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Showcase: Dwarf Thunderers by FruitBear

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Hello everyone! Back again with another post about the models I first painted in 2006. This time it’s the Thunderers from the Battle of Skull Pass starter set. Although he quality of the models weren’t as good as the ones in current starter sets I took quite a liking to these models.
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Coming Soon – Aeon’s End

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Here we take a look at Aeon’s End, an upcoming cooperative deck building game from Action Phase Games.

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game solo play

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I recently picked up a copy of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Skulls & Shackles. The 18th and 19th century …

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Hunters Mark Kickstarter Preview

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This breathtaking tabletop game gives you the most brutal job in the world. To beat the monsters you’ll need to co-operate with your opponents. Hunters Mark provides you the over-the-top storyline, spooky monster fights and perilous lairs to rob. Welcome to the daring world where the only things wilder than raging monsters are the hunters […]

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ArcWorlde Unithorn from Warploque Miniatures

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Last week saw me playing with my new airbrush and starting out practicing on the Unithorn from Warploque Miniatures. The practice didn’t go quite to plan, so instead it became a session of playing with inks and sponge. I continued working on it this we…

Showcase: Dwarf Warriors by FruitBear

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Hello everyone! Whilst thinking back to the models that I’ve painted in the past, I thought I’d do a throw back post of the first models I painted back in 2006 when I first started the hobby. These Dwarf Warriors came from the Battle for Skull Pass starter. Back then no one taught me to paint so I had to rely on the White Dwarf masterclasses a lot! In saying that I’m glad they are coming back in Next Months White Dwarf!!
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More Challengers Emerge (I Wish)

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I wish they were. This was my favourite part of this year’s Gencon seminar. The name of the segment was “shameless market research.” Infinity is the only game I’ve played in a while that I haven’t been inclined to either tinker with or expand. Their ru…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Star Hat Miniatures: Heroic Scale Metal Figures Kickstarter

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Well, how could I not feature this KS, given that the tagline for these minis is “Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom!” it’s pretty much right up my alley! Star Hat miniatures are a company I haven’t come across before, but they have my attention now! As you will gather, these are a set […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Realm of the Dead; Necropolis Obelisk

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Ok, so finally I found the photos for this episode of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom; Realm of the dead. This article, we are going to make some Necropolis Obelisks or tomb marker type monuments, these will match the rest of the other dungeon set and work well as standalone pieces in their own right. As […]

5 Sports for your Fantasy Setting

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With the Summer Olympic games now in full swing, we thought we’d help you bring the spirit of the Olympics to your role play gaming. Whatever tabletop RPG you are playing, there are some Olympic sports that you can include … Continue reading

Gadding About – Again – Kroot Raiders

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I am back on the Napoleonics now but the focus got lost again. I painted ten of these. Well it was something to do.I was hoping to do something along the lines of Titansgrave, The Ashes of Valkana. Not sure I could run the main campaign in the book, bi…

Mordheim Season 3 – Further into the Woods

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With the result of Round 2 being the Dwarves gaining the Witches treasure and getting to choose the Warband’s ventured next, being Dwarves, Ian plumped to go after more loot rather than heading back to Dalberz and aiding the town now about to be under …

Fantasy Renaissance: One year on

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It’s a bit over one year on now, since Warhammer Fantasy ended as an official thing. Games Workshop then relaunched a purportedly skirmish scaled game, Age of Sigmar. Immediately the crows then gathered over the slain hero – Warhammer Fantasy Battles. …

Gaming Camp Day 4: BDB and the Great Gnomish Civil War!!

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So THURSDAY was an entire day full of Big Dang Boat goodness.  We knew going into it that BDB wasn’t exactly going to play lightning fast, but the game is so silly and rife for story telling the kids got … Continue reading

The World Of Twilight

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There are a lot of fantasy games out there that will have forces of humans, Orcs and all the other races that you expect in a fantasy game. Whereas Twilight looks at things in a slightly different light; the Tolkien based races are gone and a more organic set of races dwell on the face of Anyaral. … Continue reading The World Of Twilight

Showcase: Trolls of the Old World by Banzai1000

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Banzai1000 here, today I would like to show some of my Trolls. I don’t know how popular these models are or were, but personally I love all the different variatons. More trolling after the jump…
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Aurelian and Dragon Rampant

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Vacationing has pre-occupied me these past few weeks but I have managed to squeeze in a couple of games. Bruce introduced me to Aurelian this past week. This is a card driven game where the armies are also cards (although you could miniaturize it).My i…

Kharis, Vampire Queen Bust from Kabuki Studio – An Unboxing

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Today’s post sees me unboxing Kharis, the Vampire Queen from Kabuki Studio. She’s a 1/8th Scale bust made of resin and comes including a plinth.Kharis is one of three busts currently available from Kabuki, along with Ky-Ra and Bonny Anne, whom I unboxe…

Fine Furnishings Volume 1 Paper-kit, now available on Wargame Vault!

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Yet another shameless PDF plug for the latest Grinning Skull studios publication, Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Fine furnishings Volume 1 is now available from wargame vault and sister sites. This is yet another fine paper kit in the Dungeon Builder series and will add on more detail and use for your Arcane library set ups […]

Shae, Elven Ranger from Heresy Miniatures – A Closer Look

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We’re back with Heresy Miniatures for this week’s A Closer Look at Shae the Elven Ranger.

Sensibly attired for a hunt through a forest wilderness, Shae is a one piece 28mm metal miniature in Heresy’s Spyglass/Eolith range, sculpted by Steve Buddle.

She’ll set you back a the princely sum of £4 from the Heresy Miniatures store and you can choose what type of base she comes with to match the system you want to use her for.

Mistfall Review

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In our Mistfall review, we go over the pros and cons of a cooperative adventure game from Polish designer Blazej Kubacki.
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Tiny Epic Defenders Review

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In our Tiny Epic Defenders review, we take a look at a fantasy game that has players attempt to protect their kingdom from a horde of monsters!
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AoS / 9th Age: Dark Elves – Black Guard

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Hello dear friends! It`s been a while without any post 🙂 So sorry for long break and you have my promise – more updates every week. I have on my HD tons of photos and dozens sets for review – just need to find a few hours for editing and uploading. Today you may see[…]

Impact of Armor on results in Guild Ball

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One of the more important aspects of Guild Ball is determining how many hits you can expect to get based on the number of dice, TN and Armour. I took a few minutes to put together some tables that determined the average number of hits and then factored in Armour. I have taken some liberties […]

Character bases for Dragon Rampant

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I picked up a few character figures to round out my Dragon Rampant armies with some magic users, clerics and heroes. (Apologies if the formatting is a bit off–Blogger is giving me difficulties).These are Splintered Light minis and are lovely poses. Th…