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Games That Sell Out Quickly at Conventions

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Convention Game Sell OutsGen Con was a smash hit this year, with some 60,000+ attendees descending upon Indy for 4 days of passionate gaming. While there is a multitude of awesome things to do at the convention, the biggest draw (for me at least) has to be the new game releases. The shiny luster of new games, that […]

Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 3: A Look Forward

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Gen Con Recap Part 3Today we finish up our annual Gen Con recap by taking one last look at the convention, and also give our suggestions for the future. If you missed our earlier coverage, you can read Part 1: The Games, and Part 2: The Convention Experience here. Gen Con 2016 and 2017 Suggestion for Gen Con 2017: […]

Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 2: The Convention

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Gen Con Recap Part 2Yesterday we kicked off our annual Gen Con coverage by talking about the new game releases. Today, we are going to dive into our thoughts on the convention at large, before we finish up tomorrow with a look to the future. The Gen Con Convention   My Favorite Part of Gen Con: Tony – Chatting […]

Gencon 2016 AAR

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Most of the day was spent at work, focusing on getting my release completed in time. Lucky for me, I have been cramming like crazy and from 4 to 5, I did nothing really: drank coffee, talked to my peers, and watched CNN (my office has it on a loop all the time).

Five o’clock and I drove on home, happy to be done and that I left without any bug to do (I was waiting on some to be tested, but no on-going work). Once at home, I packed what I had left to pack: some food, Florent’s stuff, some of my own junk pre-packed junk and the jitters.

This year again, my good friend Florent came over from Paris to see us with the two of us driving up to Indianapolis together. All along the road that took us up from Tennessee, through Kentucky and into Indiana. We talked about gaming mostly, about the situation in Paris, in Tennessee, here there and everywhere. I dropped him at his hotel in downtown Indy and headed to my own off outside the beltway.


Got up early. Showered. And drove back to Indy. I parked under the Hyatt, as I did last year, found my game room tucked all the way in the back before getting my badge and convention paperwork.

I will admit to feeling quite nervous as this would be my first running of an adventure in/for 5e. I was so worried no one would show up.

But I worried for nothing. Everyone showed up and had a great time: the adventure flowed very well in 5e. Ka-ching! JOY!

My afternoon had no tickets and no one showed up. Oh well, I took the time to report my game and visited the dealer hall. I did not spend as much time there and actually walked around the place, making sure I knew where I would have to go in the coming slots.

Back to my table for 7pm, it was time to run Randy’s excellent “Fate of Zealots”. I know he had worries about the adventure he is a writer after all. I will admit I had some myself, but along different lines: worries about run time, about challenge, about DC numbers. However, I was very confident in one thing: it is a solid adventure. The choices are interesting and well-defined, making it a solid entry. It is particularly good for those who have either played the previous Onero adventures or those who own the Onero book. I am trying to swindle Randy into writing more stuff in the City of Sins…


Again, my first slot was running Saggakar using 5e. Again, the results and feedback were extremely positive. I will admit to some extremely… “Creative” solutions which made me chuckled and they chose of their own free will.

My afternoon was without sign ups, so I took the opportunity to head upstairs to the Rokugan room and played one of the adventures with my newly created Crab bushi. He was dumb, grumpy, rude, and wanted to hit things with his tetsubo. The adventure was clearly over his head so he walked around waiting for something to hit. He was disappointed. I will share my thoughts about this Rokugan thing in a later post. I had a good time is all I will say here.

The evening was back to more Pathfinder. The table had Daniel-M, with who we ruled over Tusmit back in the days. Yes it is now over a decade since I left Tusmit… He and I kept in touch through social media, but really it was great to catch up with him in person. The table created some interesting solutions to the problem at hand.


This was my play-day. I took the opportunity to play the L5R finale, still with Hida (now Kobe) Kenji. Playing someone who is a major antisocial character (5 points) and obtuse (3 points) during a LARP was a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. That I had not shaved in 3 days helped me look the part.

So Kenji who is a complete thug and brute is fascinated by origami, but like his player, has no talent for it. I spent time making some origami then showed it to people. Eventually the Jade Champion turned it into a minor nemuranai I went and showed everyone. It was a fun event, one I preferred over the Arcanis event, because of the many threads going on and the more active intervention of the NPCs.

