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Starcom Convention Report

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Today, we from BeLUG send an expidition to the newest sci-fi and comic convention in Belgium, namely Starcom, taking place in the ICC in Ghent.Okay, `delegation`… let`s call it a dastardly duo as this existed of me and Kris.This did mean though that …

Words With Keith from Mr B. Games Origins 2015

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I had the Chance at Origins 201 to chat with Keith from Mr B Games about there recent Kickstarter WarQuest. WarQuest is off to a promising start.  My initial impression was risk meets fantasy, but as the interview went along I realized that the mechanics are a lot more in depth than that.  I hope […]

Let’s Play Dress Up, Wargaming Meets Cosplay

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Geek culture has really come out of the closet in the past decade and many aspects of sci-f/fantasy related hobbies have lost the stigma they may once have had. I regularly play boardgames with work colleagues and I openly discuss the fact that I paint little toy soldiers, something I’d have probably kept quiet five […]

Hobby Magazines: Wyrd Chronicles Issue #16

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Wyrd Chronicles Volume 16And another Hobby Magazine this week! Today its the Wyrd Chronicles Volume 16 from (who would have thought it) Wyrd Games (producer from Malifaux if you didn’t know).This issue contains, among other stuff:The Bone Stag Cometh: …


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New Orleans Wizardworld Comic Con – Custom Pack and Gear Giveaway

The Wednesday Gallery

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Regular blog readers will know that as well as being a fan of miniature war-games I’m also a fan of comics too and therefore any news of film adaptations interest me……unfortunately like many comic fans I also get attached to my own idea of a charac…

Mid week Fun – I AM GROOT! Costume making

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So….This is what has temporarily drawn my attention away from my miniatures (rest assured I am well ahead on my mini related blogging so Monday’s article showing good pics of my completed DUST walker will roll out on time ;) !) but I’m pretty ex…


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Frozen Photoshoot


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DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot is a group of people from DuBois and surrounding areas who gather together for free costumed photoshoots and lots of fun!


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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Metal Gaming Coins by Never Stop Tops & Coins Kickstarter

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There have been lots of new and interesting Crowdfunders on the net in the time I’ve been distracted. Now I’m back in the groove I’ve got one for you LARPers and RPGers. This time is a great collection of  fantasy coins for your game…

Malifaux at GenCon 2014 – Day Three Round-Up

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As expected there’s been a bit of a slow-down in ‘reveals’ by day three though thanks to Kris Ingram there’s still been plenty of character pictures from the ‘Crossroads’ book….Should you have missed them you can find day one here and day two here.A …

Malifaux at Gen Con 2014 – A Round-up

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There’s many interesting bits and pieces coming out of Gen Con 2014 already. Here are some of the Malifaux related ones…Editors Note – These pictures are from all over the place…if some-one wants specific credit then let me know…I can’t remember …

Final Hours for Through Gamer Goggles Gen Con Media Coverage on Kickstarter

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Our relaunched Kickstarter has been funded largely because of what our first attempt taught us.  Even though our first project was a complete bomb it has been a great ride.  Gosh, I really don’t know how much to bore you here with our experience, so I’m just going to jump into the current project that […]

Rachelle Zerbach by Gabrielle Orcutt Photography

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Rachelle Zerbach by Gabrielle Orcutt Photography

Wren di la Dimiani, Llael Duelist

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Wren di la Dimiani. A duelist from Llael (Iron Kingdoms)


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A small sample of artwork by Mojo’s Photos.


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A small collection of great photos from the DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot by Memories in the Making Photography

Teighlor Photographed by Kyle Yates Photography

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Teighlor photographed by Kyle Yates Photography

Rochelle Lee-katniss Lechien Presented by Sean McKee

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Rochelle Lee-katniss Lechien made a stunning appearance at the DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot.

Rachelle Zerbach by Dan Domme

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Model: Rachelle Zerbach
Hair and Makeup by: Cori Pifer/Ginger Kitty
©2014 Dan Domme

SHEILA by Victoria Lynn Photography & Wisor Editing

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Sheila is one of the models who joined us for the DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot on 5/31/14.

ALAYNA THE LITTLE PRINCESS by Victoria Lynn Photography

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Photo copy rights belong to Victoria Lynn Photography. If interested in prints or digital copies, contact Victoria by leaving a comment or message or at [email protected] or 814-577-2260

Gōsh Photography presents Midian Spectra

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Gōsh Photography is one of the featured artists from the recent DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot in DuBois, Pennsylvania.