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Shore Leave 2016

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So I got back from this year’s Shore Leave convention and had an absolute blast. The highlight for me was getting to meet Michael Forest, the actor who played Apollo in the classic Star Trek episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” and reprised the role in th…

Holidays in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio

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Summer is time of holidays. And if you want a budget holiday you can go to Terni to visit your friend Andrea that needs some holidays too. So we travelled in a few days in a lot of towns, small towns and villages around Terni. This is the photographic report. Perugia In the first couple […]

A total overhaul of Build Projects

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I blame StarCom.  Okay, no, I don`t actually, but I admit that, like I said before, I enjoy a “geeky” convention far more then a regular Lego convention.It`s on the one hand a variety thing, as you have a totally different audience, and on the oth…

Starcom / Comic Con Gent 2016

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The second year of the Starcom convention, and it keeps going by it`s monicker of being not your average convention… and it`s true.Starcom / Comic Con is a one day, smaller convention with a very friendly and chill atmosphere, and like in the first e…

Guidebook App for HISTORICON 2016 released

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First of all, sorry this is so late.  I’ve had some serious commitments in my non-hobby world lately, including a son graduating from high school! As I have done for almost every HMGS convention since 2011, I have prepared a … Continue reading

Broadside 2016 Photo Report

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Posties Rejects gathered in Sittingbourne on Sunday for the Broadside wargames show. Attending this event and putting on a Demo game has become something of a tradition for us and this was our fifth year at this event. The show seemed a lot busier this…

Rejects at Broadside Tomorrow

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Its that time of year again and tomorrow Posties Rejects will be putting on a demo game at Broadside in Sittingbourne, Kent. This year I haven’t been able to take part in any play testing of our game for tomorrow so I won’t even try to pretend I k…

KulbaCon 2016 Convention Report

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KublaCon 2016 has come and gone.  This was in my opinion the largest sized convention to date in the bay area – a significant increase in attendees even from last year.  I saw a lot of younger attendees – includes a large number of teenagers …

Lancaster Host: the end of the end, we mean it this time.

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Bad news from the Lancaster Host, site of many HMGS and WBC game conventions over the years.  The Lancaster Online just reported a major water main break, causing the ceiling on three floors to break, 2000 residents and crew to … Continue reading

Brick Mania Liege 2016 report

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Here we are, back from the second Brick Mania convention of the year with my completely point of view and subjective event report. While I would say that another year has flown by, I must admit this isn`t really true.  Liege was shifted in ou…