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Broadside 2016 Photo Report

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Posties Rejects gathered in Sittingbourne on Sunday for the Broadside wargames show. Attending this event and putting on a Demo game has become something of a tradition for us and this was our fifth year at this event. The show seemed a lot busier this…

Rejects at Broadside Tomorrow

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Its that time of year again and tomorrow Posties Rejects will be putting on a demo game at Broadside in Sittingbourne, Kent. This year I haven’t been able to take part in any play testing of our game for tomorrow so I won’t even try to pretend I k…

KulbaCon 2016 Convention Report

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KublaCon 2016 has come and gone.  This was in my opinion the largest sized convention to date in the bay area – a significant increase in attendees even from last year.  I saw a lot of younger attendees – includes a large number of teenagers …

Lancaster Host: the end of the end, we mean it this time.

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Bad news from the Lancaster Host, site of many HMGS and WBC game conventions over the years.  The Lancaster Online just reported a major water main break, causing the ceiling on three floors to break, 2000 residents and crew to … Continue reading

Brick Mania Liege 2016 report

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Here we are, back from the second Brick Mania convention of the year with my completely point of view and subjective event report. While I would say that another year has flown by, I must admit this isn`t really true.  Liege was shifted in ou…

KublaCon 2016 Approaches!

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KublaCon 2016 is this forthcoming Memorial Day weekend.  I plan to head up early Friday morning and game my butt off until late Sunday evening.  This is the bay areas largest game convention and also sees the largest miniatures footprint, and…

Huzzah 2016 – Wargaming Recon #159

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Huzzah 2016 was an amazing convention with lots of fun games.  Listen to learn more about the delightful events.  US Navy submariner joins this episode as a special guest. Links to Items Discussed on the Show Huzzah convention Maurice wargaming rules by Sam Mustafa TSR Podcast Network Games Played at… Read More»

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Mechelen Speelstad 2016

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For the third year in a row, we had been invited by LEGO Benelux to attend Mechelen Speelstad, not really a convention, but a real children event.So we send along 6 of our most serious members for a day of entertaining the little ones.Meet the teamTop …

Modena Play 2016: wargaming

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After the overall part in the previous post, here the focus is on wargame relate part of Modena Play. We stayed two days, the first as visitors and to speak with people. This is true even because we are preparing a new game for Lucca Comics & Games together with another editor here present. The […]

Trumpeter Salute 2016 Photos

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Finally got my Trumpeter Salute 2016 photos off the phone and onto Flickr a few days ago. The full collection is over on Flickr but here’s a few favourites and highlights! Saturday morning we ran a Libya vs US Navy air war scenario, based on an amped-up version of the real Gulf of Libya incidents … Continue reading Trumpeter Salute 2016 Photos

Hamburg Tactica 2016 / Part Two

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Here are my impressions about the Tactica 2016. Please check out the first part of my text about the excellent wargaming convention in Hamburg as well.


The second game the Kurpfalz Feldherren presented this year was a skirmish game using the ruleset “Donny Brock”. After the Swedish soldiers had lost the battle of Lesnaya in 1708, they were supposed to destroy supplies which the Russian troops wanted to catch. Jörg and I decided to play the Russians, basically because playing the Russians we were allowed to control a toy boat, quite a beautiful model. Krüger and another man played the Swedish. The other man wasn’t the same other man Krüger had played the battle of Lesnaya with. He was yet another man and was the commander in chief on their side.

the battle of Lesnaya

This game, too, worked with a card deck which organised whose turn it was and on which side reinforcements would arrive. The scenario worked this way: at the beginning both players had the same number of troops, but the quality of the Swedish troops was much better. During the game more and more Russian troops would arrive. So as the Swedish player, you had to act quickly, destroy objectives and get your troops over a river that divided the board. (I quite like the scenario and would like to use it in one of our games.)

Krüger and the other man managed to destroy several objectives in the first rounds, but then the Swedish commander in chief decided to wait, instead of crossing the river with a wagon. This made Krüger nervous. While Krüger spends a lot of time patiently waiting in real life, he prefers to act quickly as a wargamer. More and more Russian reinforcements arrived. Jörg and I were able to make up for a bad start. We secured several objectives and finally won the game.


Jörg enjoyed this so much, that he bought the ruleset “Donny Brock”. He also tried to buy some 28 mm Swedish tin soldiers from Wargames Foundry, but they were sold out.

Saturday night, we met one of Jörg’s friends who wanted to show us St. Pauli. We ended up in the bar of our hotel Superbude. While the others were talking about smart phones and trying cocktails with funky names, I sat in a comfortable chair, drowsing and thinking about our first day at the Tactica.

