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Let’s Play! – Star Wars: Legion by FFG/Asmodee

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  Let’s check out FFG’s latest offering to the Star Wars Universe, the Ground Combat version of their family of games. Big thanks to Clarence for bringing in his set and to Battle Kiwi for the awesome terrain! Check out Battle Kiwi HERE: Advertisements

Nedeljne vesti 1.6. – 8.6.2018

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Zanimljivo je kako skoro svake nedelje imamo po minimum jednu društvenu igru sa licenciranom temom iz nekog kultnog filma. Ovog puta to je Army of Darkness u izdanju Dynamite Entertainmenta. Games Workshop sprema novu kartičnu igru, Warhammer Age of Si…

FFG najavio prestanak štampanja Android: Netrunner The Card Game

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Zbog isteka ugovora o licenci, Fantasy Flight  Games je najavio da ce od 22. oktobra, 2018. godine prestati da proizvodi Android: Netruner The Card Game proizvode, uključujući i plejmetove i slivove za karte. Pre nego što licenca istekne FFG će izbacit…

Lord of the Rings Board Game Review

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In our Lord of the Rings board game review, we take a look at a classic co-op adventure game from designer Reiner Knizia based on the popular Tolkien novel.
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Nedeljne vesti 25.5. – 1.6. 2018

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Jun je stigao. Vruće je. A naše nedeljne vesti pucaju od hitova kao hormoni tinejdžera koji je upravo završio srednju školu. Fantasy Flight Games je odlučio da je vreme za novi ciklus Cosmic Encounter izdanja, te je najavio novu standardnu ediciju ove …

Star Wars Legion: Princess Leia and Fleet Troopers

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I’ve been working on these for the last day or so, doing a bit here and there as coats dried on those last few Zombicide models:Fleet TroopersPrincess LeiaThe Princess is the second commander model for the Rebels and is more of a buffer than a fighter …

Warhammer, Legend of 5 Rings, Vampire the Masquerade – povratak velikih RPG imena

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Stavite plašt i čarobnjački šešir, jer se ove godine vraća nekoliko roleplay igara. Fantazijska verzija Warhammera ovog leta dobija četvrto izdanje. Izdavač Cubicle 7 je nedavno najavio osvnovnu knjigu, Starter Set i veoma lepo (i veoma skupo izdanje z…

Dizajner Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness i Legacy of Dragonholt napušta Fantasy Flight Games

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Kodizajner igre Eldritch Horror i Mansions of Madness i tvorac Legacy of Dragonholt je napustila Fantasy Flight Games posle 5 godina rada za ovog izdavača. Prvi projekat Niki Valens za ovaj studio bio je rad sa Korijem Koničkom na spiritualnom nasledni…

Majski FFG World Championships 2018 krunisao šampione

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Početkom maja je u Rouzvilu, Minesota, Fantasy Flight Games je održao FFG World Championships 2018 za pet Star Wars igara. Od 2-6 maja, odigrane su finalne faze takmičenja za sledeće igre iz daleke galaksije: Star Wars: Armada Star Wars: The Card Game …

Star Wars Legion: A New Hope!

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Spent the day finishing off all my Rebel Alliance models, luckily my third AT-RT arrived today so i could bust that out too:I picked up a set of the alien heads from to mix up my squads with some more varied looks heheThese bring…

Star Wars Legion: AT-RT and Airspeeder

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I’m on a bit of roll now, these two vehicles were finished yesterday afternoon:AirspeederAT-RT with Rotary CannonAgain i have the brown scheme to match my infantry and board, its worked out well on the walker but i still detest painting the flat surfac…

Star Wars Legion: Seeds of the Rebellion

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So i had a demo of this from a mate at the club and really liked it! Its much better than i imagined and its Star Wars hahaI picked up my own core set, bought my mates rebels and then also purchased an Airspeeder from a local store Marquee Models.I’ve …

Force Friday #3 Shriv Shurgav

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The next ‘Force Friday’ stream to get uploaded to the YouTube archive features Shriv Suurgav and more of the Rebels for Star Wars: Legion. Shriv is the Duros character from Battlefront II and was an immediate choice to give a painting nod to whilst doi…

X-Wing 2nd Edition: I have a good feeling about this.

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Hi there, Lee of The Average gamers podcast / 2screens fame here again; this time with a quick overview of the recently announced X-Wing 2nd […]

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X-Wing igra sa minijaturama dobija novo izdanje

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U jednoj dalekoj galaksiji, plastični svemirski brodići će reći ”piju-piju”… po drugi put. Fantasy Flight Games je najavio drugo izdanje svoje izuzetno popularne igre sa minijaturama X-Wing, stone simulacije svemirskih bitaka iz Star …

Nedeljne vesti 13.4. – 20.4. 2018

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Ovonedeljne vesti su pune velikih imena i izdavača. Toliko najavljenih noviteta da smo se bavili nezahvalnim poslom biranja najvažnijih. High Society dizajnera Rajnera Knizije, dobija novo reizdanje posle 10 godina, a Wizkids se sprema za novu ediciju …

Legion Stormtroopers

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They are the faceless foot soldiers of the Empire and as someone whose childhood was shaped by Star Wars and the image of white-armoured Stormtroopers patrolling Mos Eisley I love the design of these guys. Fantasy Flight has nailed the look of them in …

Box Breaking 243: Star Wars Legion AT-RT from FFG

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In this Box Braking Matt takes a look at the Star Wars Legion AT-RT from Fantasy Flight Games. I can’t wait to blow this guy up.  It’s kind of funny in X-wing I prefer to rebel or be scum but in Legion I think I’m a clone all the way.

Force Friday #2 – The Rebellion

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My second ‘Force Friday’ got off to a great start after spending a day gaming over at the FLGS where the Imperial gang scooped up a couple of things for their barrack walls. A great days gaming which was finished off by me rushing back to stream the ne…

Nedeljne vesti 30.3. – 6.4. 2018

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Dobrodošli u uskršnje izdanje nedeljnih vesti. Šarene vesti kao šarena jaja o šarenolikim tipovima društvenih igara. Z-Man Games nastavlja sa serijom reizdanja i novih edicija proverenih igara sa početka ovoga veka. Naravno da je tu ponovo Knizijina ig…

Abregado Fusiliers: Conversions

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I did some modelling yesterday and some fine young recruits have arrived to bolster the ranks of the Abregado Fusiliers (my Legion Rebels). All of the miniatures in my second squad are conversions since I want to avoid too many duplicates in my army. F…

Force Friday #1 – Painting Stormtroopers

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With the release of Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games on the 23rd March, #ForceFriday has become my new ‘thing’. In the very first of my Star Wars Friday streams I cracked open the core box and immediately started on the Empire’s finest, or at …


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Yet another Star Wars themed Game – damn you Fantasy Flight Games!

Straight from the Workbench: First Legion Squad

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Happy Easter everyone! I put the holidays to good use and finished my first Rebel squad:Finding a colour scheme is a task of its own as you have to choose between the great looking uniforms seen in canonical appearances and the gnawing urge to create a…

Imperial Terrain: Small Desert Home

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Legion is finally out and I have to get my terrain ready for some proper games!My table still needs a couple of larger terrain pieces and since time is scarce I decided to fill the board with some 3D printed buildings by Imperial Terrain. I had these a…