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Scythe: The Wind Gambit Review

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Scythe: The Wind GambitI backed Scythe on Kickstarter in 2015 and the game did not disappoint me when it arrived in 2016. I loved the variable player powers and deciding how to best utilize my four actions while balancing the map control. And PLEASE do not forget about the art, which is some of my favorite board game […]

Mage Wars Academy Warlord and Forcemaster Expansions Review

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Mage Wars Academy gets two new wizards, the Warlord and the Forcemaster. These expansions also add more creatures and spells to the series.

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Bandits and Brigands in Test of Honour

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Warlord games have two new sets up to pre-order for Test of Honour. The first is the Bandits and Brigands set and the second is […]

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Between Two Cities Capitals Expansion Review

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Capitals adds more ways to score and depth to Between Two Cities without adding too many new rules.

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Resurgence: Konflikt ’47 First Expansion

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The weird war escalates, each nation is ramping up their arsenal and the Japanese and Finnish have entered the fray in the new Konflikt ’47 […]

Suburbia 5 Star Expansion Review

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Suburbia 5 StarReleased in 2012, Suburbia garnered critical acclaim both within and outside the board game hobby, by following up its successful release at Essen with a Mensa Select Award. It has aged well, remaining among the top city-building titles to this day. The first expansion, Suburbia Inc, was a solid addition to an already great game, […]

Legendary X-Men Expansion Review

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X-Men is a big box expansion for Marvel Legendary the Deckbuilding Game. It features heroes and villains from the X-Men comics and adds some new mechanics to the Marvel Legendary series.

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51st State Scavengers Expansion Review

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51st State Scavengers ExpansionThe 51st State Master Set released in 2016, and was a much improved version of that fun engine building game. If you don’t know much about it, you can read our full review here. Even though the Master Set includes two expansions (New Era and Winter) in the box, that didn’t stop Portal Games from […]

Between Two Cities: Capitals Expansion Review

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Between Two Cities CapitalsBetween Two Cities is Stonemaier Games take on the pick-and-pass drafting genre. If you haven’t played it before, you can read out our full review of Between Two Cities here. But suffice to say, I found it an enjoyable game that also worked really well as a gateway game. Recently, game designers Matthew O’Malley and […]

Neuroshima Hex: Death Breath Review

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Death BreathZombies! Everywhere in the board gaming hobby there are zombie themed games popping up. While the trend may have cooled off recently, today we are taking a look at the Death Breath army expansion for Neuroshima Hex (review). Neuroshima Hex is one of the best abstract strategy games and it deserves all the praise that […]

Tsan Ra Isorian Strike Force

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The Chryseis Shard supplement introduces elite and specialist armies, whatever your race and leading the charge this week come the Isorian Senetex Tsan Ra allies… With the […]