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The Order of the Iron Crown – April round-up

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The Order of the Iron Crown is a select group of fans that have made it their mission to promote Iron Crown Enterprises’ products at game conventions and in game stores around the world. The Order was set up to … Continue reading

First Draft (PEL v.) Guidebook for HISTORICON 2015 is ready for downloads.

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As I do for all the HMGS Inc shows (and other conventions), I have created a Guidebook App for you to download and use as a sort of electronic program booklet for the duration of your stay at the convention. Continue reading

FG Con round up by Chris Seal

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This month saw Fantasy Grounds’ annual online convention – FG Con and this year a member of the Order of the Iron Crown (Chris Seal) was there and running a game of Rolemaster. Here’s what Chris had to say about … Continue reading

Legacies to rock Lexicon

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This weekend is Lexicon in Lexington KY. I will be there all day saturday to run some Legacies. The first two parts of the Battle for Gytha series: Plains of Sametia and Knee Deep. But also Ablaze went the swamp, the first battle interactive of the se…

Road Warrior/WLF Car Conversions Part 2, the Wrath of Helltruck!

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In which the author presents part two of two of Matchbox and Hot Wheels car conversions for a Post-Apocalyptic fun fest! Continue reading

[Rant]ish Should Gencon Break up?

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I realize it is a Monday and that you are all excited but this has been on my mind all weekend. I have been thinking about Gencon recently as a number of people have mentioned to me that they did not plan to attend because it became too big. Now being…

MidSouthCon After-Action Report

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(Meant to post this last week) Two weekends ago, I travelled to Memphis for MidSouthCon 33. This was the first con I was to attend in Tennessee and I was looking forward to it. I happened to learn of the con through my friend Geri who was posting havin…

Cold Wars 2015, the very chilly Cold Wars AAR

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The Author recounts his activities and pursuits at the COLD WARS 2015 convention, held by HMGS Inc. in Lancaster, PA. Continue reading

My day as a woman!

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So for the second year in a row, I attended Arcanicon – this year in Chicago. For the second year, it was awesome. So many story lines, so many things people did, so many memories. For the past two years, the big draw to me, was the day-long special. …

Arcanicon 2015: I have a cunning plan!

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So Arcanicon is upon us again. Last year, I had such a blast playing in the day-long special, I was lucky to play on a table with Paul, Nicole and Eric, who I got to join again at the battle at Gencon. Our adventures were quite memorable. During that a…

TotalCon 2015

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Deep within the snow banks of the North East, Total Con 2015 stumbles forward to provide good games and good times for all. TotalCon 2015 was held in Mansfield Massachusetts and marks a return to the convention scene for myself after a bit of a hiatus.  There was a lot of BattleTech on the agenda […]

Eight Days to GottaCon 2015!

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Just over a week until our local convention, GottaCon 2015 starts! I’ve got a ticket already, and I’m doing something I’ve never done before, which is enter a tournament – namely the Blood Bowl tourney with my Crocs. The BB … Continue reading

Cold Wars 2015 Guidebook App is available for download

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The New Guidebook for Cold Wars 2015 is published and available for download. This article takes you through the process and reveals what’s new (which ain’t much!) Continue reading

Con Recap: Winter Fantasy 2015

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This year’s Winter Fantasy was one I was very much looking forward to attending. It would be the first time I would bring adventures written by me to the con and I was really excited.

I spent the evening of Thursday at home with my wife and kids. It was very enjoyable… I got to watch Wifetime or some other chick-flick… It ended with a wedding and everything was good. I called out the ending at the start.

I woke up at 3am, finished loading the car and off I went. Reached the Grand Wayne Center around 7:15am ready for some action. I set up my banner and waited. I had few tickets sold and I purchased tickets to play the Arcanis adventures and returned to wait. Throughout the day, I filled my tables with released GMs. And was able to run 3 out of 4 of my projected slots.

Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, I got to play some Arcanis. Here, unfortunately, there were a few hickups. The kind of hickups that ruin events, but that aren’t anyone’s fault per se. One of the table didn’t go too well, on the one hand, the GM was tired, on the other, some of the players didn’t care and just wanted to leave. You know, THAT kind of table. I was tired and didn’t push hard on some items and well… I ended up screwed. Big time. The kind of screwed level where you wonder if you want to play some more… I’m definitely unhappy about how things went down, but can’t really complain as I am not completely without blame either… I will most likely put together a post once I am able to put things into perspectives.

The Sunday morning did not go off. Although I was ready to go, I took the option of driving back home instead.

Allow me to put down some high and low points of the con.

The Good Stuff

Very open atmosphere There is a fun atmosphere around the con, one of camaraderie I have not seen a lot at other events. It is refreshing and just a blast to see.

Great organization I cannot say enough good about the organization. Dave (the Baldman) runs a very tight ship with a staff that is not only very competent, but friendly, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. Show up at your muster and in a smooth way, you are shown to your place. I went to HQ upon my arrival and I was handed a clear and very clean sheet with my table (it was the same throughout the con), and shown where it was.

