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Lancaster Host: the end of the end, we mean it this time.

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Bad news from the Lancaster Host, site of many HMGS and WBC game conventions over the years.  The Lancaster Online just reported a major water main break, causing the ceiling on three floors to break, 2000 residents and crew to … Continue reading

Nashcon After Action Report Part 1

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Yesterday, I attended my first Nashcon after almost attending last year. It was the first convention in years I attended that was exclusively a miniatures event (for me). I was extremely anxious and curious for although I’ve been to many cons, I believ…

Conquistadors in Africa: A Game for The Sword and The Flame

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Tomorrow, for the first time since I left Colorado, I will participate in a miniatures event. Nashcon 2016 will be my first time there. I almost attended last year before having to back out due to my car’s explosion… So I am posting a few quick pics …

Gencon plans are coming together

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On Sunday, Gencon registrations open up, so it is time to tease you with what you have coming… I have a few adventures currently in the works. Before I go into the specifics of the adventures, let me tell you about the Pathfinder/5e events. On Thurs…

Legionary Show 2016 – Exeter, Devon, April 30th

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It’s almost time for the Legionary show once again.April 30th, Exeter Devon. All the info can be found HEREThey have loads of gaming stall, demos and events. Well worth checking out if you can.ToaTS wont be putting on any games this year, but we w…

Lexicon 2016 After Action Report

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This past weekend, I travelled back to Lexington Kentucky to attend Lexicon for the second year in a row. Last year, it served as a major plot point for our emerging Battle of Gytha storyline. It would also be the final convention where NeoExodus would…


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Sometimes, there is a post that you write and go “I’ll post this tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes and your mind is off to other things and you forget about actually publishing the post. This is one such post. Here are parts Part 1 and Part 2. Sunday mo…

Salute 2016 Writeup

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Saturday was the annual Salute convention at the Edexcel in London. To my shame, despite living so close this was actually my first one! So armed with a budget (which was quickly broken) I got up far too early on a Saturday morning and made my way to London town.
Good start, I’m in the right place!

Queue was long but moved swiftly (unlike comic-con which takes aaaages)

And then we were in! Instantly greeted by a hall full of hobby enthusiasts.

Hawk Wargames had this awesome large sized spaceship on their stand!

Along with cabinets of beautifully painted miniatures (a common theme at the show!)

The upcoming Halo: Ground Command game from Spartan Games

Mierce Miniatures stand was constantly packed!

They had a demo board set up for people to try the game

Element Games are one of my favourite web retailers and they had a well stocked stand and a host of helpful staff on hand.

This fantastic Warhammer 30k display was put on by the South London Warlords (hosts of the convention)

This one was an unfamiliar product to me. Freebooter’s Fate, a skirmish level fantastic pirate setting. Had a lovely chat with the guys on the stand and admired the miniatures which had some very characterful sculpts (the goblins in particular giving me serious Rackham vibes) I couldn’t resist picking a few up! 

They also had this wonderful demo table set up.

Salute is also host to the more historical side of the hobby, it doesn’t particularly interest me but the standard of the tables set up was incredible!

 Wayland had the biggest stand at the event, practically the size of a small supermarket. Sadly they didn’t have a single paint available when I asked and that is pretty much my experience with Wayland 😛

I took a look at the miniatures entered for the painting competitions and took a few photos, Rackham Orcs!

 This was the mini I entered, my Nurse from Thirdman Games. Sadly didn’t place but the standard was fantastic!

Back to the games, some more impressive exhibition boards

This one even had a working volcano with dry ice and other lighting effects!

With the theme of this year’s Salute being Steampunk, what could be more perfect than a visit to the Infamy stand?

  They had this wonderful demo board on show

JoeK Minis had a small stand selling their Odyssey miniatures (and info on their currently running kickstarter)
KR Multicase had this eyecatching display set up right by the entrance.

Painting superstar Angel Giraldez was there as part of the Harder & Steenbeck stand. He did several demos throughout the day. I was lucky enough to get this picture because every time I went near his stand after this it looked like the shot below

Fortunately I’m tall as every time Angel did a demo the crowd was 4 or 5 thick trying to catch a glimpse of the man at work!

 Another amazing military board

This was the biggest board on display, hard to take it all in!

An Infinity demo game

Forge World had a busy stand at the event

 Figone had a stand selling his and other miniatures (as well as displaying painted pieces) I had a great chat with Jérémie Bonamant Teboul about the upcoming Volume 2 of his Figopedia series (as well as a little whisper about Volume3!)

 Hasslefree’s stand was always crammed with people. I would have liked to have a browse but I hate being crowded!

 Studio Mcvey had a stand selling off limited Resin versions of the miniatures they’ve done for CMON’s The Others board game. I broke my budget severely here!

 The Purgatory stand showed off WIP’s of some of their upcoming releases.

 There wasn’t a lot of cosplay but this space marine obviously stood out!

There was a playable demo of the upcoming game based on the Eisenhorn series. Personally the demo looked….bad to me. A shame as I love the books and have long thought a game could be great.

 More amazing boards!

Guild Ball had a very busy stand, lots of demo stations set up that seemed constantly busy.
They also had demos of their upcoming kickstarter for the Dark Souls board game (launches this evening at 8pm/9pm) 

I had a go of the demo and it captures the spirit of the video game really well. Has some really interesting mechanics and I’m tempted to get it!

