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Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar

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The modular dungeon of Sagra-Bayar, that is.   Completed the latest round of glass work this weekend and allowed the hobby to take over one of my shop tables for a couple days. Now this idea had been bouncing around my head for a while: 3D dungeon tiles using faux-stone vinyl tiles. Seemed like a … Continue reading “Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar”

The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Episode 2 -The Gauntlet Part 2

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 The Blackbarrow Chronicles Episode 2 The Gauntlet – Part 2- The GameThe Blackbarrow Chronicles is an ongoing series  of report on fantasy games played on my Village of Blackbarrow Table, which has been a decade long project  that’s fina…

The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Episode 2, The Gauntlet Part 1 – Preview

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The Blackbarrow Chronicles,  Episode 2, The Gauntlet  Part 1 – PreviewBlackbarrow Chronicles is a series of reports on the  fantasy games played on my Village of Blackbarrow table. A long term project that I have been working on in large…

Dark Rituals

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Our ASOBH game continues as the adventurers come upon the Necromancer Varro Desecrae conducting an dark ritual at the Shrine of the Sky Stone. In addition to his Hell Knight bodyguard, the vile mage hired a goblin shaman and a mob of goblin scuttlers (backed by a Toad Demon) to insure the ritual is goes … Continue reading “Dark Rituals”

Reluctant Allies

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More Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes gaming this week, with Matt, Derek, John, and Pat each fielding a Hero and Sidekick as they search for the Treasure of Sagra-Bayar. Each player has their own reasons for finding the treasure, but their goals align  – at least for the moment – and they must work … Continue reading “Reluctant Allies”

The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Episode 1,

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Blackbarrow Chronicles  – Episode I,  A Grave Occasion ( Battle On Blackbarrow Bridge)

Blackbarrow Chronicles is a series of reports  on fantasy games played on my Village of Blackbarrow table that I have been working on in bits and parts for just about a Decade.   The rules for Episode 1 are a test of a “hacked” version of the OSR “The Black Hack” ruleset  designed with specifically miniature gaming in mind.  Overall it doesn’t matter what rules we use, be it these, Otherworld Skirmish, Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, or the several others I’ve talked about the games flavor and Campaign Narrative will continue. The are a lot of Characters in Blackbarrow, From  Heroic Adventures and their Henchman, the Townsfolk and the Royal Authority that rule them from Blackbarrow Castle, to various power groups both good and bad , like Merchants guild, the town sheriff and his guards,  Mercenary groups for hire, Evil Cultists and of course the local Dungeon chock full of monsters.. Future posts will  be new stories or focus on the overview of its town and its inhabitants

 Basic Rules Notes-

  Everyone gets a move action and an action, you can sacrifice your action for additional movement but not vice versa.

Dice Mechanic-
   D20  All rolls to hit , avoid, save or cast spells are tests against individual character stats
 (STR, DEX, INT , ect)

  Advantage- if some has the Advantage they roll 2 dice and pick the higher, if they are Disadvantaged the roll 2 dice and take the lower..

  6>Ranges  are Close, (b2b),nearby (


  Armor Points- Some Characters have Armor, unlike traditional Armor Classes,  Armor Points used as Damaged Reduction with a static total per battle when they are gone, they are gone. In scenarios with multiple battles, there is an opportunity to repair.
Spells may be repeatedly cast as long as a Spellcheck is made testing INT with a penalty of the Spell Level, failing this the spell slot  is temporarily lost.

 Statistic Tests-

  Target number for Stat test is ascending . “ i.e you need a 11 to hit”…penalties increase that number so you will see “ +1 Penalty” making the target number harder or “-1 Bonus” making it easier. Often times we state the reverse (-1 Penalty) but mean the same thing. I’ve kept the notations linear in hope of keeping things as clear as possible.

