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Sturgis, The Corrupted

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When I got my kickstarter minis two days ago I would have told you that you were crazy if you thought dead Sturgis would be the first mini I assembled……and I would have been wrong. As part of the Vengeance release we have been having 25pt tournamen…

PP’s Unexpected Package

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When I got home from y part time job today I had a package waiting for me. I received a shipping invoice from PP on April 1st but couldn’t remember ordering anything so I kind of disregarded the email. I have also been so preoccupied with the flood in …

You Holiday Your Way…I’ll Holiday Mine…

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I have a great many ideas…some of them could at a stretch be called ‘bright’ some of them are more in the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ category…But what I’m really good at is starting a project and then getting distracted by a different pr…

Templecon ’14 Recap

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Templecon ’14 has come and gone and it’s time for the wrap up. This years Templecon was a little on the bumpy side for me but more on that as we go. My initial plan was to leave my house around 1pm to head out to Les’ place. I was going to play a game …

Privateer Press – New Release Day

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Bane Thralls (10) In Stores Now!Versatile and deadly soldiers among more mindless undead, bane thralls host a darkness that both permeates their being and seeps into the world of the living. This darkness siphons the very light from the air and is utte…

Memory lane: Bane Thralls

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Well, I do believe this is one of the first units I ever completed. I was oh so happy with how they turned out, thought I had nailed that freehand and I was just so mega awesome!! ;) Well fast forward 6 to 7 years and the paint on these guys is looking …

Big bang!

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Looks like the new year’s painting has started with the bang. Or even big bang! (at least on the summary chart…). By the half of the month I added 6 models to the painted side! Sure it’s nothing complicated and big but hey, it’s statistics what count…

Privateer Press – New Release Day

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Some new releases from Privateer Press…Cryx Mechanithralls (10) In Stores Now!Assembled from a horrific fusion of corpses and machinery scavenged from the battlefield, mechanithralls fill the ranks of the Cryxian army. Their reanimated bodies are aug…

Another mile through Styx

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Hey there in the brand new, shiny and still smelling factory year 2014.The whole depressive christmas time is over, the same for ghastly new year’s eve so it’s time to focus on something what really counts. Once again I managed to paint something.It’s …

Worms fixation? Really?

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Right…After the November post about Cankerworm and Eando Kline something really weird happened: the number of blog visitors went just sky high! Sure it’s nothing to bitch about but I was looking for the reason of that thing: pics of painted mode…

Warmachine: Practice Games

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Got in a pre-campaign practice game with my Khador today. I hosted, playing Trish’s Menoth while Pete had Cryx, who played Finnegan’s Skorne. All games were 35 points. I think we’re all committed to our present forces except for Finnegan, who said he’d…

The Bane Project (Part 2)

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No still not this Bane…

But these less chesty but still impressive ones…they now have some under-coat…

I’ll try and at least get these block coloured and washed in the next couple of days. On a slightly different note I’ve discovered seve…

The Bane Project…

Posted on August 31st, 2013 under , , . Posted by

No..not this ‘Bane’…

…Bane as in ‘Thrall’ or ‘Knight’ or ‘Lord Tartarus’…

Just the Knights and a Seether to finish assembling and I can have a game of Warmachine with (almost) no borrowing of models and (almost) no proxying. I may inclu…

#PP 55 Hours

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With just over 2 days to go, the final stretch goals are within their grasp.  Dark Seduction is very close in, just under $6,000 to go; but this might already have been achieved as Paypal money hasn’t been included yet. … Continue reading

#privateerpress WM: Tactics

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Well the countdown is getting shorter, but the backers for the Warmachine: Tactics kickstarter is getting bigger by the day.  Just over 15,000 backers, a total of $1, 200,000 + pledges from Paypal totallying $7,000; they are very close to … Continue reading

Turning Traitor

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So with the move finally made by PP to cross warcasters into different factions. What possibilities does this hold for the future. I was bored so I have gone through EVERYONE is they are not in the list then they are seen as too far gone into one facti…

Warmachine: Tactics

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So unless you have missed it, Privateer Press Interactive; in partnership with Whitemoon Dreams kicked off their Warmachine:Tactics Kickstarter computer game in explosive style.  If you not sure what this is, check out the video  Within 35 hours, they have broken … Continue reading

Warmachine ‘Goreshade’ List.

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I could do my usual massive over analysis of a game system, spend hours looking for optimum configurations and then buy some models that I don’t like particularly because they’re optimal…or…

…I’ll pick what I like the look of and just get goo…

Kickstarter Sculpts Preview from Privateer Press

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Privateer Press’ Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter will launch today (or so it has been said). I haven’t seen the actual Kickstarter yet, though Privateer did preview more art for the Warcaster-sculpts that will be available exclusively throug…

UK Nationals Day 2

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The follow up is a little delayed, as most of it was spent resting. The full effects of the long weekend, added to the lack of proper medicine regime (being anaemic can be crippling, if not controlled); culminated in a … Continue reading

UK Nationals Report

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I am back home safe, after a long exhausting weekend at the UK Nationals.  First of all, congratulations to all the organisers and officials for a great weekend.  Other than some technical issues, the whole event ran smoothly and with … Continue reading

Sorscha2 vs Skarre1: 35pts Battle Report

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The Lists (35pts) Dave: Forward Kommander Sorscha (*6pts) * Beast-09 (11pts) Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts) Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (4pts) Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts) * Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts) … Continue reading

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Cryx Helljack

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Hey folks, Just a quick update here. I have recently finished a Cryx Helljack for a good friend of mine, after having it gather dust for a few months. I am really trying to finish a lot of my projects, and this just happened to [...]

Still Painting Away

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With just 16 hours till I start heading to the UK Nationals, I am still busy painting models.  This has been hard, long and in many respects; rewarding month (and a bit) of achievements. With just the final Harrower to … Continue reading

1 Week

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Just a week to go, before I am heading down to the UK Nationals.  It’s a sell out event with all 128 places taken, Iron Gauntlet close to filling out and lots of cool prizes up for grabs (they tease … Continue reading