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Videocasting and its Impact on Board-gaming

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Who Needs Rules? I enjoy Rodney Smith’s channel. It’s quite methodical and takes you step-by-step through the game that you are wondering about. There are three ways that I have used the channel: to find out about a game, to … Continue reading

3rd Blog-iversary: Trends I see in Gaming

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3 Years On… I was looking through my Facebook memories, as one does, and I saw that October 14th, 2014 marked the start of my tenure with Epic Slant Press. My initial post marked my move to cooperative games, and … Continue reading

Solitary Confinement: My Thoughts on Quantic Foundry’s Analysis of Solo Boardgamers

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The New 1% The 1% is usually a reference to a global elite of wealthy people, who control much of the political and social trends by virtue of their wealth. If there were an equivalent in the board game world, … Continue reading

Game Session for the Week of 9/29/17

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What I’m Playing Hey, all. Dave here, checking in with this week’s batch of games that have hit my table. Triplock Triplock is the abstract brainchild of Chip Theory Games, and will be available in wide release in November 2017. … Continue reading

A Dog’s Life (P)review

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The Secret Lives of Beasts Humankind has long had a fascination with the day to day life of the animals around us, unencumbered by human responsibilities and the needs and expectations of our peers… What do they do? What is … Continue reading

Game Review – Last Front

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Last Front Review War games have often been a bit polarizing. Many gamers can get turned off by this genre due to the ridiculous playing time while others know no other thrill than to declare victory after battling for hours … Continue reading

My Time in the ’12 Realms’ – A Review

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Imagine yourself as one of the popular or well-known storybook Legends in one of the classic fairytale lands; full of treasure, artefacts, helpful inhabitants, and (of course) the Evil One(s) and their minions. While the dastardly machinations of those villains … Continue reading