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Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Ballistarius & Sydonian Dragoons Level 1+

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Hello everyone and I am inviting you today to watch the next unit of skitarii and it is Ironstrider Ballistarius and Sydonian Dragoons. Models painted on level 1+ additionally weapons are magnetized in all possible ways and how I did it you c…

40K: Nurgle Daemon Prince

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A follow on to the Cultists i painted last week, here is a mighty Daemon Prince to lead the foul forces of Nurgle to victory mwhaha:I love this model! I painted the original metal one for my own Black Legion forces about 10 years ago in the morning bef…

Guildball: Farmers Veteran Honour

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A nice quick project from yesterday, i was asked to paint up Veteran Honour to add to the Farmers team i had previously painted up for a client:Nice model to paint, and ties in well with her Masons past and Farmers future!

Bolt Action Opel Maultier SdKfz 3a Rubicon Models Level 2

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Maultier or Sd.Kfz. 3 is the name given to series of half-track trucks used by Germans during World War II. They were based on Opel, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa-Romeo or Ford trucks. Soon after invading Russia, German troops discovered that their wheeled …

40K: Chaos Cultists

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A nice and quick job today, one of the last few commissions i will be doing until after the summer:Twenty chaos cultists for my clients Death Guard army, nothing fancy as they were time critical. He will be adding to the bases to match his existing for…

Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors and Bosses

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Last but not least on this project, the Survivors and Boss Monsters:Necromancer and AbominationAnn, Nelly and BaldricSamson, Clovis and SilasIt has been hard work doing all these but enjoyable none the less!

Oops, I did it again.

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Hello and welcome to a rather tardy Inso’s World.Not to put too fine a point on it, I have had a nagging virus that has kicked the arse out of any motivation that I may have had… so I have been doing rather a lot of not very much at all.That said… …

Warhammer The End Times Nagash – Supreme Lord of the Undead level 3

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Hello everyone, today I wanted to show finished some time ago the most powerful of the undead lords, that is Nagash who was the first of the signs of the end of WFB and the beginning of Age of Sigmar. Model despite its large size is very pleasantly to …

Zombicide: Black Plague Fatties!

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Finished up the Fatties, here they are in all their glory!On with the Heroes and the Bosses next!

Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Primaris Repulsor Level 2

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Hello everyone, now it’s time for another unit for Blood Angels and it’s Primaris Repulsor with the option of replace some weapons, Las-talon can be replace for Heavy onslaught gatling cannon and Twin lascannon on Twin heavy bo…

Zombicide: Black Plague Female Walkers

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I’m really motoring through these now, here are the fourteen female walker models all painted up:On yo the Fatty’s next hehe

Zombicide: Black Plague Male Walkers

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Next up for this project is the largest group of models, the Male Walkers, with three sculpts and seven copies of each its a big batch:As before, each one is slightly different to break up the monotony of poses, on to the Female Walkers next. 

Zombicide: Black Plague Runners

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On with the next commission and its for a copy of the awesome Zombicide Black Plague by Guillotine Games! I’ve never played any of the series but always fancied painting up a set so now i get that chance haha.First up are the Runners:Came out quite wel…

German Army Bolt Action Level 1+, 2

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Today I will show the finished German Army to Bolt Action. Opel on the right is from Rubicon Models and the rest from Warlord Games. The tufts of grass I used are from Paint-Forge company, Very professionally made, they add an unusual charm t…

High Elves Skycutters Warhammer 9th Age Level 1+

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Today is the time for the next unit for the HE army and it is Skycutter. Despite the strange look this flying chariot is very pleasantly to painted, has a simple but nice sculpture, I invite.Dziś pora na kolejną jednostkę do armii HE a j…

Black Gate Miniatures: Greenlings

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Next on the paint station is this unit of the new Greenlings from Black Gate Miniatures, they were the last unit funded by the kickstarter and have caused a few problems getting moulded… but they are done now and are a joy to paint!Its a good job as …

Bushido: Ito Commission Shimogama Vipers

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The last bits from this project are complete and on there way back to my client:I remember how much of a pain these guys were from doing my own a few years so i pinned the hell out of those silly large wings hehe

Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors Warhammer 40k Level 2

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Hello everyone today I will show Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors and in the foreground Sanctum Imperialis which is still in progress. I must say that this models from GW is a very decent piece of plastic. Pleasant model for painting and assembling, is…

Bushido: Ito Commission continues

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Another week and very little time, but today we are nearing the end of the journey on the project:Taisei and YuuiOkyo Ashigarus and TakejiSaburo and The Child of OrochiYatsumata and Kano (Completed by me to match existing warbands)These just leave two …

You can’t stop the music.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.What can I say about this week? I think the word ‘random’ comes to mind.The week started with a day that was sunny enough to paint the rear of the house (just) but the weather didn’t hold for long enough to paint…

Bolt Action USA M18 Hellcat tank destroyer Level 2

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The M18 Hellcat was an American tank destroyer of World War II, used in the Italian, European, and Pacific theatres, and in the Korean War. It was the fastest U.S. tracked armored vehicle. The Hellcat was the most effective U.S. tank destroyer of World…

High Elves Ellyrian Reaver Warhammer 9th Age Level 1+

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Hello everyone today I will show Ellyrian Reavers from the HE army, probably some are wondering why they are in green colors? Because the customer models will use as an alternative to the forest elf army and I received such guidance. I hope that you wi…

Bushido: Ito Commission Redux

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Man brush time is hard to come by at the moment! Since my last update 12 days ago ive managed to paint just these two models… two! Its ridiculous!Ito Ancestor and Kami of ReflectionsHopefully i can get further into this project tomorrow and then get …

Bolt Action German Tiger Level 2

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The Tiger I is a German heavy tank of World War II deployed from 1942 in Africa and Europe, usually in independent heavy tank battalions. The Tiger I gave the Wehrmacht its first armoured fighting vehicle that mounted the 8.8 cm KwK 36 gun. 1,347 were …

Green? Super green!

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World.This week has seen the completion of the window and door replacement and that has opened up my ‘job book’ somewhat.Basically, now that the windows are done, the mould can be tackled in the house and the exterior can be…