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CelestiCon 2014 Report

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Well, another CelestiCon has come and gone for me and I must say each year it keeps getting better and better.  A special thanks to Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick, Les Marshall and Wade Shows for making my con going experiences always a fun t…

Brick Mania Limburg 2014

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Friday afternoon and me, the GF and the Smurf are leaving for a end of school holiday weekend to a Center Parcs resort.  The plan is to spend two days of no stress, then on the way back drop by at the Brick Mania Lego event in Helchteren, Limburg,…

Comic-Con San Diego 2014

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Friends of mine are at one of the biggest conventions at San Diego at present. With 130,000+ in attendance each year for the last few years, we’re really in a golden age of geeking around the world at present. I read that the 4 day convention is expect…

Lego San Diego Comic Con exclusives

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It`s the famous SDCC this weekend, one of the biggest event in geek-dom of the year, and unfortunatly, it`s in the States…On this convention, a lot of announcements are expected to be made, like the new Hobbit movie (LOVE that poster), some tips on M…

Alfresco Wargaming

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With my current gaming mates focussing on other things at the moment it was great to receive an invitation to visit Damas (of Lead Adventure Fame) at his new house down in deepest Sussex. Originally this had been signposted up as a mini-blam but in t…

The Convention Experience is Live on Kickstarter

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I am proud to announce that our Kickstarter project is live!  The project is all about what it means to attend a convention on a media level as well as an attendee.  Which is really pretty loaded.  But it is really so much more than those simple words.  The project reflects who we are at [...]

Broadside 2014

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On Sunday several members of Posties Rejects converged on Sittingbourne for the Broadside Wargames Show hosted by the Milton Hundred Wargames Club. We put on a smaller display game this year but it was a great success…we won “Best in Show” for our &n…

Operation Overlord: D-Day

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Today is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, Northern France on the 6th June 1944. Operation Overlord was described, for good reason, as the greatest seaborne invasion of all time. Dwight D. Eisenhower lead over 156,00 men in the as…

Meet the Rejects at Broadside

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Posties Rejects will be running a small game at this years Broadside wargames show in Sittingborne on Sunday. Due to space restrictions the table we have to play on is a lot smaller than we have had in the past. Postie has therefore opted to run a 15mm…

Gen Con 2014 Most Anticipated Games

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Gen Con is of course the longest running and biggest board game convention in the United States. It takes place over four days (August 14-17) in Indianapolis, Indiana and features a slew of U.S. publishers who are selling and demoing new and unreleased games. BGG user W. Eric Martin just released a list of games …

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KublaCon 2014 Convention Report

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Hello all,Well I must say that my KublaCon weekend was one of the best in many years.  I gamed my butt off and had a great turnout for my games.  I was all packed up and ready to go early Friday morning and after catching some breakfast with …

What am I running at OSWARP?

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For those of you who are planning on running games at the first-ever OSWARP old-school gaming convention, in Morristown, NJ over the 4th of July weekend, you should get off your duff and submit your game proposals, because the deadline is looming (June…

5 Tips to Turn OFF a Potential Wargamer – Wargaming Recon #114

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5 Tips to Turn OFF a Potential Wargamer It isn’t easy to run a good demo game, participation game, or event at a gaming convention. This episode shares 5 tips to AVOID…unless you want to turn off a would be wargamer. Just kidding! When list…

Posties Rejects at Broadside

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A quick flurry of emails yesterday have confirmed that Posties Rejects will be putting on a game at this years Broadside Wargames show in Sittingbourne. I had heard that there were space issues this year because they couldn’t book the second hall, so I…

Antwerp Convention 2014 – picture report

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Today it was time for the yearly convention nearly in my backgarden, the smaller anime and sci-fi convention of FACTS.Well, they started with a second hall this year, and promotion was up compared to the previous 3 editions, so would there be more peop…

Tomorrow it`s Antwerp Convention…

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… so that means an early rise, pick up one of the nephews and indulge in a day of utter geekiness.And of course, that all will be armed with a short list of my Holy Grail, as well as the pick ups of Archonia, from a trade through the Facebook  g…

OSWARP is looking for game masters!

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Hey all! I wanted to throw out a reminder that registration for OSWARP (and DexCon, the parent convention) is now open. OSWARP is the Old School Wargame and Role Playing convention, to be held in Morristown New Jersey on July 4-5.We’re looking for you …

Going a-Viking! Part 2

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Upcoming battle royal and rumble that Mikey and I were getting ready for at OwlCon 2014 held in Rice University, in Houston. That meant getting new units painted to supplement my existing Huscarls as well as getting Mikey’s long ship out of mothballs, …

Salute 2014 – pictures

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Salute 2014 – Ill let the pictures do the talkingGreat day heres to 2015…  Mrs Shed was really keen to follow me… 

Who in 15mm Science Fiction is Going to Salute?

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With many of our readers and many of the major contributors to the 15mm science fiction hobby being in the UK, I thought it might be worth it to do a round of up of manufacturers who are planning to go to Salute 2014. While this list will, by no means,…

Adepticon Slideshow Spectacular!

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The Epic Gamer

Some shots from a few of my Adepticon events this year. First up is the Legends of the Old West: Battle at the Little Bighorn event. All the terrain and figs were provided. I took control of Captain Benteen and a few of us his men. We actually managed …

Dead Stop and Full Ahead

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March has been a quiet month on the Blogging, Painting and Gaming front, and its going to get quieter still for a little while. At the start of the month I was busily painting away finishing off my final entries for the Analogue Painting Challenge. I’d…


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The Epic Gamer

Some shots from HAVOC XXX. I’ve been going for seven years now I think, it’s a fun little con that’s less than a 10 minute drive for me.

Going a-Viking again! Part 1

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A few months back I was getting ready to attend OwlCon 2014 at Rice University here in Houston. One of the battles I was looking forward to participate in was Saga. It promised to be a real brawl and dust up with a potential of multiple chieftains hack…

Convention listings updated

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We have been hard at work the past couple of days updating our comprehensive convention listings.  Currently there are more than 200 events featured, each with dates, location and a link to the Web site for the show.  While it…