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Woo-Hoo! Review

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Woo-Hoo!Gaming with children can be both rewarding and excruciating. Kids games, especially for kids in the 2-4 year old range, have to walk a very delicate line as attention spans are short. Its great for your kid to get something out of the experience without having to end up in timeout for throwing the pieces […]

Rhino Hero: Super Battle Review

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Rhino Hero: Super Battle2011’s Rhino Hero is one of, if not my #1, favorite game from family game publisher HABA Games. It garnered a 5 Star review here on BGQ and makes it’s way to our gaming table early and often (with and without kids present). So when I heard they were releasing a sequel, I was all […]

King Frog Review

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King FrogMany game designs set up grand themes and try to connect abstractions of reality with elegant mechanisms. Designers steep themselves in the world of their games honing the minutiae of decision structures. The rabbit hole goes deep and produces all sorts of types of games. Just as crucial is the role of the consumer in […]

Go Nuts for Donuts Review

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Gonuts for DonutsIn 2014, Gamewright Games brought us the popular “pick and pass” style game Sushi Go!. This game took the 7 Wonders style card drafting mechanic and distilled it down to its essence. It was a very successfully game that’s even made its way to iOS. I bring this up because Gamewright’s newest card game is […]

Safe Breaker, Break Free, and Operation: Escape Room

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Operation Escape RoomThere clearly aren’t enough games to teach kids how to be crimin…, err… spies. Readers who agree with this statement or even those looking for a safe space to allow their kids to be… uh… spies will appreciate this next review. Here we’re taking a look at some offerings from YULU Games in their SPY […]

Maze Racers Review

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Maze RacersI love to build things. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a tile laying game that has me constructing a city, or a dexterity game where I’m stacking things. Building allows me to tap into that creative part of my brain that loves to get used. Today, we are going to look at a unique […]

Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail Review

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Purrrlock HolmesSome games have a theme that just grabs you and immediately generates a lot of interest. Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail is obviously a game about a feline detective set in an alternate reality of sorts where animals commit crimes. Either way, Purrrlock Holmes is a quick playing deduction game for 2-5 players that takes about […]

Cauldron Quest Review

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Cauldron QuestSometimes a game just catches you eye for a small reason. Maybe it is a cool looking pieces, amazing art, use of a dice tower, or, in the case of the game we will be reviewing here, the shape of the board. Cauldron Quest is a cooperative kid’s game where players are attempting to thwart […]

Memoarrr! Review

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Memoarrr!There seems to be a a growing trend of taking old/classic games and using them for a foundation in a modern board game. Bruno Cathala did it with 5 Tribes (Mancala) and Kingdomino (Dominoes), while Antoine Bauza did it with Samurai Spirit (Blackjack). Designer Carlo Bortolini is now joining their ranks with this new game, […]

Parental Guidance: Deadline, Herbaceous and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft Review

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Parental GuidanceWe are back with another edition of Parental Guidance, where I play games with my parents and they let me know what they thought of my choices. This is all part of my never-ending search for games I can play with people who aren’t part of my usual gaming group. While we’ve always got the […]

Slide Blast Review

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Slide BlastI can’t even tell you the last time I was on a waterslide. While they were a staple of my childhood (we are only a few hours away from the Waterpark Capital of the World), I just don’t really find the time any more as an adult. So I guess I need to live vicariously […]