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Age of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound – whole army

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Blood for the Blood God – welcome on my blog after a long break. I noticed that my folder with pictures of painted minis is way too big. It`s time for changes. I have a plan to write minimum two posts per week ;] So what`s the main theme today? I decided to show you one[…]

Reaper Clockwork Dragon

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One of the models I picked up on my visit to the USA last year was a Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon. I had spotted online that a few people had added extra cogs which looked rather cool. So not wanting to let a good idea go uncopied, I decided to unashamedly rip it off. The … Continue reading Reaper Clockwork Dragon

Fart the Jester

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This was painted purely as a light hearted distraction from my other projects and as such its no more than a bit of whimsy. This particular model was a freebie handed out by Wargames Foundry at a show I attended a couple of years ago. I didn’t pay it m…

Frostgrave Barbarians

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The latest supplement for Frostgrave was once again financed by Nickstarter, Northstar’s own crowdfunding solution, and brought along with the “Forgotten Pacts” expansion a brand new box of plastic miniatures. This set of multi-part barbarians will be covered in this review. Inside the kit, that is offered at a price of 20 GBP, you’ll find […]

ArcWorlde Ogre Trooper – Showcase

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Last week I shared my Deathwatch Blackstar, something that to me was more of a battle of attrition than actual fun. To counter this, I built and painted one of the models I picked up at Vapnartak a couple of weeks ago – the Albionnican Ogre Trooper from Warploque Miniatures.

Alex Huntley hand sculpts all of the miniatures for Warploque and in doing so gives them their signature character, particularly the faces. After painting a mostly flat panelled plane for a month or so, it was a delight to be able to work on something with odd angles and folds.

This particular chap is fairly large – he’s standing on a 50mm base – and would set people back £12 for the resin model.

I didn’t really want to have straight up silver metallics for the armour but didn’t want to add any rust or wear either, with him being a soldier in service of the Albionnican Empire, the main human faction in ArcWorlde, so I decided to play with the Scale Color Alchemy paints, adding Amethyst Alchemy into the recessed and lower portions of the silver, while I added some Emerald and Cobalt to the mixes on the raised sections. This is my first real play with adding them to other metallics rather than using them on their own and while it’ll probably take me a while to get used to it, I can seen the potential in using them, perhaps for light and shade or reflections.

The red with silver is the studio colour scheme for the Albionnicans and one that I quite like – it’s quite regal without being overly gaudy – I kept the gold trim to a minimum. I started with P3 Sanguine Base before moving to mid tones of Scale Color Mayhem Red and highlights of SC Berehit Red and Tiamat Orange (those three SC colours are from the Creatures from Hell box)

As I said above, the faces that Alex gifts these miniatures with are full of character – plenty of canvas for creating large amounts of depth and contrast. I didn’t want to highlight it too high, so instead took the shadows down to SC Sunset Purple over the Sanguine Base initial layer before moving back up with a couple of GW skin tones I’ve completely forgotten the name of. The hand on show allows for similar levels of shading and also has some finger nails to pick out, which I did with some GW Pallid Wych Flesh.

He was based simply with a couple of pieces of large gravel and a mix of S75 Rough Paste and Vallejo Sandy Paste and painted to match my other ArcWorlde bases.

Off the back of the slog that was the Blackstar, this guy flew by, getting finished in a few days. I think the size of him helped – there are details there, but he’s a big enough model (at maybe the same size as a 54mm scale human) that they aren’t obscured and so tiny as to require multiple attempts to get them right. The size of him also opened up the opportunity to try the different metalwork as there was more space to transition and move from dark to colour to light.

For a fairly speedy paint job I’m quite happy with how he came out and I’m looking forward to tackling more of the larger ArcWorlde monsters in the future.

