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Lurking in the underhive – Unreleased scavvies

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With the release of the new Necromunda, I guess it’s pretty safe to say many of us are all excited about either coming up with a new band or updating an old one. I’m not fond of hard choices so I’ve decided to do both actually. The easiest part though was to update my scavvies since I just had a few new models to add.

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Thermo Priest

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There was no flesh to worry about painting on this totally encased Thermo Priest Although unlikely to see action in a game of Confrontation, the stout chap will definitely get out there in a game of Dragon Rampant. Advertisements

Brattish authority – Leader and Juve

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Painting is like riding a bike it seems, it comes back pretty rapidly even after a long pause. To get a bit of motivation back I had put all chances on my side though : Goodwin models, a sculptor I enjoy and whose work I’m familiar working with, Confrontation models, one of my first loves and limited edition ones on top of that. 
Well it worked out exactly like planned for once. Pleasure was here. Oh yeah , sweeet sweeeeeet pleasure, my hair caressing their… erm… Good fun, if you see what I mean.

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Piper of Tir-Na-Bor

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Finished up this tiny little bugger a little while back. I really, really enjoy painting them a lot! This one is an older fig in the Rackham line, so is a little more static, but I love how cartooney the faces were back then!I threw in a group shot …

Grims Mini Swap WIP

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So I have been spending a whole lot of time playing Warmahordes and doing modifications or conversions on my Trollbloods army.  So my painting time has suffered a bit.  However I did get a bit of time this last little bit to work on this litt…


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Here is the link to the new C3.5 so you can bookmark it.

I recently read the article in Ravage 001 and I thought how long will we have to wait. I have heaps of Confrontation armies and It is (was) my favorite skirmish game although I have not had a…

Sneak peaks – Eden and new Troll

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Some concept art for the Jokers.

and of course the Master Series Snow Troll . Its very like the Behemoth Confrontation Troll.