Special Rules Episode 1-

This scenario takes place at NIGHT a light surce is required or line of the sight will be limited

Darkness Rules-


 Close- No Penalty
  Nearby -with Light Source (Torch, Lantern, Spell, Item) – No Penalty
  Nearby with No Light Source – Penalty
  Over There, with Light Source- Penalty
  Over There-  No Light Source- No Ranged Attack is possible

 Hall of Tyr

  Arturus, Paladin Level 2

  His Lv 1 Henchman –  Cristoffe his Squire and Holger his Man at Arms

  Harald the Cleric Lv 1

  Killian, Ranger for Hire Lv 1


 The Necromancer.
    The Necromancer level 3

    His Undead Servant HD 3

    Beleg, Cult of Orcus Leader Level 1

The Scene-

 Heroes of the Hall of Tyr, are alerted by the local gravedigger that a Necromancer is raising the dead at the local cemetery and proceed to intervene.

The leader of Cult of Orcus has arranged a clandestine meet with a Mercenary Necromancer to convince him to side with their cause, The Necromancer is currently indifferent to needs of the Cult of Orcus and really just wants  to raise some minions for his Cabal.

Experience to be earned-

  Hall of Tyr

+1 for surviving the battle (individual)

+1 knocking  out opposing team leader(s)OOA

+1 team if no one is knocked OOA


+1 for Survive

+1 for each undead raised and off the board

Beleg, Cult of Orcus

+1 Survive

+1 for any Heroes knocked OoA


All the heroes test against their dexterity those that fail act after their opponents, here  I arrange the main participants in Dice Order, summoned creatures add to end of the order.

1.       Arturus

2.       Killian

3.       Holger

4.       Undead Servant

5.       Necromancer

6.       Beleg, Cultist leader

7.       Cristoff

8.       Harald

Turn 1

Arturus,  moves once then sacrifices his action to also move for a total of 12 inches across the bridge
Killian, wants to jump from the hill to the bridge and needs to make a difficult terrain move check, since he is a Ranger  he is not disadvantaged testing his Dex and easily passes he then moves again scanning  as far the lanterns light will let him as he thinks he sees shadowy figures moving in the graveyard

Holger, Arturus’s Henchman  follows the Paladin a step behind (12 inches) Carry Lamp, no darkness penalty within 6 inches

The Undead Servant under orders from the Necromancers  shuffles quickly toward the road to intercept the incoming adventurers.

The Necromancer casts Lesser Animate Undead….he summons 3 Zombies and a Skeleton that rise up from the Earth, he then must spell check if he retains the spell and 2 level slot , with a 15 INT,   he only needs a 6 but it’s a 2ndlevel spell so it raise to an 8, he rolls a 12 and keeps the spell in memory for now.

Beleg the Cult Leader– moves behind Tree, waiting for opportunity to attack

Cristoff, the Squire  move twice to  following Arturus and Holger

Harald, The Cleric – brings up the rear (moves  x2)

Summoned Undead move to end of Imitative order

Skeleton moves

2 Zombies move toward Graveyard Gate..

One Zombie stays with Necromancer

End Turn

Usage Die Checks,

Kilian D10 Quiver – pass

Holger D6 Lantern- Pass

*Usage Die* are for disposable items..if a 1 or 2 is rolled the die drops to the next lower tier (D10>D8>D6>D4) a 1or 2 on a D4 the item is depleted.

Turn 2

Arturus – Moves 6 hedging his distance with the oncoming Undead Servant
Killian The Ranger  -eyeing the darkness he can just barely make out the shape of a freshly risen zombie at 12”” (“over there” range) the darkness penalty is +2 and the  Zombie also has soft cover for +1 in addition the zombie is 2 HD so an additional +1  for being a level  higher than the ranger .  Killian dexterity is very high 17 needing only a “4” to hit  and despite + 4  to the roll pushing him to an 8.. He rolls a “17” – the Arrow finding it mark no problem  damaging the Zombie for 5 Dam.

Holger – moves next to Arturus

The Undead Servant –Charges Arturus the Paladin

*Charge Rule*- clear unobstructed straight line of sight of more then 6 but no more than 12” to target attacker may move in to base contact 12” as a charge  following with an single attack at  +2  penalty to hit but also adding +2 to any damage total.

The Undead Servant uses the Necromancers INT as its Fight Stat its needs  a “8” to charge into Arturus with the Penalty , however since  this charge also forces him into base contact with Holger he suffers the additional +1 penalty for fighting more than one opponent.. The Undead Servant needs a 9 and rolls a 12 hitting the Paladin for 7 damage total with lowering his Armor points to 5 ….

