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Event Counts by Category, Fall-IN! 2016

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As often happens once a convention concludes, self-styled experts will claim a certain genre is overtaking this or that genre, it’s a general sign of decline of HMGS and et cetera, et cetera.  Those of us who have been attending … Continue reading

Reminder: Council Fires 2016 is this Weekend!!!

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Today I just want to give a quick reminder that the Council Fires Miniatures Convention in Brantford, Ontario, Canada starts this Friday and goes into Saturday. I will personally be there on the Saturday and am signed up for the Bolt Action tournament….

DragonCon 2016 AAR, Part 2: A Charisma-tolerating Bill Cavalier

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Continuing from Part 1 about our time at DragonCon 2016. Sunday morning, ActionMan and I slept in late. For us two early risers to get up much later than usual was a clear sign of the tiredness we accrued the night before. It was barely 9AM by the t…

Council Fires

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When I started this Blog, one of my goals was to cast light on things that I like. One of the things that I really like is gaming conventions. I think that promoting these events and encouraging people to go is one of the better ways to recruit new gam…

DragonCon 2016 AAR, Part 1: Craziness in Atlanta

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My first DragonCon is in the books and it provided a lot of insight and fun. ActionMan and I left Nashville around 4pm, drove down I-24 then I-75, arriving in Atlanta around 8:30PM. We reconnoitered the locations as I had never been there. So we walk…

Origins 2017?

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Today, I am looking for feedback from my readers.For many years, I have considered attending GenCon and Adepticon as my dream Vacations. I have gone to neither, but want to someday.Recently, a friend invited me along on a trip he hopes to take to Origi…

Games That Sell Out Quickly at Conventions

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Convention Game Sell OutsGen Con was a smash hit this year, with some 60,000+ attendees descending upon Indy for 4 days of passionate gaming. While there is a multitude of awesome things to do at the convention, the biggest draw (for me at least) has to be the new game releases. The shiny luster of new games, that […]

Convention Battle Report – A Fistful of Kung Fu (6 Players)

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Gather around my dear readers and I will tell you a tale. A tale of my first true miniatures game that I ran at a Convention. Now, I have run a game of Mansions of Madness at a Convention in the past, but that is not the same as running a “real” Miniat…

RDTN Episode 100: RDTN Match Game, Gen Con Interviews and Reflection and $100 Funagain Gift Card

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It has been a Long and Winding Road getting to our 100th Episode. We want to thank everyone for all the support as we made it to this milestone and […]

How the West Was Eaten!!! Game Report

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How the West Was Eaten was a fantastically fun game hosted by the guys from 6 Squared Studios at the Broadsword 2 gaming day. The rules are home brewed and our Game Master for the session was Brad. The premise of the game is that the players are all characters in a wild west town during a Zombie Apocalypse. Each character has their own objective to complete and most make it to the docks in time for evacuation. Many of the town residents have been transformed into Zombies and there was a green light out in the sea growing closer. That green light was Cthulhu, but lets check out how the story unfolded.

Foreshadowing of a coming evil!!
A preview of the game’s climax.

My Character was Pastor Eli. His objective was to check on his congregation in the church before heading to the docks. All the players started in the same area and the Pastor immediately asked for some assistance from the group to get to the church. It was pretty much every player for themselves, but one player agreed to help. I got initiative, so I went first. The other player went next, apologized and went in the completely opposite direction to look for supplies from the General Store.

Check out that character board. The guys from 6 Squared etched those themselves and they look great! It is always a ton of fun to play a game with pretty components. 
A long shot of the Board. Players had to get from the bottom left to the Dock at the top left of the table.

Some how, my character ended up way out in front of the group. This is good in someways in that I had make time for a detour to the church that no one else had to follow. It was bad in that I had to deal with some Zombies on my own. Typically I would push them over and run because I had a better chance to push them out of the way than to kill them.

Watch out for Zombies and Cthulhu
I am way out in front of the others here.

Zombies miniatues Game homebrew rules

To escape them, Eli took refuge in a building only to find a foul undead creature with him. Eli shoved that Zombie to the ground and killed it by stomping on his head. 

After defeating that Zombie, Eli bolted across the street to a different house only to have them follow him. 

He jumped out the back windows, cutting my arm in the process and hid in the “Thunder Box.” Seems like it would be a good place to hide in the event of a Zombie Attack.

Priest vs Zombies
Zombies everywhere and that is my character being surrounded. 
Priest vs Zombies
There is Eli rushing towards the bridge. At this time, the player that promised to help me get to the church caught up and started blasting away the Zombies with a shotgun. I was very appreciative that he came back for me during my time of need.  :)
Church patrons were summoning Cthulhu
Eli got to the Church to find that his congregation was worshiping Cthulhu. Not a pleasant discovery for any preacher. A zombie in the Church bit Eli before being shot to pieces by a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. Zombies were trying to get in the front door so Eli jumped out the window to escape. The other players suggested Eli give a blood sacrifice to Cthulhu here, but he did not want to take that path of evil.  

