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X-Wing Second Edition – do you really need this?

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The announcement by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) of their intention to release a second edition of the popular X-Wing Miniatures Game has generated numerous hours of YouTube video and miles of blog posts and comments as players across the world have reac…

GDPR and ChargeBlog

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Yep, it’s one of those posts. Time for a bit of housekeeping. Part of my weekend has been spent doing some spring cleaning on the site, fixing up some of the crud left over from running the same wordpress install since 2009. The other part has been working on some tweaks needed to bring the … Continue reading GDPR and ChargeBlog

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One MILLION downloads!

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Now that’s a figure I never dreamed that I would see when I started podcasting Meeples & Miniatures in 2008. I still can’t quite believe it. Thank You!!! Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who has listened to and downloaded the podcas…

Salute 2018 Trip Report

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Salute is the largest wargames show in the UK and, for me, a chance to visit London, see the sights, catch up with other wargamers and then escape within 24(ish) hours with a bag full of lead and future plans made. Since going to my first in 2015 as I rejoined the hobby, I’ve eagerly … Continue reading Salute 2018 Trip Report

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UK Wargames Show congestion…

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…or why I am not going to Salute in a couple of weeks… I’ve been covering UK wargames shows for the gaming media – be that one of the gaming magazines, or the podcast – for a number of years now – so much so that I m…

Where are all the blog posts?

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I usually try and keep a steady stream of blog posts published through each month – although March has been unusually quiet…. This is because I have been in ‘head down and go’ mode, building a terrain table for the Test of Honou…

The Kickstarter Graveyard

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Haunted by Kickstarter Kickstarter games have changed. According to Ignacy Trzewiczek of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island fame, they have become that phenomenon which has, in business jargon, “disrupted” an industry: I’ve talked with many publishers and KS … Continue reading

2018 in Preview

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We’ve taken a look at what happened in 2017, let’s take a look at what’s coming up in 2018. Targets The main plan is really just to keep going with the current plan as a base level. 2 posts a week works out pretty well, with Wargaming Week taking about an evening so the rest … Continue reading 2018 in Preview

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2017 in Review

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Time to talk State of the Union. My Christmas break blog reading was packed with people talking about how their blog had done in 2017 and what they had planned for 2018. I always like reading these posts so I think it’s time to add my own to the pile. As is traditional, it may … Continue reading 2017 in Review

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The 7 tasks of Shuck

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It’s amazing how quickly an innocent Tweet can get out of hand. Witness the following response from my good friend Mike Hobbs to a tweet from the weekend: Obviously with Mythic Battles: Pantheon about to arrive, Mr Hobbs was influenced to make an…

2017 in numbers…

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Just for a bit of fun, here are the headline numbers for the podcast and blog in 2017: Podcast Episodes published: 49 Total number of downloads: 232,493 Most popular show: Episode 211 – Test of Honour Review – 6,567 downloads Blog Posts pub…

Game of the Year 2017

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The Method to the Madness Board Game Geekery It’s that time of year again, when I look back over the good, bad, and ugly in gaming, and take stock of where I’ve been. Initially, I was thinking that this would … Continue reading

What’s on the shopping list in 2018

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Yesterday I was looking at the games that might make it to the table in 2018. For many of these games, I still need to gather together a few bits and pieces, whilst others may require a much larger spend. I thought I’d lay out my current purchasi…

Games People Play: looking at what might be coming to the gaming table in 2018

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Following my look back at the games I played in 2017, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on what I think I’ll be playing in the coming year. I would actually like to play more ‘traditional’ miniature wargames in 2018, and this may well be the case –…

PyroFrog’s Game of the Year – 2017 Edition

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As I look around my office and review the list of games I’ve played this year, I was honestly surprised to see that the vast majority of things I’ve gotten to the table were from 2016 and a few from … Continue reading

Going on Break

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We’re here! The last post of 2017! Post number 114 for 2017. I really hope you all enjoy the new part of the Great Big Modern Wargaming Rules Comparison. They are a bit of bastard to write but hearing people talk about the end result makes it all worthwhile. To make things easier, I’ve actually […]

