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[Frostgrave/Pathfinder] Green Dragon

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The green dragon is one dragon I like because of its versatility. As someone living in forests, it can be found in nearly every terrain. Not as powerful as the reds or savage as the blacks, they make great opponents to all creatures of the forest. Th…

[Frostgrave] Two beastmen

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More Reaper Bones II minis. These beastmen make awesome Frostgrave thugs. They also make decent – if a little small – anukas. These dudes are part of Kitty’s Frostgrave warband. She likes them, so it’s a good thing!

[Frostgrave] Dwarven barbarians

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This time, a pair of dwarven barbarians for Frostgrave. The first one is definitely the heavily armored fellow and the second could be a ranger. Simple paint jobs.

Rivet Wars

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This is a commission that kept me very busy in the last few weeks. I really regret not picking this one up when it was kickstarted but I guess you can’t buy or paint everything. Models are lovely, r eally fun. The dogs are particularly excellent. I tried to follow artwork and really stuck to original cards for the game as much as possible. I don’t know if I would get to paint another one or different pieces but that would be with pleasure. I’d love to try the game too.

Voila une commande qui m’a bien occupé ces dernières semaines. Je regrette vraiment de ne pas l’avoir acheté à sa sortie sur Kickstarter mais bon…il faut bien faire des choix. Les figurines sont super, surtout les chiens que j’adore. J’ai essayé de suivre les illustrations le plus possible, souhait du client. Je ne sais pas si j’en referais un autre un jour mais ça serait avec plaisir. Le jeu a l’air fun aussi.  

[Frostgrave] Two Barbarians (with nudity)

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Two more Reaper minis. The plastic they use really curved the axe from the male. I know… there are many fun puns to be made… The female is a simple model whose only main draw is the free boob shot. My wife gave me a little grief over “of course yo…

Frostgrave/Pathfinder: Three adventurers

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A few Paizo/Reaper miniatures for Frostgrave or Pathfinder. These models are all from the Reaper Bones II. The first model is the iconic inquisitor. For her, I chose a drab scheme. Inquisitors are not flashy IMO and “do their job” above all. For acce…

[Friday of the Dead] More Frostgrave skeletons

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Here are more plastic Reaper skeletons I plan to use in Frostgrave. JP

Mad Max Monster Trucks! Final batch painted.

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The Client received his package of twelve Monster Trucks yesterday, and he was very pleased (which, of course, makes me very happy). This was a great commission to work on as I was given free rein, allowed to channel my inner George Miller, and create some crazy stuff. A few of the creations have also prompted The Client to adapt the rules for his games at AdeptiCon 2016, which is pretty cool in itself.

Just in case you missed the previous posts, here are some links you might like to check out:
Building the first batch
Painting the first batch
Building the second batch

Included in this batch of trucks are a couple of homages to earlier Mad Max films, but I’ll talk about that later.

This farm truck didn’t need too much converting, I gave it the flatbed/fighting platform, hand rail, and armor plates on the sides. Once the cultivated rust paint job was added, the armor blended right in.

This truck joined the ‘black paintjobs’ group, with some scuffing and rusty patches showing through. I chose a desert yellow for the scuffed areas not yet attacked by rust. The rack of spotlights on the top (all originally speakers from the Imperial Guard voxcaster) were painted in a bone/white scheme, and thin cracks were painted across some of the glass fronts with a thinned dark brown.

The old hearse (or coroner’s vehicle) just had to get the shiny silver coffin look to it. The doors and hood of this one need to be painted in with thin lines of a very dark grey.

Originally the “Donut Patrol” truck, I wanted to keep this one fairly straightforward, but quite different to the silver car from the first batch (the one with the big pipes). The paintjob turned out to be all important here. The back body (along with the scuffs and streaks all help to accentuate the bright pop of the red and blue lights on the roof of the car.

This car, while not a ’59 Chevy BelAir, was the closest we’d come yet to the flashy car from the very first Mad Max film. That meant that adding the fake pipes on the hood, and giving it a red with yellow flames paintjob was pretty much a no brainer. Obviously it’s not a copy, but more of an homage to part of Miller’s original vision.

The last of the trucks is another homage, a not too subtle nod to the school bus in Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior). All my life I thought that the bus in the film had a front-mounted engine (like this bus does), but when I started my more detailed research I discovered it didn’t. The bus in the film has a flat front. So, again, this in an homage ; )

For those of you who have seen the film a ton of times, you might recognize the destination I painted in the front of this bus as the place the “good guys” are headed to, “2,000 miles from here. Fresh water, plenty of sunshine. Nothing to do but breathe!”

And as The Client had been very enthusiastic and generous, I decided to add in this little bonus. I decided to give his trucks a rabbit to chase. It was a simple wheel swap on a smaller muscle car I picked up a while ago, and then a simple but effective paintjob: black with some rusting along the lower panels.

I topped it off with a quick Immortal Joe logo, just so everyone was reminded of who is in charge.

