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These have come along way from the original Brom inspired models with the more steampunk feel. Now they are bringing a lot more organic feel and cant wait to get my hands on more of the brood. Advertisements


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I do love these newer Broodhounds, so cool and well slightly bonkers.. Advertisements


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He is an old old model now but dont let granddad Mean Jelly Bean not terrify you he is still the boss. Advertisements


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So this is my gaggle of Slaves for my Dragyri 🙂 the are soft and squishy but boy are they cheap. Plus everything matches my scheme so these are easily Ice or Air caste slaves. Advertisements

Brood Starter Box Review

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Its been a while but wooohoooo new shiny models 🙂 This time we get to have a look at the new Brood starter box for Dark Age. With all the genetic freaks (the need to do a Scott Steiner model) … Continue reading →

Spirit Lord

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Why have a Spirit Lord all about casting Pysgenics when you can have a Spirit Lord with 2 massive swords!! I do love the Ice Caste. Advertisements


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He is big. He is mean. and he carries a BIG axe. Its Lucky to his friends and he is the most fun I have had with a model in along time. Yes the sculpt is old, but he is … Continue reading →

Dark Age Arena of Death part 2

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Welcome to the second Dark Age Arena of DEATH!! Post, continuing from the first post and the Skarrd Cup we are moving onto the other faction prize. Rules the same (200 points and not a character). This time we are … Continue reading →

Soul Splitter

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He maybe shamed as an Ice Caste member but at least his bow is nasty and he can deliver some sunder armour from a far (no-one likes sunder armour).. Advertisements

Dark Age Arena of Death

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Welcome to the Dark Age Arena of DEATH!! (*thunder and lightning*), so a bit of fun we are going to have ourselves a little sport in the shape of some one-on-one hacking and slicing! The competitors have been carefully chosen … Continue reading &…

End Of The (Most Productive) Week

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This week has not really been about  painting 28mm miniatures. It’s been about  me finishing of what I have started. Whilst i haven’t finished off every half paint figure on the bench, I have come pretty close. Some are abandoned rather than …

Back To Work

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The stated goal of the week is to have a workbench clearout. Anything that is part painted is fair game. Let’s face it, if it’s on the bench it’s also fair game. Hopefully the five dark age figures I am working on will be at the top of the list for com…

It’s Proving To Be A Far From Steller Week

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Not the worst week in my life but I have been unhappy about the way a lot of things are going with my hobby life. This is the third attempt at this post as I have been blue screen of death’ed twice. I lost a whole load of work on my Viking game as well…


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Very static model but nothing a little skirt wont fix. actually pretty fun to paint though. Advertisements


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Yes they are old, old models but I do like them and with some GS I have some gimp masks for the foot clan 😉 Advertisements


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Everyone needs a hand in Dark age and well, what better way than making your own right? 😉 Advertisements

Battle Report – Dark Age – Ep 35 – St Joan vs. Toxic Cult

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  Father Curwen and the Toxic Cult take on St Joan and her forces in this 750pt MTI 2017 game of ‘Border Conflict’! Advertisements

Air Elemental

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Its big, its deadly and it is a bugger to photo!! But I do love the Air Elemental and all his little friends that come out to play with him! (Sidestep for the win 😉 ) Advertisements

Soul Warden

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I did enjoy painting this guy up and as I am cheater painted him up so he matches both my Air and Ice caste so he can pull double duty!! Advertisements

Sister of Charity

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Another member of the horde that is the Foot Clan of Skarrd is here. Everyone needs a sister and one that ‘encourges’ other models is always handy! Advertisements

Dark Age and CMON

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My buddy Jeff recently played Dark Age while on vacation.  He really wanted to start pushing this game around at our local store and build a community for it.  I already had two armies for the game and decided to paint up my Brood force.&nbsp…

Ice Elemental

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I love the clear resin models the CMON did for Dark Age and the Ice Elemental is no exception to go alongside my Air caste chaps! Although will be honest he probably isnt the best model to take photos off! … Continue reading →


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I will admit the older metal models are not as cool as the plastics but this guy does the job. Advertisements

Bone Doc

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First of the Skarrd models done, looking splendid in his Foot Clan colour scheme 😉 Advertisements

Forged in Battle launch War & Empie III – The Dark Ages

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Forged in Battle have just launched the third in their series of War & Empire Kickstarter projects. Having previously tackled Ancients from Early Greece through to the height of the Roman Empire, this time they are moving forward to cover armies fr…