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Warlord Games Con Live Blog

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Join Andrew and Ben as they embark on a cross-country journey to Warlord Games Con in Midwest City, Oklahoma for a weekend of gaming, competition and history. Thursday, 10:04 p.m. Part 1 – Pack your bags All packed up and ready to hit the road ea…

Visit at the Duke of Bavaria

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While Dennis went to visit such boring stuff as the Salute, Warlord, Mantic or Games Workshop last month, I went to visit the Duke of Bavaria painting competition for the first time. The competition takes place every year and is held in the Bavarian Ar…

Warlord Games HQ Store & Studio 2018

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After visiting Mantic Games, we went to Warlord Games, to take a look at their new HQ store. Warlord has been located at Lenton Business Centre since the very beginning. Back when they only had a few offices, spread all over the complex, nowadays the h…

Mantic Games Studio 2018

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As mentioned earlier, we combined Salute in London with a day trip to Nottingham. First stop on friday morning was Mantic Studio. As with the Warhammer World, this wasn’t the first time visiting Mantic. It was quite impressive to see, how Mantic has gr…

Salute 2018 Haul

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The concluding post to our Operation Sealion 2018, the haul, the loot, the gathered goodies and shiny stuff made from metal, plastic and resin. If you’re going by plane, make sure to have enough empty space in your luggage to cope with your buying. As …

Chicago Dice Tournament Season – 2018

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Join us as we roll up to events around the greater Midwest and show show folks how we do things in Chicago! May 18 – Warlord Games Con -Midwest City, Oklahoma Andrew and Ben are playing in a three-game, 1250pt. Bolt Action tournament. Andrew is a…

Upcoming Big Battles at TSA: May update

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The benefit of having your won clubhouse, is that you can use it to play some really large games that take whole days or even weekends.And in the nearby future, we have quite a few of those lined up, so let’s have a little oversight of what to expect t…

Choosing What Convention Games to Play – Wargaming Recon #207

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Choosing what games to play at a convention, game day, trade, show etc can be difficult. But here we can help make your decision easier! Here are some tips! HUZZAH Adrian and I will be at Huzzah May 18-20, 2018. We will be doing a live recording there …

Warhammer World 2018 – Exhibition Centre Part 2

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With the Old World covered in Part 1 of the Exhibition Centre article, this one focuses on the next two areas, with the (grim) dark Sci-Fi setting of the Warhammer 40,000 world, including the horus heresy and the main piece of the exhibition, Battle for Angelus Prime. And be sure, the grim dark future of […]

Warhammer World 2018 – Exhibition Centre Part 1

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The exhibition hall at Warhammer World has a long tradition and has been redone in a couple of variations. For a short amount of time before the last huge overhaul, it was a medium sized room with show cabinets on all walls, covering the different armies from the Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000 ranges. But that […]

Warhammer World 2018 – Hobby Centre, Gaming Area & Bugmans Bar

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As our “Operation Sealion 2018” was not only build up on visiting Salute on Saturday, we did a tour to the lead belt of Nottingham, and I was eager to see the renovated Warhammer World, the head quarter of Games Workshop. The entrance has been redone and the venue is now barrier free. The Rhino […]

Salute 2018 Aftermath

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After having a pint or two next to ExCel at Fox, we headed to Borough Market. Imagine an urban district dedicated to food, food of all kinds, that’s Borough Market.     You can buy any kind of meat, vegetables and dishes there. From german sausages, over australian meat, to South American dishes, all kinds of […]

6. Rhein-Main Multiversum 2018

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Last week I received the invitation by the Martin from Tabletop Club Rhein-Main to join their Rhein-Main Multiversum in Nidderau, Hessia. So I jumped in my car and drove across the Taunus towards the Wetterau, amazing weather with blue sky and bright sun to enjoy in the meantime. The Rhein-Main Multiversum is held in the […]

Salute 2018 – Part 3

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As Salute being such an important event for the wargaming community, lots of companies schedule their announcements and releases for that particular saturday in April. Some of them are just teasered, some proudly announced in the newsletter before the show and others are huge surprises. And as a enthusiast you have your hopes, what will […]

Salute 2018 – Part 2

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Let us focus on the gaming tables and participation rounds at Salute in this part of the coverage. A table, that I was really looking forward to see, was the one by Andy Singleton and Kildaire Paintworks, it is a 20mm / 1:72 World War two Setting in the mediterranean. He documented the different kits […]

Salute 2018 – Part 1

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Salute began early for us, after the day-trip to Nottingham, we we’re ready and waiting at 7 a.m. at Cambridge Station. Taking the Great Northern towards London, we had some time on our hand. It takes roughly an hour and gets you to Kings Cross without a stop. Spending that time on going through our […]

Intro to Salute

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Last thursday, on April 12th, Operation Sealion 2018 started. We went to Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport, for our four day trip to the UK for Salute and a brief day trip to the Leadbelt. There are a couple of ways to get to London. Two years ago and before that, we did the Salute as […]

Battle Report: Steamroller 4/14/2018 (Toledo, OH)

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Yesterday my friend TJ and I took a drive out to Toledo Game Room in Toledo, OH (it was about a 3 hour drive for us) for a Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller event.  This was actually my first official Steamroller I ever played in, I played i…

Upcoming Big Battles at TSA: april update

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The benefit of having your won clubhouse, is that you can use it to play some really large games that take whole days or even weekends.And in the nearby future, we have quite a few of those lined up, so let’s have a little oversight of what to expect t…

Campaign Sea Lion 2018

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It is time to take another approach and try to loot the Island for pewter, plastic and resin! Thursday we head over to the UK, for a short trip to the “Leadbelt” of Nottingham as well as paying a visit to the Salute on saturday. Salute is the largest wargaming event in the UK, hosted […]

More from the Balearic Island of Mallorca

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On friday, March 30th, our exploring journey of the island continued. We set for the southern part and made several stops along the coast, beginning with Cala Figuera. We had great luck with the weather, it was bright and sunny, and just look at these blues of sky and sea. The second row shows the weathered […]

Adepticon 2018 – Bolt Action Doubles – The Grey Wolves recap

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Adepticon this year was a blast. It proved to be a much needed weekend of playing games, seeing friends and spending unreasonable amounts of money in the vendor hall. Our favorite event, Bolt Action Doubles, was filled with both familiar faces and a lo…

Adepticon 2018 – Bolt Action Combat Patrol results

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Congratulations to all the players that took part in Bolt Action Combat Patrol! This was my first outing as a TO and I cannot thank these guys enough for showing up, leaning in to the theme of the event and putting up with my shenanigans. I have some g…

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #12: AdeptiCon 2018 Recap

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It is now Monday and I am back from AdeptiCon 2018 so it is time for my Weekly Chronicle.  Obviously with most of time over the weekend being spent at AdeptiCon, not too much was done in my hobbying aspect.  I did manage to get 2 models compl…

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2018 Day 3 3/24/2018

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Day 3 completed and not too many photos today, seems like I am getting worse and worse with remembering to take photos.  My son and I started the day playing in the Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament and then got in a couple of smaller friendly gam…