In the afternoon, I attended the battle interactive part and now I finally got to use my tetsubo. Chris-H who had run me through a number of HoR3 adventures called me to his table and I gladly joined him. The first go-around resulted in my death and the defeat of my table. Lucky for us there was a “reset point” and we then kicked a lot of butts. The tetsubo smashed things left and right, it was great. We fought the battle of Oblivion’s Gate again. The table was very good and we were very good and we each took it in the face a few times, but dished it together. I can claim that I scored the final hit on the shadow dragon with my tetsubo. Splat. We win!

I then went and played an adventure of Adventure League, playing Baldman Game’s convention-only material. Seems there was a little muster snafu and we ended up being only 3 of us. Well things went as you’d expect, as our GM did not adapt much and we got our butts kik-didley-icked. The GM was good, but he needed to learn to scale for three players vs. six or seven. Oh well.


Final day of the con! My voice had held thus far. I had but one game to run: the Saggakar special, Dreams of Dust. There was a lot of interesting lore in there, most of which I hope Chad got. I had to keep him from strangling that young kid sitting next to me… But otherwise things went well.

Then long drive home, and sleep.

Gencon 2016 was over. Time to start looking at 2017…

Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 1: The Games

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BGQ StaffGen Con 2016 is finally in the books and what a week it was. From the games, to the events, to the atmosphere of the convention in general, it truly was “the best four days in gaming”. We begin our annual Gen Con recap by talking about the games. And then later in the week […]

Live from Gencon

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Hey guys this is JP live from gencon! I will be posting a few goodies “live”… This is our new banner featuring ArchDespot Hellebora! We’ll be at the Hyatt in the theory room. That’s all the way passed Baldman Games and all the 5e goodness. All the wa…

Legacies Updates before Gencon

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With Gencon, one of the things I need to complete is the Legacies Campaign Guide. Let me discuss a few of the high points. Are there any additional changes you would like to see in the campaign? Comment away! New ThemeWith the new theme of this yea…

Finalized Gencon 2016 Schedule

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I have my schedule completed and ready to roll! A few people have asked me where I will be, so here it is, posted for the world to know!

I will be running a game on Sunday morning, this time it will be the special that follows last year’s adventure. If you can get out of bed, you need to play this one… Again, there will be some unique rewards for those who play. I am thinking of even allowing a one-time special race creation reward. It will be a race people know…

Again this year, I will not be spending any time playing Pathfinder Society, as a conscious and active decision. Anything I can play there, I can play with the kids at home or with a pre-gathered table in a more relaxed setting than the madness and hustle of Gencon.

Saturday is going to be my free, off day. I will be doing the Rokugan stuff… I was initially considering playing Shadowrun Missions or something else, but I simply could not find anything that drew my fancy. Nothing that still had tickets availabe for it anyway. Rokugan is not one of my “consolation choices”, well… it is and it is not. I have not been able to play any of this new story arc and will be going into the finale of the arc with… well… brand new. So I created a character that was prefect for that…

A HIDA CRAB BUSHI with no talent for social situations and interaction going into a Larp-esque event!!! It will be such a change after playing a polite Crane courtier-style bushi in my regular Friday night game! Can’t wait.

Thursday 9-2 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fogs of Days Past D&D 5e
Thursday 2-7 Tyrants of Saggakar: Service and Rewards Pathfinder
Thursday 7-12 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fate of Zealots Pathfinder
Friday 9-2 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fogs of Days Past D&D 5e
Friday 2-7 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fate of Zealots Pathfinder
Friday 7-12 Tyrants of Saggakar: Service and Rewards Pathfinder
Saturday 9-2 Heroes of Rokugan: The Nightmare Ends L5R
Saturday 2-7 Heroes of Rokugan: Waking From the Dream L5R
Saturday 9-1 CORE 2-1 Tales of Good & Evil D&D 5e
Sunday 9-2 Tyrants of Saggakar: Dreams of Dust Pathfinder

Historicon 2016

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I hit Historicon again this year and had a blast. Pics after the jump!Zombie ApocalypseI played a number of games. One of my favorites was a crazy zombie apocalypse in Jerusalem, while aliens, space ships, “rebels” and special forces battled it out to …

A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight: HISTORICON 2016 AAR

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And so the mighty HISTORICON convention, so-called flagship of HMGS, is finally behind us. What transpired during these four days of fun? Well, read on and find out. Continue reading

Gencon! We’re going to Gencon! Full schedule!

