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Knowing your Angmar from your Erebor: Getting started with Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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Following a recent conversation with a podcast listener, in which I was discussing the merits of playing The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, from Fantasy Flight Games, solo, I was subsequently presented with a couple of issues, which all boiled down to answering a (relatively) simple question: Where on Middle Earth do you start? LOTR:TCG has been out for several years now, and as it’s a deck building game, each new expansion adds more and more cards. Couple that with the fact that there a multitude of expansions, and this can quickly become quite bewildering to the new player. One important thing to note – LOTR:TCG is not a collectible card game. Each expansion pack has a fixed content, so you don’t have to collect absolutely everything in order to keep up with play. Start at the beginning: The Core box As the song says, the beginning is a good place to start – in fact, the one mandatory purchase for this game is the Core box. As well as the rules (although these, and an FAQ, are available online) the Core set contains cards and tokens that you will need throughout the game. The cards in the game are divided […]

Dilution Theory – Part II

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In my previous article I addressed an email from a listener who, having looked back at my previously stated ‘favourite games’, wondered how Gaming Dilution Theory (as expounded on numerous occasions by Dave Luff on the podcast) had affected them. In looking back over the list he compiled, it quickly became obvious that games that were still firm favourites had struggled to see table time in the past 12 months – longer in some cases – even when my regular gaming time has actually increased. There are, I think, several reasons behind this, but one of the major factors is the change in nature of our gaming group. For several years, Dave and I met up and played on our own, which meant that we primarily played miniature wargames and very few boardgames. More recently, we have been joined by two of my other friends, which means that our gaming group of four now primarily play boardgames. I don’t necessarily see this as a problem per se, but rather the changing nature of my gaming experience. I enjoy both boardgames and wargames, so after several years of concentrating on the miniatures side of the hobby, it’s gratifying to be playing […]

Dilution Theory – Part I

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Regular listeners to the podcast will know that we regularly discuss Game Dilution Theory (GDT), especially when Dave Luff is on the show. The subject of GDT has recently been raised, thanks to a listener email from John which asked me how it has been affecting my gaming, based on my favourite games and projects from previous years. (Don’t you just hate it when people take notes and hold you accountable for things you have said in the past?) If you aren’t sure what it is, Game Dilution Theory can be summarized in a few brief statements: All gamers have a collection of games from which to choose when playing. There is a finite number of hours in the week in which games can be played. Adding to the collection of games means that there is more choice when choosing a game to play… …however, each additional game in your collection means that every game can be played less often – assuming that the same time is spent playing each game. Hence your gaming is diluted. Although we joke about how GDT clashes with what appears to be the ‘default’ setting of most gamers, which can usually be summarised: It’s new […]

Acquisition Syndrome

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Gamer, Gamer Quite Contrary… Gamer, gamer quite contrary, how does your collection grow? With BGG Hotness, “I just got this!” and Kallax shelves all in a row. Excuse the poetry. But, I am having a moment of collection crisis. See: … Continue reading