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X-Wing Expansion: E-Wing – A Review

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I’ve always loved the E-Wing. Ever since I read the Dark Empire comic book. At the time my brother and I were elbow deep in the Expanded Universe and the X-Wing game series on the PC. I waited and waited for a patch or expansion for the E-Wing but it never came to be. So […]

Miniature Monday: X-Wing repainted!

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One of the best things with X-Wing: The Miniatures Game is that the ships comes pre painted, for a lot of people anyway. For me this is still the case but as a painter I have to paint some, despite the original paintwork being okey at least.I will not …

X-Wing Expansion: B-Wing – A Review

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I’ve always had mixed feelings about the B-Wing. When it dove into view in Return of the Jedi I was fascinated by the design. Of all the Rebel fighters it looked the least like a conventional/modern/atmospheric craft. But this had a lot to do with it being designed by Admiral Ackbar, a Mon Calamari who […]

Unboxing the TIE Phantom Expansion Pack for X-Wing

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Wave 4 for the X-Wing Miniatures game arrived. There are several interesting new ships in the mix, but none more so than the sneaky, cloaking Imperial stealth fighter, the TIE Phantom. I definitely had to get myself one of those. The TIE Phantom is a g…

Star Wars X Wing: Shout Out to Fantasy Flight Customer Service

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Hey! Eyes up here and off my female peg!This update is overdue. I bought an X Wing expansion a bit ago to pad out my army lists for the bigger format games these days, thanks to the largemungus Rebel Transport and Tantive box sets that were released.Wh…

Starting Malifaux and X-Wing!

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You could have thought that when you have like a thousand or so of unpainted miniatures that you just can’t get rid of other than to actually paint them, you should not get any more. You have plenty to do already! Well I’m not that kind of guy and even…

X-Wing Expansion: HWK-290 – A Review

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So back in May I clocked another year and was rewarded with many things. One of which was the HWK-290 expansion pack fro X-Wing. For those not up on their expanded universe, the HWK-290 made its debut in the FPS Star Wars: Dark Forces in 1995. It was widely praised for its vast level design, […]

Unboxing the TIE Fighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing

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I’ve resisted the TIE Fighter expansion for X-Wing for a while. In many ways, it is the least economical of the expansion, as you get not just one, but two TIE Fighters in the X-Wing miniatures base game (and many people buy multiple copies of th…

The Outrider Is Coming To X-Wing

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Fantasy Flight is churning out X-Wing ships as fast as Games Workshop is churning out new 40K-models (well, before Orks I suppose). Rebel Transport. Tantive IV, Wave 4 ships. And the next wave has just been announced, featuring the Rebel Outrider (or Y…

X-Wing Miniatures Game Community

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There’s a new community blog about for fans of the (Star Wars) X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight Games. X-Wing Miniatures Game Community: Everything about our passion called X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. and promises t…

X-Wing Expansion: A-Wing – A Review

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This review is rather later than planned and, for a change, it had nothing to do with me. It’s fair to say that Fantasy Flight have been victims of their own success and have struggled to keep up with demand for the X-Wing Miniatures Game and as such all but the wave 1 range was […]

TIE-Phantom Preview from Fantasy Flight Games

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The fourth wave of X-Wing ships is on their way. Fantasy Flight has done a series of previews. They’ve saved the most mysterious of the ships – the TIE Phantom – for last. Obviously, people (including me) were wondering how the X-Win…

Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG from FFG out in May

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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Core Rulebook $59.95 SRP     Take on the sinister Galactic Empire as a member of the Rebel Alliance!   The 464-page Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook provides everything you and your friends need to wage guerrilla warfare across the Star Wars galaxy, face down legions of stormtroopers, [...]

The Big Guy: Unboxing the Lambda Shuttle Expansion for X-Wing

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It can’t accelerate worth a wheep  and it turns slower than a comet, but if you get in its sights, it can blow you to itty-bitty pieces. It would be embarrassing to have to inform your family you got shot apart by a shuttle, so stay alert. It&#8…

X-Wing Miniatures Game: Battle Report 4

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The asteroids drifted slowly in space. Spinning and twisting in an endless orbit with a planet no longer possessing the gravity well strong enough to keep them in place as its rings. By any measure of interstellar navigation it was a hazard, but every other measurement it was suicide. Which was why smugglers used it to hide […]

Dungeonquest Revised Edition Announced

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Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new version of the classic Dungeon Quest board game; Dungeonquest Revised Edition.Read more »

Salute 2014

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So tomorrow the big day will have finally arrived. And it cannot have come soon enough. These last few years I’ve pre-ordered my ticket as soon as possible. Not because I’m worried about missing out but because when I wake up the day after Salute I’m already looking forward to the next one. For me Salute […]

Fantasy Flight Games: Tantive IV Expansion Pack for X-Wing Preview

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Fantasy Flight Games has previewed this Tantive IV Expansion Pack for X-Wing. Also available for pre-order for European wargamers at Wayland Games.Welcome to Wargame News and Terrain, a wargame hobby blog dedicated to supply you with your daily wargame…

X-Wing Imperial Aces Squadron List Building Thoughts

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Ever since I received my Imperial Aces box, I’ve experimented with TIE Interceptors. Mostly, it’s been painfully humiliating. Squadrons with just 3 blinged-out Interceptors aren’t (so far) doing it for me. Probably due to my lack of p…

X-Wing: Collecting a Rebel Fleet

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The addition of a second Y-Wing means my Rebel fleet for Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures Game is starting to take shape. With a few games (and wins) under my belt I’ve started to get to grips with the tactics of fighting with a Rebel fleet. To be perfectly, brutally, honest you can pick up the […]

X-Wing Headhunter Preview by Fantasy Flight Games

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Holy…. Fantasy Flight Games is really pushing X-Wing this spring. The Imperial Aces expansion just arrived in stores. The Rebel Aces expansion has been announced. The large ships are on their way. And, of course, there is Wave 4 of X-Wing ships. …

Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing Z-95 Headhunter Pack Preview

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Fantasy Flight Games: Manufactured by Incom Corporation, the Z-95…

Unboxing – Imperial Aces Expansion for X-Wing

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The X-Wing Imperial Aces Expansion arrived (if you could get hold of one… ). Expensive and fragile, TIE Interceptors are rarely the go-to choice for X-wing players, but they are a classic Star Wars design. I sure hope the Imperial Aces expansion…

Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing – First Pictures

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Wizkids is on a roll. Their Star Trek Attack Wing game, licensed from FFGs X-Wing Miniatures game (which in turn is arguably an unlicensed “homage” of Wings of Glory) was a massive success. Good enough for Wizkids to take the licensed game …

X-Wing Expansion: Slave 1 A Review

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So now we really get to the meat of the subject, capital ships for the X-Wing Miniatures Game, and for me it all starts with Slave 1, the entire reason I choose to do an Imperial fleet. Boba Fett was always my favourite. Yes, I know it’s an obvious choice but so what? He was […]