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New magic items. Thanks to Wesley D. Ives and Gary Jaquet

Tyrants of the Underdark Aberrations & Undead Review

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Aberrations and Undead is the first expansion for Tyrants of the Underdark. It adds two new 40 card decks to expand your game play options.

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New Release: Harphogayth Campaign tool for 5th Edition Fantasy.

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I’m back with yet more Grinning Skull Studios publications news for November! Kicking off this month’s first release is the Harphogayth campaign tool, our very first real foray into material published for 5th Edition Fantasy. Written by Davide Quatrini, this supplement is a heavily inspired Manga/Anime style take on magical possessed power suits. The Harphogayth […]

Tomb of Annihilation Review

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Tomb of Annihilation is an adventure for Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition. In this module, set in the jungle, the PCs must stop a death curse.

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Dragonfire Board Game Review

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Dragonfire is a cooperative deck building game with a Dungeons and Dragons theme. Your party of adventurers must defeat encounters to win and gain XP and level up.

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What is the Oakmoss Parasite?


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What is Chult?


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The mysterious CASTLE ADIKOS


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The Power of True Names


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The legend of RESHAR and the SUBLIME WAY


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          GALAISHA is a medusa of great reknown. She was raised on the Infernal plane of the Nine Hells. Raised in such an environment caused her to become ruthless. Galaisha has plenty of ambition, but no focus, and does not persevere with plans. This is perhaps an effect of the mentality […]

Jacenelle Traen

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Jacenelle Traen was a Chondathan human wilder who led the Stray Thoughts psionic mercenary adventuring company based in Selgaunt in Sembia in the 1370s DR. Her role was to organize members of the Stray Thoughts to undertake missions, and she herself was away on activities half the time. She assigned prospective members to probationary missions. She would often manifest her psionic powers to aid members. She was eager to expand the […]


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Troglodytes are described as being shorter than a human, with spindly but muscular arms and squat legs. It also has some lizardman-like traits with a reptilian head and forearms, a spinal crest, and a long, slender tail. Troglodytes carry a repulsive odor which causes harm to those around them. Troglodytes primarily worship their patron, a disgusting toad-lizard called Laogzed. […]


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Danger at Darkshelf. A 5th edition D&D story based on the AD&D module written by Skip Williams.

DnD characters and New Terrain

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Our 5E DnD adventure began last Tuesday night with four intrepid comrades heading off to investigate the death of a mysterious stranger.   We have an Arab-flavored Paladin undergoing a crisis of faith, a Goblin Bard with a hording problem, an Fighter/Archer with a grudge, and a Halfling Rogue with a conscience. The evening’s shenanigans … Continue reading “DnD characters and New Terrain”


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What is Greyhawk?

Grinning Skull’s Oddball Outlet: Custom Gamer Chests for sale!

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Hello there everyone, In a departure from the usual stuff we have on sale from Grinning Skull Studios, I’d like to show you some physical product for once. Oddball Outlet is a term coined by yours truly, to describe any stuff I’ll be putting out to sell. I have quite a few gaming items coming […]

Hirelings and Henchmen

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I have always found hirelings and henchmen to be extremely useful, both as a player and as a DM. Therefore, it has always baffled me that they are so often ignored. To help shine a light on their benefits, I have done what I could to show my players how useful henchmen and hirelings can […]

Who Rolls The Dice?

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As a player, I love rolling dice. It is empowering and somehow makes me feel more in control of events. But as a DM, I realize that rolling dice can, in some situations, provide players with meta-information that may affect the choices that they make. For instance, a player’s reaction to being told she didn’t […]

Recreating Darlene’s Map (Again)

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As many of you know, I was nearly finished with this project when my hard drive crashed. Sadly, when I went to restore everything from an external backup, all of my files were corrupted. Fortunately, I had another external backup, but it was prior to the commencement of this map. It would have been much […]

Time Travel

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The most convincing argument that time travel will never be possible is that certain events have transpired that time-travelers obviously would have wanted to prevent, if it were within their power. Since these events have not been prevented, it can be assumed that no one came back to prevent them because time travel isn’t possible. […]

Friends and Enemies

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If you leave things to your players, their characters will live in a bubble. They’ll return to town with their loot, say they are buying this and that, and head back out to the dungeon. But that’s not how real life imaginary life works. Characters will interact with an awful lot of people, making friends […]

Legend of Grimrock

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With the popularity of MMO RPGs, it is increasingly difficult to find a good single-player game. But a number of years ago, I discovered this amazing exception. Produced by Almost Human Games, released in December 2012, LoG is a 3D grid-based dungeon crawler reminiscent of Dungeon Master and similar games from the 80s, but with […]

Deviant Spells

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Higgs Bozon particle, Enstein-Rozen bridge, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Halley’s comet… when a significant discovery is made, it is often named after the person or persons who made the discovery. Wouldn’t the development of a new spell be accompanied by the same honor? Leomund, Tensor, Mordenkainen — just to mention a few — are forever immortalized […]

Player Spellbooks

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The Player’s Handbook, from every edition of d&d, has contained a list of spells, both for wizards and clerics, as well as a complete listing of each of those spells. Naturally, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. For many years, I have used something a bit different. Do you remember when you first started playing […]