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Warcradle Studios – Dystopian Wars News

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Well it worked with the Wild West Exodus rulebook…and it is free…

Register TODAY!
You may have already seen on social media, registration is now OPEN for Dystopian Wars Third Edition!

What you get 

The current plan is for us to send a beautiful colour softback rulebook either to your local FLGS for you to collect or to your home address. It will contain all of the rules for Third Edition, along with some background and hundreds of photos/artwork.  
Registering for this promotion also registers you for the New Edition of Armoured Clash. This rulebook will be released at a later date and you will receive more information about this addition later.
How you get it
1) Share a photo of yourself with a Dystopian Wars Rulebook (at least one, but more is great).
2) Post your photo publicly and tag us in the photo with @warcradlestudios and @dystopianwars, make sure to use the #dystopianrules.
3) Tag in your local gaming store where you would like to collect your book from (if you have one).  No FLGS, no problem! we will send it directly to you.
4) Fill in the form here.
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Dystopian Age Model Previews

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As I discussed in my previous post, Warcradle made a big announcement last Friday about their plans for the future of the Dystopian Wars setting, which is now being heralded under the banner of the Dystopian Age. Unfortunately, I got … Continue reading

The Dystopian Age

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Greetings! Yesterday, Warcradle Studios published a video and a blog post detailing their plans for the Dystopian Wars setting, which they aquired from the fire sale that resulted from the shuttering of Spartan Games. The blog post and video are … Continue reading

Dystopian Wars Reborn

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  In my recent blog post I reminisced about the demise of Spartan Games and the demise of their fabulous steampunk game, The Dystopian Wars. Though as quoted in an TMP thread: “A game is never dead as long as rules and players exist, or rather, a game is as dead as players want it … Continue reading “Dystopian Wars Reborn”

Warcradle Studios a quote Spartan Titles

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We have some great news from Warcradle Studios! Warcradle are proud to announce that they have acquired all rights and materials relating to the Dystopian Wars, […]

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Thoughts on DW Flashpoint Campaign Maps

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One of the neatest new additions to the DW 2.5 book is the Flashpoint Campaign system. As the book describes it, this system provides a framework for conducting an expansive map-based campaign that will allow players to gain and lose … Continue reading