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Salute 2018 – Part 2

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Let us focus on the gaming tables and participation rounds at Salute in this part of the coverage. A table, that I was really looking forward to see, was the one by Andy Singleton and Kildaire Paintworks, it is a 20mm / 1:72 World War two Setting in the mediterranean. He documented the different kits […]

Salute 2018 – Part 1

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Salute began early for us, after the day-trip to Nottingham, we we’re ready and waiting at 7 a.m. at Cambridge Station. Taking the Great Northern towards London, we had some time on our hand. It takes roughly an hour and gets you to Kings Cross without a stop. Spending that time on going through our […]

1st game of Lord and Lands

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We had out first game of Lord and Lands by Chris Armstrong this week and I’m happy to say that it did not disappoint. It had been a few weeks since either of us had read the rules, so there was a bit of flicking back and forth to check things, but the …

Paint Table Saturday 232 – Very little progress

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Hi All,This week seemed to be filled with everything but hobby time. My son ran an amazing 3000m this morning and may have qualified for the National meet later this Summer. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.I mostly painted the horse flesh and underneath th…

Paint Table Saturday 231 – Must stay focused

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Hi All,Well I had to take my Mulligan in March. The track meet and the Easter Holiday just sucked up my time and wore me out. Minimal progress this week, but closer to the end. I’m starting to feel the pull of other projects and got sucked into the ide…

HOTT 15mm Dark Dwarf Cultists

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Some models I bought back in 2012 or 2013 at Salute for the HOTT game system, I already did some in the painting challenge a few weeks ago.Now, I finally gotten round to completing the regiment of 3 elements.  While HOTT, which we had planned…

The Legion of Super Evil – 10mm Night Elves and Co.

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I seem to have done a lot of painting so far this year. Here is the third army I’ve finished so far – and by finished I mean ‘reached a natural pause’. The Legion of Super Evil is the creation of my wee lad, painted with some limited direction from him…

Suspicious circumstances at Stone Forest

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Necroposter This session took the elvish boys, agents of the Judiciary of Parsantium, to an outlying village known as Stone …Continue reading →

Battle Companies Campaign – Looking for the Needle

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This week we kicked off the club Battle Companies campaign.With ten players involved and a reasonable spread of different Battle Companies the campaign promises to be eventful and lots of fun.The Players;         Dave K  &…

Paint Table Saturday 230 – I wish I were done. (Bretonnians)

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Hi All,Somehow the week has gotten away from me and I am perilously close to using my Mulligan for the month of March.I got a little farther than this picture last night, highlights on all the red, white, blue, black and yellow. As you can see I still …

A Weekend of Gaming

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I’m very happy that I had several great opportunities for gaming during the last days. The opening was two games of Zombicide I had with an old friend from Germany, who stayed for a couple of days at our place.…

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Paint Table Saturday 229 – What else? Bretonnians.

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Hi All, Ok, not a lot of progress this week. I’m not really sure where all the time went. A few more colors slapped on the Bretonnians, but I need to get my rear in gear.The Knights in the background are there to remind me of color scheme and what…

The Hearthshire Muster

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The 10mm halfling muster of Hearthshire is complete (for now), with enough units to muster a 1200 point army for Lord and Lands (or, at a pinch, 2000 points for Kings of War). For the next little while I am planning on working on an army being put…

El Pollo Diablo!

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To finish off my halfling army, I needed* some sort of flying monster. I figured a giant owl or perhaps even a gryphon would be the way to go. I didn’t really like much in the way of 10mm monsters I saw, and when I expanded the search to 15mm, I saw th…

Land of the Minotaurs – Richard A. Knaak

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The Lost Histories series probes the historical roots and epic struggles of heretofore little-known peoples of Krynn.Author Richard A. Knaak explores the land and history of the horned race of minotaurs in this fourth instalment in the series.PlotThrou…

Yet more Hearthshire Halflings

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Five more units and a third character for the Hearthshire muster. All are 10mm halflings from Magister Militum.Four of us got together for a multiplayer game of Kings of War last week, using ‘the JB amendment’ which sees both players rolling to attack …

Terrain Tuesday 3 – Coaching Inn and Stables

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Hi All,This last week I’ve been working on the Coaching Inn and Stables from White Dwarf 143. Since I still can’t seem to locate my physical White Dwarf magazines I was able to find the terrain articles and a repository of a magazines in pdf form out i…

15mm light riders

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This week was a touch busy so only a few mounted figures. There are from a Battle of Westerros expansion.They’ll serve as light riders for a 15mm Dragon Rampant army.U next: Maybe some zombie survivors?

Black Library Celebration 2018

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A free book you received in Games Workshop stores during the last weekend of february, this 160+ page novel bundles 6 short stories in one volume.While not unique or new, the stories where mostly on e-pub available before, and now have found their way …

Looking Forward!

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While everyone else is busy dropping points bombs on poor Curt I decided to go out quietly with a fun little vignette. So here is “Looking Forward” to the next Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. For me the end of the Challenge is the culmination of m…

End Of The (Most Productive) Week

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This week has not really been about  painting 28mm miniatures. It’s been about  me finishing of what I have started. Whilst i haven’t finished off every half paint figure on the bench, I have come pretty close. Some are abandoned rather than …

Paint Table Saturday 228 – Brets, Random Fantasy and Coaching Inn

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Hi All,I know, it’s Sunday, but I was busy with track and Corn Beef eating yesterday.Important note. This photo was taken on my phone and edited on my phone with Snapseed. Airbornegrove recommended it and so far I like it a lot. I haven’t done any of t…

There Was A Reason For This Post

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I remember waking up with a really good idea for a post this morning. I should have written it down.The day has worked out quite well and I think I am getting closer to my eventual painting goal for the week. At close of play today I am pretty relaxed …

Fantasy Stuff

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During the last months, I was quite busy painting 28mm fantasy figures and terrain. I mainly orientated myself by the scenarios in the Sellswords & Spellslingers rule book. Fortunately, I already had a bunch of lizardmen which I painted up…

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Return to Caraz-Lumbar

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Hi All,Remember the sample scenario in the back of Warhammer Siege? The Defense of Caraz-Lumbar? I think I only ever cursorily glanced at it as I longed to play out sieges in my Mighty Empires campaign. You know the one that never really went anywhere….