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CaptainCon Wrath of Kings Demos and Tourney

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Some shots from CaptainCon 2016 that was last weekend. I ran Wrath of Kings demos and played in the tournament with my Goritsi.

Cigar Box Battle will be at the Siege of Augusta!

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Yes, we will be marching to the sound of the guns! We will be at the Siege of Augusta, GA this year! This is a fantastic, regional convention that is…

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The Hobby Goals for 2016

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Oh well, might as well just bite the bullet and complete the whole listing for 2016 for the hobby goals, I still got time as I`m recuperating from the christmas eve dinner, and waiting for christmas day dinner.  Oh my stomach…I am going to go re…

Brick Mania Liege 2015 report

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And let it be noted down, that on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of december 2015, the first Brick Mania in Liege kicked off.And your faithful one was present, though he just knew it for 3 weeks he would be attending after BM Antwerp :-)Leaving at 7.30…

Warfare 2015 – A few photos

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Hi Folks

I had the pleasure of attending Warfare in Reading on Saturday. This is a great show albeit let down by available parking. Fortunately we arrived early enough to bag a spot and then we discovered that all the parking machines were out of action…RESULT.

Over the last few years I have pretty much attended all the shows in the South East and to be blunt I am not really finding anything that new. I had thought with the excitement around Frostgrave there might be more on offer – new buildings, ruins etc to grab my attention but sadly no.

I went with £200 burning a whole in my pocket and left with £140 still in my wallet. I’ll post up my hoard in a later post.

The Show itself really consists of three parts –

The Bring & Buy – chaos as always and again overpriced second hand goods

The shopping/trade stand hall – this was cramped, very busy on Saturday am – I loved the tannoy announcement that requested attendees to carry rucksacks rather than wear them…

The gaming hall where hundreds of folks push lead towards each other in various tournament games. There were also a few games of Flames of War being played out in the Squash Courts. Interestingly three years ago you could not attend a show like this without falling over FOW kit – this is not the case and perhaps shows the way periods flirt in and out of favour with us gamers.

The gaming hall also hosted a number of demo games – see pictures below

Until next time…

Brick Mania Antwerpen 2015: the picture report

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Another year, another Brick Mania in my backyard, and this time I went to expose solo with my display builds. And it was bigger than ever this time round, as a second hall had been opened for the fans off all sorts, giving the additional benefit o…

Local Games Club Open Day

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A.C.G. Inc Open DayA.C.G is proud to present our Club Open Day. Come and check out our club venue and the games we play. All day Saturday and Sunday where we will have demonstration games and heaps of room for gaming. Bring yourself and your gaming gro…

Mechanicon 2015 Epic Armageddon Tournament

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Some shots from this past weekend. They’re mostly from my games but I did manage to snap some shots of the other games as well as some army shots at the end. Enjoy!

Infinity in the Jungle

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Somewhere along the way the default tabletop setting for a game of Infinity became “futuristic urban/quasi-urban environment”, which is as true of most of our tables locally as it is anywhere else, but the game does have a full and interesting set of terrain rules and even tries to include things like zero-g, hazardous environments, … Continue reading Infinity in the Jungle

The Padawans Loot

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By popular request here’s a picture of my daughters SELWG Loot. A much larger haul than mine…oh the shame! She isn’t collecting for any particular game at this stage, but wanted something a bit sci-fi. Over the winter months I’ll focus her interest t…


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Just a quick post to show off my meagre haul from SELWG. Having nearly completely converted to 6mm wargaming my shopping opportunities are always going to be limited. So what did I buy. Purity Seal varnish is still pretty much the only GW product …

SELWG 2015

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This morning I headed to down to Crystal Palace for the SELWG show. This year I brought my daughter with me as I continue her induction in the (ig)noble art of Wargaming! We actually arrived about 45 minutes early – this turned out to be a good thing b…

Looking forward to SELWG

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I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment. I’m not talking “needing medication” depressed, I’m just feeling at a very low ebb (this is just a phase folks, not an illness). I guess we all have periods like this when things get on top of us but for the last f…

Mark Your Calendars: Brick Mania Antwerp

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It`s that time of the year again, when my `local` Brick Mania event is organised by BeLUG.The 14th and 15th of November, this will again take place in the Waagnatie in Antwerp, Belgium.For myself, I`ll be present exposing my Display builds, MOC`s and v…

FACTS 2015 convention report

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The past weekend, it was the annual FACTS convention in Ghent, Belgium.  This is about the biggest convention (we now have 3 since this year), and the first year under `new management`.So as part of the BeLUG expedition to the fair, I had to get u…

A weekend of Wargaming

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I had a pretty incredible weekend. Good friend and fellow wargamer Thomas Foss of Skull and Crown fame came into our sleepy little hamlet to be the Guest of Honor at RECRUITs, our local convention.We spent Friday eating Kansas City BBQ and visiting the…

Convention Report – Pacificon Game Expo 2015

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This past Friday morning I had my car all packed up and I set off to the Pacificon Game Expo being held here is Santa Clara, California.  I was all set for my Hell’s Highway game I was going to run on Saturday morning.  I met up with Roy Scai…

Tukayyid – GenCon 2015

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This battle was part of the Battle of Tukayyid fought at GenCon 2015.  This was a break out game which featured a smaller side battle that would have an impact on the main game depending on who won.  My thanks go out to my opponent and the Catalyst Demo Agents for putting on a great […]

World Championship Russian Roulette @ Gen Con

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Game Demo of World Championship Russian Roulette by Tuesday Knight Games.   IF you like to press your luck and to bluff this game is for your.  They are still beta testing so you can head over to Tuesday Knight Games and apply, you have to email them to get in.

