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Highland Commanded Shot

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As I finished up the Highland Clansmen I finished up earlier this week, I pulled out these hoping to get them done before my game with Bob on Tuesday. I didn’t end up finishing them in time, but as it turns out I didn’t need them as I had only 1 point …

Beating Up Quarters

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My friend Bob from Edmonton was in town last night so I set up a little game of The Pikeman’s Lament for us to play…June 1644, Glenn DunnyWhen first we met our hero Robert MacRame, he was living in his families ancestral lands in Glenn Dunny. He…

More Scots for the English Civil War

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Taking a brief break from all the 40K stuff, I decided to finish up a few more Highlanders for a game of Pikeman’s Lament I am hosting this evening – so I could bring back Robert MacRame! This small lot means I can now field THREE units of Highland Cla…

A Malign Digression

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So everyone remember my brilliant plan to stick to one project at a time? Also, does everyone remember how I was going to focus on painting my English Civil War models while I continued my Shadow War campaign with, now, fully painted models?Well that w…

‘For King & Parliament’ English Civil War rules released

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In episode 234 of the Podcast, we spoke to Simon Miller about his forthcoming English Civil War rules – For King and Parliament. We are please to announce that these rules are now available. Here is what Simon has to say: TtS! “For King and Parli…

Somewhere Else to Be

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Last week my friend John came over and we played a game of The Pikeman’s Lament. It’s been too long since John and I last rolled dice in anger…May 1644, YorkshireThe Siege of York has been dragging on and our hero, Ensign Evan “Holy” MacErrol, has be…

New Project – English Civil War

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With my Shadow War campaign is under way and most of the models for it painted, I have had time to try painting something else. Shadow War could keep me busy gaming for some months, which means I have plenty of time to focus on a project that’s likely …

Stable Genius

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After finishing the three little cottages on Saturday, I decided to do something slightly different on Sunday and made a building that could serve as a stable or other outbuilding for a manor farm on my ECW/English pulp tables. It’s 3″ deep and 4″ wide, so actually larger in footprint than the little hovels. Horse … Continue reading Stable Genius

Hovels & Gardens

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With the clock running on toward Trumpeter Salute 2018, I need to get serious about producing the new scenery the linked pair of games I’m running there need! I’ve got more than enough hedges, dirt roads, and other greenery bits from previous scenery projects, but the farmhouse/manor, dovecote, and barn I’ve built previously need more … Continue reading Hovels & Gardens

Pikeman’s Lament – The Battle of the Blackdunny Water

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After playing the Shadow War: Armageddon Campaign Friday and Saturday, Paul and I sat down on Sunday to play a game of The Pikeman’s Lament – a game I do not get on the table nearly enough! I was so excited when I read of it’s impending release a year …

Colourful Cavalry, Part Two

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Horses in colours other than brown! Armour in colours other than silver! Dogs and cats living together! Chaos and disorder! Well, something like that. Horses and armour, at least. I realized that all twelve horses for my regular ECW cavalry are all brown. Every last one of them. There’s a bunch of variation in tone, … Continue reading Colourful Cavalry, Part Two

Colourful Cavalry: Armour as well as horses!

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I’ve posted links to horse painting articles and tutorials before, including the exhaustive “horse of a different colour” series over at Trouble at t’Mill. Mike even gives you some rough math on what colours any given troop/regiment/herd/group of horses should be: “One tip – if you’re batch painting, the maths works out roughly that you … Continue reading Colourful Cavalry: Armour as well as horses!

Finished English Civil War Figures

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Not the greatest photographs going, but so far the only ones I’ve gotten of all of my recently completed 28mm ECW figures all together! Starting top left, the dark yellow coats belong to six firelock musketeers (in Pikeman’s Lament terms, either a Forlorn Hope or Commanded Shot). Clockwise we have two troops of regular horse, … Continue reading Finished English Civil War Figures

Happy New Year!

