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Summer in the 12 Realms – Winner Announced!

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Hello everyone! I know this post is a bit overdue, but I wanted to make sure we celebrate our winner of the Summer in the 12 Realms Contest. Congratulations to Joshua McGrew from Florida!! Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to … Continue reading

Acquisition Syndrome

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Gamer, Gamer Quite Contrary… Gamer, gamer quite contrary, how does your collection grow? With BGG Hotness, “I just got this!” and Kallax shelves all in a row. Excuse the poetry. But, I am having a moment of collection crisis. See: … Continue reading

Summer in the 12 Realms Raffle

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  Hello Everyone!! It’s been a while since last time we did a contest, thankfully, MAGE Company was gracious enough to allow us the opportunity to give away a copy of the 12 Realms Core Game as well as a 1st … Continue reading

Game Review – Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout

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Have you ever wanted to add some more variety to your party game collection? We can all recall the tried and true group games that we’ve played way too many times throughout the years, but sometimes we need to add … Continue reading

Hoplomachus Origins: A Solitaire Perspective

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The Lone Gamer Rides Again Welcome back! Today, I’m talking all things solitaire in Hoplomachus Origins. If you’ve followed my posts long enough, you may well be aware that I play many games by my lonesome. And, I’m always on the … Continue reading

Board Game Mechanic Review #5 – Player Elimination and Hidden Roles

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In my fourth posting regarding board game mechanics I outlined the various aspects for both Co-operative Play and Auction/Bidding. For the next installment of the board game mechanic series, I’ll be summarizing a brief overview of Player Elimination and Hidden … Continue reading

Granite Games Summit – Recap Part 2

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Thanks for joining in today as I wrap up my visit to the Granite Games Summit last weekend. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out Here. Next up: Scythe My next meaty excursion was with the … Continue reading