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Teaser for Conglomeration

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For those of you who are still on the fence about attending Conglomeration in Louisville KY on April 7-9, allow me to add some more goodness to the lot… Saturday night, I will be running a special, one-time only adventure, the Battle of Dreadkeep. I …

Cold Wars 2017, a minor pilgrimage

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Hurray!  Once again the sun dawns on a trip to an exotic faraway location where I can play toy soldiers all weekend long.  As happens this time in March, The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society held their annual SPRING convention, namely, … Continue reading

Hotlead Frostgrave Warbands – Part 2

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In the first part of this two part series, we looked at three Frostgrave Warbands available for use at Hotlead. In today’s post, we look at the other three.The first Warband is the Summoner’s Warband. If I were playing (and not as the Nameles…

Cold Wars 2017

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I managed to get to Cold Wars for a day of wargaming. While only played a few games, I did manage to scope out a number of great tables, chat with gamers and raid the vendor hall. Check out my photo dump:Games at the HostThe Eylau board.Tiny men and ho…

Hotlead Frostgrave Warbands – Part 1

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Today’s post is a quick look at 3 of the 6 Frostgrave Warbands I am hosting for Hotlead. If you are interested in trying the game out, be sure to come out to Hotlead and sign on the signup sheets for my games. I run games at 2pm and 7pm on the 25t…

[AAR] Arcanicon 2017

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This past weekend I traveled to the frigid lands of Michigan to take part in what is quickly becoming a personal tradition, Arcanicon. Arcanicon is a convention dedicated to the Arcanis campaign. I have been involved with this campaign as a player sinc…

Winter Priming at my FLGS

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As some of my readers know, Must Contain Minis is situated in the Great White North of Canada. As such, I have to contend with snow and cold weather when I want to prime models. This means that spray painting outside is not an option. Spraying inside t…


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My favourite annual gaming convention is coming soon, and, this year, I am running a Gaming Table. The gaming convention I speak of is Hotlead. Yes… I dream of going to Adepticon and Gen Con, but until someone offers me an all expenses paid trip (or …

Nashcon: Pirates and Mecha

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For this year’s Nashcon on June 2-4 in Franklin Tennessee (litterally 1 exit north of my work), I am planning big! I will be putting together two miniatures games, with hints of role-playing elements. I designed these games to be played by kids (such as my own), to be quick, fun and filled with action.

It seems Nashcon is the one minis-only conventions I attend and it already has a special place because I can attend with ActionMan who served as my helper last year! We had great fun together and he remembers it fondly. Let’s see what we can bring back this year. Perhaps we will do some shopping…

Lost Treasure of King M’koto
First Ones Entertainment’s JP Chapleau is bringing 16th-17th century action using 28mm miniatures using a simplified game based on “The Sword and the Flame”. This game for 3-8 players is centered around bands of conquistadors, pirates and native forces searching for the Lost Treasure of legendary King M’koto. This game can be cooperative or not, and is accessible to all. The rules are quick, simple and will be explained.
Saturday June 3rd Morning 9-1

Mecha Battles: Gundam
First Ones Entertainment’s JP Chapleau is bringing the Mecha Battles rule set to the Gundam universe using 1/400 models. This game for 3-8 players who will take the side of either the Earth Federation or the Principality of Zeon fighting each other. This game can be cooperative or not, and is accessible to all. The rules are quick, simple and will be explained.
Saturday June 3rd Afternoon 2-6

Programs for two upcoming conventions

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Convention Season is nearly upon us again and for me, this means I have to get myself into high gear. I must finish my adventures, fill up campaign information and do a lot of house cleaning I have been putting off. Well, it’s getting to be “that time…

The Clumpcast!

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My workout buddy also has a podcast! Trevor and I have been pumping iron as of late and he’s been running a podcast for a while now. Following our morning session, with endorphins still running high, we rambled on about the world of miniature painting …