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Gioco & Storia 2016

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Piana delle Orme is a huge museum in the reclamation of swamps under Rome towards Naples. We are almost at the South confines of wargaming Italy. But when people organise themselves and put their efforts all together, they can create a convention as this one. The convention was for two days but we went only […]

Empoli Games 2016: second part

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After an overview of what was around, in this post close-ups on miniatures in Empoli Games. A kit for a temple in 1/72 scale. I have to do something just like this in 28mm. One year or another. Always in 1/72 scale, some gods. Why I need a temple? To put decency to a terrain […]

Empoli Games 2016: first part

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A day-off after Romics, then a train to Terni (1st class because of scarce availability of trains due to a strike, one of many), and a 3 hours trip to Empoli, for the Tuscany wargame event of Autumn. This city is in the middle of Italy so many wargames can come here. Two days, so […]

Brick Mania Antwerpen 2016

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Brick Mania Antwerp, the final event we organise in 2016, has come to passAnd it was a blast, with a lot of people visiting the show this year, topping our entrance number of last year.  I don`t have the official numbers, but I`m sure the BeL…

So I went to Fall-IN! 2016…

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Last week was FALL-IN! the Fall show of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society. My son Gar and I both attended.  I apologize for the late posting, but well, you know, there was that National electing the Moron in Chief thing … Continue reading

Skillzcon 2016

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Today a small delegation from BeLUG, consisting of Inge, Wilfried, Tom G. and myself attended Skillzcon to spread the love for LEGO.Located nearby Leuven, this is a more localised event, which was rather nifty.  That way, you get to meet the (most…

Director’s Briefing – November 2016

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If you would like to receive the Director’s Briefing straight to your inbox each month, you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.     Welcome   To the sixty-sixth Briefing and the eleventh scheduled Briefing of 2016. I … Continue reading

Achievement Reached: Exposition at 5 LEGO related conventions

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With FACTS the past weekend, I obtained my goal this year to exposition at at least 5 different events with my loved bricks.Even though the brick badge for this year is becoming quite long, and it ain`t done yet, finally the 5th one where I expositione…

FACTS Autumn 2016 convention report

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Another great edition of Fatcs took place the past weekend, and of course I was present once more with the delegation of BeLUG.I had some guests on my `hit` list this year for signatures, and off we went on a very early saturday morning to Flanders Exp…