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GENCON!!! My event finally have gone live!!! FINALLY!!! Search for “Saggakar” and you will find all of the events. Themy Sunday slot with the special is almost sold out at this time. I have been worried sick (and still do to be honest) about selling o…

Guidebook App for HISTORICON 2016 released

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First of all, sorry this is so late.  I’ve had some serious commitments in my non-hobby world lately, including a son graduating from high school! As I have done for almost every HMGS convention since 2011, I have prepared a … Continue reading

A visit to the Weekend, 2016

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Just a quick travelogue from the Weekend, a tiny convention run by Otto Schmidt. Continue reading

Origins 2016: After Action Report Part 2

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Continuing my AAR from Part 1. SaturdayThis was the big day… I first went to play Shadowrun in the morning. I am not naturally a fan of Shadowrun, but I’ve been enjoying playing the organized play with my character, Ralf Boogerman. He’s a complete s…

Origins 2016: After Action Report

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Origins this year would definitely be very different. I was at the same time excited and leery about it for a number of reasons (which I will explain/explore here).

After last year’s rather underwhelming showing of and ticket sales, I initially planned on simply attending and playing. So I did not submit any events for the con. No worries.

However, real life has a tendency to play tricks on you… I had a few surprises (thanks Uncle Sam) that meant I could not simply cover the costs of attending and playing full time. I considered for the longest time simply not attending, but that would make mean missing out on the Arcanis finale of the current story arc.

So I thought to myself “what the heck, I’ll just GM it.” So I got on Facebook, contacted Henry from PCI and within a few emails, I was going to run Arcanis! Hence my worry and excitement.

Now I have said on this blog many times, that I really love playing Arcanis because of Henry’s storytelling skills. These adventures were no exceptions! I won’t spoil them here..

The Trip

My trip was done in two phases. After leaving work at 5pm, I came home and had dinner with the family.

Leaving home, I first drove to Louisville, KY to stop at a local Wal-mart where I stocked up on supplies: cheese, meat, bread, and mustard. Not great tasting, but spending 30$ for a weekend of gaming would be a great booster to my (tight) budget. From Louisville, I stopped for an overnight stay in Florence, KY. It was already late and a clean bed was all I ready cared for.

I made my way to Columbus in the morning, fighting through the traffic in Cincinnati, but otherwise no issues. My first game started at 1pm, so I had ample time.

Wednesday & Thursday

Seated and ready to run, I ran – with a few mistakes, I must add – Night of a Thousand Scream and later – with less issues – The Chosen. Of the two, I much prefered the Chosen because it has a very classic D&D feel, yet with a very Arcanis twist to it. Before you ask, “Night” is a very Arcanis adventure, one that called less to me because of its subject. (It’s about the Elorii, a race I don’t care about myself).

Thursday morning, I got to sit at Tony-N’s table and play “Night” myself (and realize that my character is not well-built to take on the monsters therein). I really like Tony’s style of GMing and thought he definitely did a great job. The table had Peter-P’s Armand character who is a male version of my own bimbo character, though we branched out in different direction with regards to our advancements. Dirty jokes and innuendoes gallore. No, they were no longer innuendoes, we talked dirty. Plain and simple.


I was originally scheduled to run one of the 5th edition Arcanis. I had two adventures prep’d (one moreso than the other) and was ready to go. However, no player showed up during the slot. So I got to play WitchHunter for the first time since Gencon 2014.


Almost two years without playing this game! *sigh*

The shape of the campaign has changed quite a lot… I am definitely anxious in seeing more of it and how it will evolve. The adventure I got to play was really challenging with the difficulty level definitely higher than it used to be.

But from the afternoon through the evening, was the first of two Arcanis special events. This one was part LARP, part battle interactive. Did someone say LARP??? This meant I had to paint my nails, don my dress, put on my wig and be ready for adventure!

I make no apology for the horrors I unleashed upon the players. Henry’s fragile mind was further shattered…

Funny story, a little girl (of about 5 or 6) took a liking to me and we danced a few times together… She was really cute and I had a good time.

