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The Burning City, by Niven/Pournelle, reviewed

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A review of THE BURNING CITY, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Continue reading

Completed Ogre Kingdoms Army

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This morning I finished up the bases on the Ogre Kingdoms commission I’ve been working on for the last few days. If you want to see the other articles on the army I’ve linked them below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 This army was painted to …

Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt4

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So after a nice break at the weekend I’m back for the final day of working on the Ogre commission! I had the converted Tyrant, 2 Sabretusks and the big Thundertusk to finish off today. I also needed to apply the basing to the entire army, which I…

Belgians, Slaves, Wizards, etc.

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An odd assortment of items rolling off the workbench today….(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):Belgian machine-gunners from Great War Miniatures.Another view of the same…… and another..…and one more.A Scots Rifleman als…

Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt3

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Day three of the Ogre commission I’m working on! Can view the other parts here: Part 1 Part 2 Today I managed to get the fur done on both the Thundertusk and Stonehorn and also finish the Firebelly. Can see that my fire has improved a lot since t…

Dwarf Warrior unit 2

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Finished a second unit of Dwarf warriors. 6 units down 6 more to go.

Ogres Kingdoms Commission Pt2

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Second part of this weeks Ogre Commission! Today I painted the unit of 12 Ironguts with full command. These took a little longer to paint than the normal Ogres as they have more armour and a lot bigger (and meaner looking!) weapons. They’re paint…

Reaper Minis Customer Service is Awesome

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Brian Burger

Looking to assemble unique teams for Blood Bowl without spending a lot of money, I’ve been poking around the Reaper Bones collection – Reaper’s relatively new collection of injection-molded figures in a relatively soft plastic. I ordered a couple of … Continue reading

Paint on Blood Bowl Temples

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Brian Burger

Finally getting paint onto all the Blood Bowl sideline buildings, which means it’s worth pointing a camera at them again – neither bare pink styrofoam nor black primered styrofoam are really all that photogenic. For scale reference, the figure on … Continue reading

Citadel of Blood (SPI, ARES magazine) now in digital rules library

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I guess I’m on a roll! Making DEATHMAZE for epub format recently had me re-reading Citadel of Blood, the Deathmaze-style tile-laying dungeon crawl game that was published in ARES Magazine, issue 5, in 1980. This magazine can be found in … Continue reading

Lines & Logos on a Blood Bowl Pitch

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Brian Burger

It’s been a quiet stretch here mostly because I was away from home for just over a week housesitting for a family member on the other side of town, but the Blood Bowl pitch setup has been progressing slowly. I … Continue reading

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett book review

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I saw and loved the SyFy movie, I watched the cartoons and read most of the books in the series (Soul Music still being my favorite)… but for some odd reason I never took to The Colour of Magic… until now, and I was a swift read as you get sweeped …

So Much Star Wars! (and also Dragons vs Frost Giants)

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I don’t usually do straight reposts but in this case there is so much that is cool at Gencon, just from FFG (I count Attack Wing as FFG lol) alone. My son and I don’t know which cool new boxed game is more exciting. I mean, how do you pick between Star…

Skaven Clans:Eshin Updated

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Almost finished these 2 guys now for the Eshin Skaven, I also assembled one plastic Stormvermin for the 2nd Black skaven, doesn’t look anything like as cool as this guy, but then the majority of him was originally a special character and GW doesn’t do …

Empire vs Khorne Tactica Part 2

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In Part 1 of this Tactica, we covered which units to take against the pure combat focus of a Khorne army and with an idea of what your list includes, let’s now look at deploying and using them effectively. I’m a firm believer in having a strong core at the heart of your army with […]

My Blood Bowl Stadium All Laid Out

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Brian Burger

Still loads of things to finish on the project, but after doing the crocodile head logo in the centre of the pitch this evening I just had to lay everything out on the dining room table and see it all … Continue reading

Fey Princess Mods

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The Fey/Fairy Princess mods that I did with my daughter ages ago have been slightly updated and added to the Downloads section;

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (more Totem Bearers)

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Converted and painted these over the last 2 weekends to go with the guy with the whip featured in my last undead post.Both are converted from Mantic Ghouls with mantic spears and then GW heads and banner bits / corpse bits.The left guy gets his banner …

Oh, Those Orcs…

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Will they ever learn…!?Well, we had our day of funs (it was more of a late afternoon and evening of funs after having to run downtown to the library and then out to get some groceries)…The kids and I did some assembling and painting of miniatu…

Stencil Test for a Blood Bowl Pitch

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Brian Burger

I’ve got a felt Blood Bowl pitch that I have marked the standard grid on (15×29 30mm squares) but after months of using it I hadn’t gotten any further than that in transforming it from a useful but plain piece … Continue reading

Empire vs Khorne Tactica Part 1

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  As we near the end of our ‘Tale of Two Armies’ series, I thought it would be helpful for those interested to put the lessons I have learnt into a Tactica article of sorts – but one that focuses on tackling a specific opponent. This is the first part of that article which will […]

Orcs on a Rampage!

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As promised, the kids and I began our weekend of gaming with a round of Song of Blades and Heroes. The Boy recently finished up a large batch of Orcs so I encouraged him to use his own miniatures and have a go at The Girls Amazons. I think this ma…

Orcs Raid Across the River

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It’s been a while since I played with Dave and Patrick – it might have been the Winter Wargaming Weekend that I last played games with them… (really…?! REALLY?! It was a busy winter… and spring… and summer…). It’s been almost as lo…

Bloodbowl Dugout Temple Decoration

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Brian Burger

IN the local Bloodbowl league I’m currently involved in, there’s a pair of Lizardman teams, one using the regular GW figures for the team and my crocodile dudes from Impact Miniatures. Our League Commissioner is also playing with an Orc … Continue reading

Skaven Clans: Pestilen Update

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Here’s the update on the clan so far, in fact this is the entire warband as it stands really I don’t have any other figures picked out for them yet.The two clanrats below are the furthest along. I need to do the final highlights to the greens and brown…