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RDTN Episode 107: The Fog of War interview with Geoff Engelstein and BGG Con Recap

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We had the opportunity to sit down with Geoff Engelstein to talk about his new game The Fog of War, published by Stronghold Games. We are all aware of Geoff’s […]

Dragon Rampant: Battle Report and First Impressions

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Recently, I played a game of Dragon Rampant at a convention and was it ever fun! Waiting for us at the table were 6 armies (Lizard Men, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Middle Earth [Lord of the Rings] Orcs, and Wood Elves). Quickly I sat at one of my favourite f…

Post-Apocalypticon 2016: AAR

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This weekend, ActionMan and I returned to Cleveland TN, just northeast of Chattanooga for Post- Apocalypticon. We both attended last year , which ActionMan thought was his favorite con of the year. Therefore, I made a point of trying to go back for an…

PostApocalypticon, One-shot Saggakar, Adventure League

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Just a short post today… This coming weekend, ActionMan and I are going back to Cleveland TN, for PostApocalypticon. Last year he and I had a lot of fun going there. This year it’ll be a little different because I will be running a single adventure…

So I went to Fall-IN! 2016…

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Last week was FALL-IN! the Fall show of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society. My son Gar and I both attended.  I apologize for the late posting, but well, you know, there was that National electing the Moron in Chief thing … Continue reading

RDTN Episode 105: Arkham Horror – The Card Game Review and GTS Come and Play Day

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We heard about the new Arkham Horror: The Card Game earlier this year when an image was leaked. Well, it is a reality now and we begged, pleaded, gave up […]

Council Fires 2016 Convention Report

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This past weekend, I attended Council Fires 2016, a gaming convention in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. What an awesome event! I would guess that there were over 100 people in attendance and I really liked the venue that they chose. This post is a summary…

Event Counts by Category, Fall-IN! 2016

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As often happens once a convention concludes, self-styled experts will claim a certain genre is overtaking this or that genre, it’s a general sign of decline of HMGS and et cetera, et cetera.  Those of us who have been attending … Continue reading

Reminder: Council Fires 2016 is this Weekend!!!

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Today I just want to give a quick reminder that the Council Fires Miniatures Convention in Brantford, Ontario, Canada starts this Friday and goes into Saturday. I will personally be there on the Saturday and am signed up for the Bolt Action tournament….

RDTN Episode 100: RDTN Match Game, Gen Con Interviews and Reflection and $100 Funagain Gift Card

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It has been a Long and Winding Road getting to our 100th Episode. We want to thank everyone for all the support as we made it to this milestone and […]

RDTN Episode 99: Scythe, Millennium Blades, Piratoons, Simurgh and Megamoosecon

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We are on the road again and at our new local convention MegaMooseCon. We finally got to play two games that everyone has talked about or been talking about, Scythe […]

RDTN Episode 96: Another Day in Paradise – Origins Recap, Caravan, Ascension X, Adrenaline, and Guild Ball

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This episode is all about our adventures at Origins for it has come and gone and it did not disappoint. It was great seeing familiar faces and meet all the […]

RDTN Episode 92: Midnight Train to Georgia – CMON Expo, Eric Lang, Rodney Smith and Action Phase Games

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CMON Expo in Atlanta, GA is a great small con and we could not have been happier to have been able to attend this year. Between getting to play all […]

RDTN Episode 88: I Can’t Drive 55 – Ignacy is in the house, Sularia Card Game, GAMA Thoughts

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Time for our yearly visit with Ignacy Trzewiczek and as always, it was a blast. He was upfront with the plans at Portal games this year and talked to us about […]

RDTN Episode 81 – Come Together: BGG Con Review – Suzanne Sheldon, Matt Evans, Chaz Marler, and Joel Eddy

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This one is recorded live at BGG Con and we share some of our highlights and low-lights that occurred over those five days. We went last year, had a blast, […]

RDTN Episode 73 – Top of the World: Gen Con Overview with Marty and Vanessa, Forbidden Stars Review, and A Contest

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Gen Con is over and the Connell family made it back alive and full of stories. To keep it from being the Marty Gen Con review, his wife Vanessa, the wonderful […]

RDTN Episode 72 – I Just Can’t Wait to Be King: The Gameboy Geek Dan King joins us for our Gen Con Episode

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One of the most prolific reviewers on the Dice Tower, Dan King the Gameboy Geek, joins us for this episode to discuss what games we are looking forward to at Gen Con. […]