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Forged in Battle launch War & Empie III – The Dark Ages

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Forged in Battle have just launched the third in their series of War & Empire Kickstarter projects. Having previously tackled Ancients from Early Greece through to the height of the Roman Empire, this time they are moving forward to cover armies fr…

UBOOT The Board Game currently on Kickstarter

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I don’t know if you ever saw it, but for many people, Das Boot (a TV mini-series which was also edited into a film) is one of the definitive films about life on a submarine during World War II. It’s a brilliant drama, and is well worth a wa…

Freya’s Wrath from Bad Squiddo Games launches on Kickstarter

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If you listened to Episode 238 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you will have heard Annie Norman from Bad Squiddo Games previewing her next Kickstarter Project – Freya’s Wrath – which is a new range providing a complete Shieldmaiden Army. The K…

Nemesis Board Game launches on Kickstarter

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There is some debate amongst film fans as to which of the first two Alien films are the best – let’s ignore what happened after Aliens, as it all goes somewhat downhill from there. Alien is a true horror film set in space. OK, the premise w…

Boards & Swords Hobbies – new gaming store opening in Derby, plus kickstarter

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Saturday 20th January will see the opening of a new hobby store in the Midlands. Boards & Swords Hobbies will be opening in Derby. Their address will be 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ Boards & Swords alrea…

Fourth Quarter Football coming to Kickstarter on Boxing Day

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I’m a big fan of American Football – it’s my favourite sport – so it’s great to see a miniatures game of this sport being produced (and no, Blood Bowl doesn’t count!) Fourth Quarter Football are launching their game …

Core Space – new sc-fi skirmish game launches on Kickstarter

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Core Space is the new sci-fi skirmish game from Battle Systems, which is currently funding on Kickstarter. Battle Systems have previously run four very successful kickstarter campaigns to produced ranges of their excellent card scenery sets for sci-fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic settings. This time around they are once again offering a set of sci-fi scenery, but this time it’s one of the key components in a skirmish game. Given that terrain is a major part of many miniatures games, this seemed the natural next step for Battle Systems, and whilst offering terrain as part of a sci-fi skirmish game is nothing new, since this terrain is card rather than plastic, MDF or resin, you tend to get more for your money. Whilst card terrain is most definitely at the budget end of the market, the Battle Systems product is actually very good – and thus makes putting together large corridor systems (much loved by sci-fi gamers and fantasy dungeon crawlers alike) very affordable. The Core Space kickstarter campaign was launched with a set of beta-rules already available for download – the theme of the game appears to be freelance freighter crews attempting missions in order to try and make a living […]

The Great War: The French Army launches on Kickstarter

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PSC Games have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the next expansion for ‘The Great War’ series of World War I boardgames. Following on from the core game and the Tank expansion, The French Army box set gives figures, rules and scenarios for using this army in the game. The scenarios concentrate on the action around the battle of Verdun in 1916. As well as the French Army box set, the project is also looking to fund (as stretch goals) the production of new ‘special personnel’ figures for the British and German armies, which can be used as additions to the first two games. These figures, which include engineers, flame-throwers, light machine gunners, and spotters, have figures and rules included in this expansion – the stretch goals are to add these retrospectively to the base game. Additionally, the original figures from the first game are being redesigned and produced off-the-sprue in a softer plastic. The project had a funding goal of £12,000, which it has over doubled within it’s first 24 hours. The project is running until the 30th November, with delivery due in June 2018. You can find out more details and back the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: […]

Full Moon Jacket: Charlie don’t howl…

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Do you remember the film Dog Soldiers? It was the directorial debut of Neil Marshall, who went on to make The Descent and Doomsday, and is directing the Hellboy reboot… The premise of the movie was simple – a squad of British soldiers are dropped on exercise in the Scottish Highlands, and are subsequently attacked by a pack of werewolves. It’s a story that I have always thought would make a great wargame scenario. Take that premise, transpose it to the Vietnam War, and you have basic plot behind a boardgame that is currently being funded on Kickstarter – Full Moon Jacket. The is a co-operative game for 1-6 players. Each player takes a different role in a squad, with your objective to retrieve your Colonel who is lost in the depths of the Vietnam jungle – a jungle that appears to be infested, not with Viet Cong, but with Werewolves! The project is first produced by Strangely Games It is running until the 22nd November 2017, and has a funding goal of £35,000 – it’s around 90% funded at time of writing. The main box game will be due for release in October 2018, and has a pledge coat of […]

