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Reblog: Antideluvian Miniatures Fantasy Range (#Discovery: 3)

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I’m reblogging (below) which I do rarely, but that’s just to capture the page information, which doesn’t say much. The Manufacturer: Antideluvian Miniatures. The Range: “Pirates” (ahem, cough cough) The Particulars: well, see for yourself… Okay, nerds. I don’t think … Continue reading

Short Wars:

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Short wars is a skirmish level game, played with small warbands of diminutive races – Goblins, Halflings, Dwarfs and Dark Dwarfs – as they build upon their fortunes and reputations by exploring and raiding neighboring territories, amassing gold and defeating rival warbands, with figures in the range sculpted by such prominent industry names as Kevin … Continue reading Short Wars:

Goblins – More Of Them

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I finished these (well give or take) last month. I started the project over a year ago and have worked on them intermittently. After doing a few test figures I had a plan albiet a fairly long term one. Enough with the chat, here are the pics.These were…

A Song of Frost and Gravy, Part the Fifth – Warband in Progress!

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Well, who’d have thought it? I’ve actually managed a semblance of momentum on the Frostgrave project!Here is the warband so far; our two Enchanters, an Infantryman and a Ranger.”Enchanters Assemble!!!’ “Shut up, Ilmar.”And here are the new recruit…

Ember: From The Ashes Kickstarter Preview

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Good day, everyone! You probably know about the Ember Card Game which has a fast gameplay and magical setting. This game is one of the easiest games to learn because it takes about three minutes to make things clear even for your children! It will be interesting for players who like strategy and tactics but […]

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Oh the Horror(s)!

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In a weird twist on the usual one or two posts and then radio silence for months… I’ve actually got another update or two for you already lined up!Rounding off the Horrors part of the Silver tower box set is the remaining Pink and four Blues.The righ…

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV

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In order to promote the launch of the newest instalment of Final Fantasy, coming the end of november, Square Enix created this anime series.

Containing 5 episodes of around 15 minutes each, it dabs in the backstory of the main character.

Plot (from Wikipedia)

Brotherhood is set on the Earth-like world of Eos, occurring within the events of Final Fantasy XV.
The kingdom of Lucis, keeper of the world’s last surviving crystal, has been at war with the technologically-advanced empire of Niflheim, the latter dominating much of the known world.
After many years of war, a peace is agreed between Lucis and Niflheim.

As part of the peace agreements, Noctis Lucis Caelum—son of the reigning king Regis and heir to the Lucian throne—is to marry Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, former princess of Tenebrae and now hostage of Niflheim. Noctis sets off to marry Lunafreya in the company of his loyal companions and friends: Gladiolus Amicitia, Prompto Argentum and Ignis Scientia. On their journey, Niflheim betrays and invades Lucis, stealing the crystal and killing Regis, leaving Noctis to go on a quest to reclaim his throne and defeat Niflheim.


This is actually a cool way to get an introduction into the newest sibling of the Final Fantasy franchise.  The short stories tell the “why” Noct is going to his destination, but also focusses on the how he got to meet his friends that are accompanying him, all against the backdrop of a battle with a large demon, the same one that attacked him when he was a child.
The animation is drop dead gorgeous, and the backstories aren`t actually that far sought, as we have his friend from school, one of his guards and his butler as the other heroes.

Rating: 7 / 10

A Song of Frost and Gravy, Part 4 – The Compleat Enchanters

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Surprise, surprise! My Enchanters for Frostgrave are now complete!Vaino the Enchanter and his determined young Apprentice Ilmar are now ready to venture into the ruins of Felstad in search of treasure and glory.Here’s Vaino, the brains of the outfit;an…

Mordheim Season 3 – Free at Last!

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This week saw the fourth installment of the gripping cereal (no not Wheetabix) that is Mordheim Season 3, ‘The Season of the Witch’.The bands had gathered back at the smoldering ruins of what was once the town of Dalberz, intent on freeing (or dispatch…

Paint Table Saturday 150 – Odds and Sods

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Hi All,Sorry for the infrequent posting. I’m beavering away but don’t have much in the way of progress.So I’ve primed the Halflings and “Beastmen” (in the background right) and have started slopping on base color. The Chukk (Space Chickens) are for Dus…

A Song of Frost and Gravy, Part the Third; Glacial Painting and Works in Progress (of a sort)

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The thing about glaciers is that they move very slowly.

So you’ll have to forgive me for emulating their progress when painting a subject as wintry as the ruins of Felstad… But Millsy has kept the blog fires burning admirably over winter!

Remember the Reaper Bones Ice Spider? Well, he’s all based up and ready to go.

