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Star Wars Imperial Assault Batrep

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I started playing Star Wars Imperial Assault around two years ago with a couple of friends at my local club. We mainly run the campaign […]

Sunday Round-up

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I decided to chill a little this week as my former captors seem to have relaxed their search for me judging from their lack of progress……and as The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy have been surprisingly good company I tried to recruit a few more of th…

Deathwatch RPG – Kill Team Theta – Session Seven

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The mission logs of Kill Team ‘Theta’ of the Deathwatch.This sessions attendees are…Martin – GM———-Matt – Black Templars Assault Marine KlausTristan – White Scars Assault Marine HakimMatt – Space Wolves Wolf Scout BjornGaret…

DOOM vs Adrenaline Face Off

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DOOM vs Adrenaline Face Off

It’s a reasonably well known fact that certain kinds of media don’t transfer well into other formats. In fact, in most cases, it’s like introducing a baboon to the Dead Sea; you might think you’re doing something novel, but in reality all you’re achieving is killing your subject in a rather painful way. The transferral of Assassins Creed from game to movie is evidence of that – turn a reasonably fast paced action game into something akin to watching leaves grow on a dying tree, without the benefit of brutal murder to calm the soul.

Let’s take two recent releases for example – DOOM and Adrenaline. They’re both based on ideas founded very firmly in video games – the FPS, or First Person Shooter for those with only a vague awareness of the concept. As an avid fan of video games, the first thing that came to mind when I saw Adrenaline was Unreal Tournament – Deathmatch FPS in a futuristic Sci-Fi environment. And it’s quite obvious where DOOM came from. DOOM, obviously, although the progression from id Software’s DOOM to Quake was a natural one. Given Quake and Unreal Tournament were rivals at the time, it seems only fitting that they are compared in cardboard form too, if for no other reason than to justify my place amongst Polyhedron Collider’s review panel. Given the review panel currently consists of myself and Steve, it’s not exactly like trying to fight my way onto the UK Olympic track and field team, but I can’t be seen to be shirking my responsibilities.

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Sunday Round-up

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I’ve yet again avoided capture for a week but to be honest I’m getting a bit bored with how easy it’s become……though my constant search for allies as I continue my quest for world domination has once again led me to Raging Heroes ‘Toughest Girls of…

Talisman is Coming Back!

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Talisman is Coming Back!

 With the split between Game Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games coming into effect in a few days (you will no longer to buy Fantasy Flight’s licensed Game Workshop games from the 28th February) the question remains, what happens to all the games? It probably means we will never see those games designed by Fantasy Flight game again in their current form, which means no more Chaos in the Old World, Blood Bowl Team Manager or Forbidden Stars but there has always been hope that those game originally developed by GW will rise again.
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Deathwatch – RPG Character Project

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I’m currently involved in an RPG campaign using Fantasy Flight Games Deathwatch system set in the grimdark of Games Workshops Warhammer 40K and as with all such campaigns I tend to make a model to represent my character. My first attempt didn’t quite t…

Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold

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Mansions of Madness: Beyond the Threshold models. So you get 4 horrors and 2 heroes, a few tiles and welcomed clue tokens and 2 new scenarios that you can download. I wish they’d have added more dice and a few more things as I found the box a bit bare really for the price. Models are decent but nothing special, 4 identical models which is always a downer. I’ve kept the same basing and style to fit with the rest of collection.

Les figurines de la dernière expansion, aucune idée du nom en Français ou même si c’est traduit. Il y a 4 monstres et 2 héros, 2 nouveaux scénarios a télécharger et des tuiles. Ils auraient pu rajouter des dés et quelques trucs en plus car je la trouve un peu vide la boite et chère pour ce qu’il y a dedans. J’ai peints et soclé dans le même style que mes autres figurines de la collection.

20 Awesome Looking Board Games Coming in 2017: Part 1

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Time has rolled round yet again, the year has been reset and by the time you read this most people’s New Year’s resolutions will have been broken. Hopefully your New Year’s resolution wasn’t to buy less table top games, because there are loads of awesome board, card, miniature and roleplaying games set to be released in 2017.

Every year this list gets easier and easier to write as game publishers provide more and more information early and start promoting their games. In fact I’ve really struggled to keep this list down to X games.

It also means that games can be delayed.  All the games listed here are slated to be released in 2017, but as we’ve seen in previous years there may be some delays.

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UK Games Expo

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I know quite a few people who will be going to these events…


FFG European Championship tickets to go live

Massive new event

The 2017 European Championships are at the UK Games Expo, June 2nd – 4th!
Offering a main tournament for each of their competitive Organized Play games, the European Championships will be a convergence of players ready to vie for the prestige and glory this event offers. Climb the ranks and win travel and accommodations for the World Championships, as well as an opportunity to affect the future of your favorite game!
Tournaments include: Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: Destiny, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Star Wars: The Card Game, X-Wing™ Miniatures , Game of Thrones: the Card Game and Android: Netrunner.
IMG 2235
The Worlds largest Xwing event last UKGE.

More Questions?

There is a detailed article on this event on the Fantasy Flight Games Website here.

Where do I buy tickets?

The tickets for this event will go live on the UK Games Expo website this Friday the 13th January at 6 pm. So get in from work, order your curry and then login and get entered. We have setup a dedicated page on the UKGE site. Right now you can go and find out more about the schedule.
Good luck!
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DOOM: The Board Game Review

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For those of you swimming around inside your father’s scrotal cavity in 1993, the DOOM series has been a benchmark for FPS titles (First Person Shooters for those of you not au fait with the wonderful world of the video smile machines), a standard which few games have surpassed. id Software are renowned for making solid game engines and DOOM was their breakthrough title. It’s spawned (pun intended) a legacy of sequels, updates and remakes around the canon – all usually involving an unnamed soldier (the DOOM Marine) running around a Martian base trying to repel the forces of Hell back from whence they came. Rather like closing time in a one-club town, there’s a lot of ugly mutants wandering around attacking the authority figures and wondering why they get a beating, before being sent back to the holes they came from.
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Enjoying My First Take Down! Second Fly Out

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The other week you may remember me talking about X-Wing and my first Fly Out! Now whilst I really wanted to keep the Millenium Falcon in play for a few more games I though a more prudent course of action would be to down grade to smaller ships so I could take more off them, coupled … Continue reading Enjoying My First Take Down! Second Fly Out