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The Summoning – Chapter One

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A STILLNESS TO THE TREES The Duke of Lorica has requested that you and your companions investigate a simple family matter. His niece, Aolynn, summers at the farmstead of a retired member of the Royal Guard near the frontier town of Dunnhaven. The dispatch rider bearing the weekly correspondence from her is two days overdue … Continue reading The Summoning – Chapter One


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  The autoscribe is an arcane caster’s dream: a writing device that can make spell scrolls day and night. Like all devices seemingly too good to be true, though, it comes at a price in XP and materials. This device was created for “Clockwork Wonders” by By Wolfgang Baur in 2001. Appearance The autoscribe resembles […]

Tales from the Yawning Portal Review

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Tales from the Yawning Portal updates seven of the deadliest dungeons for 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons.

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The party has a bad day on the beach.

Ranta Cravis – the Right Hand of the Liche

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Our Song of Blades and Heroes campaign is coming to an end. This past Tuesday eve, our intrepid adventurers were reinforced by an additional party led by Thematurge Malik D’Orr. Together, the combined force squared off against Ranta Cravis, a cruel Necromancer and chief lieutenant to the Liche. Cravis had bolstered his zombie horde with … Continue reading Ranta Cravis – the Right Hand of the Liche


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Download some treasure charts for D&D 5th edition


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Random Trasure Table (d20) Alchemist Goggles  (DM assigns any properties) Longbow +1/+1 Masterwork Hurdy Gurdy (2 handed instrument) Quail eggs  (1d12 dozen) Coil of hemp rope, 50 feet length Fireworks (1 bundle) Keg of Dwarven Ale Tanned Buckskin Leathers Pipe Tobacco (Bag, 1d6 lbs.) Bandolier with 1d6 daggers or darts Wrist sheath with Returning Dagger … Continue reading TRADE GOODS, TRINKETS, AND TREASURE


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  Whitchthorn was the ruler of all the Fey living in Kryptgarden. When he was a prince, he lived with his spouse, the dryad Ishaldra, who balanced his evil inclination with her good nature. The Green Dragon Mask is recovered from the lair of Claugiyliamatar in Kryptgarden Forest. Old Gnawbones himself is injured while blows … Continue reading WHITCHTHORN


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Session #2 of Really Bad Eggs