I realize that it looks like my character was the only one in the game. He was not. There were three to four other players. Eli just happened to have his own path the the others did not have to follow. Below are some pictures of the action the other players saw.

Here we have two players being fully over run by Zombies. Somehow, they fought their way out.
Miniatures Game
I wasn’t the only one searching rooms to find Zombies. Cool little tokens and grain sacks in this room.

This is an awesome looking jail. The character in there killed the Zombie closest to him and while he searched for an object, he had a critical failure and released the Zombie in the cage.  Too funny!

These two really figured things out. They got on top of the roof and started clearing out Zombies for themselves and the others.

Cthulhu Arrives

Here he comes!

Miniature Zombies vs Cowboys
These two guys got off the roof and fought their way to the docks after fighting through a horde of Zombies..

Cthulhu destructing terrain
Cthulhu destructing terrain and heading to cut us off from the approaching boat. So cool!!!

The Riverboat arrives. Time to escape Cthulhu.
The boat arrived, but it is looking like it might be too late.

The priest makes it to the boat
Eli jumps on along with some of the others.

Reaper Bones mini of Cthulhu
What a good game with fantastic looking models. In the end, he was able to claim one of the player characters as a prize. Not everyone got away.

I believe that in the end, all of the players reached the boat, but one was grasped by Cthulhu and would never be seen again on our way out of the port. There might have been another player that didn’t make it on the boat, but I am not 100% sure.

The guys put on a really good game and I like their home brew rules. Brad was telling me that they used an adaptation of these rules once for a star-ship boarding game (which sounds really cool) and he let me know about their current project for their next convention game. I will keep that project under wraps as I don’t want to ruin the “wow” factor.

I hope that my readers have enjoyed this game report. Tune in next time when I give a report about the game of A Fistful of Kung Fu that I ran at this same convention.

Broadsword 2 Convention Report

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This past Saturday I took the drive down to Hamilton, Ontario for a local gaming convention. This convention covered Board Games, Minaiture Games and there might have even been an RPG game in the midst. Most of these games carried a Cthulhu twist to match the theme of the event. I arrived a little late, so I didn’t get to explore the venue or tables as much as I wanted, but there was a good turn out. Upon arriving, I signed up for a game put on by 6 Squared Studios and toured around the venue. Below are a few photos of what was going on at the event.

IKEA for Flames of War
A World War Z game using Flames of War Rules and plenty of 15mm Zombies. Love the table. Couldn’t believe that they had an IKEA building. Looks just great!


Zombie Hordes
Look at all these Zombies that will soon be flooding the board.


The Good Guys
I presume this was the forces that each player could use for the game. Looks interesting! Too bad I couldn’t stay to check it out. 


I was amazed to see all of this Heroscape and all of the people playing. Heroscape always interested me but I never had the chance to give it a try myself. 


Crucible Crush
The Guys from Crucible Crush were running three tables of their game Flint and Feather.


Crucible Crush
Another Flint and Feather Table.



Six Squared Studios Zombie Game Table
This game was ran by Six Squared Studios and used their own home-brew rule set. It was a fun game and its battle report is listed on this site.


My Table Set Up
This was my table for a game of A Fistful of Kung Fu. Its battle report is also up on this website.

There were plenty of other games running at the event and a full fledged Star Wars: Armada tournament. On top of the games, there were a number of vendors and a couple of people painting. The painters were outputting some great work and I was surprised to see people actually painting at the event.

I didn’t get around to all of the vendors, but I did check out a few. Lee, from RAFM, was the first vendor that I chatted to at this event. His group was selling RAFM products as well as products by Reaper Miniatures, Pulp Figures and Crucible Crush. It was great learning more about some of the other lines that they carry. From RAFM, I bought a few Reaper Bones miniatures that I plan to use for Frostgrave and 5 miniatures by Pulp Figures that I plan to use for Bolt Action. The miniatures from Pulp Figures I am particularly excited about because I have been looking at their miniatures for years but never actually bought anything until now.   
After chatting to Lee, I went over to the booth ran by Six Squared Studios and chatted to Brad. We talked about the game that he was running at this event as well as convention games that he ran in the past. He also chatted about a game that he plans to run in the future. All of the games and concepts sound very cool and I look forward to seeing these guys again at future conventions. From them, I bought some scatter scenery that I plan to paint up and review in the future (likely timed to Oktoberfest). The review will likely take the same form as my earlier reviews of their 28mm Sandbags and 15mm Hay products.   
One newer vendor on the scene is Tanks and Trees by James. Tanks and Trees does custom scenery work and they also had for sale a number of miniatures from other companies. What I took note of were his hills and trees. They were nice looking pieces.   Personally, I had a great time at this event and I really like meeting new people and interacting with old friends. 
I would like to give a shout out to Barnaby, the event organizer. I think this was a great event that went really well. There were likely a few surprises – such as the bar shutting down early – but not anything that really detracts from the greatness of the event. Thanks for running this convention. I believe that these events are the best thing for the hobby as it gets people out meeting people and trying new games. It is also (in my opinion) one of the best ways to get new blood into the hobby. 
Overall, it was an awesome day. The next event that I am really looking forward to is Council Fires in Brantford, Ontario this October 21st and 22nd.  