People who present participation games at wargaming conventions spend a lot of time doing so, I thought. They invent rules, paint models, make a board, model trees and little houses. Then they transport everything to the convention, prepare the game, explain the rules to the players, over and over again. Large games take about two hours to play and involve four to six players. As a game master you can run about three games a day, I suppose. So they do all this for a handful of people who play their games. And there is no money involved. That’s great, I think. Ok. A lot of people walk by, look at the tables, take pictures. And many more people look at the pictures when they are later published on the internet. Thinking about it, some people might go to conventions because of the amazing participation games and then buy stuff from the vendors, so there is some money involved, I guess. Anyways. I believe people who present participation games at wargaming conventions get a lot of respect from the wargaming community. Well, they should. Hell, they get my respect!

Modena Play 2016

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After 5 years I’m in Modena Play again. A lot of things changed in my life but some are always the same. Here I’m with an anthology of adventures for roleplay game Kata Kumbas on Savage Worlds game engine. I’m one of the 8 authors. Out just for Modena Play. Read and play in an […]

Sa-Loot 2016

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Right time for the obligatory ‘Loot’ post. I actually bought quite a lot this year, some of it as pre-orders but much of it as I went around.My bumper shopping bagFrom Baccus I bought a Camp Site pack and Greek/Roman civilians. I’ll put these together …

Salute 2016 Photo review

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I’ve already posted my initial thoughts on Salute 2016 but having slept on it I have one additional observation to make and I suspect many others felt the same way as I. This years Salute had a weird vibe about it from the start. Several people and tra…

2016 Salute Pictures !

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Afternoon FolksBack from Salute 2016 and as per previous years I wandered the show and took plenty of photos. If the last two years are anything to go by these posts are always popular – over 8000 hits last year !This year the organisers can be very pr…

Salute 2016 First impressions

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Salute 2016 is over and I for one am utterly exhausted! Its the happy exhaustion of the fulfilled wargamer and has fired up my enthusiasm for the year to come and the summer season of gaming. I have spent a lot of cash, talked until I’m horse and walke…

Salute 2016 – not long to go…

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Evening All

Both TV’s are being used by the kids, the Missus has disappeared off to the pub (yes that is correct) so I am stuck in front of the computer thinking about the blog and what can I write?

I could mention that we played 10mm Pike & Shotte last night in the shed and maintained my winning run (sadly no photos) – we are using 10mm as a proxy before the big 28mm unveil in May.

I could also talk about the impromptu game of Frostgrave in the shed on Saturday when we kicked off the Thaw of the Lichlord (again sorry no photos)…. or I could wax lyrical about the concrete sellers in Surrey and Greater London…but I won’t.

No this post is dedicated to the anticipation that builds around this time of the year for Salute. Salute is the worlds largest single day Wargames convention where some 7000 devotees of our great hobby descend on the docklands of London for their annual wargame fix.

For as long as I can remember I have attended this show – I remember fondly the trips to Olympia- and I can say hand on heart it does not disappoint. All credit to the organisers for bringing this to life.

In the last five years my group of gaming buddies and associates has grown significantly and as such Salute affords an opportunity to catch up say hello, meet some new people and see what the hobby has to offer. All of this has indirectly been made possible by this blog and you the reader. Each year I get slightly bolder and dare myself to wear my Shed Wars T shirt !

This year I’ll be proudly wearing the new Shed What ! T Shirt bought by my son for just such occasions and if you don’t bump into me wandering around the show you will be able to find me for some of the day working the Dorset Smugglers demonstration game sponsored by jimbibbly of Oshiro models fame (it his spectacular terrain and figures on show) or you might catch me at the annual bloggers meet at 1pm in the centre of the hall (have I got that right?). Please do say hello.

So what am I looking for this year – well with most available funds being pointed at the shed extension I have to be rather prudent. My coin jar was emptied last Saturday and deposited into one of those banking machines. Surprisingly it revealed over £180 in spare change (and countless Euro funny money), so that’s the budget I have to work with.

I know I need some more movement trays for the burgeoning ECW army and I also need some ECW Dragoon horseholders (recommendations welcome), I am also tempted by the Sarissa Manor House and perhaps a few more monsters for Frostgrave. Other than that my shopping list is rather empty.

A final point…I will be at the show to take pictures and in the last two years I have managed to get home and have these loaded by 6pm the same evening. I doubt this year will be so swift but I can assure you that if you return here by Sunday next week a report on Salute will be up and running.

Until next time  

Hamburg Tactica 2016 / Part One

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This year I decided last minute to go to the wargaming convention Tactica in Hamburg. After some discussion that started a couple of months ago about who would come along and who wouldn’t, I went with Krüger and Jörg.


