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Maze Racers Review

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Maze RacersI love to build things. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a tile laying game that has me constructing a city, or a dexterity game where I’m stacking things. Building allows me to tap into that creative part of my brain that loves to get used. Today, we are going to look at a unique […]

Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail Review

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Purrrlock HolmesSome games have a theme that just grabs you and immediately generates a lot of interest. Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail is obviously a game about a feline detective set in an alternate reality of sorts where animals commit crimes. Either way, Purrrlock Holmes is a quick playing deduction game for 2-5 players that takes about […]

Cauldron Quest Review

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Cauldron QuestSometimes a game just catches you eye for a small reason. Maybe it is a cool looking pieces, amazing art, use of a dice tower, or, in the case of the game we will be reviewing here, the shape of the board. Cauldron Quest is a cooperative kid’s game where players are attempting to thwart […]

Memoarrr! Review

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Memoarrr!There seems to be a a growing trend of taking old/classic games and using them for a foundation in a modern board game. Bruno Cathala did it with 5 Tribes (Mancala) and Kingdomino (Dominoes), while Antoine Bauza did it with Samurai Spirit (Blackjack). Designer Carlo Bortolini is now joining their ranks with this new game, […]

Parental Guidance: Deadline, Herbaceous and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft Review

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Parental GuidanceWe are back with another edition of Parental Guidance, where I play games with my parents and they let me know what they thought of my choices. This is all part of my never-ending search for games I can play with people who aren’t part of my usual gaming group. While we’ve always got the […]

Slide Blast Review

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Slide BlastI can’t even tell you the last time I was on a waterslide. While they were a staple of my childhood (we are only a few hours away from the Waterpark Capital of the World), I just don’t really find the time any more as an adult. So I guess I need to live vicariously […]

Parental Guidance: Riff Raff, BarenPark, Jaipur Review

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Parental Guidance Volume 2We are back with another installment of Parental Guidance, where I chose games to play with my parents, and my mother chimes in with her thoughts on the games I brought. The goal of this article series is to help you choose new games that you can pull out with your family and other non-gamers. […]

Beasts of Balance Review

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Beasts of BalanceIf there is a growing trend in board games that I absolutely love, its app integration. While some were skeptical at first, I’ve yet to see a game made worse by having an integrated app. In fact, most of the time, the game is way better than it could ever have been. Today’s review of […]

Kingdomino Review

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KingdominoGame designers are no stranger to repurposing mechanics from very old games. Bruno Cathala did it with his award-winning 5 Tribes (Mancala), and Antoine Bauza did it with Samurai Spirit (Blackjack). Well Mr. Cathala has once again dipped into the annals of gaming mechanics and emerged with Kingdomino, a game that seems to be clearly […]