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The Great Big Modern Wargaming Rules Comparison 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Last reminder – the survey is almost done. The form is really short, doesn’t need a login and can be found at Before we start a disclaimer: I have done some writing for Skirmish Sangin (including the latest book) and I am listed in the Spectre Operations book as a play tester. Last year I wrote […]

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The changing face of my miniature gaming in 2017

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Whilst 2016 was most definitely the year of Chain of Command, my gaming hobby in 2017, though still primarily miniatures based, has moved much more towards a smaller sized game, especially as the year has progressed. It could be argued that most of my …

Meercat’s Game of the Year

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Game of the Year 2017 I was able to play a lot of games in 2017. Because I’m prone to enjoy beer & pretzel games more, most of my top games might look completely different than that of the other … Continue reading

Written in the cards – my deck building approach in Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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I have never been a great fan of min-max gaming. I thought that I would make that statement ‘up front’ as that fact tends to have a large influence in how I approach gaming. I have never been one for spending hours building and tweaking army lists – quite the opposite in fact. I actually think my favourite way of building an army was the army generator from the Polemos Napoleonic rules where you chose the scenario you were going to play and then randomly generate a force for each side. From a historical wargaming point-of-view, it strikes me that commanders very rarely had the forces they wished at their disposal, so had to make do with what they had. So, when one is not a meta-gamer, getting involved in a deck-building game seems to be a bit of a misstep, as it would seem that the obvious thing to do in Lord of the Rings the card game is to attempt to tailor your deck so that: Many of the cards in the deck synergies with each other The skill and bonuses the deck provides match the particular challenges of the scenario being played. There have been many thousands of […]

Star Wars: Imperial Assault vs Star Wars: Legion

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I have been looking forward to the release of Star Wars Legion by Fantasy Flight Games ever since it was announced at GenCon earlier this year. Strange though it may seem, considering how big a fan of Star Wars I am, until very recently I had not played the Star Wars: Imperial Assault boardgame. When we reviewed this game on a recent episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, Imperial Assault was described as “Star Wars: Rogue One – the boardgame” and we started to discuss how Imperial Assault encapsulated the essence of the Star Wars films in its gameplay (and by the Star Wars films, I’m talking about the original trilogy plus Rogue One, which adds to the Galactic Civil War story.) With FFG recently announcing their first wave of expansions for Star Wars Legion, which unsurprisingly includes both an AT-ST and a T-47 Airspeeder, I have begun to wonder whether this new game or the existing Imperial Assault gives the better experience of the films… In Imperial Assault, a small number of heroes (usually 2-4) work to complete missions on behalf of the Rebel Alliance. These heroes can be aided by allies, who can include characters from the films such […]

Grail Games

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Grail Games A grail game is that game you must have, and possibly experience some difficulty getting (because it’s out of print, or a foreign import, or expensive). For you, it takes on mythic proportions, such that you both desire … Continue reading

Scratching the ‘Pandemic’ itch…

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One of the ‘big name’ releases at this year’s Essen show was the much anticipated Season 2 of Pandemic Legacy. Season 1 of Pandemic Legacy has been the  #1 rated boardgame on Boardgamegeek for some time now, so this new game has caused much excitement in the boardgame community. Whilst I am very curious about Pandemic Legacy, I must admit to being a little reticent to purchase a game that has a built-in limited shelf life. If you are unaware, the whole basis of Pandemic Legacy is that players have a limited number of plays the game over the space of an in-game year, with the potential of playing a maximum of twice in each month, therefore the game has a finite number of plays – between 12 and 24. Why the finite number? This is because as the game progresses, events occur that permanently change the game – anything from amending game components by placing stickers to removing components permanetly – this is what ‘legacy’ means in boardgame terms, and this mechanic has been adopted by several games. Whilst this game is the very essence of what you might term a ‘campaign’ game, the thought of making permanent changes to the game […]

Important: Cleaning Up and Coming Soon!

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Hey everyone! So, if you you may have received a pile of emails earlier this evening talking about video games. You may also have noticed there has been a bit of a drop in the number of posts on the site and lots of categories have gone missing. This is because I’ve decided to tidy […]

3rd Blog-iversary: Trends I see in Gaming

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3 Years On… I was looking through my Facebook memories, as one does, and I saw that October 14th, 2014 marked the start of my tenure with Epic Slant Press. My initial post marked my move to cooperative games, and … Continue reading