Historicon 2015, AT LAST!!

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Boy, oh boy, after 25+ years I finally got to go to Historicon!  Without further ado, on with the eye candy…Cool Naval Game1:144 scale planesModern Warfare skirmishing in 28mmBuildings supplied by Miniature Building Authority Scratch-built …

Mark Your Calendars: Brick Mania Seneffe

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This year, the number of Brick Mania events organised by BeLUG has been increased from 3 to 5 as we go into `uncharted territory` in to the french speaking part of Belgium.The first one to take place is Seneffe, located between Brussels and Charleroi, …

Starcom Convention Report

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Today, we from BeLUG send an expidition to the newest sci-fi and comic convention in Belgium, namely Starcom, taking place in the ICC in Ghent.Okay, `delegation`… let`s call it a dastardly duo as this existed of me and Kris.This did mean though that …

OSWARP 2015 Events

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The schedule of events for this year’s DexCon convention was just posted, and with it the OSWARP “Old School con-within-a-con” events. Here they are, broken out for your convenience:THU 8 PM – 12 PM: R0305: Adventures Dark and Deep; “DA1: Adventur…

Broadside 2015

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Sunday started for Posties Rejects very very early. I was up around 5:30 and by seven we had all gathered at Reject HQ and started to load up the cars for our trip to the Broadside Wargames show in Sittingbourne. We arrived and started setting up quickly and were largely finished by 9am so we had time for a quick look around before getting our Border Reivers game started a little early. By the time the show had official started we were already into the second turn of our game and had spoken to several visitors. By the end of the day we had talked to hundreds of visitors and seen plenty of old friends. 
As usual I shot a load of photo’s although this time most were, understandably, of our own demo game. I also treated myself to a few purchases including yet another game mat, this time a 3×3 printed desert mat from Tiny Wargames. Despite these purchases I ended the day with more money than I started having sold some more of my 15mm figures via Lesleys Bits Box

Posties Rejects – Border Reivers Game

Postie setting up

Pre Game chat
Our game was a fictitious game set in the year 1590, somewhere in the Scottish Middle March. Helen the young teenage daughter of Steven (Mad Dog) Stapleton has sneaked away from the family home in England and crossed the border into Scotland, to be with her lover Robert (The Fearless), son of Walter (Wally) Armstrong. Since both families hate each other, Robert has pleaded with his Mother and Father to let Helen stay in the family home, this they reluctantly agreed to as they know it’s only a matter of time before the Stapleton’s arrive to claim their daughter back! 

The Armstrong’s defend their Bastille House

Meanwhile the Stephen (Mad Dog) Stapleton has come to get his Daughter back!   

The game gets underway

Mark and Surjit play the English and move quickly to reach the farmstead

The actions develops quickly and Ray and I – playing the Scottish Armstrong’s – are caught off guard and wrong footed.

Armstrong defenders start to be wiped out before they can retreat to the safety of the house.

Gunshots are exchanged as the action heats up.

Posties Rejects at Broadside

Some of Posties excellent casualty figure begin to litter the table.

Fighting swirls around the Bastille House

English attackers quickly reach the walls of the house and very quickly the defenders are trapped. With all reinforcements also neutralised we decided to call this a British win and restart another game.

For the second game we only had a couple of hours remaining so we put more Scottish units on the table at the start and closed the gap between both side so move the action along quicker.

Ray and I now played the English…but our luck didn’t change much. My troops swept over the hill to attack but were wiped out by some uncannily good dice rolling from Mark. 

Meanwhile Surjit managed to shoot Lord Stapleton out of his saddle with some dubious marksmanship (none of us – including the umpire I hasten to add – actually heard him nominate our leader as the target or saw the dice roll… draw your own conclusions!!)

Marks Scottish cavalry sweeping towards mine.

Once again we called this second game a win for Surjit and Mark. 

Other Games at Broadside

Of course there were plenty of other games at Broadside and we all took a break half way through the day for a quick look around the other tables. Here’s a quick selection of my favourite games.

Shepway Wargamers Heart of Darkness game was truly spectacular and a very worthy winner of Best in Show

Crush the Kaiser

Southend Wargames club

Southend Wargames Club

Skirmish Wargames – Paddle Wheels, Ponchos & Palm Trees

East Street Games – Bullets and Brains

Rainham Wargames Club
Imperial Skies

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan


Gotham Screamland

Society of Ancients

A mega game of X-Wing

Medway Wargames

The standard of games varied a lot this year, with some simple (but entertaining) games through to the deserved winner of Best in Show, Shepway Wargamers Heart of Darkness table. Their game looked spectacular and being situated next to ours were were watching the action on their table almost as were were on our own. I enjoyed the demo games on display and its always great to meet up with friends from other groups. 

NEAT8 – The Ocho

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We had our eighth annual Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament (NEAT) this past Saturday. We had 17 people show up (lost 4 the last week :() for a three round tourney on Saturday. We also snuck in a couple games on Friday night and Sunday too. Enjoy!