The Necromancer- casts Lesser Animate Dead again this time summoning a Single Skeleton- with roll of 12 on the Spellcheck his 2nd level spell slot still memorized…

Beleg the Cult Leader remains hidden waiting to an opportunity to strike..

Cristoff moves into combat melee along side Arturus and Holger but must use both his move and his action to do so.

Harald moves to the rear to support his allies

Remaining undead shuffle toward the heroes..

1 zombie remains with the Necromancer so he can use it as a shield.

Turn End.

Usage Die Checks

Kilian Quiver – Pass

Holger Lantern-  Pass

Turn 3

Arturus – attacks the undead servant, he is a level 2 Paladin he has 2 attacks

His “to hit” is based on his STR of 13  and the base to hit is an 8+,  but gets a +1 penalty as the Undead Servant is 3HD..pushing it to  9, However Arturus has 2 allies in the fight  each giving him -1  bonus for a total to hit of  “7” he Rolls a “9”- a hit resulting in 6 damage. On his Second attack he rolls a “20”! a Critical hit equaling double damage  he rolls a “3” for 6 more plus there is a D6 critical hit table, but the result of a “1” yields no extra effect. The Undead Servant has no Armor so 12 of his 17hp are gone a lucky blow could put it down!
Killian –Fires an Arrow at the same Zombie as last turn  rolling a “2” missing.

Holger- attacks the Undead Servant missing it.

The Undead Servant- Pummels Holger hitting him with a”16″…The man at arms has a large shield but isn’t using it, as he’s holding the lantern so the 5 Damage punches a hole in his Gambeson  wiping out his 2 Armor and doing 3 damage…he has 5 Hp  left.

The Necromancer –  Seeing his servant is in trouble  moves to the top of the Gravemound and within Nearby distance casts “Protection from Good” upon his creature…He needs a 7 on the Spellcheck as it’s a 1st level spell, rolls a 7…

*Protection from Good* gives the Undead Servant  protection for incoming attacks from good players.  Those attacks directed at him all now have a disadvantage.

Now his three attackers must roll two dice for each attack picking the worst one..

Beleg, the Cultist Leader- isn’t interested in exposing himself to harm unless he can make an easy kill. If undead start dying..he will flee- in the meantime he stays put.

Cristoff the Squire -attacks the Undead Servant his base to is an 11 (10 STR) He gets a -2 bonus for his allies…but  +2  penalty  because the Servant to 2 levels higher that he(Powerful Opponent)    after the Die Modifierts he still needs a 11 but with the Disadvantage from the Spell rolls 2 dice roll a 12 and “2” so he misses.

Harald the Cleric -wants to try to banish some Undead but they aren’t close enough (must be Nearby) and the Undead Servant is too powerful (Harald would need to be 4th level to try to Banish (rebuke) it.)

He’s out of the fight for the moment until something breaks..

Turn End

Usage Die

Killian Pass

Holger FAIL.  Lantern , Oil in lantern drops to D4

Turn 4

Arturus The Paladin -Atacks the Undead Servant. We roll 2 dice the results are another “20” and a “14”As the Protection from Good spell is in effect we must take the “14” which is still a hit, the resulting 4 damage is not enough to kill it, but Arturus gets a second attack, the  rolls  are “16” and “5”  we must take the 5 as a miss no doubt this spell has kept Undead Servant in play ,as its almost dead and another hit will surely kill it.

Killian–  Now has a “over there” shot at 11 inches with the Necromancer  standing on the hill.

Although  his base to hit with his very high (17 Dex = “4”) but we have darkness ( +2) and multiple “ in the way’ and cover issues (+4) so he looking at a 10.

he rolls a “16” to hit so they don’t matter the Necromancer taking a big 7 damage from the Arrow which has the Necromancer reconsidering his strategy.

Holger -desperately ties to take down the Undead servant  but again misses,

The Necromancer really wants The Undead Servant to put Holger down, as he is carrying their teams light taking it out will limit LoS against ranged attacked and buy his team some time as someone else will need to pick the light up to use it.

