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Marauder of the Apocalypse

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This is a model I finished a while ago but struggling to find time to blog. I had done a sort of WIP post about it already and here’s the finished version. The beast is from Mierce Miniatures and the ogre from Avatar of War. This is a model I really enjoyed converting despite it being in metal. I did a slightly higher base for it to add verticality. The painting has been fun and the model is already gone to its new master.
J’avais fini ce modèle il y a quelques semaines déjà mais j’ai du mal à trouver du temps pour m’occuper du Blog. J’avais faits un « travail en cours » et voici la version finie. La créature est de Mierce Minaitures et l’ogre de chez Avatar of War. Je m’etais régalé à faire la conversion et ce fut pareil pour la peinture.

Super Dungeon Explore: Fully Painted (again)

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Here’s another set of Super Dungeon Explore I did before Christmas. As requested, I kept the “classis colours” of the original artwork. This is a really fun series of models although there’s some crazy preparation work with assembly and cleaning those terrible mould lines. This is the third set I’ve done, I wouldn’t mind doing the models from the expansion, just for a change. However, I’m going to start painting Arcadia Quest soon which I’m really excited about.

Voilà le dernier set de Super Dungeon Explore que j’ai fait avant les vacances de Noël. Le client m’avait demandé de garder les couleurs « classique » de la boîte de base. C’est une très bonne série de figurines même si les lignes de moules et l’assemblage sont une vraie galère. C’est le troisième set que j’ai fait, j’aimerais bien peindre les figurines de l’extension, juste pour changer … Par contre, je vais bientôt commencer les figurines pour Arcadia Quest, je suis impatient.

Nagash Supreme Lord of the Undead

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Here’s a paintjob I did for somebody’s Christmass. I’ve to say it’s an incredible kit from Games Workshop. It was very easy to put together and came with many variations. It all fit beautifully and required very little putty work. How do the work the assemblage is mind boggling.
I tried to follow the paintjob from the studio and added a different base. I really enjoyed doing this one and hope it will see many battles.
Voici une des peintures que j’avais fais comme cadeau de Noël. Le kit est absolument incroyable. Très facile à assembler et avec beaucoup de variations possibles, je n’arrêtais pas de me demander comment ils concoient ces pièces pour l’assemblage. Tout c’est très bien monté et j’ai eu très peu de rebouchage à faire.

J’ai un peu suivi la peinture du studio et ai faits un socle different. Je me suis bien amusé à le faire et j’espère qu’il verra de nombreuses batailles.

Marauder of the Apocalypse

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I think I’m just typing this post to use that name in the title. It’s quite a statement.
Anyway, this is a conversion with a model from Avatar of War and one from Mierce (Ulmons, the beast). The ogre is in metal which made for some hard work. I had to change the legs and a few bits. I’m excited to start painting it.

Marauder de l’apocalypse, rien que ça. C’est le nom de l’ogre de chez « avatar of War ». Je suis en train de faire une conversion avec une monture de chez Mierce, ça va faire une belle figurine je pense. Je languis d’attaquer la peinture.

Cryx Monday: Commissioned Harrower

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Brandon asked me for two pieces of mini: his Aiakos and a harrower. This model I did the “standard Cryx job” on. Seeing how I sold my Cryx to Brandon, this was not much of a stretch. I used a number of washes, including and most apparent of them is the…

WIP: Primidian Knight Model

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One of my favorite races in NeoExodus are the Primidians… they have an uncanny ability to speak with anyone they encounter. However, people know them best for their tentacle arms… I mean who doesn’t like tentacles? They create hentai situations all…

Razor Coast Minis: Weresharks

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Gencon 2013, I was trolling the dealers’ room towards the end of the con. A pair of pack drew my eye: Razor Coast “official” minis featuring two weresharks and a pirate lady. On a whim, I decided to paint these two. Once assembled, I didn’t really lik…

Commission: Torch and pitchfork… Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!