But wait, dear readers. Wait.

Someone took me for a woman!

Yes, they thought I was a lady!

Okay, okay, they did not have their glasses on. I was across a hall, so he simply waved back politely, not knowing who it was was waved to him.

But that’s NOT important. My dressing up skills are increasing!

Next time: Saturday and Sunday


Phalanx 2016

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Another year and another Saturday trip to St Helens to visit the Phalanx show, the main one in the North-West. No exhibition game from Furness Wargamers this year, but the usual suspects made their way down individually. Some of the goods purchased are displayed below.

The decision had been previously made by our group at the club to try and organise a Lion Rampant campaign, set around an unspecified area of the Mediterranean in the Crusader era. Given how disorganised we traditionally are this would be quite an achievement if successful. So there the three of us were, trying to sort out what boxes of plastics were needed.

Templar Knight Horses
From Phalanx 2016

I’ve initially chipped in to purchase a box of Fireforge Templar Knights (12 figs – 2 LR units worth) and a box of Foot Sergeants (48 figs – 4 units worth) – This is going to be split as part of a swap with Jim that should result with me having individual units of Mounted Sergeants, Foot Sergeants and Crossbowmen. This should result in a Crusader force straight out of the book. Jim’s going for a Spanish force, Matt an Arabic one. Out of the other campaigners, who were not present, Mark’s already going Arabic, and Dave M is rebasing his existing classic Medieval figures.

Leper Knight Transfers

Managed to get some inspiration from some Battle Flag transfers. Why go the boringly predictable Templar white and red when you can go the green and white of the Lazarus Leper Knights. Note to anyone trying to go faux Medieval with your fonts – the ‘long s’ is never used at the end of words – that’s what the small s was invented for. I initially thought it read Lazaruf, which sounds like a dodgy holiday resort!

The trader stands seem to be a bit larger than previous. It looked like Irregular Miniatures was missing, and only one Board-games stand, not many dedicated booksellers around either. Managed to get an Osprey on the Crusades for cheap from the Bring n Buy, and purchased a book about Pegasus bridge so I can read up and possibly expand on the Heroes of Normandie Pegasus Bridge scenarios once the fruits of the latest Heroes Kickstarter comes in.

Now that I’ve had look at the Plastic sprues the boxes breakdown was as follows.

Templar Knights –
3x sprue of Horses with Caparison (6 mounts), 2x Horses (6 mounts), 2x Knights (8 knights), 1x Knight command (4 knights), 1 set of bases.

Templar Knights ‘Command’


Foot Sergeants –
6x sprues of Sergeants, 2x bases.

Foot Sergeants

Bases are dedicated to the ‘Deus Vault’ game system, so will probably break out the 2p coins for basing. I also purchased some grass tufts for basing purposes as I’ve never been proficent with using loose flocking.

The Renegade Open, Nov. 18th-20th

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Last month, a lot of people helped me promote Muse on Minis Wargaming Con so I wrote a piece about generosity among wargamers. Well, funny thing happened to me recently, I was approached by Paul Jacob Huck, one of the founders of The Renegade Open, and he asked if I’d be willing to do a shout-out for his convention. I told him I would be happy to help. This shout out is my chance to pay and it forward and your chance to discover an amazing Midwest convention. The Renegade Open Grand Tournament is a weekend of miniature wargaming for Warhammer 40K, Warmachine and Hordes, X-Wing, Star Wars: Armada, Malifaux and Infinity. It is held Nov. 18th – 20th, 2016 at the Fantasy

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Nashcon After Action Report Part 2

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Part 1 of the series. Here are some pictures of the game after set up (click on a picture to view it full size). Views of the village, the treasures. I built the big palm trees as a new piece. They added variety to my other trees. Very simple build: c…

Lancaster Host: the end of the end, we mean it this time.

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Bad news from the Lancaster Host, site of many HMGS and WBC game conventions over the years.  The Lancaster Online just reported a major water main break, causing the ceiling on three floors to break, 2000 residents and crew to … Continue reading

Nashcon After Action Report Part 1

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Yesterday, I attended my first Nashcon after almost attending last year. It was the first convention in years I attended that was exclusively a miniatures event (for me). I was extremely anxious and curious for although I’ve been to many cons, I believ…