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Warhammer LARP Battle at the Smrtihlav 2014

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People say Warhammer Fantasy is dead? Not in the Czech Republic, so much is certain. Admittedly, the people at Smrtihlav 2014 didn’t bring any dice or miniatures. They dressed up in full LARP-gear to battle it out in the Old World. Sources (and…

The Cutest 40K Picture Ever?

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Your call. Some parent needs an award.Nykona

Off-Topic: Incredible Diablo Cosplay

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I know the Dark Angels Space Marine Cosplay is a long-time most-popular guest-posts. Here is another incredible costume that’s making the rounds on the internet.. not Warhammer 40K-related, but inspired by Diablo III, by cosplayer Krizdel Ingres…


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Yet another Captain America Cosplay


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Black Widow Cosplay


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Another Captain America Cosplay

Not a Weekly House of Paincakes Article (3)

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For those of you who aren’t aware I’m back to my old ‘once every two weeks’ schedule for House of Paincakes articles…If you want something to read then I humbly suggest you read this vague justification for my Deadzone/Warpath army or click on any of…


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A friend of mine is attempting to organize a mass photoshoot of cosplayers in the DuBois, PA area. Please take the time to check out the details.


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Lucca C&G 2013: cosplay

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Paradisiac opportunities for photographs and lovers of beautiful girls: cosplay. I like the costumes but I have to admit that I love beautiful girls too. It is a matter of nature, it is harder than my will. However, every costume is photographed a lot of times, cosplayers take photos of other cosplayers, it is a […]

Christmas Wishes 4, Brussel Sprouts, Santa and Seasonal Boobs………

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…………and this post comes from work on Christmas Day, I have a brush in my hand and the air is deadly from those sprouts I had last night!Have a good Christmas if you can……….Some people are getting this………Many, many thanks to the send…

Lucca C&G 2013: Doctor Who

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After only 2 months I came here to report the BIG event of 2013, the Lucca Comics and Games convention of 2013. In these days an official report by organisation gave the real numbers of the fair. They sold 217646 tickets. You have to add all the people that worked in the fair, as vendors […]

GiocaPerugia 2013: Ganesha Games

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Perugia is near Terni, and Terni is near Rome. So Ganesha Games staff were in full force. Here a nice photo of me with a classic preview of Ferrum et Gloria and the first demo of gladiatorial fight on ships. Sergio was with us too. This is another playtest and demo session of his latest […]

GiocaPerugia 2013 is coming

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I’m leaving again for a wargame convention. This time is for GiocaPerugia: two days in Perugia about comics, wargames, roleplays, videogames and boardgames. A great location, inside underground medieval halls in a beautiful and historic city. Our team will be Andrea with OGAM, Sergio with 100 dices, and me with Ferrum et Gloria. A full […]


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Hello people,Literally just back from ComiCon at Excel which I’d been looking forward to for weeks as my first time out at such an event. The plans was to have a geeky day out with some mates, pick up some new comic / graphic novels of interest and may…

FACTS convention picture report

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Fourth year in a row I’m going to this anime and comic event in Flanders, and I will not turn around the bush, this has been the BEST ONE ever so far, both from a personal as from an organisational point of view.The personal part is very simple.  …


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Romics 2013 fall edition

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This year we had two Romics. It is the main comics fair in Rome. It is always nice to walk around huge piles of comics and gadgets. Together with Andrea (Ganesha Games) we came here for a full day (10.00-19.00), watching stands and buying stuff. We met some people too, and we had interesting chats […]


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COSPLAY: Captain America

Cosplay of the Day

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Yes it’s Gears of War, not 40k, but it’s close. Right? Brought to us by Spikey Bits. 
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Narnia Fumetto 8

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Narnia is not only a matter of chronicles. It is the old name of a city exactly in Italy geographical centre. It is a beautiful little town on a hill and inside walls, with a distinct medieval appearance, and now it is called Narni. A curiosity: the coat of arms of the town is not […]

Cosplay of the Day

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Just diabolical. Spikey Bits is your source.
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The Making of a Dark Angels Space Marines Cosplay Suit

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This is a guest post by Tim Everett from Black Widow Company. The Idea This is my first cosplay outfit, outside of Halloween costumes, which don’t really count. I started planning this outfit in mid-2010, but I didn’t start actual work unti…

GenCon 2013: A Cosplay Circus

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! My coverage of GenCon 2013 continues with a look at some of the costumes I ran across during my journeys about the convention center. This is but a small selection of the costumes that were on display during the weeke…

Female armours

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Today is Ferragosto time again! This day is dedicated to holidays at sea and pig out with really heavy food, sometimes dangerously deadly for the extreme temperatures of the day. Bikini is the dress for girls during these days. And I have to confess that I saw the last Star Trek film only after I […]