Spitfyre – The Battle of Britain as you have never seen it before…

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Hysterical Games – the company behind Panzerfauste – in which Dwarves, Orcs and Gnomes battle whilst dressed in garb uncannily similar to WW2 uniforms – have just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new game set in the same universe – but this one is themed on aerial combat. Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the Skies of Panzerfauste sees the Dwarves forces of the Luftbestienkorp  flying bombing missions against Branzhum – the Orc homeland. The Orcs defend the skies mounted on their War Wyverns: Spifyres and HurriKanes contest against the might of the Dwarf air force. The models are 10mm scale and will be produced in polyurethane resin. The Spitfyre kickstarter project is running until the 20th November, and has already smashed it’s initial £1,000 funding target, and heading towards it’s third stretch goal as I write this blog post. A pledge of £25 will get you the core rules plus some miniatures – I’m hoping that they will be making models available as add-ons as the project progresses. Dwarves on Eagles fighting Orcs on Wyverns – seriously, what is there not to love about this project? You can find out more information about Spitfyre here.  Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 10mm Gaming, […]

Oathsworn Miniatures launch third Heroines in Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

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Oathsworn Miniatures have just launched their next kickstarter project – the third in their series on ‘Heroines in Sensible Shoes’. This time around, they have decided to concentrate on the non-human female characters. The first five have been sculpted, and they are looking to add a total of a dozen miniatures to the range.   The project has a funding goal of £1800, which it has already surpassed, and is running until the 12th November. You can find more information on the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming

28mm Chechen Wars Miniatures on Kickstarter

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Tiny Terrain Models have just launched a kickstarter project to fund a new range of 28mm miniatures – Chechen Wars. The miniatures have been sculpted by Igor Karpov and include Chechen Fighters and Russian VDV Recon Troops. The project has already reached its £1500 funding goal in the first day. The project is running until 22nd October, with delivery due for January 2018. You can find out more about this project on the Kickstarter page If you want to know more about Tiny Terrain Models, we interviewed Craig on the podcast back in March. You can find the show here…Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Modern Ground War

Of all the Kickstarters in all the world…

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Sally 4th have just launched a new Kickstarter to launch a range of 28mm Pulp miniatures based on a classic movie from the 1940’s The initial project is to fund the production of 3 packs of miniatures, which fit in all-to-well with one of Sally 4th’s existing MDF scenery packs. Whilst £30 will get you all three packs of miniatures, £90 will see you being able to get the full film set. The project has already funded, and is running until the 8th October, with delivery due in January 2018. This looks to be the start of a number of ranges from this genre – great stuff. Back it, Sam.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Pulp

RDTN Episode 115: VAST, Imperial Settlers-Aztecs, Balloon Pop, and Interview with Justin Jacobson

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It is no secret that we like games that have some type of asymmetrical component to it and VAST: The Crystal Caverns has this. The fact that each individual has […]

RDTN Episode 113: Mare Nostrum, Conflict of Heroes – Guadalcanal, Kingsport Festival – The Card Game, 50 Hours of Gaming

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We have been trying for weeks to get Mare Nostrum Empires by Academy Games to the table and it is a shame that it took so long. Yeah, it is a […]

Hexographer 2 with Joe Wetzel – Wargaming Recon #167

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Hexographer 2 can help you bring a wargame campaign from concept to reality. Joe Wetzel explains the software, the Kickstarter project, and why wargamers should snag a copy of this indispensable world building computer program.   The longest-runni…

Miniature Wargaming the Movie’s 2nd Kickstarter with Joseph Piddington – Wargaming Recon #161

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Miniature Wargaming the Movie is the documentary you didn’t know you needed.  In order to fully realize the grander more evolved vision of director Joseph Piddington the film is launching a 2nd Kickstarter to complete its financing. With your hel…

Why Wargamers Should Crowdfund Their Gaming – Wargaming Recon #156

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Crowdfunding can be a good way for wargamers to fund what they love doing….play games!  Learn how you can benefit and what you need to do to make it a success. Links to Items Discussed on the Show Start Your Patreon Campaign Kickstarter for Warga…

RDTN Episode 85: Golden Years – Chit Chat, Pandemic Cthulhu, Seafall, Portal Announcements, and Other Stuff

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We have returned from the awards and we spend our time catching up on all the news. Big announcements from Portal, Z-man, Plaid Hat, and tons of other publishers. They […]

RDTN Episode 58 – Start Me Up: Happy Mitten Games, Ghostbusters, and Stronghold

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Wow, that didn’t go as planned. We had this entire episode planned to bring in the guys and gal from Happy Mitten Games, discuss their podcast, their Kickstarter for Aether […]

RDTN Episode 56 – Reminiscing: Tiny Epic Galaxies, 2014 Look Back, Game of Thrones, and Camel Up

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Not sure how many of you use BGG to record your plays, but at the start of the year, we decided to try and record our game plays as best […]