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Random Trasure Table (d20) Alchemist Goggles  (DM assigns any properties) Longbow +1/+1 Masterwork Hurdy Gurdy (2 handed instrument) Quail eggs  (1d12 dozen) Coil of hemp rope, 50 feet length Fireworks (1 bundle) Keg of Dwarven Ale Tanned Buckskin Leathers Pipe Tobacco (Bag, 1d6 lbs.) Bandolier with 1d6 daggers or darts Wrist sheath with Returning Dagger … Continue reading TRADE GOODS, TRINKETS, AND TREASURE


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  Whitchthorn was the ruler of all the Fey living in Kryptgarden. When he was a prince, he lived with his spouse, the dryad Ishaldra, who balanced his evil inclination with her good nature. The Green Dragon Mask is recovered from the lair of Claugiyliamatar in Kryptgarden Forest. Old Gnawbones himself is injured while blows … Continue reading WHITCHTHORN


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Session #2 of Really Bad Eggs


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Making a new character? Consider these 10 things to add details and fun to your sessions!


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House Basadoni is the official Thief Guild of Calimport.


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Originally created by By Sean K Reynolds.

MAP: Tower of the Magus

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Hirelings and Henchmen

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I have always found hirelings and henchmen to be extremely useful, both as a player and as a DM. Therefore, it has always baffled me that they are so often ignored. To help shine a light on their benefits, I have done what I could to show my players how useful henchmen and hirelings can […]


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Session One of Really Bad Eggs.

On the painting table … Warriors of Faith

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Dungeons and Dragons – So a cleric and a paladin walk into a bar… This week on my painting table are two character models from Reaper Miniatures. These are the traditional metal figures rather than the new bones material. Both materials have th…

Who Rolls The Dice?

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As a player, I love rolling dice. It is empowering and somehow makes me feel more in control of events. As a DM, I realize that rolling dice can, in some situations, provide players with meta-information that may affect the choices that they make. For instance, a player’s reaction to being told she didn’t detect […]

Direwood Crypt: Spooky Resurrections!

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This scenario is part of a larger campaign, but could certainly be used as a one off adventure or folded into an existing story. It […]

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Recreating Darlene’s Map (Again)

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As many of you know, I was nearly finished with this project when my hard drive crashed. Sadly, when I went to restore everything from an external backup, all of my files were corrupted. Fortunately, I had another external backup, but it was prior to the commencement of this map. It would have been much […]


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13 HAMMER 1491

Time Travel

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The most convincing argument that time travel will never be possible is that certain events have transpired that time-travelers obviously would have wanted to prevent, if it were within their power. Since these events have not been prevented, it can be assumed that no one came back to prevent them because time travel isn’t possible. […]

Friends and Enemies

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If you leave things to your players, their characters will live in a bubble. They’ll return to town with their loot, say they are buying this and that, and head back out to the dungeon. But that’s not how real life imaginary life works. Characters will interact with an awful lot of people, making friends […]

On the painting table … Rogue One

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Dungeons & Dragons – I’ve been working on this Rogue for a little while, with the coughing fits I was having it was nearly impossible to do detail work. I just need to get the face and edge highlights done and this will be on it’s way back to…

My Most Played Games of 2016

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My Most Played Games of 2016

Every year I like to look back at my gaming habits. The theory is that even though its normal to look at the best games of the previous year (which I have done in both the Best Games of 2016 and our latest podcast episode) it’s also good to look back at the games I’ve been playing the most, the theory being that it keeps track of my gaming tastes and shows which games have truly shone through.
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Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates. – Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

Legend of Grimrock

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With the popularity of MMO RPGs, it is increasingly difficult to find a good single-player game. But a number of years ago, I discovered this amazing exception. Produced by Almost Human Games, released in December 2012, LoG is a 3D grid-based dungeon crawler reminiscent of Dungeon Master and similar games from the 80s, but with […]

Deviant Spells

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Higgs Bozon particle, Enstein-Rozen bridge, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Halley’s comet… when a significant discovery is made, it is often named after the person or persons who made the discovery. Wouldn’t the development of a new spell be accompanied by the same honor? Leomund, Tensor, Mordenkainen — just to mention a few — are forever immortalized […]

The Vampires of Dreadmoore Mire

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This scenario is part of a larger campaign, but could certainly be used as a one off adventure or folded into an existing story. It was […]

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Player Spellbooks

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The Player’s Handbook, from every edition of d&d, has contained a list of spells, both for wizards and clerics, as well as a complete listing of each of those spells. Naturally, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. For many years, I have used something a bit different. Do you remember when you first started playing […]

Time To Start Thinking About Monsters

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The holidays are over. Relatives have gone home. Decorations are put away. Life has more or less returned to normal. Now it’s time to start thinking about monsters once again! I have been away for some time, partly due to illness, partly due to real life obligations. But I am feeling better now and ready […]