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Event Counts by Category, Fall-IN! 2016

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As often happens once a convention concludes, self-styled experts will claim a certain genre is overtaking this or that genre, it’s a general sign of decline of HMGS and et cetera, et cetera.  Those of us who have been attending … Continue reading

Fumetterni 2016

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The first of post-Summer conventions and fairs. Too many to post all together here, so I’m accumulating a constant late with reports. But Winter is a less crowded period, so one event post every week is the rule. By the people of the comic-shop that I spoke about some months ago. They have organised previous […]

Looking back and looking forward

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Yet again not a lot of painting being done here at BLMA HQ but I have been busy getting a load of little jobs finished instead. I’m making some more smoke columns for my desert games but this is taking a long time while I wait for each stage of the process to dry before moving on. I have also been sorting through my paint collection which seems to have spread all around the house in various boxes. I have found pots of paint that are older than my kids including a load of ancient GW Citadel Colour paint that must be over 20 years old. Needless to say they were dried up and useless (about five minutes after buying them as I recall!) so they went in the bin with no regrets.

The other thing that has occupied my attention this week is the news that I will be putting on a demo game at Broadside next year. Yes folks, it’s time for my 6mm North Africa project to hit the big time and go public! The show is nine months away but that hasn’t stopped me from getting all fired up and enthusiastic.

Most of the game I want to run is already prepared, using existing figures and terrain from my desert collection. I now have nine months to add the finishing touches with more terrain and special models. I’ve only run one other game for the rejects, and never one for a public audience, so this is a big deal for me. So much so in fact I immediately went back to school with the rules and started re-reading everything – which is why little else has been done this week. Regular readers will know that I use the Flames of War rules largely unadulterated for my 6mm desert games. I have found the ranges and distances work well at this scale and go a long way to alleviating the ‘tank car park’ feel of some 15mm games. The only thing I may change are the Artillery templates as these seem far too big for this scale, but other than that the rules are unaltered.

For the scenario I have in mind (top secret of course) I will need to make a few special rules and will try to streamline game play a little to take into account the fact that most of the Rejects are not familiar with this rule set. My plan is to run a load of mini play-test games to practise my knowledge of the rules and hone my umpiring skills. I’ll need every skill and trick in the book to wrangle the Rejects into compliance… they can find the fault with even the simplest rule set!

One of the things I have started on now (in prep for next June!) is writing up a handout for the public, and some signs for the table. I also have some special player handouts in mind, to add a little flavour to the game. Nine months prep sounds like a lot of time, but it feels pretty short to me especially as I would like to get a couple of trail games in with the Rejects before the show. I must me mad!

Blam 2016 – The photos

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Last weekend saw the ninth BLAM take part in my local pub in Surbiton.BLAM is an anacronym for British Lead Adventure Meeting. Its an annual gaming event brought together by some of the key British folks on the Lead Adventure Forum. Each year some 30 i…

SELWG 2016

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I’ve just returned from the SELWG show at Crystal Palace. For me this is usually my last show of the year (the next being Cavalier in February) and one of my favourite events of the calender. The show is large enough to provide some good shopping and has a large selection of demo and participation games. It also has one of the best Bring and Buy stalls of any of the shows I regularly attend. Knowing how fickle London traffic can be (even on a Sunday morning) I set off with plenty of time to spare in a bright autumnal morning. As usual I went with a shopping list, my camera and an empty bag begging to be filled!

SELWG 2016

The obligatory queue shot on a typically bright autumnal morning

I signed up to play Simon Millers To the Strongest Raphia game. I was on the Egyptian side controlling the centre pike phalanxes. 

Some of my Pike Phalanxes were massive but poor quality. This lot were basically civil servants with a pike. 

Simon helps the less experienced players get started with the rules. 

My opening activation was an Ace! This means my command couldn’t do anything else that turn!!

Fortunately things did move along a bit eventually and then the serious work began.

Lots of activation cards and several of the Seleucid pike units have taken damage and been disrupted. 

A view down the table. That’s a lot of models. 

The Centre units are fighting hard but the Seleucid’s are getting the worst of it. In the end Simon called the game to a close and we calculated the points. A narrow Egyptian victory, so I was very happy with the result. 

Shepway Wargames 

Shepway Wargames 

Mexican Revolution game

Mexican Revolution game

Bolt Action (WWII)

Bolt Action (WWII)

League of Gentlemen (WWII)

Crawley Wargames – Operation Overlord (WWII)

Essex Warriors – Appalachian Spring (ACW)

Peter Pig – Vietnam

Pickets Charge

Simon Millers second demo game of To the Strongest in the afternoon

South London Warlords

Reading and Newbury – Senlac 1066

Reading and Newbury – Senlac 1066

GLC Games Club – A Lion Rampant game with Vikings! 

An impressive palisade fort.
Gravesend Gamers – X-Wing

Gravesend Gamers – X-Wing
Realtime Wargamers

Society of Ancients – Battle of Ephesos

Dulwich Gamers – A Very British Civil War

A small demo on the Hysteric Games stand

A very good day, measured by the fact that I ran out of energy about the same time I ran out of money! So what did I buy…. Ray saw some desert terrain on the Bring and Buy and I was so impressed with it I bought two packs of it 16 pieces for a mere £30. I also got some paints I needed from Tole Haven. I also picked up some more super glue and some super gluer accelerator (I’ve never used this before so we’ll see how this goes). Lastly I found two Osprey books I wanted on Italian tanks. I was tempted by a few other things but fortunately sanity prevailed!

Director’s Briefing – October 2016

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If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the sixty-fifth Briefing and the tenth scheduled Briefing of 2016. Colin … Continue reading

GuardCon 2016 Tourney report

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GuardCon weekend was a superb gathering of gamers this year. Really great to see such numbers again and huge encouragement for future events up here in Auckland. Thank you to all of you who came and made it such a ball of a convention. Also great job a…

RECRUITs: the download

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It’s the week after, and I’m still exhausted. Well, not so exhausted that I won’t be hosting our weekly Thursday night game, but tired.Thanks to a whole lot of prep work by the Baroness, things at the vendor booth went smoothly. Thanks to CluckAmok and…

Pacificon Game Expo 2016 Convention Report

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Well, another convention completed. I was really looking forward to this with all the work I crammed into the last couple of weeks to prepare.  I played/ran several games and had a blast.  The miniatures room was extremely busy all weekend, w…

Director’s Briefing – September 2016

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If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the sixty-fourth Briefing and the ninth scheduled Briefing of 2016. My … Continue reading

Headed to RECRUITs

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It’s less than a month from our local KC area convention RECRUITS. I’ll have a vendor table this time selling Fistful of Lead: Reloaded and the new Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket.I’ll also be running 3 games Friday through Saturday night. I host a…

Autumn 2016 wargame season

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Summer time is at end. Pity. But if you think that Autumn is a wargame season you would be less sad. Here the conventions where we are going to participate as Ganesha Games. I will be present in some of these with Ferrum et Gloria or Faustus Furius. It is a long way to Lucca […]