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Guidebook for FALL IN! 2014.. available

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This is just a quick note to inform everyone that the GUIDEBOOK app for FALL-IN! 2014 is up and running (and has been). The events are accurate as of the published PEL listing. I will add more before the convention. … Continue reading

Director’s Briefing – October 2014

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  Welcome to the fortieth Briefing and the tenth scheduled Briefing for 2014, and straight to new releases.   ERA for Rolemaster   For a number of months, Maximiliano Tabacman has been running playtests of his excellent character management software … Continue reading

The Imaginareum: Retrospective, Part 2

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Now with WHAT I’ve done, is time to review and go over the good, the bad, and the easily fixed. The good is what the con did well. The bad is what really should improve. And the Easily Fixed describes well… what is easy to fix. The Good – The Venue…

The Imaginareum: Retrospective, Part 1

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The Imaginareum is over. A new convention has seen the light of day here in Louisville and FridayI arrived a few hours before my first panel and I decided to scope out the place. I parked on the wrong side of the Crowne Plaza Airport, conveniently lo…

Barrage 2014

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I’ve been to the three HMGS conventions several times, but this weekend my son and I visited our first smaller local con. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the large number of games, vendor tables and the relaxed atmosphere at Barrage made the tr…

Order of the Iron Crown – Playtesting at GenCon 2014

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As you may be aware, this year a couple of members of the Order of the Iron Crown went to GenCon. Below is one member’s (BeggarKing’s) account of GenCon and his playtesting of the new Rolemaster system at the world’s … Continue reading

A new FOE Banner and Legacies at Aethercon III

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I will be premiering a new adventure at Aethercon. I haven’t published the name and blurbs yet, but I have two adventures in the works, one that’s really awesome by a new author I’m really excited about. The Legacies game will be Friday night at 6pm. JP

Rant: Attend games you sign up for

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This post grew out of the many posts about Gencon. I mulled over it a lot to keep it both polite, to the point, without completely roasting anyone, and with some type of path or recommendations. Something that’s doable and that could help the community…

Pyrotech’s Gen Con 2014 After Incident Report

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‘Pyrotech’, a member of the Order of the Iron Crown went to this year’s GenCon (along with a couple of other members). Below he gives us a view of how his GenCon went, along with tips for those planning to … Continue reading

I’ll be a guest at the Imaginareum

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I will be a guest at the Imaginarium Con here in Louisville. This convention will run from September 19 through the 21st. This is the first “writer-specific event” I will be attending, as a guest or a participant. As I look at the program, and connect…

Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter – August 2014

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  To receive this monthly newsletter direct to your inbox, sign up to our MAILING LIST now.   It has been another big month here at ICE HQ packed full of yet more great news and announcements. Before we get … Continue reading

Lessons from GenCon

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This year’s Gencon yielded a number of lessons about the convention and its attendees. These are personal lessons. Bringing food = good I brought myself enough food (bread, salami & Swiss cheese) to last me, two meals a day from Thursday to Saturday….

After-Action Report: GenCon 2014, Part 4

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Sunday saw me up & ready on-time. I was excited to get to see my friend Chad and his wife Holly as my players. However, nine am came. Chad was running a little late (remember the lines at Starbucks?) Then 9:10. Then 9:20. At that time, I decided to ca…

After-Action Report: Gencon 2014, Part 3

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Friday came too quickly. I was up at my usual Seven, showered and headed out to the games room. No coffee (the line was too long). Today would be different. I would run only the two regular adventures and be free to play an Arcanis premiere in the even…

Gen Con 2014 Recap

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Gen Con 2014 has come to a close and it definitely lived up to its nickname of “The Best 4 Days of Gaming.” We had an incredible time of meeting new people, demoing games and pretty much just being in our element for 4 awesome days.
As usual, befor…

After-Action Report: Gencon 2014, Part 2

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Four AM. My body refused to acknowledge the buzzing in my ears, but I threw myself out of bed before fumbling with the display. Finally, it stopped. I was no longer asleep. I wasn’t exactly awake either. I packed my meds and stumbled to the garage w…

ClearHorizon Miniatures goes to Strategicon!

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Only 10 days to go! ClearHorizon Miniatures will be at Gateway 2014 at the Hilton LAX!  This Labor Day Weekend, Aug 29 – Sep 1!  We’ll have two tables set up in the main hallway.  We’ll be carrying our entire line plus several brand new …

Gen Con 2014 Photo Gallery

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This year’s Gen Con Gaming Convention is finally in the books and the gremlins over here are diligently working on our recap article. To keep you entertained as we put that together, we’ve compiled a whole mess of photos from this year&#8…

After-Action Report: Gencon 2014, Part 1

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This year’s tale of Gencon started WAY before I ever set foot in Indianapolis. Indeed, this story begins around the start of the year, when the Gencon submissions came about. At that time, it all seemed so far away. It seemed like there were still long…

Director’s Briefing – August 2014

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  Welcome to the thirty-eighth Briefing and the eighth scheduled Briefing for 2014. This month’s Briefing has been delayed by my excursion to the USA for a microscopy conference, but better late than never.   Progress on the ToDo List … Continue reading

MaricopaCon 2014 Report

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  This weekend I attended our local gaming convention. MaricopaCon is funded through Kickstarter and this is its second year. Trask and I attended last year so I thought it would make a good warm-up for GenCon in two weeks. The convention runs Saturday and Sunday, but I only attended Saturday. The selection of games […]

Historicon 2014, Saturday

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Last day of Historicon for me. Managed to play two games and check out a bunch of others. Also, have you guys heard of “All Quiet on the Martian Front”? You need to know about “All Quiet on the Martian Front”. Jumbled thoughts and pics after the jump.A…

Historicon 2014, Friday

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Lots more action on Friday. Pics after the jump.Vendor DemosMy six year old son wanted to play games, but I didn’t think he could handle a four hour session, so we hit the demo games in vendor area instead. It was still pretty quiet and several vendors…

Iron Crown Enterprises at Dragonmeet

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  ***EXCITING NEWS***   Iron Crown Enterprises will be officially returning to the world of roleplaying conventions starting with this year’s Dragonmeet, London’s (and probably the UK’s) foremost roleplaying, boardgame, collectable card game and now miniatures convention.   While the … Continue reading

Historicon 2014, Thursday

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I’ve made it to Historicon again this year, and despite a late start I managed to see a ton of great games, made a pass through the vendor hall and played a real nail biter. I also noticed a lot more British accents this year. Not sure if the con is at…