor miniature for Warhammer 40 000. It`s an old sculpt and metal cast – old but in my opinion still very nice. I used blue and red colours to make this mini a bit “lighter” and less static. Enjoy!

Dropzone Commander – Scourge Army

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Hello Wargamers! This update is absolutely special, because I`d like to show you whole Scourge army for Dropzone Commander! It was my first time with this system and I really like sculpts and quality of miniatures. Local scene of DC here in Warsaw is getting bigger and bigger and I`m curious what will happen after[…]

W40K – Tau Riptide II

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Hey Wargamers! Today I`d like to show you full gallery of second Tau Riptide which I painted. It`s a part of big army (still work in progress army!) and definitely one of the greatest projects I ever worked. Soon you can expect Broadside and … Stormsurge. Yesss, big Tau badass is coming! Feel free to leave[…]

BLOOD RAGE – The Gods and Monsters!

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As promised, here are the rest of the Blood Rage pieces from my recent commission. Above are the Gods of Asgard. From left to right: Odin, Heimdall, Frigga, Thor, Loki, and Tyr. All are very cool sculpts with great character.The smaller ‘monsters’; zom…

W40K – Eldar – Dire Avengers

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Hey Wargamers! Spring is in the air! A lot of new projects in my workshop and new posts on blog 🙂 Today I`d like to show you Dire Avengers project which I painted. Eldars aren`t only bikes and wraithlords – this race have so many nice miniatures. Colour scheme is close to official. Enjoy!

BLOOD RAGE! – The Vikings

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It hasn’t been all “massive Warlord Titans” around here. I recently finished off a commission that saw me painting the entire Blood Rage set (all the add-ons and freebies etc). I painted in batches during February and early March in order to keep thing…