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Terrain Corner – River Sections

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You’ll always get those moments with bits of terrain when you look at them and think that’s not that special, but I guess it’ll do.  I used to be very much like that and it’s been more about getting stuff on the table and playing games than the elements behind the scene like terrain.  But … Continue reading Terrain Corner – River Sections

Arcworlde Battle report, David Vs Mark

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David and I (Mark) have been champing at the bit to get in a game or two of Arcworlde since we got the figures painted up for TTGUK Paints.  The figures have tonnes of character and the game seemed like fun, at least Jez thought so here.  He’s normally right so we finally decided to … Continue reading Arcworlde Battle report, David Vs Mark

Wizards and Unicorns Kickstarter Preview

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What would you think if I tell you that unicorns exist? Probably, you will think that I’m insane… but you are going to see something that will completely change your mind! Yes, this is “Wizards and Unicorns” project from kickstarter! The action takes place in the Magicanopia, where there are a lot of magic creatures […]

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FACTS Autumn 2016 convention report

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Another great edition of Fatcs took place the past weekend, and of course I was present once more with the delegation of BeLUG.I had some guests on my `hit` list this year for signatures, and off we went on a very early saturday morning to Flanders Exp…

Oldhammer Weekend USA 2016 – Sheep of Camembert

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Hi All,My fourth and final game of the weekend. I had to get to the airport around the time Huzzah opened so I was unable to join everyone for the last days games. Brian had finished his Bretonnian army for the event but then, as usual, GM’d a good por…

Arena Rex – Review

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Like a lot of games around at the moment Arena Rex is another from Kickstarter game.  Whilst I never noticed when it was up (slight shame to be honest), it is a game I have picked up and after a slightly confusing start have found I really enjoy it.  For many it will be seen … Continue reading Arena Rex – Review

Dungeon Degenerates Kickstarter Preview

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It’s not easy to live in the dark and cruel world, where the rules are not working and there are backstabbers at every corner… Are you ready to face the reality? Well, we have something in our mind, which can help you out! This is the “Dungeon Degenerates” which offers you an incredible mix of […]

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Terrain Corner – Display Board

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With my other Terrain articles I’ve been aiming for an end product that has some use when gaming.  So the Trees and Asteroids have a purpose, the piece this time doesn’t really have a purpose in any game and it’s all for show. When your out doing demo’s it’s really nice to have something for the … Continue reading Terrain Corner – Display Board

Blog Interlude – Some products you may be interested in.

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Hi All,As I work on various household projects and get the next battle report ready, I thought I’d share with you some projects that have caught my fancy. I am not able, at this point in time, to support all of them monetarily so I hope to live vicario…

N1. Reptile Cult. Session two

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We managed to meet again after a long pause to continue the D&D5e play of the classic module N1, The …

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Frostgrave Sunday!

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We had a short window last Sunday to get in a game of Frostgrave at the Comics and Gaming Store in Fairfax, VA. We were contemplating doing a published scenario, but didn’t have the right figures for it. So we did … Continue reading

Arcworld Kickstater – Review

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So the Kickstarter has been going a steady 11 days now and so far its reached £14k of the £5k that Alex and the gang were after.  It actually reached the required milestone in 54 minutes so that’s pretty good for a small company. So beyond the 3 Starter sets what else have we seen … Continue reading Arcworld Kickstater – Review

Land of Zion Kickstarter Preview

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Sometimes, we all want to live in fantasy, where we can be brave warriors or powerful wizards… But what can open the gates into this world? Of course, a good old board game can help you to forget about your routine and get you back in childhood! You’re lucky today, because we have the “Land […]

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Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes – Review

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When Darren asked me if I wanted to do a review of Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes it was a bit of a giver that I was going to say Yes.  I have already done a review of Songs and even a small piece on how I developed my Campaign setting so it’s not … Continue reading Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes – Review

1/32-scale AWI Americans and Cthulhu Pandemic

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We had seven guys out to our first club night of October. Terry brought out Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu which was a fun adaptation of Pandemic. We managed to beat the Old Ones one time out of two.Dave also hosted Dennis, Chris, Jonathan and Chen in a ga…

Mordheim Season 3 – The Raid

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The campaign continues a pace with the group squeezing in the next game pretty quickly since the last round and with Ian being kind to his fellow combatants had decided that he would not raid his neighbouring warbands of either Kev’s Undead or Andy L’s…

Sigmar’s heroes

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Not quite as gritty as Kelly’s Heroes, but pretty close.In an attempt to get a little bit further with the Warhammer Quest characters I took a crack at the Knight Azyros/Venator kit that came in the first Character expansion box as I’d really enjoyed p…

Let’s paint: Shambling Mound

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The Shambling Mound from Otherworld Miniatures reminds me an awful lot of something I saw on Dr Who as a child. Ah yes, the “Seeds of Doom” even though it’s origins are in D&D. Scared the beejesus out of me as a child, so when I saw Otherworld’s rather nice …

Rift: Saga of a Dying World Kickstarter Preview

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Such a nice day to back up another one kickstarter board game, but “Rift: Saga of a Dying World” is not just another one, that’s for sure. Just look at those arts and characters made by a great talented illustrator Emily Block! Let’s have a closer look at this project. Back in the day, The […]

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Croopo Kickstarter Preview

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Nowadays, with the success of big hit games like Pokemon Go, you are starting hear more and more about augmented reality. That is the recent trend in technology to augment real life viewed through a mobile device’s camera or a special headset, with computer graphics and animation. One industry that is looking to capitalize on the potential […]

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9th Age Batrep: The Great Crusade

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It’s the first outing of my new 9th Age Fantasy Army. They are actually based on a race from my own Fantasy world: The Anatani. In 9th Age, they are Warriors of the Dark Gods (aka Chaos Warriors) and I’ve made mine out of a combination of Mantic Salama…

Coming Soon – Sword & Sorcery

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Here we take a look at Sword & Sorcery, an upcoming cooperative fantasy game from the designers of Galaxy Defenders!

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Rum & Bones Review: First Impressions

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Learning Curve has been suspended for the week whilst I cover something a little different.  I have been lucky enough to come into possession of Cool Mini or Not’s undead pirate-fest Rum & Bones! In a few weeks I’ll have had a chance to play the game a couple of times but until then we’ll … Continue reading Rum & Bones Review: First Impressions

Reblog: Antideluvian Miniatures Fantasy Range (#Discovery: 3)

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I’m reblogging (below) which I do rarely, but that’s just to capture the page information, which doesn’t say much. The Manufacturer: Antideluvian Miniatures. The Range: “Pirates” (ahem, cough cough) The Particulars: well, see for yourself… Okay, nerds. I don’t think … Continue reading

Short Wars:

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Short wars is a skirmish level game, played with small warbands of diminutive races – Goblins, Halflings, Dwarfs and Dark Dwarfs – as they build upon their fortunes and reputations by exploring and raiding neighboring territories, amassing gold and defeating rival warbands, with figures in the range sculpted by such prominent industry names as Kevin … Continue reading Short Wars: