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A Dog’s Life (P)review

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The Secret Lives of Beasts Humankind has long had a fascination with the day to day life of the animals around us, unencumbered by human responsibilities and the needs and expectations of our peers… What do they do? What is … Continue reading

Game Review – Last Front

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Last Front Review War games have often been a bit polarizing. Many gamers can get turned off by this genre due to the ridiculous playing time while others know no other thrill than to declare victory after battling for hours … Continue reading

My Time in the ’12 Realms’ – A Review

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Imagine yourself as one of the popular or well-known storybook Legends in one of the classic fairytale lands; full of treasure, artefacts, helpful inhabitants, and (of course) the Evil One(s) and their minions. While the dastardly machinations of those villains … Continue reading

On the Table – Dice Tower Con 2017 (Part 2)

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Welcome back for the second half of recounting my visit to Dice Tower Con 2017. Without further ado: (if you missed part 1, you can find it here.) Kemet The next day I wasn’t at the con, for the most … Continue reading

On the Table – Dice Tower Con 2017

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I recently came back from Dice Tower Con. It was my first experience at a bigger convention and the first time I traveled somewhere specifically for a con, so it was a special experience. At the same time, I traveled … Continue reading

Review: Escape from 100 Million BC

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Synopsis Let’s go back to yesteryear. We can stroll down the sunlit boulevards of a simpler era and–wait a minute? Where’s the boulevard? And is that the jungle primeval blotting out the sun? A roar in the background, louder and … Continue reading

Summer in the 12 Realms – Winner Announced!

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Hello everyone! I know this post is a bit overdue, but I wanted to make sure we celebrate our winner of the Summer in the 12 Realms Contest. Congratulations to Joshua McGrew from Florida!! Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to … Continue reading

Acquisition Syndrome

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Gamer, Gamer Quite Contrary… Gamer, gamer quite contrary, how does your collection grow? With BGG Hotness, “I just got this!” and Kallax shelves all in a row. Excuse the poetry. But, I am having a moment of collection crisis. See: … Continue reading