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Road to Mordheim – Ghouls!

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    Hello Reader.   Continuing our sequence of “Road to Mordheim” articles today’s article focuses on the creatures I knew I’d have in the Warband ever since I decided to have a Vampire Counts Warband, and as the title of this ar…

Warhammer Empire – New Photos

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Warhammer Empire – New Photos   Some new photos of my Empire army. I wouldn’t call it finished yet but definietly on-hold and has been for quite some time. Fantasy just hasn’t appealed to...

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A great Lego haul

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From the same vendor I got the T-rex set a few weeks ago, I managed to score another good haul of Lego sets today.And the price?  Well, let`s say that if I sold off the TIE fighter at the averages prices it goes for, I`d be turning break even and …

New Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign

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Wow… September hit like a… like a… something that… um… well, it’s been very busy. I’ve hardly even painted anything in the last two weeks. (I did however finish building the first – of SIX – bookshelves I need to build this fall).This…

Wargaming in Lego

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I used to be a wargamer for the most part of my teenage and early adult years.  Then time constraints, budget, and a lot of other factors and the likes popped in and slowly that hobby died out.On Eurobricks, they did something special this year.&n…

Undead – Flesh eaters: Werewolf & Ghoul king

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Well erm, quite honestly I haven’t done anything really hobby related beyond texturing some bases for over a month…. but I hadn’t realised that I had 4 images yet to post up, these two and the final shots of the skaven Assassin and Black skaven which…

All quiet because there is too much going on.

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Between work and life, it has been an extremely busy Summer.  I have started collecting 1/72 WWII for Chain of Command, created a gaming mat for 1889 and begun printing dungeon tiles on warprinter. I also won a PDF of Adventures in the East Mark&n…

Whisky, cigars and game inspirations

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Greg and I recently started a Storium game in a Dark Age low magic setting. Chuckle. Greg GM’d a Harn game for a …Continue reading →

Building Helm`s Deep

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Helm`s Deep is often associated with the mighty fortress of the Rohirrim, but actually it is the name of the valley the fortress of Aglarond, or as it is commonly more known, the Hornburg, is located.  The fortress was said to be untakeable, and t…

#RPGaDay Day 1. First RPG Played

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This was launched and intended to run through August. But I only found it now. So now is when I …Continue reading →

D&D 5e

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I have a RPG blog, that is even older than this blog. I can never figure out if it is better to have multiple blogs for different types of games. Some of my mates have separate blogs for the two, others just mix. I’ve decided to mix for the moment…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Metal Gaming Coins by Never Stop Tops & Coins Kickstarter

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There have been lots of new and interesting Crowdfunders on the net in the time I’ve been distracted. Now I’m back in the groove I’ve got one for you LARPers and RPGers. This time is a great collection of  fantasy coins for your game…

The Burning City, by Niven/Pournelle, reviewed

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A review of THE BURNING CITY, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Continue reading

Completed Ogre Kingdoms Army

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This morning I finished up the bases on the Ogre Kingdoms commission I’ve been working on for the last few days. If you want to see the other articles on the army I’ve linked them below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 This army was painted to …

Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt4

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So after a nice break at the weekend I’m back for the final day of working on the Ogre commission! I had the converted Tyrant, 2 Sabretusks and the big Thundertusk to finish off today. I also needed to apply the basing to the entire army, which I…

Belgians, Slaves, Wizards, etc.

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An odd assortment of items rolling off the workbench today….(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):Belgian machine-gunners from Great War Miniatures.Another view of the same…… and another..…and one more.A Scots Rifleman als…

Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt3

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Day three of the Ogre commission I’m working on! Can view the other parts here: Part 1 Part 2 Today I managed to get the fur done on both the Thundertusk and Stonehorn and also finish the Firebelly. Can see that my fire has improved a lot since t…

Dwarf Warrior unit 2

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Finished a second unit of Dwarf warriors. 6 units down 6 more to go.

Ogres Kingdoms Commission Pt2

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Second part of this weeks Ogre Commission! Today I painted the unit of 12 Ironguts with full command. These took a little longer to paint than the normal Ogres as they have more armour and a lot bigger (and meaner looking!) weapons. They’re paint…

Reaper Minis Customer Service is Awesome

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Brian Burger

Looking to assemble unique teams for Blood Bowl without spending a lot of money, I’ve been poking around the Reaper Bones collection – Reaper’s relatively new collection of injection-molded figures in a relatively soft plastic. I ordered a couple of … Continue reading

Paint on Blood Bowl Temples

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Brian Burger

Finally getting paint onto all the Blood Bowl sideline buildings, which means it’s worth pointing a camera at them again – neither bare pink styrofoam nor black primered styrofoam are really all that photogenic. For scale reference, the figure on … Continue reading

Citadel of Blood (SPI, ARES magazine) now in digital rules library

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I guess I’m on a roll! Making DEATHMAZE for epub format recently had me re-reading Citadel of Blood, the Deathmaze-style tile-laying dungeon crawl game that was published in ARES Magazine, issue 5, in 1980. This magazine can be found in … Continue reading

Lines & Logos on a Blood Bowl Pitch

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Brian Burger

It’s been a quiet stretch here mostly because I was away from home for just over a week housesitting for a family member on the other side of town, but the Blood Bowl pitch setup has been progressing slowly. I … Continue reading

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett book review

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I saw and loved the SyFy movie, I watched the cartoons and read most of the books in the series (Soul Music still being my favorite)… but for some odd reason I never took to The Colour of Magic… until now, and I was a swift read as you get sweeped …

So Much Star Wars! (and also Dragons vs Frost Giants)

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I don’t usually do straight reposts but in this case there is so much that is cool at Gencon, just from FFG (I count Attack Wing as FFG lol) alone. My son and I don’t know which cool new boxed game is more exciting. I mean, how do you pick between Star…