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Milleniumcon 2014, Part 2

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In between demo games of Incursion, I had a chance to sight-see all the gaming goodness going on around me. I did get there at Friday afternoon so before my first demo session that evening I got to play.  (click on the pix to enlarge)An excel…

Milleniumcon 2014, Part 1

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A couple of months back, I got to attend Milleniumcon in Round Rock, Texas. It’s my second time around and I got to see some cool games. Mainly, I hung out with Grindhouse Games crew running demos of Incursion using their studio painted minis on my 3D …

Lucca C&G 2014: Ganesha Games [part9]

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The last part of 9. So, after some aspects of Lucca C&G, now I’m going to speak about our small experience as Ganesha Games. This year the available space was very small, only a large table divided in three parts. Andrea presented a small set-up with super-heroes for Power Legion. And another one with the […]

Lucca C&G 2014: Miniature Island [part8]

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After the overview of Lucca C&G, now it is time to something more nearer to what we were doing in the fair. This is the wargame area, a drop in the ocean among so many things to see and do. Our macro-area is called Miniature Island. This is a partial view with our stand in […]

Lucca C&G 2014: Lego [part7]

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Nowadays Lego is more common among fairs and modelling conventions. Marketing, films and adult fans made this. We had in Lucca C&G a stand with a free construction zone in Games pavilion and a couple of exhibitions around, with a large area in Family Palace, the ancient palace dedicated by Lucca C&G to children activities. […]

Lucca C&G 2014: more robots [part6]

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More robots in Lucca C&G: exhibitions and action figures for sale. Patlabor. Waiting for the revamp following the live action version in 2015. Biped tank. A must: Ma.K.s A knight robot with lots of mechanical parts. A Luca Zampriolo’s creation. This year he was a Lucca C&G official guest. Godzilla in a church exhibition. Yes, […]

Warfare 2014 – A Show in Reading

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Headed down the M4 to Reading yesterday with my good friend Paul. Spent a bit of money, caught up with a few people and still got home in time to watch the rugby.Until I get round to writing a proper report please see a selection of photos from the day…

Ready for Brick Mania!

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All my bags are packed, I`m ready to go…The MoC`s have been put in boxes, those boxes into others, and now I can only pray everything gets to the convention hall tomorrow in one piece, it`ll be the three longest kilometres of my life hehehe.See, I ha…

Ending Demo Game Anonymity

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Way back in 2009 I wrote a post for this Blog about demo tables at shows and in particular the lack of information for visitors and sometimes the lack of interaction between exhibitors and show attendees. Since then I have had the pleasure of…


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Following on from yesterdays pictures from SELWG I guess I’d better post a picture of my purchases from the show. After all everyone else has! I didn’t spend a lot this year but I was determined to be disciplined in my spending and went with a very det…

BLAM 2014 – The Photo Album (100+ Pictures)

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 For the past nine months I have had the pleasure of organising BLAM…British Lead Adventurer Meet. Each year a group of like-minded wargamers who frequent the Lead Adventure Forum descend on a particular location for three days of games, topical…

SELWG 2014 – Photos

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On Sunday I joined four other members of Posties Rejects for the SELWG show at Crystal Palace. This is probably my favourite show of the year and has a special place in my heart because it was at SELWG in 2010 that I met up with Ray, Fran and Postie fo…

Blasting Good Offer

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15% Off This Weekend from Saturday the long anticipated wargame show Blast-Tastic is happening in Bristol in the UK. The show is a new venture specialising in science fiction wargaming mainly in the 15mm scale. We had planned to attend t…

A little Skirmish

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I made a flying visit to the Skirmish Toy Soldier Show in Sidcup on Sunday morning and I dragged my long suffering wife (‘The Wargaming Widow’) along with me. My youngest daughter was away for a Girls Brigade camp weekend and my eldest had other plans …

CelestiCon 2014 Report

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Well, another CelestiCon has come and gone for me and I must say each year it keeps getting better and better.  A special thanks to Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick, Les Marshall and Wade Shows for making my con going experiences always a fun t…

Brick Mania Limburg 2014

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Friday afternoon and me, the GF and the Smurf are leaving for a end of school holiday weekend to a Center Parcs resort.  The plan is to spend two days of no stress, then on the way back drop by at the Brick Mania Lego event in Helchteren, Limburg,…

Comic-Con San Diego 2014

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Friends of mine are at one of the biggest conventions at San Diego at present. With 130,000+ in attendance each year for the last few years, we’re really in a golden age of geeking around the world at present. I read that the 4 day convention is expect…

Lego San Diego Comic Con exclusives

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It`s the famous SDCC this weekend, one of the biggest event in geek-dom of the year, and unfortunatly, it`s in the States…On this convention, a lot of announcements are expected to be made, like the new Hobbit movie (LOVE that poster), some tips on M…

Alfresco Wargaming

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With my current gaming mates focussing on other things at the moment it was great to receive an invitation to visit Damas (of Lead Adventure Fame) at his new house down in deepest Sussex. Originally this had been signposted up as a mini-blam but in t…

The Convention Experience is Live on Kickstarter

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I am proud to announce that our Kickstarter project is live!  The project is all about what it means to attend a convention on a media level as well as an attendee.  Which is really pretty loaded.  But it is really so much more than those simple words.  The project reflects who we are at […]

Broadside 2014

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On Sunday several members of Posties Rejects converged on Sittingbourne for the Broadside Wargames Show hosted by the Milton Hundred Wargames Club. We put on a smaller display game this year but it was a great success…we won “Best in Show” for our &n…

Operation Overlord: D-Day

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Today is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, Northern France on the 6th June 1944. Operation Overlord was described, for good reason, as the greatest seaborne invasion of all time. Dwight D. Eisenhower lead over 156,00 men in the as…

Meet the Rejects at Broadside

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Posties Rejects will be running a small game at this years Broadside wargames show in Sittingborne on Sunday. Due to space restrictions the table we have to play on is a lot smaller than we have had in the past. Postie has therefore opted to run a 15mm…

Gen Con 2014 Most Anticipated Games

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Gen Con is of course the longest running and biggest board game convention in the United States. It takes place over four days (August 14-17) in Indianapolis, Indiana and features a slew of U.S. publishers who are selling and demoing new and unreleased games. BGG user W. Eric Martin just released a list of games …

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KublaCon 2014 Convention Report

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Hello all,Well I must say that my KublaCon weekend was one of the best in many years.  I gamed my butt off and had a great turnout for my games.  I was all packed up and ready to go early Friday morning and after catching some breakfast with …