The Undead Servant –easily smashes him with a but the 4 damage leaves Holger wobbling but standing with 1 HP!

The Necromancer -has offensive has more options but doing so will leave him exposed to Killians arrows He decides to move twice to a position of relative safety

Beleg , Cultist Leader- really wants to kill a weak hero in the name of Orcus preferably Harald but must bide his time..he passes

Cristoff– no luck for the squire against the undead servant missing.

Harald – Finds himself “Nearby” the zombie who is just on the otherside of the Graveyard walll and attempts to banish it!.  He only needs a 7 with his Holy Symbol (-2 to roll)  that’s now a “ 5” he rolls a 15 and the Zombie feels for 5 turns (2d4) and we surely run off the board. (fleeing Undead do count for Necromancer XP here so its best to try to kill them)

Zombies advance to attack and delay Heroes

Zombie flees toward Board Edge

The Necromancer Commands both Skeletons to hold after on move where they can engage advancing heroes if need be or escape depending on what comes next.As the turn ends the Necromancer plans to summon more undead…
Usage die

Killian D10-pass

Holger D4 – Fail the light burns out and hell to use a new flask of oil (he has 3)on his action to relight it!

End turn

Turn 5

Holgers light is out so the battle at this moment is happening in complete darkness

Arturus–   His first attack rolls are a “14” and “1” being disadvantaged we must take the “1” which is a fumble!(in the dark no less!) .which leads to him ending up being “Dazed” . as a result he loses his second attack and suffers further disadvantage next round.

Killian–  Climbs up on the bridge wall giving a clear 6” LoS to the Zombies in the rear , its dark but the Zombie at 6” is nearby so he can fire with the +2 penalty  he rolls  a 14 hits sticking the zombie with a whopping 8 damage ( I should mention here that shooting (not throwing) ranged weapons at less that 6 inches normally gives a disadvantage to the shooter , Rangers do not have this penalty as a class bonus.

Holger–  Takes  a big gamble and withdraw from the combat, he risks a free strike from the Undead Servant,  but staying put is riskier . The Servant would need a base 6 but needs a 8 due the penalty of being engage with 3 opponents…he rolls a 6 so Holger escapes relighting the Lantern! Luck!

The Darkness, recedes as Light in his lantern blossoms.

The Undead Servant,  is badly wounded  the Necromancer knows its time is numbered so he has it attack the s\Squire Cristoff, before he gets a chance to go this round…he rolls a “4” missing

The Necromancer cast another “Lesser Animate Dead” Spell ..This time he raises 2 more Zombies.

His spell check is an 18 so the spells again remains in his memory

Beleg, Cult Leader again does nothing, hiding waiting for a chance to strike- this is getting old

Cristoff  attacks the Undead Servant rolling a a ‘15” and “19” being disadvantaged we must take the 15.. He rolls 7 points of Damage destroying the Undead Servant.

Harald – moves up into the gap where Holger once was and attempts to banish the oncoming undead but fails rolling a “1”

The 1st Zombie he banished leaves the board scoring for the Necromancer

The second pair of Zombies now engage the heroes, one attacking Arturus and the Other  attacking Harald, its base touching both Harald and Cristoff for a 2 vs 1

The Necromancer- Orders his new Zombies to Attack,  and his Skeletons to Hold.

Usage Die Killian Pass

Usage Die Holger pass

Turn End

Turn 7

Arturus– is still disadvantaged . Even thou the Protection from Good  on  Undead Servant stopped when the Undead Servant died.  He’s dazed from his fumble last round .  He attacks the Zombie  in his face and  He rolls an  “18”  but  roll again and rolls a “10” which is good enough to hit but only does “1” damage  AND being Dazed he only gets one attack.

Killian – Moves  again  off the bridge wall and to his right up onto the hillside, giving him LoS on the opponents at the Graveyard entrance. They just barely on the edge of Holgers light so he can still shoot “over there” with penalties of +6 darkness , powerful opponent, and hard cover..(+2 each) . This turns his easy 4 into a 10…or a 50/50 shot he rolls a 14 sticking the Necromancer for 4 more points of damage leaving him 2 HP which dictating what comes next..

