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Army Of The Dead Part 3

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I have finished the twelve Army of the Dead figures I got on eBay. I thought I’d post them alongside the ones I have already done. These followed the same pattern as last time. They were a quick easy paint job. The highlighting gives them a nice ethere…

Last Saturday And Sundays Dwarves

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The dwarves are now properly based. I like the old Grenadier stuff. I might have said that already. They go back to a time which for me was the golden age. That is, I had some money I could afford spend on gaming stuff for the first time. A certain Bri…

Paint Table Saturday – Dead And Wounded – Some Dark Age Types

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A paint table Saturday post? This is my first. I am not sure I will be able to stick with this but I guess I will give it a try. I have had a little bit of moral support around this from  the bogosphere, so I figured – what the hell. So I hope the…

There Really Is A Difference Betwen This Post And The Last One

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I’ve had a bot of time on my own today. So between chores, power outages, dog walking, house cleaning, child wrangling, I got some stuff done. Again, not much actual figure painting but there was a little bit. I have finished the last of the Army of th…

Napoleonics, Casualites, Napoleonic Casualties…

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A couple little things rolling off the workbench…(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):A sample Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr from Warlord Games. I got a pack of ten of these in a recent order from Woodrow’s War Store – They’re bl…

The power of patience

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I have been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately. It feeds a CCG itch that I always have and it does it via my iPad and computer which makes it easy to get in games. It also seems to have a much better matchmaking algorithm than a lot of online multiplayer games in that I […]

Blood Bowl Markers

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Brian Burger

Not having the time or energy right now for larger projects, I’ve been bashing away at a few sets of markers for Blood Bowl teams, both my own and those of some of the folks I game with. For BB, … Continue reading

Hordes Circle of Orboros: Ferile WarpWolf (PIP) part 3 & Ghetorix

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Not at all convinced by the glowing runes, I need another go at that.

My brand new pot of P3 Molten Bronze is totally solid :( so I don’t have a highlight colour for the Bronze…. otherwise i’m nearly there now.

Also managed to get Ghetorix to this level, still a few stages behind the ferile above:

Paint Table Monday?

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Again, I have managed to pick up a brush and paint. My drive has taken me to a few different places today. I started off with the dwarves  I was painting yesterday. I wanted to do some work on the bases before starting on dry brushing but the glue…

Scale Creep

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I was playing a dungeon exploration game the other weekend and noticed just how much figures have crept up in size over the decades. Pictures below…Read more »

The Battle for Boglen Wood – Round Four

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Another round of our Song of Blades and Heroes  Campaign….GAME ONEAmanda and I got in a game on Monday before she took off to Denver for a conference for a couple days… FORCESThe Elves of Bolgen Wood(Amanda) 1 Campaign Point, Tough as Nai…

I Found A Brush In My Hand

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For the first time in a while, I have found some space and time to do some painting.Whilst I have been doing that, I have been watching a load of post-apocalyptic dramas on cable. There was a TV show in the 60s called The War Game. I have heard a lot a…

Lizards & Lunatics

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Brian Burger

Had two small orders come in last week. I have been saving money for an epic bike vacation to Europe in a few months (Vienna, Austria to Nantes, France over six weeks!) and not ordering much new stuff for wargaming … Continue reading

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fantasy Coins from Fantasy Coin on Kickstarter

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While I have the time off from sculpting and modelmaking tonight, I thought I’d catch up on doing some posts, this time a crowdfunding spotlight article featuring some rather nice coinage from Fantasy coin LLC. These lovely looking tokens are int…

Five Halflings and a Paladin

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That sounds like the beginning of a potentially crude joke “Five Halflings and a Paladin walk into a bar…”In our A Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign I recruited a Blessed Paladin in my explorations, so I thought I’d best finish up an appropri…

The Battle for Boglen Wood – Round Three

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Over the weekend, Amanda joined in and we played a few more games of Song of Blades and Heroes for our little campaign.GAME ONEFirst off Amanda’s elves took on Keira’s Explorers. They didn’t take kindly to outsiders prowling in their woods

Entry #1 to the 8th Lead Painters’ League: 30mm Goblin War Party

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As I mentioned last week I decided to join this year’s Lead Painter’s League (LPL) over at the Lead Adventure Forum. I participated in the event last year and I found it good fun and a great source of impetus to get some work done on my own projects.Th…

More Odd Bits – Mostly Fantasy

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A few odd and sundry bits rolling off the workbench this week – mostly fantasy stuff, ostensibly for A Song of Blades and Heroes.(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):Not for A Song of Blades and Heroes…  but possibly for…

Hordes Circle of Orboros: Ferile WarpWolf (PIP) part 2

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Coming along quite nicely I think now, though there are some bits where the quickshade I appiled a bit too heavily or didn’t wanter it down quite enough and need to be blended back in again with watered down bone white.I’m pretty happy with how he’s co…

Battle Brothers: Tomb Kings (4) Skeleton Archers Painting

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Decided on the colour scheme for the tomb kings and managed to get the first batch of skeleton archers painted! I’ve written down the scheme to turn into a tutorial at some point too.
Less talk, more pictures!

The post Battle Brothers: Tomb Kin…

The Battle for Boglen Wood Rages On!

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On Friday Keira and I played against each other for our respective second games in the Song of Blades and Heroes campaign that we started the day before. Both fancying ourselves “good guys” we were hard pressed to explain WHY we’d be fightin…

The Salty Dwarf is born pt. 1

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As we wrap up and think back on our first ever Salty Dwarf. I am happy to say that the event was a success. We are happily planning out how we will be able to make the next event even more successful. While preparing for our competition we did a lot of…

Road to Mordheim – Portuguese version.

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    Gorgoloth’s Hounds.   Ele se movia determinada e silenciosamente em direção ao velho pórtico engastado na colina. As velhas hastes de metal do qual eram feitas o portão haviam há muito sido corroídas pela ação do tempo, esfacelando…

Dwarven Forge Complete

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I finished painting my 5+ sets of Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles from their first Kickstarter but had resisted laying them out until I’d completed them as motivation.A hasty layout, but still playableThere’s quite a bit here! They fill a good portion of m…

Dwarves from under the mountain

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Well it’s been a while but I completed my first 2 dwarf units for my army from under the mountain. These are Harlequin miniatures now sold by Black Tree sculpted by the talented Kev Adams back in the 90′s.