Seriously, to anyone who organizes game days and conventions, Baldman’s games’ organization is one that can give lessons to a lot of you. Yes, they have some added tracking but the whole thing runs smoothly. They have access to whatever you need as a GM.

Long-time friends Living Greyhawk was more than “just” an organized play campaign. It was a social network. A large and self-sustaining network in which I met great people, and made connections I will cherish forever, I will name Les-F, Konrad-B, Jay-B, the Baldman himself, Chris Tulach, Greg-M to name but a few. I got to hang out with them – albeit shortly. I do not think any campaign since has generated the type of friendship LG did… *sigh*

The Location I can already see some readers going “Really? You are talking about Fort Wayne, IN!” Well I can understand the comment. However, the Grand Wayne Center is located in downtown Ft Wayne. Meaning there is food in fat gamer walking distance. And not “just” one, but the best is “King Gyros” next door. I LOVE Greek food and partook often. It was good.

The Liberty Dinner Halfway across town, this unassuming dinner is a true gem I love to patron. They have large plates at a decent price.

The Bad Stuff

Low attendance Perhaps the biggest drawback of the con was the low attendance. For me, Winter Fantasy will always remain that enormous New York hangar of 2004. I have been talking about the con to everyone, but in the end I don’t know what I can do. I really hope that next year’s will be bigger. I will be putting together a Legacies program myself, with the hope to bring in more people, and hopefully cross-pollinated with the Arcanis/Witch Hunter crowd. Seriously, the bigger the attendance, the more game options there will be. If you have a chance to go, come. Really. This is a great con. If you have a chance, please come.

Almost exclusively 5e/Wizards centric/ few other options This one is more a con for me, rather than for other, but the focus, and majority of the attendance is clearly on 5e. Again, not a bad thing, but not a big thing for me. 90%+ of the tables played were 5e, which had a strong presence. Good to see the community thrives.

No other Pathfinder This is one that keeps puzzling me as to why the Pathfinder Society does not support this local con any more. I know “things” happened, but. FOR PETE’S SAKES, GROW UP. The gaming community is not big enough to play these type of fight games. Indiana, Ohio & Michigan VOs, that is a FAIL on *YOU*. As is, I can say that I am the only Pathfinder available out there.


I really plan on attending next year, hopefully see the team and get to run more and new exciting games.

Apart from “the table”, I had a great time.


First Love: My first Winter Fantasy

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The first time I went to Winter Fantasy was back in Jan 2004. At that time, it was in Secaucus, New Jersey. Or “New York” as we foreigners referred to it. I remember our original plan: gather in Sherbrooke, play an LG game there. Then sleep for 3-4 hou…

Farewell to a stalwart: the passing of Jay Hadley

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Some thoughts about the passing of Jay Hadley, stalwart organizer and fundraiser, and early pioneer of HMGS (Historical Miniatures Gaming Society). Continue reading

Director’s Briefing – January 2015

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  Welcome to 2015   Happy New Year to everyone   Welcome to the forty-third Briefing and the first scheduled Briefing for 2015. My reading this holiday season was the Void space opera (The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void, and … Continue reading

Director’s Briefing – December 2014

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  Welcome to the forty-second Briefing and the twelfth scheduled Briefing for 2014. Christmas and the holiday season are nearly upon us, and the final instalment of The Hobbit movies in the form of “The Battle of the Five Armies” … Continue reading

Dragonmeet Round-up

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What a day it was at this year’s Dragonmeet! Let me start by saying a huge thanks to everyone involved in running the convention and everyone who attended and took the time to come and see us, talk to us … Continue reading

Dragonmeet here I come!

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  As I’m sure you all know by now (I’ve been talking about it for the past few months), this weekend some of the Iron Crown Enterprises team (including myself) will be heading off to Dragonmeet at the Ibis hotel … Continue reading

Battleground 2014 Wargames Show Report

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Living in the far North it can feel like your miles from any wargames show but there is one local event which offers a fantastic slice of hobby for anyone in the area. Some of you may have heard of … Continue reading

Fall-IN! 2014, another gripping AAR

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In which the author provides another gripping, edge of your seat narrative of the events surrounding Fall-IN! 2014! You will be astounded! Or maybe not, who can tell. Continue reading

Road Trip Fall-IN! 2014! and *last* Guidebook Update

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Road Trip to FALL IN! and the last Guidebook Update. Continue reading

Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter – October 2014

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  To receive this monthly newsletter direct to your inbox, sign up to our MAILING LIST now.   Apologies for the slight delay in releasing this month’s Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter. I am currently in the throes of a terrible … Continue reading

Guidebook for FALL IN! 2014.. available

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This is just a quick note to inform everyone that the GUIDEBOOK app for FALL-IN! 2014 is up and running (and has been). The events are accurate as of the published PEL listing. I will add more before the convention. … Continue reading