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Catching a Spy

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What is all that noise? Hagen thought as he neared the mine of Karaz Modan, somewhere in the snowy peaks of Mitgardia.  Following the path way, he saw a few Yeti making anxious roars and bellows, obviously aroused by something.Now, one has to know…

Orctober 2014 Part 2

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Still Orctober, so just time for some a few more old school orcs. Some archers this week.Read more »

ROGUE PLANET cover preview

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I thought that I would give everyone a sneak peek of the cover for my soon-to-be released sci-fantasy skirmish game ROGUE PLANET. The final edits are being finished up as I type this. So get your plasma blasters, powered fists, and over-sized great swo…

AoM Mill Phase 2: Down by the (Icky) River

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After I deliberatly placed my phase 1 in Kaliphlim as a trade relationship to Mitgardia and linking it that way to our noble icy lands, I went for phase 2 with a Nocturnus influenced build.This is a nice way to break up the building of wooden houses an…

Snow White and the Huntsman movie review

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,Who is the Fairest of them All? The past weekend me and the GF sat down to watch a movie together, something we actually don`t do often, but she wanted to see this one and I still needed to see this one, so with this common g…

Steampunk House – Part 5

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So my making of series draws to a close with a few last details (click these links for previous articles: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). I’m not going to go into every last bit of the model … Continue reading →

Book of War: Command and Control

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I love Fantasy gaming but I love none of the current rule-sets out there. It is a little bit of Goldilocks syndrome, but I think we can do better than them. Since the only ‘mainstream’ set is WHFB, there is no established player base to consider anyway…

Building the Chima big croc

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Chima Legendary Beasts.  They might not have really taken off in retail (I bought only a wolf once, the one featured in the lil` red riding hood moc last week), but they aren`t that expensive actually, and contain nice parts in nice colours.When `…

Sculpting Skulls

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Brian Burger

The LED tea light candle I started sculpting into a burning altar piece has been seen in previous recent posts on my sculpting adventures. Over on one of the Facebook-based gaming groups I frequent someone had asked for closeups of … Continue reading

Orctober 2014

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Apparently it's Orctober, so below are a few classic (i.e. old) Citadel and Grenadier Orcs.Read more »

The table, and other stuff

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El Grego

Nothing much going on here hobby-wise, especially as work has been a bit crazy.  I did take the time to clear off the table:

The table, before

The table, after

Cleared off and re-organized a bit.  I am wanting to start up another ‘build…

Some scifi troops and fantasy ships

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I’ve just received a fairly large painting commission for some 15mm WW2 troops so I have pushed a few things out the past few nights to clear off the table.First up are the last of the 10mm Dropship Commander troops for Craig. These guys are the Scourg…

What’s New in Fantasy

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While science fiction still seems to be flooding into the universe, there have been some great new releases and some notable re-releases for 15mm science fiction.GIANTSSplintered Light, Khurasan,  and have released some nice giants.Spli…

Actually Done Some Painting…

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…but not quite what I was expecting to paint. Although I now have a workbench to paint on, I am still scratching around for things that I can do. My eyesight is not brilliant so I depend on a magnifying lamp. I can find the lamp but I can’t find the …

Fabled Realms Fantasy Scenery

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4 Grounds have released their Fabled Realms fantasy scenery, I think that this stuff looks great and would be ideal for fantasy era games, imagine playing games of Mordheim or Warmachine while running around a board full of these.   Better yet, as with other 4 Grounds scenery the roofs and floors can be lifted […]

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Inspirational Lego week day 2 – Fantasy and medieval

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On the second day of the builds overlook, I`m going to take a stroll along all those excellent Castle orientated builds I came along.Wether it be fantasy or pure medieval style builds, these are the things I tend to look at the most due to my participa…

Miniatures Project: Pathfinder Society Characters: Ru-Sateph

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Today I am sharing the figure for my Pathfinder Society character Ru-Sateph, the Risen. Ru-Sateph is a priest of Pharasma the Goddess of Death and Rebirth.Ru-Sateph, Servant of the Lady of GravesThe figure for Ru-Sateph is Hanseth Dimguard, Cleric&nbsp…

D&D 5th Edition: First Impressions

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It’s been a long while since I’ve sat up nearly all night, questing on epic adventures with friends in a dimly lit room.  Where life and death struggles often came down to quick wits and the roll of a die.  Yes folks, in this glorious era…

Unit of Beardlings

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These are Alternative Armies Young Dwafs with a champion from Heartbreaker mins. Alternative Armies recently re released these. Great little mins to paint up. I’ll be using them as a unit of Beardlings in my Hail Cesar Fantasy project.

WFB Campaign: Shadows in the North

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ELG’s Warhammer Fantasy escalation campaign will soon be getting under way. A map based campaign exploring the mysteries of an island found far north of Ulthuan, and just south of the chaos wastes. The escalation format is a brilliant way for new players to build an army and get to grips with the rules over […]

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Miniatures Project: Pathfinder Society Characters: Roland

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Here is the figure for Roland Cross my third Pathfinder Society character. Roland is a delver, a specialist in disarming traps and breaking into ancient tombs and vaults.Roland Cross, Pathfinder Delver SpecialistThis is a example of when you (meaning m…

Captain Bricath, scifi sigfig… but also The Swamp

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A small vignette I put together to get a Sig-Fig done for any future space builds I might put together, this is actually the dual-purpose build I talked about yesterday.  While it`s fantasy styled look will be posted below, it`s initial idea …

Ahhh, kids these days…

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It`s a common saying heard all over Avalonia, Kaliphin and even Nocturnus.  Parents telling their children `watch out for the wildlife when you go outside`.But in Midgardia, the wildlife says to each other `Watch out for the kids when you go out!`…

Miniatures Project: Pathfinder Society Characters: Loriel

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This is the figure for my Pathfinder Society character Loriel Gilded-Leaf. Loriel is an Elf Wizard who favors the bow.Loriel Gilded-LeafThere is more after the jump.Take Aim!The figure is the Elven Vale Archer figure from Reaper Miniatures. This is a m…

Miniatures Project: Pathfinder Society Characters: Godric

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This is the miniature for my Original Pathfinder Society character, Godric. Long time readers of this blog have probably seen this miniature before as I painted it several years ago and have made a few posts about it before. As one of my current projec…