Holger moves up right behind allies to extend the Nearby Light a bit further. He uses his action to swap his weapon out for his large shield, so should he be hit again, he’ll at least have 4 armor points

The Necromancer doesn’t really have any healing options, he’ll have to keep that mind next time, this time he orders his Zombies to attack and His Skeletons to follow him off the board  and he escapes the battlefield leaving down the road off the table..

Beleg -decides he will wait one more turn and see if the Zombies can break anything open hes’ not getting any additional XP unless he claim a victim for Orcus…

Cristoff in battle with a Zombie Misses

Harald again tries to Banish all Nearby Undead and rolls a 2! Failing…

Skeletons exit board

Zombie engaged with Arturus  attacks…strangely enough this is the 1sttime in this melee that a standard HD creature has attacked the Undead Servant being a counted as a “character”  standard creatures attacks are rolled defensively by the Character in this case Arturus must test against his own STR to avoid the blow.  HD levels above character level are added as a negative modifier, which isn’t an issue here are we have a level 2 character and 2 HD creature..base roll is an “8” or better to defend I roll a “7” so The Paladin is hit, the damage is 4 and the Zombie rips off a piece of his plate armor (The last of his Armor points) but does no physical damage..

Zombie engaged with Cristoff and Harald , attacks Harald..who also has a 13 STR and needs a “8” he has an ally in combat but the Zombie is a higher level , the die modifers  cancel each out.  He rolls a “10” successfully defending the blow

Other 2 Zombies move 6 inches forward to the road

Usage Killian Pass

Usage Holger Fail drops to D4

Turn 7

Arturus  unleashes two attacks rolling a 5 and 11, the 11 striking the Zombue but leaving it standing with 1 hp..frustrating

Killian -fires an arrow down the zombies coming down the road and it misses

Holger– passes any move or action, he stands remaining the light source, and trying to survive with 1 hp..

Beleg the Cultist moves out toward the road, looking for an opportunity or an easy exit..

Cristoff attacks and misses

Harlad attempts to banish the undead again this rolling a 12, the Zombies turn and flee for 4 turns BUT.doing so gives The Heroes of the Hall of Tyr free strikes as the zombies disengage from combat.

The resulting rolls cut them dwon,  both of are destroyed!

The Remaining two Zombie both -uninjured shuffle down the road but are short of engaging the heroes.

Usage Die

Killian FAIL quiver drops to D8

Holger PASS..whew…didn’t want to go dark right now.

Turn 8

Arturus– charges the nearest Zombie with two attacks his impressive rolls of 16 and 19 and damage of 8 then  4 outright kill it..

Killian- now with eyes on Beleg fires an arrow at him rolling a “18” the arrow knocks away his shield and pushes through his light armor (no damage but 6 takes out his armor points)

Holger , again pass, no actions

Beleg,  knows he’s done for if he sticks around…he flees unfortunately only getting  1 XP for the battle.

Cristoff wants to charge the second zombie all undead cause fear (which the Paladin is immune too) so he must pass a Fear test that is check against his WIS and he needs an “11”  he rolls a 12 and charges in hitting the Zombie and doing 7 damage..

Harlad again tries to banish the remaining zombie time with a “19” it turn to flee for but for only 3 turns but Cristoff free strike is good for 5 damage just enough to kill it…

The battle ends.

Arturus- now lays hands on Holger healing him 5 points….the group continues to graveyard to look around.


Hall of Tyr-

1 XP for each Team member for Surviving the Battle

1 XP for each team member for no one being knocked out of action.

This is bring both Harald and Killian to level 2,  The Henchman can’t reach level 2 until Arturus reaches

Level 3 so they still get the experience its just held in reserve for the time being.  Arturus needs 1 more XP for level 3 so the next mission

The Necromancer

+1 for Surviving the Battle

+3 for each Undead raised safely off the board.

The Necromancer must spend an 1 XP to create a new Undead Servant…so he only banks 3 XP,  he too will need one more to reach Level 4, 

But he now has  2 Skeletons, 1 Zombie and his Undead Servant at his disposal

Beleg, Cult leader, a bad day for him be he saw no point in risking himself any alliance with the Necromancer went  nowhere  1XP..