Jörg had already booked his train ticket half a year ago and started to bother us around Christmas with his plans to travel to Hamburg. (Jörg goes to the heavy metal festival Wacken every year, where you have to book a year in advance to get a ticket. So German metal heads are not the most spontaneous lot, I guess.) Krüger arrived at Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg with his old fashioned suitcase Saturday at noon, rather spontaneously. Why did I go in the end? Being an obsessive collector of miniatures, maybe I wanted to get the free miniature that came with the ticket. Hamma, prince of the Lombards, sculpted by Frank Germershaus. I already have Adolf III, Noble Lord of Schauenburg and Count of Holstein and Stormarn, (2015) and Bishop Ansgar (2008).


What I enjoy most about the Tactica are the participation games. On our arrival we went around looking for games to join. We found a table in the Rome theme room where two friendly people, Rob and Karl-Heinz, presented the ruleset DBA 3.0 on three boards. You could play the army of the Roman Republic or of one of its enemies. The results of the battles had some effect on a campaign map, hanging on the wall. On one table they had a beautiful piece of terrain, an ancient city on a hill.


I had a game of DBA 3.0 with Jörg on Saturday morning, Later Carthaginian versus Polybian Roman, and another game with Krüger on Sunday, Gallic versus Polybian Roman. Both games were fun. Thank you, Rob and Karl-Heinz!

the battle of Lesnaya

In the afternoon we joined two games organised by the wargaming club Kurpfalz Feldherren. Their theme this year was the Great Northern War. Apparently in 1708 the Swedish King Karl XII tried to invade Russia and failed. Czar Peter the Great won the war. I must admit I heard about this conflict for the first time at the Tactica 2016.

One table presented a simulation of the battle of Lesnaya, using beautifully painted 20 mm plastic miniatures, imported from Russia and not available any more. The rules were derived from DBA and might be published on the club’s website later this year. The game used a card deck, so players could boost their troops or damage the troops of the opponent.

the battle of Lesnaya

Jörg and I played the Swedish, Krüger played the Russians with another man. First I thought he was from Belgium because of his strong accent, but Krüger and Jörg thought he might have been from Bavaria. Not that this matters much.

the battle of Lesnaya

After two hours of gaming there was a time limit and the two game masters ended the game, inventing a horrible snowstorm. We had a chat about how long it takes to prepare a participation game for a convention and about the games we play. We started to talk about Warhammer Ancient Battles and the games that evolved out of it, when GW closed down WAB, like “
Hail Caesar” and “War and Conquest”. I asked one of the game masters of the battle of Lesnaya which of these ancient rulesets he could recommend. I added, I don’t go to clubs or shops to play with random people, nor do I care which game is popular at the moment. He recommended WAB 2.0, but with the old army books, like “The Age of Arthur” or “Alexander the Great”. So the oracle spoke to me. And gave me the answer I had hoped for. I wonder why I need somebody to tell me that it’s ok to play an out of print ruleset anyway.

Brick Mania Wetteren 2016 Lego Convention Report

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And so we came to that moment at last, the first Brick Mania of 2016 had arrived.  After months of thinking “it`s still a while away”, we found ourselves at the venue for the first of the BeLUG conventions this year.And traditionally, Wetteren (ne…

Heading Home From Trumpeter Salute

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Heading home from Vancouver and an excellent, exhausting weekend at the Trumpeter Salute show! Good to see most of the Trumpeter regulars, many of whom I only ever see once a year at this show. Great games all weekend, including the six player Pulp Alley game I ran Sunday, “Terror in the Thuggee Temple”, which … Continue reading Heading Home From Trumpeter Salute

FACTS 2016 Spring edition

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This year, the FACTS convention has been split in two, one in the spring season, and one at the end of october.Now, while we will be doing the october version, this spring edition fell to close to Brick Mania next week to put down a club event there……

Off to Trumpeter Salute 2016!

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Heading off to Vancouver today for the always excellent Trumpeter Salute wargaming show this weekend. I’ve finally gotten around to setting up the Android WordPress app on this phone so I’ll update from the field as I remember to, then do my usual photo dump once I’m home. I’m running a Pulp Alley game sometime … Continue reading Off to Trumpeter Salute 2016!

Hellana 2016

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A new location, an old convention: Hellana. Here again, year after year. But this time I didn’t bring with me gladiators. Moreover I wasn’t interested in tournaments. So only chatting with people about our lives and little soldiers. Maybe the new location is a little larger than the old one. More space among tables. One […]

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames 396

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I subscribe to Miniature Wargames with Battlegames (MWBG) and always look forward to receiving it in the post before it hits the shops. I subscribe to several magazines electronically but there is something quite enjoyable about getting a real life mag…