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This model I got at Origins as part of the painting tests. I did a base job on-site and must say I ended up wiping everything with my finger. Their paintbrushes were just horrible. So I left with the mini. It stayed in my suitcase for the summer month…

Cryx Monday: (Another) Aiakos Commission

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Another Aiakos! This time for my friend Brandon. Unlike Chad’s which I painted back in September (which appears on the right of this), Brandon plans to use it to play Warmachine. So this minis needs to fit into a theme yet still serve as an accent piec…

Commission: A Kalisan and Short-Pig

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One of the most iconic races in NeoExodus are the calibans/kalisans. These milky white-skin cannibalistic marauders travel the world in search of wealth… and food. They have black shark eyes and often file their teeth. Bryan-S’s character is a member…

Commission: Harbinger Karsten

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Don’t tell Nate, but this model was one of the “lost souls” I had in one of my many minis-bins. I Was looking for a wizard-ish fellow. Someone that showed a little skin… I found this bronze-age spearman. Yes he’s that old. For those who do not know,…

Commission: Merry Xmas, Holly

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As a Stonehaven Gnome, this one painted up very easily and nicely. As a gnome, I wanted to make sure that she has clashing, but colorful ensemble. I believe the result works. This mini I painted a while ago and have been waiting for Xmas to hand her o…

Thank you, Terranscapes!

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A quick one today. I just wanted to thank Mike at Terranscapes for his prompt and thorough help on my recent La Haye Sainte project.When my friend Dean mentioned he was also having a gaming table built by Terranscapes, I thought it would be a good idea…

Le Haye Sainte – The Warlord Games collectors’ edition.

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At Historicon in July of this year, I met up with an old friend and former GW colleague. We had a good time catching up and at the end of it all, he asked me if I’d be up for taking on the Warlord Games La Haye Sainte collectors’ edition set. Basically…

Commission: Nate’s Dark Heresy Officer for 40k

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This model was given to me as a commission by my good friend Nate. He did not have a specific scheme for it. This is for a Dark Heresy character of his. I looked at some old pictures of WWI for inspiration. I looked at some pictures. Most of the Death …

Commission: Rory’s musketeer

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Part two of the commission-trade I did with Rory. This time, a musketeer-type character. She is a member of the Dark Archive faction. The colors of the faction are a purple flame on an open book. This in itself causes a problem, as I wanted to give him…

Commission: Rory’s Witch

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This is the first of a pair of miniatures I painted for my good buddy Rory. How this came to be is an interesting story. Rory and I were talking on Facebook. Over the course of the conversation, he mentioned that people laughed at him for playing with…

The Great Portal Paint-off and other stories

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Ok, so, inbetween being ill and trying to squeeze in as many commissions as possible before christmas, I’ve managed to …

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Grim Hammers

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Next up was two boxes of Grim Hammers for two different clients.  Nice little models these.  Quite happy with how they turned out.  Hopefully the clients like them too.First batch the client requested that they be painted straight from t…

No one Expects the Estalian Inquisition!

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Recently completed a second Estalia themed commission… Thought I’d share a bit on the process…Concept is an Estalian themed War Altar. Client wanted use the “Spanish Inquisition” models by the very talented Victoria Lamb, I knew right away tha…


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Part 2 of the Three-Stage Gnome: (Part 1) Our adventurer now has a few adventures behind his belt and his equipment has greatly improved. He is turning into a “real” warrior. JP

128 Strong batch paint : Rivendell Elves & Movement trays

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Well….. what can I say?  This sucked lol.  Largest batch paint I’ve done to date and thankfully the last of the elven bows and swords for this job. Nearing the end of the commission now and looking forward to getting a picture of the full a…

Ostatni milicjant | The last militiaman

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Ostatni z zamówionych milicjantów z okresu amerykańskiej wojny o niepodległość braci Perrych. Zarówno o malowaniu, jak i zaletach i wadach tych figurek pisałem już nie raz. Każdy, zapewne, zdążył sobie wyrobić własne zdanie. Zapraszam za…

Commissions: many WIP

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It like it’s been forever ago that I posted a commission piece. OH WAIT, no, I posted Chad’s minis last week! Bah! Here are a few teasers… Mostly to prove to myself that I’m not slacking in that department… One of those pics is a surprise to its fu…

Glaun from Mierce Miniature

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Here’s one of the latest job. The pile of Mierce Miniature stuff is going down, I’ve got another one to do with interesting conversion then a lot of minis for Board games, various scenery stuff and a HUGE Dragon (Kang). Not a lot to say about this …