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Giveaway – Space Wolves Model Competition

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Who here doesn’t like a giveaway? Nobody, that’s who! We’re giving away a model completely free. Entering for a chance to win is easy and […]

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Visit at the Duke of Bavaria

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While Dennis went to visit such boring stuff as the Salute, Warlord, Mantic or Games Workshop last month, I went to visit the Duke of Bavaria painting competition for the first time. The competition takes place every year and is held in the Bavarian Ar…

Free Models Giveaway at Salute 2018!

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Feel free to read that title again, folks. That’s right. We’ve got two models to give away from Salute 2018 in London! How do you […]

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The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 8 result

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And there we have it, my AHPC virginity has been taken.In this 8th year of the challenge, I finally contended, and did far more then I expected.At first, I did the maths on what might be just above my comfort level, and settled around 750 points. …

Alpine Gnomes Crossbows and Gold Mage

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My last entry for the year 2017 to this venerable challenge, I decided on a regiment of another Kickstarter that went relatively below the radar: Alpine Gnomes by OS (Old School) Miniature Company.These dimunutive fellas, suited for 32mm games like W…

Back to the Brushes 146

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Some pictures of the preparation that has been ongoing over the last few weeks for the Painting ChallengeThe chaos before and after a dust and tidy up. A solitary elf stands central on the painting table waiting to be finished during the early days of …

The Exstacy of Debutation

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So, I am part of this highly motivational painting challenge, for the first time, and this is my very first entry ever, and hopefully the forebode of a lot more.When I saw Curt kick it off this morning, I jumped to the painting table (well, shuffle…

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VIII – I`m in!

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Well, it was at the last minute, but two days ago, the organiser, Curt, dropped me an e-mail.I was in “first place” on the reserve list, as I`m not the fastest of reactionaries to entry forms *cough* but unfortunatly Tamsin, the Wargamer Girl, has drop…

Grinning Skull’s Link Quest Web Challenge, would you take up the quest?

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Well, hello there you lot! I’m back again once more, letting you know about my latest brainfart idea that hopefully will prove entertaining (to say the least!) I’ll explain in the best way I can, as with all my other ideas, I’m going to throw it out there and see what traction it ends up […]

My thoughts on Scale Model Challenge 2017

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Scale Model Challenge 2017 Going to the show This year’s Scale Model Challenge was my first real show and competition, we don’t have much of either in Sweden and definitely not in the same scale. We went there on the Friday before the show and after way too many hours for such a short distance […]

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ScratchBuild Log Part 5: Final Pics 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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So here we are at last and the project was finally done! I am pretty proud of this build. It is not perfect by any stretch but it was a lot of fun and a really new and unique experience for me. I think the finishes on the tank are great and it is a rea…

ScratchBuild Log Part 4: Painting the 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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So on to the actual paint! Started with a quick shot of Stynylrez. This primer by Badger is the best I’ve ever used, though **SPOILER ALERT** Ammo of Mig’s new one shot primer is the same formulation made by Badger for Mig!!! Partnerships are something…

ScratchBuild Log Part 2: 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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Balsa Foam armatureSo having decided to build this rare oddity of WW1 (a French prototype trenchbusting “tank” made of a tractor with a concrete reinforced turret and an extension cord/ power cable that connected it back to its own trenchline…. not h…

ScratchBuild Log Part 1: 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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Here is the build log for my 1915 Curiasse “Fortin” Aubriot-Gabet (Experimental Electric Armoured Vehicle) Scratchbuild in 1/35 Designed in 1915, the Aubriot Gabet “Fortress” was considered as a way of pushing across the dangers of no man’s land. …

Sword and (CRYSTAL) Brush!!!!! New Canadian Qualifier!!!!!

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No secret that I look forward each year to the Sword and Brush Competition in Toronto Ontario Canada and today they dropped some Truly EXCELLENT news!!!From Sword&Brush Organizer Alex McCutcheon:Great news! Sword & Brush is proud to announce th…

Adepticon Aftermath 2017

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So my first Adepticon has come and gone! And it was simply amazing.People who were there know what I mean – the congratulatory and thankful facebook posts have been rolling through my page filled with tags for seemingly half my friends list, and dozens…


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Well sort of.If you come to Adepticon…. and enter Crystal Brush.Posted now on the Crystal Brush website under the heading “Meet Our Guest Judges for 2017″It is an INCREDIBLE honor to have been asked to be a part of this! Really makes a guy feel value…

Out of the Darkness – Chris Suhre’s Spotlight on Composition

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Hello everyone!My name is Chris Suhre and I’m an amateur hobbyist/painter. This will hopefully be the first in a long series of blog post on various miniature/hobby topics. (I hope so to! – J)I thought I’d start off by discussing composition in competi…

Painting Competition Miniatures: No More Excuses

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I have to admit that painting this miniature scares me to my core. I will not back down.

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One "Wicked" Khador Gun Carriage

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New England’s own “WickedPaintah” Dan Clark completed a conversion so cool that I had to share it forward! (You know how much I love conversions!)He felt that the horse-drawn tank just wasn’t as cool as…well… an ACTUAL TANK! This is a conversion th…

2016 Miniature Figures Ottawa Gatineau Show Report

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On Saturday I attended the Miniature Figures Ottawa Gatineau show for the first time. It was great and I even entered some miniatures into the event.

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The Great Green Motherland Machines of Mikkel Ernst

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At this years WTC one incredible Khador force stood out amongst the crowd in ways that could not be ignored. The weathering, the Freehand, the blending were all on point and Mikkel Ernst of Denmark walked away with the Best painted army award. When I&n…

Gobber Tinker Part 3 Final Pics

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So in an interesting twist of fate – I have been invited to be a part of the Putty&Paint online community. An excellent gathering of incredible talent and inspiration – I am honoured to be a part of it! What is more, I have now posted this tin…

Time to Paint the Walking Scrap! – Gobber Tinker Part 2

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My painting buddy 🙂 Full disclosure: This Gobber tinker is the first serious effort I have made to paint anything in nearly a year.  As the incredible Jessica Rich said in last weeks post, you use it or you lose it. The Warjack won’t be the …

So I did a thing…. Gobber Tinker Part 1

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So Im going to start by giving away the end of the story… I built a Privateer Press Gobber Tinker model and took it to the always AMAZING Sword And Brush competition in Toronto this past weekend and won this year’s theme award “Best Orc or Goblin” sp…