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Guidebook Fall-IN! 2015, some new features, some have changed so pay attention…

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So I’ll deliver the bottom line up front. The First Draft of the Fall-IN! 2015 Guidebook app is published, ready for download. You may download it on the landing page here. Whoah, Red Ryder!   One thing I haven’t … Continue reading

I love the smell of wargaming in the morning

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Our roving reporter Aksu popped over to Colours at Newb […]

Updates: Saggakar, Legacies, Contest, Conventions

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Tyrants of Saggakar Player’s GuideIn the past week, I have been really putting this book together, trying to get it all wrapped up. I have been working on the index for the past few days, to provide a clear and useful index. Trying to balance quantity …

The Order of the Iron Crown – July round-up

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The Order of the Iron Crown is a select group of fans that have made it their mission to promote Iron Crown Enterprises’ products at game conventions and in game stores around the world. The Order was set up to … Continue reading

FOE heading to Aethercon in November

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This cranky old gamer has seen a lot of conventions, some good, some bad, some improving, some imploding. However rarely these past few years can I actually say that I have been very impressed with a convention organization. I’m not talking about the “…

Iron Crown Enterprises at GenCon

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I’m sure you can’t have missed the fact the end of last month (and the beginning of this one) was GenCon. This year a number of forum members attended the huge convention in Indianapolis including Order of the Iron Crown … Continue reading

GenCon Recap Part 5: Random Shots

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On Friday, I am taking a bit of time to reflect on a number of small things about Gencon. I choose to do it in a “random shots” format, whether I think things are positive or negative. Pre-Packing (positive) My packing method really came through for…

GenCon Recap Part 4: The Social Thing

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Everyone who tells you about Gencon will tell you about the games they played. But they will also tell you that beyond the games, Gencon is about people. It is about getting together and sharing a meal, a table, a drink, or a game. It is about reconnecting with old friends. I am no exception: Gencon would not be special among all the cons without gettting to meet people from everywhere that I got to know over the years.

And I am very happy to say that many of you read this blog, play with me, or hate me in secret… We all did some travelling together alone those gaming roads. So many friends, so many more people I’d like to play with or have a quick chat. Talk about the past. Catch up on the present. Plan the future.

I went shopping with Derek-R after playing, and got to say hello to some industry folks, such as Zach from Greenbrier, Henry and the entire PCI team, spoke briefly to Dustin-W about the Cults of Chaos finally put a face to an email (and hopefully vice-versa), exchanged a few words with StephenRM from Paizo, spoke with Phil who attends every con in the book, spoke to Jeremy from Dreamscarred Press.

It was a blur and I reconnected with all the arcaniacs (Clint, Matt, Adam, John-B, Eric, Paul “Hat”, to name but a few), the Moonlite guys (Josh-B, Tingle, Brandon (whom I only hugged briefly before we went our own shopping ways), Tingle), Mike-M (@qsotr2) and Kakita Jiro to name but a few.

I happened on Martin-B, my good buddy who now serves as a VL for Colorado. Learned how things were going over there.

I missed a few people I wanted to talk to during the con. Allow me to name a few here: Chad-N and Holly, Robyn-N, Will-J, Bill & Jacque-W, Nate, Kaitlynn-P (@thedicegoddess), and Florent whom I hadn’t seen or heard from since Midnight on Thursday (I have heard from him since, don’t worry). I went through the PFS room a few times trying to meet people, but the only one I saw was the VC of DC…

If you were there and I didn’t see you, then do not dispair. There will be other venues and game tables…


GenCon Recap 3: The players

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In any retrospective, it is important to assess every aspect of the game. This includes the players. I will not single anyone out, but try to find the common points and draw lessons to improve myself, my process and my products. It is an exercise I tak…

GenCon Recap Part 2: Friday-Sunday

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FridayAgain up and out early. My first table of the day, Wilderness of the Mind would have three friends playing (I had to turn Tingle away). The darkening of the adventure really added a whole other dimension to it, giving it a completely different s…

