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Mordheim Season 3 – The Burning of Dalberz

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Last week saw the kick off game of our next Mordheim Campaign ‘The Season of the Witch’ and the on-going struggle to defeat and bring down the Necromancer Allex and his nefarious schemes.The last season saw the bands bring fire and sword to the Necroma…

Meagan The Buccaneer from Bombshell Babes – A Closer Look

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In today’s Closer Look, I’m moving away from gaming minis. Instead, we have Meagan The Buccaneer, from the Babes range from Bombshell Miniatures. Here she is, painted up by Meg Maples:She’s a 32mm scale one piece metal model, sculpted by Patrick Keith….

An Update at Last!

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I have not, in fact, died!I’m aware that it’s been quite a while since I posted anything. In my defence, that’s just because I haven’t painted anything for quite a while.Wait, that doesn’t sound so good.Well, anyway. I’ve had a lot of “real life” stuff…

On the Painting Table

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I’ve recently realised that it’s almost a year since I started painting 15mm ACW figures – and I’m still going! If anything, playing Sharp Practice 2 has motivated me even more to add to my forces. Fortunately, there’s enough in the lead pile to keep me occupied for a while. On the painting table (or better, … Continue reading On the Painting Table

What to do With Fantasy

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What to do With Fantasy Even though fantasy isn’t my favorite genre by a long shot, I still have more or less three armies for Warhammer, Beastmen, Empire and my 40k Daemon army and…

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Dale of Merchants 2: The Era of Trade Masters Kickstarter Preview

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What if animals have their own way of thinking which is unmatched to human? What if they smarter than we used to think? Let’s find out! This is fascinating deck building game with outstanding artwork that will put a smile on your face! This is the expansion of the first game, but it can be […]

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Painting more fantasy ships

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I am hoping to put on a multi-player game of the Galleys & Galleons fantasy rules and I realised that I only have three painted fleets. So the Shroud Mages have hit the painting table and I am going to try to plow through a fairly significant fleet of them. I am also hoping to […]

Questing ever onwards

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This year has seen a lot of changes going on at GW HQ. Last year I’d pretty much decided not to buy from them again. This year they just keep on delivering great boxed games that harken back to the pieces of the universe that interested me most. First …

The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu Kickstarter Preview

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We present you a game by Luca Ricci in which you will make a true fantasy-horror novel. Players are writers who are trying to complete a novel. Each writer has to compete with other writers to include his favorite plots, settings and characters in the story. This game is playable with 2 to 4 players […]

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Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Preview

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Dark Souls is one of the most hardcore PC projects in human history… And now you can play it as a board game! Steamforged Games Ltd made it possible for all the fans of this hardcore slasher. Let’s take a look at the features and game mechanics. Dark Souls™ – The Board Game is a strategy game […]

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Tabletop World Fantasy Medieval Buildings

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Tabletop World produces fantastic terrain: 28mm resin buildings rendered with exquisite detail, both inside and out and chock full of charm and character. They are works of art, and honestly a bit intimidating.After receiving them for Christmas a few y…

Dreamwars Kickstarter Preview

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Dreamwars is a fresh plaything. There is a thrilling adventure in the habitation of horror and darkness. It is an exciting story with a variety of extraordinary characters which will help players to feel the unique and frightening atmosphere of the steampunk kingdom. There is а bunch of spooky beings under a control of powerful […]

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Last of the goblins

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I finished off the goblins from the various Battlelore expansions I have. These included a bunch of hyena-riders (I think–or maybe dogs?).There were six models which makes them about the perfect size for a mounted unit in Dragon Rampant.There were als…

Discworld on Youtube

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I’m an off again on again fan of Discworld by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett, who sadly left us last year. One of the problems with living on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean is that you sometimes … Continue reading

Halfling Spearmen Part 1

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A little while back now, I generated my second random project – Halfling Spearmen from Warploque Miniatures.Now to add some paint!I decided early on that I wanted a split half and half scheme, but couldn’t really figure out what colours to go…

Orc fleet stats

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So here is the first try at a 400pt fleet for my new Orc vessels Cruiser Points:27 Quality:4+ Combat:4 Heavy Bow Chaser Guns, Square Rigged, Trained Gun Crews, Unarmed Cruiser Points:23 Quality:4+ Combat:4 Heavy Bow Chaser Guns, Square Rigged, Unarmed Ram Frigate Points:21 Quality:4+ Combat:2 Ramming, Unarmed, Unorthodox Ram Frigate Points:21 Quality:4+ Combat:2 Ramming, Unarmed, […]

Forum Fantasy Collection

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Cardboard Warriors forum member Nikloveland has assembled a collection of various free fantasy miniatures that were scattered through the forum. He also made cut-files. :) Ladies and gentlemen, for your convenience and enjoyment I present the Cardboard…

Three fleets done

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So the Orc vessels are done and I thought it would be fun to take out all of the ships and get some pictures of them all together. Sadly I can’t fit them all into one shot with my phone so I ended up taking shots of each individual fleet. Oddly enough will I have […]

Picking a Warmachine or Hordes faction

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So there is a new version of Warmachine/Hordes coming out and it has intrigued me enough to consider playing again. There are some interesting rule changes being made and it seems as if some work has been done to streamline the game. I won’t say ‘simplify’ as I don’t think that is the intent but […]

Review: Frostgrave Cultists, by Northstar Miniatures

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In which the author reviews his newly assembled (but not quite painted) plastic warband from Northstar Miniatures– his first. Continue reading

Frostgrave at Comics and Gaming, Fairfax, 4/23

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My friend Subir has been working hard on setting up a small but somewhat regular group to play miniature games somewhere near the loci of Fairfax City. We decided on Comics and Gaming in Fairfax City. This is a nice … Continue reading

Tabletop World – stunning stuff

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For a couple of years, I have been eyeing up the model buildings from Tabletop World (clicky linky thing) and trying to decide whether I should buy some or not. If you haven’t seen their work before, then I strongly suggest you take a look – it’s simply gorgeous. A little while ago I coughed […]

Showcase: Warhammer Monsters by Banzai1000 #2

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Banzai1000 back again, welcome to part two of my Warhammer Fantasy monster and diorama showcase. Check out a gruesome Merwyrm after the jump.More after the jump

Lizard riders

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I finished up a few more 15mm lizard riders from my Battlelore pile. I am excited to be almost near the end of the goblins.Up next: I have a bunch more foot and some dog or wolf riders and the goblins are done. Then onto the remaining dwarves.

More fantasy naval vessels painted

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I had some time to paint today so I was able to finish off a few more Uncharted Seas miniatures. I did some quick repainting on the Bone Griffons Flagship as well as the three Cruisers. They were painted when I picked them up in a trade but they didn’t match the way I painted […]