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Comic Con Brussels 2017

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And so the winterstop is officially over, as I went off to the first convention of the year!  Comic Con Brussels was the destination, held in Tour and Taxis for it’s second edition, and what a great show it was!Now, I have to appologise for t…

Cavalier Wargames Show 2017

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Phew, we’ve made it through a long desolate empty winter to the first wargames show of the year, and for Posties Rejects that means Cavalier at Tonbridge in Kent. This is a relatively modest sized event but we never fail to enjoy the selection of Trade…

DundraCon 2017 Convention Report

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Another DundraCon has come and gone.  I had a blast at this convention … with lots more on this in a moment, but first to quickly address my lack of posts in the last month …My horrible lack of posting to the blog here has been primarily becau…

Gioco & Storia 2016

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Piana delle Orme is a huge museum in the reclamation of swamps under Rome towards Naples. We are almost at the South confines of wargaming Italy. But when people organise themselves and put their efforts all together, they can create a convention as this one. The convention was for two days but we went only […]