GenCon 2015 Day 4

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The last day of GenCon is always a little bitter sweet.  It’s been a great convention.  I’ve played lots of great games, saw some old friends, and made a few new ones. Iron Wind Metals I finally got around to doing my shopping at the Iron Wind Metals booth.  They had an impressive display as […]

GenCon Recap: Part 1, Wednesday-Thursday

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Gencon is in the books. Tired sigh. Another good one, and a most successful one for FOE. I ran all eight of my tables with only a few no-show (I’m looking at you Brandon and Nate), and I had to turn away a few generics, something I don’t like doing, b…

GenCon 2015 Day 3

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Saturday is often the longest and most rewarding day of GenCon.  I started bright and early and took in a playtest game in a special area of the con devoted to games that are not yet fully baked.  This was a great idea.  I had a blast playing The Coterie, an in-development dungeon crawler with […]

GenCon 2015 Day 2

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GenCon ramped up for Friday and I kept super busy as the weekend marched along.  I scheduled myself for some more non-BattleTech events during the day but stopped by to check out the Catalyst game section from time to time so keep an eye on what was going on. Events (Grinders, Boot Camps, Tukayyid, Oh […]

Live from Gencon: Already one day left

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It is so hard to grasp the fact that we are already Sunday and that in a few very short hours, Gencon will be in the books. The time between posts should give an impression of the whirlwind I lived through these past few days. At the risk of jinxing it…

GenCon 2015 Day 1

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Day one in Indy is in the books.  What a day.  I had a lot of fun exploring the con and playing in some great games. My day started at the Catalyst Booth where I was able to snag one of the limited Beta versions of Interstellar Operations.  I am really impressed with how big […]

Live from Gencon 2015: here we go

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<p>Finally it is game time and one slot is done! Ran In the ArchDespot’s Service. Fun and quick. And filled with secret notes.<p>So more to come!<p>JP

Live from Gencon 2015: Day 0

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<p>Finally, I am now in the gaming world’s most coveted destination: Indianapolis! This is going to be my third teip to the convention, my second as a GM, and the first for Saggakar. <p>The trip here took place yesterday night with my frien…

GenCon 2015 Day 0

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After a long hiatus I have finally found my way back to Indy for the best four days in gaming.  I have not been able to get out to conventions as much as I like lately so I am very excited about this year. On the BattleTech front there is a lot to be excited […]

Gencon is here and I’m a ball of energy

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With Gencon around the corner, I cannot tell you enough how filled with nervous energy I am. It is the same type of jitters and butterflies one feels when about to go on stage. It is something I feel every time a con is about to begin and particularly …

Historicon 2015

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I’d written off Historicon this year after we made plans for a week long vacation in California. I couldn’t spare the additional days off, and resigned myself to visiting one of the other HMGS cons later in the year. My son really wanted to attend Hist…

HISTORICON 2015: Sand Fleas in Fredericksburg!

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It’s time for one of my favorite things to write, a convention narrative.  From Wednesday 15 July to Sunday 19 July, I attended HISTORICON 2015, at the Fredericksburg Convention Center. This post is another rambling narration of the convention from my perspective Continue reading

Saggakar at Gencon: Memory of a Frozen Hell

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With Gencon fast approaching and my move to Nashville finally done, I sat back down to go over what I had for the special “Memory of a Frozen Hell” (there are still a few tickets for the Thursday night, but Friday is sold out). Overall, the Saggakar g…

Last Changes/Updates to the HISTORICON 2015 guidebook app

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HISTORICON 2015 convention goers.. I’m making the last changes to the GUIDEBOOK app for HISTORICON 2015. So here are a few notes for you. Dudley Garidel got the final vendor count and maps to me, they are now included. I’ve … Continue reading

The Weekend: Gaming on the Mellow Side

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I’ve been meaning to catch Otto Schmidt’s THE WEEKEND for a long time now. It’s been tough, as June is a busy month usually with high school age kids. Now that one is in college and the other is in his last year, I thought I’d spread my wings a little and manage a day trip. Here are my observations. Continue reading