Small Wars: Vikings and Frostgrave

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Since I’ve been somewhat hampered in my hobby pursuits by having my house almost destroyed, all my study packed up and the walls demolished, I haven’t had ready access to things that I traditionally spend the Winter on, like painting … Continue reading

Vanguard of War Kickstarter Preview

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The story is untold until the last word is not said. A writer can’t finish his book until the epilogue is not written. Nothing ends until heart still beating. There is a small church of the once-thriving civilization being protected by coalition remaining forces. The siege outcome is not clear while the last guard is […]

9th Age – Empire vs Ogres Whitewash

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Another club game a week or so ago, this time a quickly put together lay-down game with Ian who was wanting to have a game and wanted to have another try of the 9th Age rules, having only had one game previously.I just used the Army I had used to reaso…

Descent 2nd Edition: The Adventures of Tomble Burrowell

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Gather round and here tell the tall tales of the not so tall Tom Burrowell. Gentleman at large (especially after Elevensess), wanderer, and net-wealth-reallocation-consultant. The perfidious overlord Ben had tasked the hero to ensure two bumbling big-f…

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII – Day 49 (or is it 52?), or The Hot Zone

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Day 49 (OK Tamsin, Day 52, thank you so very much) of the Challenge, and I’m sorry to say that I’m not exactly setting the world on fire. But that’s OK, because the weather is doing a splendid job of that on its own here in Sydney. We’ve had a suc…

5th Narrenball – Blood Bowl Tournament

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On SuperBowl Sunday I got in my car and headed north towards the 5th Narrenball 2017 – a Blood Bowl Tournament and official NAF event. During the ride I was greeted by a wall of fog in the Siegerland. A bit later I arrived in Remscheid, at the Rack-n-Roll Billard Cafe. Inside the Rack-n-Roll was […]

BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 8

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Blomping along… Primer! Got the gondola spray-primed grey and the balloon envelope brush-primed black. The LAF Build Something 2017 contest rules ask that you not post painting progress photos of your project past the priming stage, so this will be the last photo anyone sees of the Blomp itself for a while. I’ll try and … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 8

Painting Challenge Week 7 Submission

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Presenting the last unit of my Riders of Doom themed army for Dragon Rampant.  This is a 12 figure light foot unit using plastic GW Chaos Marauders (quite nice figures once you cull all the silly over the top components).   I experimented wit…

Boxes for Boxers… and some prep

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Motivation is at a premium at the moment unfortunately. Work is taking it’s toll as is the seemingly relentless heat and humidity which makes any kind of painting a chore. On top of that I’m nearing completion of my latest commission design work. So, l…

BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 7

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Greenstuff all over the place this time! I’ve started on the heavy leather harness that the troll uses to tow the Blomp along, as well as structural greenstuff to secure and cover the magnets in his base, hold the barrel in the right position, and secure the steel plate the barrel magnetizes to. There’s at … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 7

On the Painting Table

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Not only am I a lazy painter, I’m also conservative and don’t normally change a technique if it works. Nonetheless, I have recently become a bit dissatisfied with my very limited set of skills. Basically, what I do is apply two layers of basecoat, paint the details, apply a wash, varnish. That’s it. This works … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Coming Soon – Dungeon Time

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Here we take a look at Dungeon Time, an upcoming real-time adventure card game from Ares Games.

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BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part Six

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Progress, the purpose of the troll revealed, and IT FLIES. Well, sort of! I got most of the structural parts of the base done today, barring more greenstuff putty to solidify everything. The big troll – an old prepainted WotC figure that I’ll be repainting – has a hole drilled between his shoulder blades and … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part Six

9th Age – Empire Civil War – Rematch (The Grudge)

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A few weeks ago Andy L introduced me to delights or otherwise of The 9th Age tourney rules and we had played an Empire vs Empire match to try out the rules and a jolly time was had by all, that is excepting Andy’s troops who had a fairly poor showing a…

Painting Challenge Week 6 Submissions

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Some Fantasy focused goodies from me this week, with some unusually good productivity prior to having a weekend away from painting to attend CanCon.
Orc champion riding a Warbeast
First up: Ta-da! This is a surprise present for JohnS’s birthday!

The colours specifically match John’s lovely 28mm Orc army, which is comprised of the long OOP Chronopia figures with their great Moorish vibe.   I carved the body off a Chronopia Orc Leader and remounted him onto a similarly dissected Scotia-Grendel Carnosaur.  This was a somewhat challenging conversion so I added a back banner which is actually a long steel rod which pins the model together very strongly despite the dissimilar materials.