 Eavier Metal (one of the leading facebopok groups for miniature painting) Ran a speed painting competition sponsored by Kromlech and Army Painter. The challenge was 25 mins to paint an ork.  The competition was entertaining to spectate (sadly I didn’t get a chance to compete as I came by late and wanted to go see the painting competition prize giving after!)

The table with the prize winners on display, some awe inspiring pieces. I didn’t take many photos because better ones will follow from the Salute team. Edit: And here they are! dropbox link

 As the event started to wind down I wandered around again and found things I hadn’t noticed, lik this amazing demo game inspired by the Mad Max Fury Road truck chase.

Incredible craftmanship on show

In conclusion I had a great day, met some people that I’ve been chatting with online for a few years but not met face to face. Got to pick the brains of some people that have inspired me for years like Mike Mcvey and Jérémie Bonamant Teboul. I’ll definitely be back next year and I’d like to take part in a few more of the exhibition games!
I’ll probably do a second article tomorrow/next week doing unboxings of the stuff I bought as well as the freebie event miniature.

Conglomeration 2016: After Action Report, Part 2

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Here is Part 1. Saturday morning I was full of nervous energy. Would players show up? I got some food and unpacked my stuff, banner, books, minis. I soon declared myself happy and satisfied. Now let’s get ready to do it. My first game started mostly on…

Conglomeration 2016: After Action Report, Part 1

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For the first time since 2014, I returned to Conglomeration in Louisville KY, I did mention some of my issues with the con but this year my good friend, Derek-R joined the committee and heard my whining about things I would like to see at the con. Having received the assurances I wanted, I offered to fun three premieres for Legacies including a one time special.

I was also looking forward to seeing KY VC Chad and his LT, Randy (though I was more interested in meeting Randy to talk about Saggakar stuff, but nonetheless).

For those who do not know my connections with Louisville date back to 2013 when I left Colorado for KY. I will admit KY does not sound as “sexy” or exciting destination as some other place but dismissing it that way is a bad mistake. Great people, very welcoming. I like Kentucky and it’s people. I still own a small piece of it, actually. About 2 miles from the Ramada that held Conglomeration, actually!

My weekend started earlier than usual when my boss allowed me to leave a little early. Great! Then I was able to cross Nashville in a half-hour, during early rush hour. Excellent, I thought. I’ll be in Louisville in no time.

What a fool! Just as I was think it would be two hours to my destination, that I would get to eat a real sit down dinner, did the traffic slow down. The next twenty miles of I65 took me a full hour.

There would be no dinner.

There would be no social time for me.

I strode into the hall just a few minutes before my first panel started, got to chat with Derek-R about stuff, catching up a little, seeing where things were, getting re-situated if you will, before heading to the panel room.

My Friday night panel was about GMing and offering tricks to new GMs. Unlike other panels I attended, this one was very much in a Q&A format with the attendants (I can’t call them “audience”). It generated a lot of very interesting topics from “How do I break up a campaign into episodes?” to “How can I do investigative adventures without giving them the answer?”. While I do not remember the names of the panel, but together, all four had over seventy years of experience, a lot of it in multiple systems, from LARP to tabletop. It was very dynamic, and I would’ve been very happy to attend and just listen to the panel.

After that, I walked about, did the social thing, chatted with people I recognized, Derek-M, Jake-L, Chuck, and talking to some of the guys who attended the panel and had questions. I walked around the room and discussed with folks about 4e, 5e, Saggakar, Pathfinder. You know what a veteran opinionated old guy like myself has.

As I had a short night before, I turned in around 1am.

Soon it would be Saturday…


[After-Action Review] Mtac 16: Colonel Sanders, Nicolas Cage and a T-Rex

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Today, I attended MTAC 16 (a gaming/anime con here in Nashville TN). Though I will not attend the whole con due to other prior engagements, I agreed to participate in a special event organized by Michael-H called “Night of One Hundred GMs”. The specifi…

The Status of the Lancaster Host, and HMGS’s commitments to future events

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Given that Otto’s membership synopsis in my last Cold Wars AAR (for 2016) may have presented some unintentional inaccuracies or at least reporting bias, I have received a statement from HMGS about the current state of the Lancaster Host, HMGS’s … Continue reading

[After Action Report] MidSouthCon 2016

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From the start of 2016, I was lucky enough to participate in no less than three conventions. All three have been fun and events I look forward to attending again. This past weekend, I drove down to Memphis, TN for MidSouthCon 2016. It was the secon…

Cold Wars 2016

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Didn’t make it to Cold Wars this year? I did and snapped a few pics while I was there. Check them out after the jump.”Have Fun Storming the Castle!”My son and I took part in a medieval siege run by the fellas from W.A.M.P.  We had a great time, an…

Cold Wars 2016: I’m out of order? You’re out of order!

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I attended Cold Wars 2016 with my son Garrett last weekend, and generally had a pretty good time.  Generally.  I’m on staff for the other two shows of the year, Fall-IN! and HISTORICON, so I generally just go to CW … Continue reading

Guidebook for Cold Wars 2016 is released

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In a real crash program of data entry, I have managed to put together a Guidebook guide for Cold Wars 2016.  Thanks to Paul Trani, Theresa Presizosi, Scott Holder, and Scott Landis for their assorted (timely) inputs. Guidebook has changed … Continue reading

Arcanicon 2016 is in the books

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Arcanicon 2016 is now in the books and I was lucky enough to attend it for the third year in a row. And for the third year, the biggest draw for me, was to attend their multi-slot special adventure. I got up at 3:30 in the morning, drove to the Nashvi…