It’s about 150 days until AdeptiCon, but only three weeks until the tickets go live. Make sure you mark your calendars for November 23rd. Click HERE for the preliminary event listing : )


Mad Max Monster Trucks – Part 4

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And here we are, with the penultimate post on the Mad Max Monster Trucks. Something I forgot to mention in the first construction post was the strangeness involved in creating Fury Road versions of monster trucks. With a regular car, there are ple…

Mad Max Monster Trucks – Part 3

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In yesterday’s post I presented the construction photos for the first batch of Monster Trucks that will be making an appearance at AdeptiCon next year. Now I’m ready to show off the finished goods : )Note: I actually finished painting these last week, …

Mad Max Monster Trucks – Part 2

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I teased you all with a few shits of some Monster Trucks earlier in the month. Well I now have all of the first batch of trucks finished, and I am working on a second batch. I figured that I’d roll them out over the course of a few posts, so you can se…

Mars Attacks Dreadball team

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The Drakonian

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Every since I read and kinda ran “Curse of the Azure Bonds” in the early 90s – yes I had the adventure decades before I got my hands on the novel. I devoured that novel so fast it left me wanting for more… I had no idea this was a trilogy and read i…

[Friday of the Dead] Skeletons, Part 1

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More Reaper Skeletons. Painted with use in Frostgrave in mind, hence the snow on their bases. Undead like these are multi-purpose from role-playing to miniature games JP

[Frostgrave] More Adventurers

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More minis from Reaper Bones II. These two ladies served as Kitty’s wizardess and her (wo)man-at-arm. She really liked them. JP

Wargame News and Terrain: Commissioned Afghanistan Terrain in Action

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Just found these pictures from Juan from the Ad Finis wargame blog using the terrain I made for him a while ago. The pieces I created for these tables are the irrigation ditches, rocky outcrops, tree bases and the large red compound. Check all the…

[Frostgrave] Two Knights

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I have painted these guys from the Reaper Bones II. They will serve us as Frostgrave knights and/or RPG characters. JP

Commissions: Three Adventurers

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Here are three adventurers I painted I will be giving up for charity auction. All of these came from the Reaper Bones II set. The details are really not as crisp as the metal ones. The first one is from the Pathfinder set. He is a somewhat generic adv…

Ral Partha Mixed Characters

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Here’s a commission I did a few weeks ago. I’ve got so little time to paint, it’s actually difficult to paint anything for me at the moment. Anyway, I managed to do this one for a customer. It’s a very nice group of mixed models from Ral Partha. I can only assume this is to be used in some RPG session. There’s a strong old school feel to them and it was of course all metal which is becoming rare. I’m trying to fit in some Blood Rage in at the moment as I received the game and have been updated on the Twitter feed more regularly.
J’ai fais ces figurines pour un client il y a quelques semaines. Ca devient quasi impossible de peindre des trucs pour moi vu le peu de temps que j’ai. J’essaie quand même de caser du Blood Rage vu que je viens de recevoir la boite mais ca va être dur. Je poste un peu plus sur le compte Twitter donc allez y jeter un oeil.
Pour en revenir a ces figurines, c’est clair qu’il y a une impression “Old school” et j’imagine que c’est utiliser pour des sessions de JDR. C’est du Ral Partha et tout en métal bien sur.

Mad Max Monster Trucks!

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While I wait for the next Warlord Titan Build video to render (I think that’s the right term) I thought I’d show you the next commission I have on my plate. My client has been quite impressed by all the Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired cars I’ve been buildi…

Tanith – Some armored support from the Narmenians!

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Time for another addition to the ongoing Tanith commission. This time it’s the Narmenian 1st Armoured Regiment, under General Grizmund, who have had some time under the brush.The Narmenians supported the Imperial defense of Vervunhive in the novel Necr…

Secure the Colours!

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I recently completed a commission for a friend of mine, painting up the three Waterloo vignettes from the Perry Miniatures Napoleonic range. Each of the vignettes represents the loss of the “colours” at some point during the Battle of Waterloo.The firs…

New Minis for the Iconics

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It was bound to happen. I would make and paint some minis for the Tyrants of Saggakar iconics! The first one is Kraan, the hareen ranger. And the second one is Otallya the hajit enchantress. I just received new art for her from Irene… JP

Another Flames Of War commission

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Just a quick one this time – five tanks, one utility vehicle, and an infantry stand, but boy… what an infantry stand.

Here we have General Patton and his faithful dog Willie, both on foot or riding around in his modified M20.

And here are the five M26 Pershings, a nice change from the various Sherman-based AFVs in the American WW2 arsenal. Two of these of are metal tanks from Skytrex, the other three are plastic tanks from Battlefront. While the plastic tanks are more crisp, the Skytrex tanks have that nice heft to them.


Bubblegum Grunge! And here are the girls of the Cerci Speed Circuit.

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As someone who has painted thousands of grim dark miniatures over the years, and hundreds of WW2 models in their varying shades of desaturated green and brown, it has been a real experience switching up to the bright and vibrant colors of these Relic K…