The usual baking soda and PVA snow mix, given a little shading here and there with some diluted blue ink, completes the basing. Can’t play Frostgrave without monsters, so he’ll join the Ice Toad, the Snow Leopard and the Golem in the menagerie of menace.

But what about adventurers? I have an Infantryman and a Ranger both finished, but without wizards to boss them around, they’re not really doing anything much at all. So I bit the bullet and made a start on an Enchanter and his Apprentice last weekend. I’ve roughed in the main colour areas, but the detail still has to be finished off, so they really are works in progress (at last!).

Here’s the Enchanter, Vaino,

and his determined young assistant, Ilmar.

Character names courtesy of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, after the magician-heroes Väinämöinen and Ilmarinen; it’s an homage to two of the great enchanters of legend. And what could be more appropriate for these two than a snowy landscape in which to perform their daring deeds?

The North Star Frostgrave figs are decked with a wealth of detail, and if your eyesight is a little hazy in the close-up department (like yours truly), you might miss a strap or bottle or whatever, but they certainly repay the effort.

I hope to have these lads completed next weekend, and then it’ll be on to some more hirelings to bulk up the warband. Plus there’s the prepping for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge – cleaning and undercoating in advance this time!

That’s all for now – stay tuned!


Siege of the Citadel Kickstarter Preview

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Today we’re going to present you a reboot of a famous miniature board game called “Siege of the Citadel”. In this case, reboot means not only the miniatures remake but also the rules balancing. The first edition was developed by Richard Borg and now he is back to bring this renewed bestseller to life! “Siege […]

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Empire vs Vampire Counts – 6th Ed Warhammer

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Last week, myself and John Muir had decided on organising a game for this weeks club night and with neither of us had anything particular in mind and we ran through a few options to see what peeked our fancy, and it was John, rather randomly …

On the Painting Table

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My gaming activities are stalling at the moment due to unforseen real life mishaps. Painting has also been halted, but I’m pretty confident I’ll wield a brush again soon. At the moment, there is quite an eclectic mix of stuff on the painting table: On the first rack, the two figures on the rightmost side … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Thornwatch Kickstarter preview

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“Thornwatch” takes us to the fantasy world known as Eyrewood forest. This game is the results of hard work which took years. It has a good balance between RPG and pick-up-and-play mechanics. In the gameplay, you will take the role of the “Thornwatch” – the Eyrewood guardians order. This place is full of danger and magic […]

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Incantris Kickstarter Preview

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The Kingdom of Aldramere has been suffering from war for a very long time. Now the magical energy is released and it can ruin the whole world. To solve all the disagreements, both rivals decided to carry out the battle of three champions. These fine gentlemen will clash in a battle to find out who’s […]

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Club Night September 6

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We had a great turn out for our first club night of the autumn with (I think) 16 guys playing at one point. Dave hosted a WW2 Crete game that began with a flaming British plane. Reports were sketchy but the German paratroops spent some time looking for…

Mice and Mystics Board Game Review

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In our Mice and Mystics board game review, we take a look at a very popular cooperative adventure game from Plaid Hat Games.
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Dungeon World for Parsantium?

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Our group got together, minus one (or two if you count Alan who can only very rarely join), and this …

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Chaos Wars – Trial Game

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Earlier this week, myself and Andy W had a trial game of the ‘re-invented’ Ral Partha Fantasy rules ‘Chaos Wars’.I had noted the existence of these rules somewhere on the blogosphere and of course checked them out when I saw that they we…

Paint Table Saturday 148 – Orc Boar Boyz (commission)

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Hi All,What with all the various things going on I haven’t been painting as much as I like. I did finish this unit of 10 Orc Boar Boyz, after the person who sent them to me asked for the back post haste.I’m fairly happy with how they turned out, but I …

Showcase: Dwarf Gyrocopter by FruitBear

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Hi everyone I’m back again with more Dwarves, this time being a Gyrocopter. I remembered when this mini came out there were a few words to describe it depending on whether you liked it or not. For me the words were “steampunk” and “cute” thus my decision to paint one up. Hope I don’t get slashed for saying that!
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Some Reaper miniatures I have painted

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Hi All,I posted a collection of figures I have painted over on the Facebook Reaper Miniatures group, but somebody posted more of their own figures to my album. So I am reposting them here and may delete the album from Facebook if I can’t get the person…

Showcase: Dwarf Thunderers by FruitBear

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Hello everyone! Back again with another post about the models I first painted in 2006. This time it’s the Thunderers from the Battle of Skull Pass starter set. Although he quality of the models weren’t as good as the ones in current starter sets I took quite a liking to these models.
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Coming Soon – Aeon’s End

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Here we take a look at Aeon’s End, an upcoming cooperative deck building game from Action Phase Games.

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