Pleased to present a good buddy with something unique for his army and I know he will enjoy using it.  Naturally though, if I have to face it on the tabletop it will automatically fail all of its activation rolls :-)
Happy (belated) birthday John!

Elite Riders
These guys are the centre piece of my Riders of Doom fantasy army and while expensive points wise, they really kick butt in Dragon Rampant.  Yes they are indeed GW plastic Chaos figs and I didn’t de-skull/chaos them as much as my last batch because I think they look quite good as is.

Unfortunately, three of these had a little paint applied mid last year before stalling, so I’ll only be claiming 3 of them including the hand painted banner chap.  Great to have this unit finished and on the table!

4 big ‘uni which are lovely old and characterful Troll models, originally by Ghost miniatures and now by Old Glory.   Beheaded casualty fig is from the Conquest Norman boxed set and I quite enjoyed doing that dioramic basing to demonstrate that these lads are not to be trifled with!

They have already played their first game and yes they were slaughtered (by Reilly’s Dwarves from the Armour bonus round), but at least they looked good doing so :-)

Thanks to JohnS for the donations to the horde – I hope I’ve done them justice!


Classic GW figs to mix up my Riders of Doom force for Dragon Rampant.  I really tried to speed paint these but so help me I just cant leave all those details untouched.  Overall, these maybe took 2/3 of the regular time but I think the rougher and ready looks suits them well.  After painting all those FIW Indians recently I felt compelled to add some tribal warpaint and think it adds nicely.

They have also seen their first combat and were routed from the field after suffering 1/3 casualties, again at the hands of Reilly’s Dwarves.  So now we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do :-)
Yet another GW fig and I didn’t deskull him either – I understand he is a limited ed figure (?) so I let him be as is.  And standing on a pile of skulls? Well, who is going to inform your Riders of Doom champion that doing so is not in accordance with the warlord’s work health and safety policies? Exactly!

I went for blue with metallic features appearance – end result wasn’t exactly what I was after but he will do for now to get him on the table.

In wider terms this isn’t a points bomb, but its as close as you’re going to see from me!
You can see this submission at the AHPC blog here:

Points wise, this submission grabbed me 160 points to sail past the half way point to my objective.

So my target goal is in sight…and I’m contemplating a push to join the 1k club.  Mission Creep? You betcha, but in the best possible way :-) And peer pressure from Alan has nothing to do with it. Honest!

Book Golem, the King in Yellow, and a GREAT BIG POILUS!

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A few odd and sundry items getting finished up in between batches of Great War Germans

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Book Golem from Black Cat Bases. It will hopefully see use in some horror game (Fear and Faith?) and/or Frostgrave

The King in Yellow! Well… maybe… Bruce, who DMs our (every other) Friday night Primeval Thule D&D 5E game asked if I had some cultists and a priest in yellow robes… I have loads of these generic cultists that I made ages ago, but none in yellow robes, so I thought I’d knock one off in yellow. I have a bad feeling this is going to end up being The King in Yellow!

Another of my friend John’s Toy Soldiers – a 40mm Great War French infantryman. I actually painted a whole battalion of 1914 French in 40mm for John a few years back – in an earlier, less animated pose. This guy looks like he’s ready to stick to the hun!

Here’s a picture with a 28mm Great War Miniatures for comparison.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Vimy Countdown – 10 weeks to go…

BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 5

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Progress! Greenstuff! An incompletely explained troll! I broke out the greenstuff and went at the gondola this evening. I filled in under all the various discs where piping will come out, and then ran lines of greenstuff across the two spheres of the engine to make it look like it had been roughly welded or … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 5

Star Trek Panic Review

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In our Star Trek Panic review, we take a look at a cooperative tower defense game based on the very popular Star Trek TV series.
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The Fantasy Movie Marathon overview

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And so it has come to an end, two weeks of watching fantasy themed movies in order to reduce my backlog a bit.The series had some duds, but also some unexpected gems, and discovered classics…The worst of the worst has to go to Grimm Snow White, a low…

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

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In a year dominated by high profile blockbusters (Civil war, Dr Strange, Suicide Squad, Star Wars, Fantastic Beasts…) we come to the final type of the Fantasy marathon: the box office bust.The first Huntsman movie was “okay” but not much more, and la…