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BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 4

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Good progress on the Blomp gondola this weekend, with all the major structural assembly finished, skinning done in styrene sheet, and the start of the lifting-gas engine and associated pipework. The bow and stern have “masts” (not sure what else to call them, really…) that will eventually have lines connecting to the envelope overhead, with … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 4


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The penultimate movie in the marathon, fantasy films where actually a thing in the first half of the 80s, in part due to the popularity of the Dungeons and Dragons game and the Masters of the Universe successfull toyline.This resulted in movies of all …

BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 3

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Blomping onward, in a classic goblin-engineering “make sh*t up as you go” fashion! The front half of the gondola has been skinned with styrene sheet, cut in one continuous strip for strength. I also glued in more styrene strip on the inner edges of the gunwale. The edges of the flying bridge received similar treatment; … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 3

Red Sonja

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Red Sonja was the concluding chapter of the Conan trilogy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and when I was a young fantasy fan, this was a sort of “ow she’s beautiful” movie… the babe flick as to say.So fast forward almost 25 years (yes, it’s been that…

Just About Finished.

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Having thought I had done all the work I found a few more minor details to do as I was inspecting them. Nothing too major but a number of little niggles. Easy to put right, still a pain though. Mostly done with ink.The decals are drying and the grass t…

Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 2

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Progress on my Lead Adventure Forum Build Something 2017 entry, the goblin-crewed Bloodyear Blomp! I’d said previously I was going to finish covering the blimp envelope in fabric before moving on to the gondola, but in standard wargamer fashion I’ve been distracted into working on the gondola first. The basic skeleton of the gondola is … Continue reading Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 2

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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The next instalment in the Fantasy marathon, we have the “teenager flick” with the second Percy Jackson movie.Now, I liked the first one, the Lightning Thief, as a movie to just sit back and let it come over you.The second one starts when Camp Halfbloo…

Mordheim Season 3 – The Catacombs

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Once again the antagonists gather to have battle in this the eighth outing in the current Mordheim campaign.The warbands this time delve beneath the earth and venture into the mouldering catacombs lying beneath the now ruined town of Jurgenard where th…


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Today`s fantasy movie marathon takes us to the Disney stable, as we go in the realm of “Dark Fantasy” with this alternate tale of Sleeping Beauty.Now, this was a 2014 blockbuster, and it became the 4th best performing movie of that year.When a young Ma…

WIP: Halfling Rooster Riders

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Hullo. :) Just a quick one from me today – it’s a WIP shot of the first two Rooster Riders I’m working on. These are from a Kickstarter I backed last year. Now I got a coop’s worth of these chaps lying around (plus some Halfling militia on foot) for al…

Jason and the Argonauts

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Here we are with the next instalment of our movie marathon special, and today we are handling a classic film from 1963.Now, I have been watching films over the weekend, I just didn`t get around to posting so it may take a few days longer as such :-)The…

Finishing Touches

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Not so much done today. I have done some red highlighting on all of the figures. This was a biggish job and has taken up much of the limited time I have had today. I have decided to put a bit of blood on some of the figures and onto the pitch as well. …

Nearly There

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I have managed to get a fair bit of work done on the figures today. I think I need to do a bit of red highlighting and paint the edge of the bases but that is it for the painting. I’ll finish that tomorrow. Spray varnish. Add the transfers and some flo…

Painting Challenge Week 4 Submissions

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Two contributions from me this week, for different projects underway:

Wasteland Raiders

Here is the beginning of my first ever Fantasy army: a Conan-esque “Riders of Doom” / Game of Thrones Wildling inspired raider force.  These rather ominous looking chaps deliver two 6 Heavy Foot units for Dragon Rampant; one with 2 handed weapons and one with Shields (and led my a Sub-Leader with a Standard Bearer and a musical/signalling Horn blowing chap).

No, these are NOT Chaos Warriors (though the figs are indeed the venerable 2004 GW sculpts).  You can easily tell by the way their shields have been meticulously scraped clean of the characteristic 8 pointed star icons and most of the skulls, right? Right!
Yes that shield/banner device is indeed the Yellow Sign of Cthulhu mythos fame. 
No, they aren’t wearing yellow.
Behold: the colourblind Knights of the Yellow Sign!

Painting wise, they were undercoated black and then I fell into the pitfall of enjoying painting all the lovely details and spending far too long on them – not good time economy from a points perspective, but I am pleased with their “just in from the wastelands” appearance.

Banner and shields are of course hand painted to avoid the unpleasantness than Alan unleashes on those who utilise shield decals, which are (and I quote verbatim) “evil and the work of the Devil” (as he is fond of exclaiming loudly into perpetrators’ ears…)

Red Devil Jeeps

Another of my hobby objectives this year is to add to my 28mm Brit Para force, which I completed as part of my first challenge back in AHPC IV.  I really love this army (but JamesL’s Germans generally don’t) and am keen to add some some force options that I didn’t do the first time around.

