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Origins Game Fair 2018 event coverage 3: Jason Hardy Talks Shadowrun

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I caught up with Jason Hardy at Origins Game Fair 2018.  We talked about Street Lethal, No Future and Crossfire 1.x! There is still sometime to jump on Sprawl ops if you haven’t checked it out. Check back around Gen Con to see what Jason Hardy has tucked away.

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 43 – The Great UK Game Expo Caper 2018

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We have returned from three days at the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the UK.  The UK Games Expo was yet again another amazing and exciting event so we talk about all the board games, card games, tabletop roleplaying games and miniatures games …

10 Minute Review Sheriff of Nottingham Merry Men

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In this review Matt goes over Merry Men from Arcane Wonders and shares his thoughts along the way. This is a great expansion for one the one of the wildest social interaction games out there! This is my first attempt at a review like this. I am open to suggestions. I already have a few […]

Wargame Wanderings 1: Thoughts on X-Wing Second Edition

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In the first ever episode of Wargame Wanderings Matt talks about X-wing second ed and how the changes might impact players. If all goes well I will be able to Gen Con FFG has invited me and several other creators a second ed party so I’m looking for ways to go.

Box Breaking 249: Catacombs Conquest from Elzra Games

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Catacombs Conquest is the newest game In the Catacombs line, It’s a stand alone  version that can serve as an introduction to the popular Catacombs line by Elzra Games that features a dexterity based combat system. Alright I am going to try and play this Thursday night. If not I won’t get to it until […]

Flip Through: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

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In this Flip Through join Matt as he becomes one of Bigby’s students as we study Mordenkainen’s view on different rivalries over the years and the monsters involved in those campaigns. This book is pretty much over the top!

Box Breaking 248: Senshi from Arcane Wonders

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Check out Senshi from Arcane Wonders. It’s a unique hand management token drafting game that makes you think. I will play this week, even if I have to knock down some doors! This game looks like a something I will play a lot of!

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 42 – The UK Games Expo 2018 Preview

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It’s that time of the year again; it’s time for our favourite tabletop gaming convention, the UK Games Expo.  From the 1st to the 3rd June we will be seeing all kinds of board games, card games, miniature games and roleplaying games as we descend on th…

UK Games Expo 2018 Preview

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UK Games Expo 2018, Birmingham NEC, Banner
Once a year, the nerds that form the UK Board Gaming Community start to get a little anxious. The reason for this anxiety is not because it’s time for their bath, but due to the annual gathering just outside Birmingham International Airport where they congregate in large numbers to ogle, drool over and mingle around new and upcoming tabletop games for the year ahead.
Yes, it’s time for UK Games Expo 2018 so fire up the hype machine, set it to maximum chat and put on your convention pants to see what’s got us at Polyhedron Collider more excited than a Jack Russell who’s been fed coffee powder and just been told it’s time for walkies.

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Box Breaking 247: Arkham Ritual From Ninja Star Games

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Check out Arkham Ritual from Ninja Star Games. The card game where reporters uncover a mystery of horror and worshipers and relics.   This is another fast playing game I’m looking forward too. Promo available as part of the Through Gamer Goggles Kickstarter.

Happy Birthday To Through Gamer Goggles

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Over the years I’ve been able to write several articles and film over 2000 videos for the gaming industry; most of those are published on my YouTube Channel.  In the beginning there were minis, then RPGs, food, and then board games. Now there is everything – which is great but it’s clear my fans are role-players, […]

Flip Through: Coalition Wars Final Siege

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Matt Reviews Coalition Wars Final Siege. Stop in and see how Tolkeen is fairing against the Coalition. This completes the Coalition Wars series. I hope you come back soon.

Villagers Kickstarter Review

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“If we build it, they will come.”“But we need them to come so we can build it.”“Good point.  If we make some delicious food, they will come, and then we’ll build it.”“Do you know anyone who can make ‘delicious’ food?”“I do a pretty decent Spaghetti bol…

Box Breaking 246: Empires of the Void II

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Watch as Matt breaks open Empires of the Void II from Red Raven Games. Empires of the Void II is the newest Space Exploration area control game out there. I am really looking forward to this.  I hope to this played through shortly after Memorial Day.

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 41 – Hard City, Darwin’s Choice and Stuffed Fables

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Get the air horn ready, because it’s another episode of the Polyhedron Collider Cast. We start by comparing board game collection sizes with the Secret Cabal before we get excited by the new X-Wing games (well Steve does anyway). We then review Kicksta…

Hard City Kickstarter Review

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There’s trouble brewing on the neon soaked streets of Hard City. Doctor Zero has unleashed a horde of ravenous mutants on the good people of the city and the only thing that stands between them and total chaos is the diligent officers of the Hard City …

Box Breaking 245: Murder of Crows From Atlas Games

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In Murder of Crows you try and tell a murderous story before your opponents do. Sounds simple, but they try and thwart you with every play. I hope to play my first game Thursday night.

Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker Kickstarter Review

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Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker Kickstarter Review

I have just said “wow” out loud. I’ve turned over a card in Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker during my third game and revealed a card that has just surprised me, surprised me because the effect it could have on my deck is both really clever and potentially very useful, but it’s another card to add to my deck which is already getting bloated and the myriad of decisions available to me have been laid open. I have just said “wow”, out loud, while playing a solo game.

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Box Breaking 242: Meurtoons from Steve Jackson Games

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Based on the popular cartoon Meurtoons this is a simple fun to play “race”.  Muertoons is made by Steve Jackson games Time to play Meurtoons!

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 40 – Vadoran Gardens, Rise to Nobility and Dungeons and Dragons

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We are back with another helping of tabletop gaming chat, board game reviews and all kinds of nonsense about everything else.  In this week’s podcast episode we talk about cutesy pie card laying game Vadoran Gardens, novelty wine glasses, dice placemen…

Through Gamer Goggles 2018-04-18 12:01:04

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My Dragonfire play through and review. This is my first attempt at a real play through.  I hope you like it. I do believe  I made an error or 2. I think i’m going to post a follow up video that is a play through of the first round. I learned a lot and had […]

Pocket Mars Review

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“Mars is there, waiting to be reached.” – Buzz AldrinMars.  The Red Planet.  The Roman God of War has hung in the night sky capturing the imagination of man, and drawing the creative mind to it like gravity since it was first gazed upon.  In the last f…

Box Breaking 243: Star Wars Legion AT-RT from FFG

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In this Box Braking Matt takes a look at the Star Wars Legion AT-RT from Fantasy Flight Games. I can’t wait to blow this guy up.  It’s kind of funny in X-wing I prefer to rebel or be scum but in Legion I think I’m a clone all the way.

The Grimm Forest Review

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The Grimm Forest Board Game Review

Once upon a time there was a trio of men who had a severe obsession in board games. Because of this obsession, they spent many hours playing, discussing and criticising their games, arguing about which was best. Needless to say, they almost never agreed.

It turns out that on occasion, the stars do align and said trio of man-children do reach a consensus. Unfortunately for the Grimm Forest, it’s not a positive outcome.

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Anyone Still Here?

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I’m curious if I still have any readers after so long a silence. I must admit that I have abandoned this blog. It wasn’t a long absence due to life’s particular habits: I made…

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