After the battle, the less conservative members from the Hall of Tyr celebrate after their victory.

Sunrise over the town, from the back wall of Blackbarrow Castle

So that’s it for Episode one, I realize the battle was somewhat uneventful, alot to this was just getting a feel for the played pretty smoothly without alot of head scratching and rule look up, definitely doing the next one with this ruleset,  While the Necromancer will surely be back at some point, Next time well look at some of the other factions in Blackbarrow, More terrain spotlight and painted models to come as well.

Written in the cards – my deck building approach in Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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I have never been a great fan of min-max gaming. I thought that I would make that statement ‘up front’ as that fact tends to have a large influence in how I approach gaming. I have never been one for spending hours building and tweaking army lists – quite the opposite in fact. I actually think my favourite way of building an army was the army generator from the Polemos Napoleonic rules where you chose the scenario you were going to play and then randomly generate a force for each side. From a historical wargaming point-of-view, it strikes me that commanders very rarely had the forces they wished at their disposal, so had to make do with what they had. So, when one is not a meta-gamer, getting involved in a deck-building game seems to be a bit of a misstep, as it would seem that the obvious thing to do in Lord of the Rings the card game is to attempt to tailor your deck so that: Many of the cards in the deck synergies with each other The skill and bonuses the deck provides match the particular challenges of the scenario being played. There have been many thousands of […]

Dark Templars

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“A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy.” Bobby Jackson sculpts straight from Reaper Miniatures. These heavily armored knights in dark livery make for the  perfect band of zealous crusaders. Led by Confessor Malcador Izzik, they are out to purge every trace of blasphemy and wickedness from the realm.   They were scheduled for … Continue reading “Dark Templars”

Spitfyre – The Battle of Britain as you have never seen it before…

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Hysterical Games – the company behind Panzerfauste – in which Dwarves, Orcs and Gnomes battle whilst dressed in garb uncannily similar to WW2 uniforms – have just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new game set in the same universe – but this one is themed on aerial combat. Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the Skies of Panzerfauste sees the Dwarves forces of the Luftbestienkorp  flying bombing missions against Branzhum – the Orc homeland. The Orcs defend the skies mounted on their War Wyverns: Spifyres and HurriKanes contest against the might of the Dwarf air force. The models are 10mm scale and will be produced in polyurethane resin. The Spitfyre kickstarter project is running until the 20th November, and has already smashed it’s initial £1,000 funding target, and heading towards it’s third stretch goal as I write this blog post. A pledge of £25 will get you the core rules plus some miniatures – I’m hoping that they will be making models available as add-ons as the project progresses. Dwarves on Eagles fighting Orcs on Wyverns – seriously, what is there not to love about this project? You can find out more information about Spitfyre here.  Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 10mm Gaming, […]

Oathsworn Miniatures launch third Heroines in Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

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Oathsworn Miniatures have just launched their next kickstarter project – the third in their series on ‘Heroines in Sensible Shoes’. This time around, they have decided to concentrate on the non-human female characters. The first five have been sculpted, and they are looking to add a total of a dozen miniatures to the range.   The project has a funding goal of £1800, which it has already surpassed, and is running until the 12th November. You can find more information on the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming

Warcradle Studios obtain Spartan Games IP from Rebel Publishing

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Just in case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Warcradle Studios – the creative studio of Wayland Games, who are currently known for their game Wild West Exodus, have acquired the Spartan Games IP for Dystopian Wars, the Firestorm Universe (both Armada and Planetfall) and Uncharted Seas from Rebel Publishing, following their recent collapse. In a move that can only be applauded, Warcardle almost immediately issued a video explaining the situation, what they had bought and what they were not liable for, as there are obvious issues surrounding goods owned to kickstarter backers etc. Whilst it’s very sad to see the demise of Rebel Publishing, the fact that these game IPs are likely to survive is very good news for those gamers who have invested into them over the years. We look forward to seeing the direction that Warcradle take these games in future months.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: Fantasy Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming, Steampunk

Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard

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Not a lot of photo ops from our recent DnD sessions, altho we last left our heroes carrying an injured old man with dementia to safety while his family farm burned  in the distance. (the goblin bard swears he had NOTHING to do with that. He only set the pig pen ablaze.) That was after … Continue reading “Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard”