First up is a pair of Para Jeeps which come from the Brigade’s Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron, but can also be used to tow the Para’s Light Howitzers and 6pdr antitank guns.  Fitted with Vickers K machine guns, they can be very useful for a flanking movements and to throw some suppressing fire about in rear areas and cause havoc generally.  In BA2 terms, they probably wont be as good with the changes to the Recon skill, but I’m looking forward to giving them a go on the tabletop.

Jeeps are by Warlord Games, crews are by Artisan Designs and I’ve added a bunch of other stowage and gibbons from my bits box.  LMGs are modelled in a “stowed but ready” configuration for playing/storage longevity.  Yes, one of the Paras is toting a captured MG42 – to offset the captured Brit weapons that some of Alan’s new Fallschirmjäger are carrying (which will also be posted today) and because its such a cool weapon!

Tip for Commonwealth types (standfast Canuks): note that the Jeep is an American designed vehicle.  Thus, the driver is on the Left hand side. Don’t go into automatic and superglue your drivers into your more usual right hand side driver’s position.  Yes I felt sufficiently purist (or sufficiently pressured by he who is called Alan) to remove said drivers, fix the paintwork and then re-glue them onto the designed -as opposed to proper! – side.

You can find this entry at AHPC VII here:

Overall, these two submissions added a satisfying 130 points to my challenge total:
 – 60 points for the 12 Raiders + some bonus points for the hand painted shields and banner
 – Para jeeps are 2 x vehicles + 6 full crew figures for another 60 points

So where does that put me for progress? Coupled with the Armour bonus round I have now achieved 271 points to put me above the line for my 850 point target.  Now to keep the pace up with my projects various.

And to feed Miles’ love of spreadsheets and graphs, here is where I sit in comparison to my previous performances in AHPCs IV and VI:

Almost There, Almost

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Despite my protestations yesterday, I did manage to get some painting done last night when things eventually got quite. For the most part this was just blocking out. Today I have filled in the last of the blocking out and some inking up. My dad would h…


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Today in the Fantasy series, we have the TV adaption movie.And I picked one of a classic book, Hogfather by Terry Pratchett, because I just love the Discworld series.This movie, sometimes labelled as mini series, was a 2 part adaption of 1.5 hours each…

Lead Reckoning 2017-01-13 04:22:00

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Other than tidying up the bench about three times, I spent a fair amount of time painting. I don’t seem to have gotten very far. This might be the multiple coats of paint for  light colored pants. This worried me for a bit as I thought they were g…

Grimm’s Snow White

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You can`t run a movie special without having at least a single low budget, B-Movie vehicle in it…And you can`t have those without thinking about… The Asylum, masters of making cheap budget straight to DVD movies.While the story is of course well kn…

Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn

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Next in our Fantasy movie marathon, we have an animation movie, adapted from the video game of the same name.Now, usually this is a pretty risky thing, as usually video game adaptions tend to be.. weak.Set about 50 years before the actual game, where a…

Orcs, Fousands Of Em

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Well only twenty actually. It just seems like there are thousands of them. I had another look at what I had done already and decided that they were a little too red. I looked around and most of the pictures I could find showed much more variation on co…

Beowulf and Grendel

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The most recent cinematic tale on this age old saga, this Gerald Butler starring flick hails from 2005.A Canadian – Icelandic coproduction, it tried to feature as many dialogues in the Old English of the poem version of the 1800s…… which is both it…

Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp

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Every year or so over on Lead Adventure Forum they hold a friendly Build Something competition. There’s a theme that imposes some restrictions; one year it was “your scenery must be based on a CD”; we had “marine/watercraft” once, and this year the theme is “flight”. I’ve been a LAF member for years and it’s … Continue reading Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp

Almost There With The First Batch Of Gouged Eye (With The First Coat)

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I remember the first load of Citadel miniatures I got many, many years ago. By modern standards they are tiny. They were more like 25mm than 28mm and far less “heroic”. I had a troll amongst them. It looks scrawny next to the Blood Bowl orcs. I want to…

Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Fantasy movie marathon day 1 / 12, and we have the 2016, high budget production to kick it off, Alice Through the Looking Glass.Based on the characters by Lewis Carroll, this is a sequel to the 2010 Alice in Wonderland.Alice has been sailing the seas, …

Fantasy Movie Marathon

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Well, the year is still young, but I think a good way to get it started is by doing my first “movie marathon” of the year.This is basically a day or 10 in which I`ll be trying to watch a movie in a certain theme every day, and as such work a bit on my …