A Fistful of Kung Fu Article and Detail Round Up for 2016 Convention Game

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As many of my readers will know, I have been writing a series of articles reviewing the figures that I will be using for Saturday’s A Fistful of Kung Fu at Broadsword 2 (in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). I am really looking forward to this game and hope t…

Broadsword 2 – Upcoming Gaming Convention – Saturday, August 20

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This coming Saturday (August 20) the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society is hosting their second Broadsword Games Day. I was not able to attend the first, but it went well enough that they decided to run the event again. It starts at 9am and is housed at …

Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 3: A Look Forward

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Gen Con Recap Part 3Today we finish up our annual Gen Con recap by taking one last look at the convention, and also give our suggestions for the future. If you missed our earlier coverage, you can read Part 1: The Games, and Part 2: The Convention Experience here. Gen Con 2016 and 2017 Suggestion for Gen Con 2017: […]

Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 2: The Convention

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Gen Con Recap Part 2Yesterday we kicked off our annual Gen Con coverage by talking about the new game releases. Today, we are going to dive into our thoughts on the convention at large, before we finish up tomorrow with a look to the future. The Gen Con Convention   My Favorite Part of Gen Con: Tony – Chatting […]

Gencon 2016 AAR

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Most of the day was spent at work, focusing on getting my release completed in time. Lucky for me, I have been cramming like crazy and from 4 to 5, I did nothing really: drank coffee, talked to my peers, and watched CNN (my office has it on a loop all the time).

Five o’clock and I drove on home, happy to be done and that I left without any bug to do (I was waiting on some to be tested, but no on-going work). Once at home, I packed what I had left to pack: some food, Florent’s stuff, some of my own junk pre-packed junk and the jitters.

This year again, my good friend Florent came over from Paris to see us with the two of us driving up to Indianapolis together. All along the road that took us up from Tennessee, through Kentucky and into Indiana. We talked about gaming mostly, about the situation in Paris, in Tennessee, here there and everywhere. I dropped him at his hotel in downtown Indy and headed to my own off outside the beltway.


Got up early. Showered. And drove back to Indy. I parked under the Hyatt, as I did last year, found my game room tucked all the way in the back before getting my badge and convention paperwork.

I will admit to feeling quite nervous as this would be my first running of an adventure in/for 5e. I was so worried no one would show up.

But I worried for nothing. Everyone showed up and had a great time: the adventure flowed very well in 5e. Ka-ching! JOY!

My afternoon had no tickets and no one showed up. Oh well, I took the time to report my game and visited the dealer hall. I did not spend as much time there and actually walked around the place, making sure I knew where I would have to go in the coming slots.

Back to my table for 7pm, it was time to run Randy’s excellent “Fate of Zealots”. I know he had worries about the adventure he is a writer after all. I will admit I had some myself, but along different lines: worries about run time, about challenge, about DC numbers. However, I was very confident in one thing: it is a solid adventure. The choices are interesting and well-defined, making it a solid entry. It is particularly good for those who have either played the previous Onero adventures or those who own the Onero book. I am trying to swindle Randy into writing more stuff in the City of Sins…


Again, my first slot was running Saggakar using 5e. Again, the results and feedback were extremely positive. I will admit to some extremely… “Creative” solutions which made me chuckled and they chose of their own free will.

My afternoon was without sign ups, so I took the opportunity to head upstairs to the Rokugan room and played one of the adventures with my newly created Crab bushi. He was dumb, grumpy, rude, and wanted to hit things with his tetsubo. The adventure was clearly over his head so he walked around waiting for something to hit. He was disappointed. I will share my thoughts about this Rokugan thing in a later post. I had a good time is all I will say here.

The evening was back to more Pathfinder. The table had Daniel-M, with who we ruled over Tusmit back in the days. Yes it is now over a decade since I left Tusmit… He and I kept in touch through social media, but really it was great to catch up with him in person. The table created some interesting solutions to the problem at hand.


