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Beasts of Nurgle

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So I really really really dislike the Beasts of Nurgle models both the old and new ones. So decided to make my own, yes not original using the drones but I do like them and I think they work so … Continue reading →


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This is numbers 21-30 so I think for the time being I am done painting up PBs just for my sanity 😀 Advertisements


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    So first Great Unclean One is done 🙂 This chap is from the conversion I did and been a labour of snot/love. Really really pleased how well he has turned out Advertisements

2v2 Batrep – The Danse Macabre

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A storm was gathering above the planet Gerexus, making it hard to differentiate friend from foe. Many parties had previously fought over the bountiful rewards on offer, with few being able to claim absolute victory. As the walls of reality weakened, ar…

List-Fu: Caledonian ’14 Uprising Lists

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Thought I’d share this link to the army lists for the upcoming Caledonian Uprising. For anyone interested in the sort of dirty lists they might be facing in the UK, this is a good indication of what is popular among the competitive crowd…

40kGT Heat 2 Results

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Last weekend I attended my second tournament of the year, Heat 2 of the 40kGT in Brighton. Having managed to place in the top ten in July at another tournament at Brighton I was hoping that my refined list would help me into the top half to qualify for…

March’s White Dwarf Reviewed

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This would be Issue #398 if White Dwarf was still being numbered, …and this issue –unlike the last two– arrived right on time! As is the new reality with the White Dwarf, the figures shown on the cover denote what the current month’s issue focuses on. This month, it’s demons Daemons. This issue is the […]

Divided Loyalties

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Recently the studio has been rent asunder! Some of us have become black hearted devotees of Chaos, whilst others seek to uphold the Emperor’s divine light.Basically we’ve been getting lots of Chaos and Grey Knights commissions; hurrah!First up, have a …