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Bolt Action Commando Vickers MMG Team

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As well as my Bolt Action Partisans, I am in the process of building a Commando team to fight alongside them. I am also going to use them as UNIT troops for some Doctor Who scenarios that I have been thinking about. As well as the plastic boxed set I a…

The Role of Character

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The Role of Character What does it mean to have character? If you are like most players you will start defining your path by picking your race and rolling some stats. Then you pick a class and maybe an alignment, and then you gear up for adventure. For many that’s all there is to creating […]

Doctor Who series 8 – review

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Those then weeks have flown by!  The eight season of Doctor Who (new `reckoning) featured a new Doctor, a new Opening, and the same Companion… Peter Capaldi took the mantle from Matt Smith, and while I never was a fan of the Smith incarnati…

Doctor Who in the Review

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I have managed to read all of the rules and play two quick games of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space. I haven’t rolled up a character yet, but I’m ready to write my review of the game. I picked up the rules at Origins and I’m glad I did. The limited edition book […]

Flip Through Doctor Who Time Traveller’s Companion

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Matt Takes a look at the Time Traveller’s companion for Doctor Who from Cubicle 7.  He chats about the Tardis – sort of there is like 50 pages on the machine.   He shares with you what he found to be fundamental about book with out spoiling the contents.         Check back […]

and I’m back…

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OK, after a period of mojo recovery, I’ve been busy – sadly some of that was a build up, review, tear down kind of busy, but the corrections (note the plural there) were worthwhile.  The bridge slots on nicely and will lead to something I haven’t …

Crooked Dice’s Graeme Dawson speaks about Doctor Who, the miniatures game and the company

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I’m a newcomer to all things Doctor Who. While Whovians were celebrating the 50th Anniversary with the excellent The Day of the Doctor on November 23, 2013, I was downloading and watching three other vids – firstly I watched An…

Box Breaking 125 Dark Gothic DBG from Flying Frog

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Matt Delves int the DBG Dark Gothic an takes a look at the card from Flying Frog.  Dark Gothic is based on the sett colonial American horror.  The game allows for 2-6 players have some fun.         You can learn more at Flying Frog.

Steampunk Old West: Time Travel

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This is a series of blog articles, updating and based on my original article on Steampunk Old West. I will be posting a few blog articles over the next week or so on my experiences and thoughts on taking the old west and adding a dash of victorian sci…

Doctor Who Miniatures – Time for Some Daleks

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Doctor Who Miniatures – Time for Some Daleks   Still just old miniatures with new photos. This time, the Doctor’s nemesis, the Daleks. One of the best movie/tv bad-guys even if they can’t compete...

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Dr Who x3 & Racing Zombies

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Dr Who x3 & Racing Zombies   I’m still working through my old projects, taking new photos of them and this time it’s Dr Who. The first three since they re-started the show back in...

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Tribute

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Very clever.

Flip Through Doctor Who Limited Editition Rulebook

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This is one of the cooler items I stumbled upon at Origins game Fair.  Join me as I drool over the pages of the Limited edition Doctor Who rulebook from Cubicle 7.  If you’re a Doctor Who fan this book is worth it just for the art.  Cubicle 7 did an awesome job You can […]

Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is back on Saturday, August 23, 2014.


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firstly, I have a smart phone – and I’m still finding my way around the damn thing – however, it does appear to be smart enough to automatically include pics in my blog in my gallery and I miss my old wallpapers… so stay with me… ahem – ok, progres…

old toy new life WIP part 2

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well, technically part 2 at any rate, it just needed a catchier title…Ok, the rooms within the base unit are done, walls thickened up slightly, some card down to hide various out of scale bits removed. All of the walls are at a slight angle, which ma…

Doctor Who – Only Human – Gareth Roberts book review

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The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection.  Eleven classic adventures.  Eleven brilliant writers.  One incredible Doctor.The 9th boom in the series of stories, each detailing another incarnation of the Doctor (old count basically, as th…

Action Force Tactical Battle Platform

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 I picked this old Action Force playset up ages ago for about £8 if memory serves…- it wasn’t complete, the flip out platform was missing, as was the gun rack, but that was fine, as I originally intended to use it as an oil rig… but that ha…

Book review: Doctor Who: Earthworld – Jacqueline Rayner

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The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection.Eleven Classic Adventures.Eleven brilliant writers.  One incredible Doctor.Anji has just had the worst week of her life.  She should be back at her desk, not travelling through time and space in a po…

Doctor Who in April from Cubicle 7

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Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space LE Rulebook $49.99    Imagine you could go anywhere. This world or countless others, encountering strange alien races, new cultures or hostile environments. Now imagine you could travel to any time. Meet Queen Elizabeth I (and maybe marry her!), discover the secrets under the Tower of London, watch […]

Lego Doctor Who

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You can find every kind of Doctor Who toys. However until now we haven’t got a Lego version of our dear doctor. Sure, there is one made by Character Building. It is cool, but it is not the same thing. Why buy an imitated adaptation of Lego minifigs when you aspire to the real one? […]

Epic : Armageddon – Supreme Commander Dalek

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Hey guys, Last night, somewhere around 1am, creativity hit me and I thought of creating a really special Supreme Commander proxy for my technocratic armies. After a few minutes while playing some songs from Rotersand, a hooking beat and repeating &#823…

1914 British Infantry

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I have four metal models from this range that I bought some time ago, not sure if that was the only ones I bought or if I have merely mislaid and lost the others…. I thought I had ten, but there are only four. I gave the models a white undercoat. Her…

It’s not war… it’s pest control.

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The second sub-challenge for Curt’s painting challenge was Villains. I had been carefully considering what Villain to put in for this mini project. Originally it was going to be one of the bosses for Warhammer Quest; then it was going to be the Necrom…

Sunday Funnies: Breaking News about Captain Jack Harkness

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Yup. He could do it. I saw The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug this weekend and really enjoyed it. This was quite a-propos… JP