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Doctor Who Arc of Infinity Time Lord Omega

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Time to kick off my collection of Doctor Who villains!  Presenting Omega, the Time Lord who decided to name himself after his exam grades.  It’s the Gallifreyan equivalent of “F Minus”, which now I say out loud does sound like a good rapper name MC F Minus in da house, rappity rappity rap. This miniature …

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Peter Davison Fifth Doctor Who by Harlequin

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I’ve got a soft spot for Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. Probably because his run on Doctor Who started with a couple of very strong science fiction stories – Logopolis and Castrovalva. And I think Earthshock is the definitive Cyberman story. So I started my new collection of 28mm Doctor Who miniatures with him.  It’s the first […]

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I just need to make a call…

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So you are trying to set the scene for Operational Sea Lion games for Bolt Action. One of the challenges has been finding British scenery. If you were playing in 20mm then there was a whole model railway scene for an English landscape. However if you went down the 15mm (or the 28mm) road then … Continue reading “I just need to make a call…”