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Quick look at what you get for your hard earned when you buy the FSA Hotchkiss gun for Dystopian Legions. I suppose the title is not very apt for this weapon as really it should be more like BOOM BOOM BOOM. This has a very real basis in history with th…

Kingdom of Britannia vs Federated States of America

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I have an ongoing game of Dystopian Wars I am playing with my wife. I’m using KoB, and she has FSA. We were both pretty rusty with the game but have enjoyed getting back into it! On to some pics: My wife’s deployment: My Deployment: I forgot Escorts are only supposed to be deployed in […]

Dystopian Legions FSA Wilderness + HMG Sections

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The final Nation I will be looking at this week is the Federated States of America (FSA).
The new release wave for Dystopian Legions from Spartan Games gives them a tactical Wilderness Section and a dangerous looking Heavy Machine Gun

Wilderness V…

Review: Dystopian Legions Federated States of America Starter Set

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Its here at last. My final Dystopian Legions Starter set review. (Just in time to start looking at Wave 3!)
Make sure you check out the captions on the painted mini pics as some have mixtures of models in. Couldn’t find separate pics for each Section…

Dystopian Legions Wave 3 by Golem Painting Studio

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I recently had contact from Gary at Golem Painting Studios directing me to some photos of the Dystopian Legions Wave 3 models he had painted.

They are that impressive, I thought I would share them on here.

Kindom of Britannia
Sky Hussar Office…

Dystopian Legions Wave 3 is up!

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Spartan Games have just announced the Dystopian Legions Wave 3 releases. Veteran Sections, HMG Sections and Battlefiled Objectives.
You can find the Newsletter HERE and I have also reposted it below.

Dystopian Legions Wave 3 Now Available to Pre-O…

Dystopian Legions 2013 Previews – French, Russian, Antarctic and More

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CoA Xenophon Walker

Spartan have posted EVEN MORE news. This time some previews for Dystopian Legions next year.
The Republique of France, Russian Coalition, Covenant of Antarctica and more for the first 4 forces.
You can see the original post HERE…

Dystopian Legions – Infanty Section Support Upgrades

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Today we are going to have a look at the Infantry Upgrades for Dystopian Legions. As these are only 2 minis per box so I will cover all 4 sets together.

Each Force has some kind of Support mini that can be ‘added’ to thier Infantry Sections. These…

Dystopian Legions – Infantry Special Weapons Upgrades

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For the last of the Dystopian Legions Wave 2 reviews I will be looking at the Section Upgrade Specialists.
As these as 2 Infantry model per box and are quite similar, I will look at all for sets together.

Kingdom of Britannia Line Infantry Flamer

Dystopian Legions – FSA Major Beauregard and the Clock-o-Dile

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The next instalment in the Dystopian Legions Wave 2 reviews is a very special character for the Federated States of America

Major Beauregard and the Clock-o-Dile

Major Nathan Claude Beauregard, noted as a
tough and respected battlefield commande…

Dystopian Legions – FSA Treadbikes

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Todays Dystopian Legions review is for the Federated States of America

FSA Treadbikes

These small but powerful machines use a
liquid fuel engine to power a single central track, echoing the great
Land Ships, but on a tiny scale. Squadrons of…

January Dystopian Wars Previews

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Some very shiny new DW stuff coming out in the new year, this please me…. Shiny cute walking robots I may have to get round to starting that land force.. This is very cool everyone loves a steampunk mole machine These like all the CoA stuff look …

New Releases for Dystopian Legions and Wars

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The Spartan Games newsletter has been sent out today with some stunning models in it for Dystopian Legions and Wars. All due out Dec 17th

Russian Coalition Rudnitsky Class Repair Ship (left), Prussian
Empire Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser (centr…

Spartan Games Unbox the Dystopian Legions Starter Sets

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Spartan Games have just posted a blog about unboxing the Dystopian Legions starter sets.
You can find it >HERE< or I have reposted it below.

Spartan Games is thrilled that Dystopian Legions – our brand new 28mm
scale tabletop game set in…

More Batman and Dystopian Legions Previews

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A couple more previews today that I have come across. New and shiny things to look at on a Sunday night!
Click on pics for larger views.

First off it the Jokers Gang including Harley Quinn (above) from the new Batman Miniature Game by Knight Models…

Dystopian Legions Battle Report

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Spartan Games have released a rather cool battle report show casing the immanent Dystopian Legions. Should give people a an indication of how it plays. I, for one, am very excited. Enjoy…

Dystopian Legions is almost here

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The Press release from Spartan Games Further to the Dystopian Legions launch email, I attach JPG images that show the starter box contents. More images will follow in the coming weeks as we build towards launch. The consolidated lists of the contents of each box are (attached as text file also):   Empire of the […]

Dystopian Legion Starter Box Contents

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So to go along with the news last night about when we will see Dystopian Legion. I though I would treat you all to the contents of the box sets Why oh why do the Germans Prussians have to be so cool looking?? Not sure about the FSA very much a Wild Wil…

Dystopian Legions Release Details

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Dystopian Legions will be shipping on the 31st October. Initially just the Prussians, Empire of the Blazing Sun, FSA and Britannians but fear not the Covenant won’t be far behind (hooray!). IT’s all very exciting and finally I have something to put on my Christmas list. Starter sets will be going for around the £40 […]

Dystopian Legion Launch

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I have some exciting news for you all Dystopian Legions will be shipping very soon Father Christmas will not be happy As expected all 4 of the main factions will be getting some love at least to start with. What is HUGE news is the different approach t…

We Are Legion

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Prepare yourself for another Nerdgasm as Spartan shows off some renders from the upcoming Dystopian Legions. Absolutely love the FSA Treadbike, the Prussian Lucifyre and the Lord Flashheart-esque Britannian Officer. And yes the Air Cavalry Officer has …

Dystopian Legions

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So the big news on in the community is the announcement from Spartan Games of the up coming release of Dystopian Legions in October. This is a huge progression from Spartan moving into the 28mm wargaming market. And judging by the snaps below it’s going to be a little bit tasty. And I can say, […]

Dystopian Wars Tactics

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Following the game I had with Lee and ahead of the one I have with Ian both of The Chaps I’ve been thinking about tactics in Dystopian Wars both general and force specific. So here’s what I’ve come up with. Use Size to your Advantage The rule surrounding line of sight can be a bit […]

Dystopian Wars goes for the aerial route

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So we can now finally get our hands on the Aerial battlegroups for DW. These look great the FSA one has certainly caught my eye

Dystopian Wars new relases

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ENJOY.. Bunkers looking sexy Towers also looking sexy Small flyers = Happy Bear