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Dystopian Wars Reborn

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  In my recent blog post I reminisced about the demise of Spartan Games and the demise of their fabulous steampunk game, The Dystopian Wars. Though as quoted in an TMP thread: “A game is never dead as long as rules and players exist, or rather, a game is as dead as players want it … Continue reading “Dystopian Wars Reborn”

Warcradle Studios a quote Spartan Titles

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We have some great news from Warcradle Studios! Warcradle are proud to announce that they have acquired all rights and materials relating to the Dystopian Wars, […]

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Thoughts on DW Flashpoint Campaign Maps

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One of the neatest new additions to the DW 2.5 book is the Flashpoint Campaign system. As the book describes it, this system provides a framework for conducting an expansive map-based campaign that will allow players to gain and lose … Continue reading

Area Bombardment in DW 2.5

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For the next post in my series on DW 2.5 mechanics, I’m going to address something that I’ve seen some folks have confusion about: Area Bombardment. This firing option is somewhat unusual across the ORBATs, and as a result it … Continue reading

The demise of the Dystopian Wars

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I was saddened to hear of the demise of Spartan Games, the company behind the wonderful Dystopian Wars and hope the future bears well for all the staff there. The Dystopian Wars is one of my favourite games, though to be honest I’ve not played for a while. What I think is interesting reading the … Continue reading “The demise of the Dystopian Wars”

Carriers in DW 2.5

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This post is going to be the first in what is intended to be a series; now that we’ve had the DW 2.5 rules in our hands for a couple of months, I wanted to go back and take a … Continue reading

The Sinking of Spartan Games

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As most of you reading this are probably aware of by now, Spartan Games announced last Friday (25 August 2017) that the company would be immediately ceasing operations. If you haven’t yet, it’s worthwhile taking a look at the company’s … Continue reading