Knowing your Angmar from your Erebor: Getting started with Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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Following a recent conversation with a podcast listener, in which I was discussing the merits of playing The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, from Fantasy Flight Games, solo, I was subsequently presented with a couple of issues, which all boiled down to answering a (relatively) simple question: Where on Middle Earth do you start? LOTR:TCG has been out for several years now, and as it’s a deck building game, each new expansion adds more and more cards. Couple that with the fact that there a multitude of expansions, and this can quickly become quite bewildering to the new player. One important thing to note – LOTR:TCG is not a collectible card game. Each expansion pack has a fixed content, so you don’t have to collect absolutely everything in order to keep up with play. Start at the beginning: The Core box As the song says, the beginning is a good place to start – in fact, the one mandatory purchase for this game is the Core box. As well as the rules (although these, and an FAQ, are available online) the Core set contains cards and tokens that you will need throughout the game. The cards in the game are divided […]

28mm Dark Age Dwarves from Conqueror Models

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Conqueror Models have just announced a new release of 28mm Dark Age Dwarves. These are sculpted by Colin Patten, who originally sculpted the Vendel Range, which was always one of my favourite range of Dwarf Miniatures. It was always none of my biggest regrets that I purchased all too few of the Vendel Miniatures range before they were sold to Sgt Major Miniatures in the US. Unfortunately, it appears that this company has recently ceased trading, as visiting their webstore now displays the following message: In the meantime, Conqueror models has started to release a new range of Dark Age Dwarves, which I have to say look pretty fantastic. The original release includes eight packs of spearmen, which give a total of 32 unique figures. A Command pack, Hearthguard and Dwarves with Dane Axes. Other troops are promised, so hopefully this will be the start of an extensive range of Dark Age fantasy miniatures from Conqueror. The miniature packs are priced at £6 for four models, but significant savings can be made by purchasing multiple packs. I’ll hopefully be posting a review of the miniatures in the very near future.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming

Diehard Miniatures Kickstarter Review.

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Last Saturday I received my Kickstarter Pledge from Diehard Miniatures a new company by sculptor Tim Prow, with Sculptors Chaz Elliot and Drew Williams..all guys with long lists of sculpting credits with A list companies like Reaper, Ral Partha, Wargam…

Otherworld Skirmish, Green Magic Part 2

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Picking up where we left off….TURN 4,INITIATIVE:    DEFENDERS 3, ATTACKERS 1.Man, the attackers cannot get a break.DEFENDERS, GREEN MAGIC,  1 FATE3 Activation’sSKELETON 1- Attacks Sorcerer –  2,2, misses twice, no luck here.G…

Otherworld Skirmish- Green Magic.

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Here is another walk through for Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish.  This scenario called “Green Magic” is named after a photo I took for LPL6 which features some of the defenders of this scenario and are its inspiration. While progress continues on my …

The Wayside Inn

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Every December or January, I seem to start some type of Hirst Arts project. This time I finally got around to building myself a proper Inn. Called “The Wayside” its in the mythical town of Blackbarrow. I gave me the chance to try to out some of the new…

Otherworld Skirmish- BAIT!

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This report has been overdue as I played this game a couple weeks ago , but needed to make time to cobble it all together which didn’t happen until till this week in this brief lull before Adepticon.My latest foray in Otherworld Skirmish (OWS) is a sce…

Female Adventurer with Sword and Shield

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In amongst the assorted figures that were in the box when I “opened the cupboard door” (see my post here ) was this damsel, looking very distressed -I have to admit her paint job was pretty bad even by my standards way back when. So even though sh…

Have Cart, Will Travel (and end up getting lost)

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Well as promised in my post last week “Opening the Cupboard Door” I have made a start on the old minis in the box.First up is Citadel’s Adventurers’ Wagon. If you recall it did look like this But it finally has got a coat of paint 28 yea…

Opening the Cupboard Door

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Like most wargamers, I have a cupboard (well actually several cupboards, cabinets, chests of drawers) in which I keep my collection of games, books and figures both painted and unpainted.After my recent post about My First Metal Miniature (and tha…