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Gallery: Freebooter Miniatures: Pirates – Curly Anne By Chris

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Another figure from the Freebooter Miniature Pirates commission I am working through. Curly Anne comes from the same Pirate Starter box as the deckhands. Armed with her musket, she is proficient in ranged combat, but does possess melee skills too!Figur…

Gallery: The Devil’s Run: Route 666 – Karggy (Skinners colours) By Chris

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Painted as part of a commission for Word Forge Game’s The Devil’s Run: Route 666. ‘Karggy was painted in ‘Skinners’ colours at request of the client. I used Vallejo Model Colour paints and a combination of brush and foam weathering for the effects. No …

Gallery: Freebooter Miniatures: Pirates – Pirate & Cuchillo By Chris

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Painted as part of a large Pirate commission, these two figures are from the Freebooter Pirate’s Starter set. They are essentially Pirate deckhands that are proficient in range, melee or in the case of the Cuchillo – knife throwing.Figures sculpted by …

Gallery: The Devil’s Run: Route 666 – Kain By Chris

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Kain, part of the Law haulage Company faction for Word Forge Game’s The Devil’s Run: Route 666 game. Figure was painted with Vallejo Model Colour paints, using a combination of airbrush and brush.This figure was part of a commission for Word Forge Game…

Gallery; The Devil’s Run: Route 666 – Divine By Chris

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Part of a commission for Word Forge Game’s fantastic The Devil’s Run: Route 666 road warrior game, Divine was the first large vehicle I painted from this range. Using a airbrush to get a smooth base colour, I followed up with sharp highlights and vario…

W40K – Chaos Space Marines – Obliterators II

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Heavy support for CSM army is almost done! Today you may see another pack of mighty Obliterators. Together with the first one, this unit creates a heavy fist of firepower on the battlefield. I hope you like minis and our work 😉 Stay tuned!

Gallery: The Devil’s Run: Route 666 – Bane By Chris

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Painted for Word Forge Games, Bane is a Kickstarter exclusive character vehicle, for the game Devil’s Run: Route 666. The colours are based on artwork provided by Word Forge Games, no backdrop was used for the photos at request of the creator.This figu…

Dropzone Commander – Scourge Army Support

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Well, well – Dropzone Commander… It is not my favourite system, but definitely one of the best 10mm scale miniatures I`ve ever seen. Really – they are so cool, well-designed with high quality resin cast. A lot of tiny details, unusual ideas for units – I appreciate. Today you may see pictures of small support[…]

Blood Bowl Ogre Team Complete

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Here is a BB Ogre Team I did for Steve of the Podcast Both Down (Yes, THE BB Podcast Both Down).I give you the Gnob Headz. Sorry for some rough photography. I was in a real rush to take these so I could get them mailed out before traveling…Ugly model…

Warhammer 40K – CSM – Rhino II

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Moar Rhinos! In all SM or CSM armies you may find Rhino transporters… dozens of Rhinos! It`s the main vehicle of all chapters and a platform for many different tanks and support weapons. In this post you may find another vehicle painted by our studio. I hope you like it – check out other CSM[…]

Warhammer 40K – Orks – Deff Dread

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Hey Wargamers! Fast update with another walker – Deff Dread. I used the same blue scheme (like Gorkanaut) and again miniature is full magnetized. This week you can expect some reviews on my site, so stay tuned and follow our social channels 😉 Best!

Warhammer 40K – Orks – Gorkanaut/Morkanaut

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Da Orkz! Few weeks ago I had a chance to paint orks Gorkanaut/Morkanaut. I expected a little bigger model but it is cool anyway. I magnetized weapons and some minor parts (last picture) to have a choice between two versions of machine. Paint scheme is unusual – blue with light, heavy orange rust. Enjoy the[…]

W40K – Chaos Space Marines – Lord on Juggernaut II

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Hello wargamers! Today you may see second (and the last one!) Chaos Lord on Juggernaut. We are in the middle of CSM army showcase – you can expect 6 more posts. Please remember that I`m trying to update my site every 1-2 days at 4 PM 😉 Stay tuned and enjoy minis! Best!

W40K – Chaos Space Marines – Rhino

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Hello! Today I`d like to show you a new vehicle for Chaos Space Marines Army – Rhino. Aggressive colours and not so many bits – it makes this vehicle more universal and if you want, you can use it in loyalist army too. Stay tuned and enjoy! 🙂

UNUSUAL – Painting the Femme Militant Cataphractii

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Here’s a recent commission I finished. It’s the very first time I’ve painted one of the hallowed Femme Militant models and she was a real treat to work on. I hope you enjoy… Cataphractii

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Lord on Juggernaut I

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Last day of May 2016 and more Chaos! Today I`d like to show you Lord on Juggernaut painted by our Studio. This one has a massive daemonic sword and Bloodletter head/hands. I hope you like the conversion and colour scheme.

Flames of War – Soviet Army showcase!

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Hello! I hope you had a great weekend with dices and brushes 😉 Today absolutely big thing – a full Soviet army for Flames of War! Forces for Mid War 1941-1943 and my favourite scale 15 mm. As usually I had a lot of work with infantry and fun with vehicles. I`m satisfied that this[…]

INQUISITOR – Two sides of the same coin?

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Thanks for bearing with me through these busy times. So much to do that often there isn’t a moment to be posting on this blog or browsing through the wonderful blogs of others.I wanted to make sure that my client had a chance to check out these models …

WW2 – A few more American tanks… and a little surprise from Gerry!

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As is becoming increasingly typical, it has been a really busy month. Not even enough time to put up a few blog posts! Well, hopefully I’ll be able to clear a backlog of work that I can show you over this next week *crosses fingers*One of my recent com…

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Cultists

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Hey Wargamers! Another post with Chaos units – yes, you like it, I know 🙂 Today you may see filthy traitors, servants of dark gods, fallen people – Cultists. Lead by Champion they are ready to sacrifice their life on altair of warp daemons. I really like the miniatures and idea of cultists army. Maybe[…]

W40k – Chaos Space Marines – Obliterators

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  Hello Wargamers! Chaos is rising! Today you may see three mighty Obliterators. Daemonic man-machines are deadly and dangerous on battlefield. Their living flesh can transform to any weapon of destruction – that`s why they are so useful for all Chaos Lords. I hope you like miniatures and painting scheme – soon you can expect[…]

W40K – Chaos Space Marines – Heldrake

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Hello Wargamers! Today – definitely epic post. I`d like to show you a Heldrake miniature painted by one of our painters. Massive, shiny, dangerous – this evil chaos machine is now ready for a battle. Soon you can expect more amazing miniatures on our blog so stay tuned!

INQUISITOR – Some of the Henchmen.

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An Inquisitor can’t do everything by themselves, and sometimes the things they need others to do are particularly unsavory. Enter the demonic, the dangerous, and the downright dastardly.To be honest, though, I can’t reminder all of their backstories, s…

W40K – Astra Militarum – Artillery

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Astra Militarum army (vel Imperial Guard) has some more heavy toys than Leman Russ tanks 🙂 Today I`d like to show you rocket artillery – two Manticores and one Deathstrike launcher. Painted in jungle camo for Catachan army. Weathering is mostly MIG pigments with some other techniques. Check out other posts in 40k section to[…]

W40K – Astra Militarum Tanks

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Hello bloggers! Today we have “heavy post” 🙂 Four Leman Russ tanks for Astra Militarum Army. Two machines are standard battle tank, another pair have special, demolisher cannon. Heavy armour, massive firepower – hammer of Imperial Guard regiments. Thousands of machines took part in battles all around the galaxy and became a symbol of imperial[…]