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Slightly belated Happy New Year to all! After months of doing absolutely zilch on the gaming front I saw the year out in some style, at least, with a whole bunch of English Civil War 28mm figures pushed through from “almost done” to actually finished in my time off between Christmas and New Years. This … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Back To Painting, Finally

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I’m fairly sure the last time I touched a paintbrush was back in July. Maybe August. As posts here will show, all wargaming activity of any sort coasted to a stop sometime in the first week or so of September, mostly due to a brain- and free-time-destroying family health crisis and associated astronomical levels of … Continue reading Back To Painting, Finally

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 234 – For King And Parliament

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Download Episode 234 Welcome to Episode 234 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to in the past couple of weeks, including games played, miniatures painted and perhaps the odd purchase or two. For the feature part of our show we chat with Simon Miller, author of Too The Strongest. We catch up with everything that has been happening with those Ancients rules and also discuss his new sety of English Civil War rules which are due for release next year – For King And Parliament. We hope you enjoy the show. Big Red Bat Blog Big Red Bat Shop For King And Parliament website If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: English Civil War

The Assault Group ECW Artillery

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The Assault Group (TAG) has a huge range of Thirty Year’s War/English Civil War/general Renaissance figures that I’d heard good things about, including that they were fairly compatible in size and style to the Warlord figures that make up the entirety of my TYW/ECW collection so far. The only major piece missing from my 17th … Continue reading The Assault Group ECW Artillery

Opening a new front…

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I’m sorry for the recent lack of posts- I’ve been very busy writing “For King and Parliament” for release late this year and it’s cut right across my blogging time. I still have loads of units that I completed for the last WHC gig in april that I’ve no…

A quick Recommendation

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Not much of an update today. Work is proceeding on my last two Ghar units, but I haven’t gotten far enough to share any pictures.Instead, I thought I’d share something from another blog that I have enjoyed. The Realms of Chaos 80’s blog recently featur…

Pike And Shotte To Kill A King arrived today

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Lovely book. Good summary of a complicated period. As with many Warlord publications lots of lovely pictures and well written, but there is always the odd typo left in. I’m not an expert on the period but the lists looked good to me and more character,…

Exciting discovery!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, it was whilst walking around inside the ‘Rout Yard’ or earth fort situated outside the walls of Bolingbroke Castle that I made a rather exciting discovery.Littered with bits of pottery and broken glass, the floor of …

Bolingbroke Castle visit

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Bolingbroke Castle, located in Lincolnshire, was built in about 1220-30 by the then Earl of Lincoln, Ranulph de Blundevil, a powerful Norman baron. By the time of the Civil War in the mid-17th century, the castle was in decay but was rebuilt by the Royalists to make it sufficiently strong to pose a threat to the Parliamentarian forces in the county and was held until the Parliamentary victory in 1643 at the Battle of Winceby, three miles to the north. When the Parliamentary forces moved out, they deliberately ruined the castle to deny its use to the Royalist cause. Over the years, stone was robbed and used in local building projects, the site eventually becoming nothing more than a grassy mound until its excavation in the mid-20th century by English Heritage.

I took the following pictures of the site last year when I made the short trip from Lincoln to Bolingbroke one warm summer’s day.

This is how the Castle would have looked at the height of its power in the 13th century, with a moat 90 feet wide coming right up to the walls.

This photo (taken from the same viewpoint as the illustration above) shows all that remains of the castle – the brick base of the once impressive walls. The mown causeway in front of you marks the line of the drawbridge.

This photo is taken looking slightly to the left of the previous picture (you can still see the information panel and causeway, leading up to the Castle entrance). It shows the marshy area which now surrounds the Castle where the moat would have been.

This photo, taken of an illustration on one of the information panels, shows what the Castle would have looked like when it was built in the 13th century. As you can see, it was quite impressive! It is, however, unlikely to have looked quite as impressive during the time of the Civil War as it was in a state of decay at this point.

This aerial photograph shows the Castle on the right, and the dark green ring around it is the marshy area which marks the extent of the moat. The earthwork on the left, known as the ‘Rout Yard’, is thought to be an earth fort built during the Civil War and played a part in the siege of the Castle in 1643. Recent academic study has however made claims that this was in fact used as a fish pond when the Castle was permanently occupied.

This photo shows the earthwork (in the centre of the photo) taken from the walls of the Castle and it was whilst walking around inside the earthwork that I made an exciting discovery…

Coming up this week

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Here’s what you can expect to see right here on this blog over the coming week:1. Several historical articles about the type of weaponry and tactics during the English Civil War2. My own research into the clothing worn by both sides during the conflict…