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Battle Report – Infinity N3 – USARF vs. Steel Phalanx

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  The USARF takes on the Hector and the Steel Phalanx in this Mid-Tier game of Firefight from ITS Season 9! Advertisements

Battle Report – ARISTEIA! – Draft Night II

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  Owen and I play the second in our ‘draft’ series for ARISTEIA as the Aristos are formed in to random teams each game! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Ariadna vs. Haqqislam

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Owen’s Kum-Rider patrol takes on my Ariadna in a Mid-Tier Game of ‘Supplies’!

ARISTIEA! Match Report – Draft Night!

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It’s Draft Night! The ARISTOS are formed into random teams to complete missions as the lights come up and it’s time for another of the Human Sphere’s favourite sports show!

Modiphius Entertainment – Newsletter

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A new RPG from Modiphius… Hi there,Today we’re really pleased to announce a raft of PDF releases for our eagerly awaited Infinity Roleplaying game, including core book, player’s guide, and the Adventures in the Human Sphere and Quantronic Heat a…

Infinity Battle Report – Steel Phalanx vs. Haqqislam – ‘Show of Force’

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I’ve added some new models to my Steel Phalanx army box and it’s time to take them for a spin! Hurray for more than one specialist in ‘Show of Force’!

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Morat Aggression Force vs. Tohaa

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Greg brings the elite vanguard of the EI to crush the continued resistance of the Tohaa Army Box in a 300pt game of Looting and Sabotaging from ITS Season 9!
The Infinity Army boxes are a great way to get playing Infinity with well constructed armies …

On the Paint Table – Infinity, Malifaux and Wild West Exodus

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  Check out what I painted this week and have a look at upcoming projects! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Steel Phalanx Army Box vs. Pan Oceania ‘Deadly Dance’

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  Nathan is back for another game against the Steel Phalanx 300pt Army Box as we play Deadly Dance from ITS Season 9! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Onyx 300pt Army vs. Hassassin Bahram

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  The Onyx Contact Force 300pt army box contains the special forces of the EI, ready to crush humanity’s resistance with a force of the best of the best! Greg brings the forces of the Hassassin Bahram to attempt to foil this elite spearhead in ‘The Grid’! Advertisements

Match Report – ARISTEIA! The Ultimate Sports Show – Ep 2

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Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Tohaa Army Box vs. Pan Oceania

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  Nathan brings his newly painted Pan O force to face the Tohaa 300pt Army box in Mid-Tier Power Pack from ITS Season 9! Advertisements

On the Paint Table – Malifaux Hamelin, ARISTEIA! and Onyx CF

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Battle Report – ARISTEIA! – Ep 01 ‘Scorched Earth’

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  It’s fight night and time to watch the most popular show in the Human Sphere! The Aristos are all set on #TeamOrange and #TeamGreen to face each other in a match of Scorched Earth…. Join this discussion on Facebook HERE: Check out the Rulebook free HERE: Advertisements

On the Paint Table – ARISTEIA!, Tohaa and Micro Arts Terrain

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Let’s Play! – ARISTEIA! by Corvus Belli

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  Corvus Belli, creators of the landmark Sci-Fi wargame Infinity ( are about to launch their new tactical arena board game ARISTEIA! Based on the most popular show in the Human Sphere, ARISTEIA! is one part Overwatch, one part team building and one part deck-building in a compact fast-paced board game. Check out Owen and […]

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Steel Phalanx vs. Haqqislam – ‘Acquisition’ ITS 9

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  Owen and I continue working our way through the new scenarios from ITS Season 9 with ‘Acquisition!’ as I test out my new army for this season; Steel Phalanx! Advertisements

On the Paint Table – Infinity, Dracula’s America and more!

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You can check out the project BLOG here: Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity – Onyx CF vs. Pan O (Closed List C)

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  It’s ITS Season 9! Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I test out Power Pack from Season 9 and one of the new Closed Lists for Pan Oceania that they won in Strikezone: Wotan! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity – Imperial Service vs. Military Orders

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  Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I take an episode to examine this year’s Direct Action Interplanetary Tournament winner’s lists for Military Orders and play through Game 5’s mission from the worldwide Championship of ITS Season 8! Advertisements

More Challengers Emerge (I Wish)

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I wish they were. This was my favourite part of this year’s Gencon seminar. The name of the segment was “shameless market research.” Infinity is the only game I’ve played in a while that I haven’t been inclined to either tinker with or expand. Their ru…

Operation Icestorm: finishing up the Nomads

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I’m on the final stretch with the Nomads.Mobile Brigade is done except for the base:And then this guy which I am painting up entirely on camera and if all goes well I will make a tutorial video about:

Infinity May new releases

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Infinity new releases are out! Seems like Corvus Belli is on a roll right now. The May line up includes minis for the following factions: PanOceania, Haqqislam, Combined Army, Nomads and Aleph. And boy, do they look great.PanO gets a new release this m…

Desktop update May 2015 – Operation Icestorm

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Hello everyone. Yes I know, updates have been lacking so far this year. It’s almost June and only one post so far (Painting Crusade report). But it’s not the first time this blog has gone quiet for a few months, it usually goes hand in hand with painti…

Infinity April new releases

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Wondering what Corvus Belli’s new releases for April look like? They’ve got a stunning line up in store for us. The Aquila Guard, new 45th Highlander Rifles, the Kaeltar Specialists, the Fraacta Drop Unit and the awesome new Tiger Soldier.First of all,…