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Casualties of war

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Andrew Brentnall has been extending his ECW collection with some casualty bases- here are some of them, there are many more. We hope to make the battlefield a little less “parade-ground” than usual. Many will make it onto the table for his Edgehill gam…

To Kill a King, Warlord ECW Supplement.

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YES! Finally Warlord have released a source book for this period, while the Pike and Shotte rulebook did have sections covering this period ,it’s nice […]

English Civil War Cavalry

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I have been busy painting new things… it’s just that most of them you’ll have to wait a month to see. I thought I’d try and get in on the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League this year. Stuff submitted to the league cannot previously have been be posted anywhere on the internet. So…
I have been working on some more post apocalyptic scavenger types for Mutants and Death Ray Guns and some English Civil War Irish for The Pikeman’s Lament. I will post them here after they’ve been featured in the Lead Painter’s League.

I also happened to finish up a solitary mounted cavalryman – which I will not be submitting as an entry into the League – which finishes off a unit of six for The Pikeman’s Lament (the other five were painted over a year ago…).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Solitary newly painted cavalryman from Old Glory

Completed unit of Cavalry. Could be “Trotters” or “Gallopers”. I’ll probably use them as “Gallopers”, because that’s how I roll…


Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I was planning a post to introduce some of the Dramatis Personae that will be involved in my upcoming narrative campaign for The Pikeman’s Lament.

I have a little scenario I’d like to run sometime this week, hopefully there will be a report of that little action! 

Dismounted ECW Cavalry

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Moving on…
I’ve been obsessing about The Pikeman’s Lament since it was released a month or so ago and having recently abandoned the Vimy Project I’ve launched straight into trying to get some units together to play a game.

Of course I have a pile of DBA-X ECW units I COULD use… just use casualty markers… But I happen to HAVE a lot of individually based ECW figures anyway, so I shouldn’t take much to organize dedicated units for Pikeman’s Lament.

Picking some “low-haninng fruit” I painted up three dismounted cavalrymen that finishes up three units of “Forlorn Hope” – smallish units of hard-hitting elites – similar to the dismounted knights (Foot Men-at-Arms) in Lion Rampant except… y’know… with muskets and the like.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Three newly painted dismounted ECW cavalrymen. The two on the left are Wargames Foundry figures that came are part of a pack of dismounted ECW cavalry I ordered a year and a half ago (when I was last excited about the era – as I was reading about it with the kids and the release of 

En Garde!</a> was approaching!) I mostly ordered them fort the OTHER figures in the pack – which I painted shortly after their arrival. These are copies of figures I already owned and had painted… so… there was less motivation to get them done… (until now!!).

The fellow on the left tossing the bomb is from Warlord Games. He was part of a storming party I painted up previously. This fellow wasn’t painted at that time because his flimsy little scabbard broke off. I was going to model a proper scabbard on their, but in the end just drilled it out, stuck in a bit of wire and painted that… If I hadn’t mentioned it, no one would probably have noticed…

Forlorn Hope #1 – Dismounted Cuirassiers – these would be classified as “aggressive” – a 0 point upgrade that removes the ability to shoot, but increases their Stamina and Attack Value. All but one is from Wargames Foundry, the odd man out is actually a Dixon Miniatures figures from their Flodden line?! I figured it was close enough – could be some poor old chap that couldn’t afford new armour and swords and had to go into battle wearing his granddads armour…

The four cuirassiers that are identical to the newly painted one I have had for-EVAR – I actually painted them 27 years ago!

Forlorn Hope #2 – Figures from Wargames Foundryand Dixon Miniatures again. This unit doesn’t actually include any of the newly painted ones above… I just thought I’d include a picture of them. As with the cuirassiers above, a couple of these chaps were painted 27 years ago. Can you guess which ones?

Forlorn Hope #3 – figures are mostly f from Warlord Games– with one from Wargames Foundry.

The entire storming party from Warlord Games… which I guess could be fielded as a Forlorn Hope of its own – if you could imagine the petard stand as a single element thus making a unit of six. I imagine I would more likely use the petard as a “token” of sorts in a scenario that has to be escorted to the gate of an enemy fortification and left there long enough for the storming party to clear away to a safe distance… much like the critters in the foraging or rustling scenarios. 
Good to be back working on a project I actually WANT to be working on! I actually completely reorganized all my ECW figures into four DBA-X armies (ECW Royalist, ECW Parliament – with options to make an ECW New Model Army, ECW Covaneteers, and ECW Scots Royalists) and four similar Pikeman’s Lament forces – with a few options for each. I’ve ordered just a few new miniatures to finish up a couple units in each. 

Despite these English Forlorn Hopes the most likely forces to be completed first will be the Scots.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More English Civil War for Pikeman’s Lament!

Or possibly some more post apocalyptic types for Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Or possibly even some JET BIKES for Faustus Furious 3000! 

More Troops for Pike & Shotte

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Hi FolksSince Christmas I have had a number of things on the go on my painting table (kitchen table actually) and I have finally finished off the units I needed for my Pike & Shotte ArmiesIf you are interested in heading back to the beginning of th…

Edgehill at Chalgrove

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Alongside the TtS Worlds at the recent Chalgrove event, Andrew Brentnall ran a participation game of the Battle of Edgehill using his superb collection of 12mm ECW minis and the “For King and Parliament!”rules that we have been writing and developing t…

15mm FoGR Markers

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With the tweak of the FoGR rules which is now on the near horizon, one of the changes is to revise how Commanded Shot work when they are supporting friendly mounted troops.In essence this will see the bases of Commanded Shot removed (together with the …

The Powder Mills – An ECW engagement

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With winter almost disappearing Mark and I were able to get back into the shed last Monday. I’d been hankering for a game of Pike & Shotte for most of the winter and Mark kindly agreed to pit his Royalists against my Parliamentarian forces.As alway…

The Kingdom is ours -Gun

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Managed to finish a artillery piece for the ECW .Warlord metal miniatures all come together with the gun and barrels etc.

ECW Game!

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Now then,Another good game of Impetus Baroque with the lads over in Redmire today. No battle report but heres a few pics.Royalists struggle to keep order crossing the river.Parliamentarians move forward, covered by a cannon.Johns Scottish contingent. S…

End of May Update

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Now then,May has been a productive month for me, I have managed to get alot of painting done, and also managed to get 3! games in as well.So what did I get painted?15mm ECWPrince Ruperts regiment of HorseThomas Astons DragoonsJohn Innes Dragoons15mm Sc…

2 games in 2 Days!

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Now then,I have been lucky enough to have 2 games this weekend!Firstly on Saturday James popped down for a game of Battlegroup Kursk. It was only a small game, based mostly on the introductory scenario in the Kursk book. It went really well and I like …

Colonel John Innes’s Regiment of Dragoons.

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Now then,Here is the final regiment done for my ECW project. Again, information is scarce so I have made the colours up, Colonel Innes’s Dragoons are green coated, with a generic green flag. it works for me, as most of my troops are either red or blue …

Sir Thomas Astons Dragoons

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Now then,Heres the latest unit, a regiment of dragoons. I have had real difficulty trying to tie down a particular unit, and coat colours etc, so I gave up and just gave this unit yellow coats.The flag is a generic one I found on the net, resized and p…

Prince Ruperts Regiment of Horse

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Now then,Here is my latest Unit for my Civil War project, Prince Ruperts Regiment of Horse. Probably the most well known Royalist Cavalry Regiment of the ECW.Heres a pic of all the Horse Regiments together, led on by Prince Rupert!ECW PAGE – LINKC…