This was my play-day. I took the opportunity to play the L5R finale, still with Hida (now Kobe) Kenji. Playing someone who is a major antisocial character (5 points) and obtuse (3 points) during a LARP was a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. That I had not shaved in 3 days helped me look the part.

So Kenji who is a complete thug and brute is fascinated by origami, but like his player, has no talent for it. I spent time making some origami then showed it to people. Eventually the Jade Champion turned it into a minor nemuranai I went and showed everyone. It was a fun event, one I preferred over the Arcanis event, because of the many threads going on and the more active intervention of the NPCs.

In the afternoon, I attended the battle interactive part and now I finally got to use my tetsubo. Chris-H who had run me through a number of HoR3 adventures called me to his table and I gladly joined him. The first go-around resulted in my death and the defeat of my table. Lucky for us there was a “reset point” and we then kicked a lot of butts. The tetsubo smashed things left and right, it was great. We fought the battle of Oblivion’s Gate again. The table was very good and we were very good and we each took it in the face a few times, but dished it together. I can claim that I scored the final hit on the shadow dragon with my tetsubo. Splat. We win!

I then went and played an adventure of Adventure League, playing Baldman Game’s convention-only material. Seems there was a little muster snafu and we ended up being only 3 of us. Well things went as you’d expect, as our GM did not adapt much and we got our butts kik-didley-icked. The GM was good, but he needed to learn to scale for three players vs. six or seven. Oh well.


Final day of the con! My voice had held thus far. I had but one game to run: the Saggakar special, Dreams of Dust. There was a lot of interesting lore in there, most of which I hope Chad got. I had to keep him from strangling that young kid sitting next to me… But otherwise things went well.

Then long drive home, and sleep.

Gencon 2016 was over. Time to start looking at 2017…

Gen Con 2016 Recap Part 1: The Games

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BGQ StaffGen Con 2016 is finally in the books and what a week it was. From the games, to the events, to the atmosphere of the convention in general, it truly was “the best four days in gaming”. We begin our annual Gen Con recap by talking about the games. And then later in the week […]

RDTN Episode 99: Scythe, Millennium Blades, Piratoons, Simurgh and Megamoosecon

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We are on the road again and at our new local convention MegaMooseCon. We finally got to play two games that everyone has talked about or been talking about, Scythe […]

Live from Gencon

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Hey guys this is JP live from gencon! I will be posting a few goodies “live”… This is our new banner featuring ArchDespot Hellebora! We’ll be at the Hyatt in the theory room. That’s all the way passed Baldman Games and all the 5e goodness. All the wa…

Legacies Updates before Gencon

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With Gencon, one of the things I need to complete is the Legacies Campaign Guide. Let me discuss a few of the high points. Are there any additional changes you would like to see in the campaign? Comment away! New ThemeWith the new theme of this yea…

Finalized Gencon 2016 Schedule

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I have my schedule completed and ready to roll! A few people have asked me where I will be, so here it is, posted for the world to know!

I will be running a game on Sunday morning, this time it will be the special that follows last year’s adventure. If you can get out of bed, you need to play this one… Again, there will be some unique rewards for those who play. I am thinking of even allowing a one-time special race creation reward. It will be a race people know…

Again this year, I will not be spending any time playing Pathfinder Society, as a conscious and active decision. Anything I can play there, I can play with the kids at home or with a pre-gathered table in a more relaxed setting than the madness and hustle of Gencon.

Saturday is going to be my free, off day. I will be doing the Rokugan stuff… I was initially considering playing Shadowrun Missions or something else, but I simply could not find anything that drew my fancy. Nothing that still had tickets availabe for it anyway. Rokugan is not one of my “consolation choices”, well… it is and it is not. I have not been able to play any of this new story arc and will be going into the finale of the arc with… well… brand new. So I created a character that was prefect for that…

A HIDA CRAB BUSHI with no talent for social situations and interaction going into a Larp-esque event!!! It will be such a change after playing a polite Crane courtier-style bushi in my regular Friday night game! Can’t wait.

Thursday 9-2 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fogs of Days Past D&D 5e
Thursday 2-7 Tyrants of Saggakar: Service and Rewards Pathfinder
Thursday 7-12 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fate of Zealots Pathfinder
Friday 9-2 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fogs of Days Past D&D 5e
Friday 2-7 Tyrants of Saggakar: Fate of Zealots Pathfinder
Friday 7-12 Tyrants of Saggakar: Service and Rewards Pathfinder
Saturday 9-2 Heroes of Rokugan: The Nightmare Ends L5R
Saturday 2-7 Heroes of Rokugan: Waking From the Dream L5R
Saturday 9-1 CORE 2-1 Tales of Good & Evil D&D 5e
Sunday 9-2 Tyrants of Saggakar: Dreams of Dust Pathfinder