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Book Release: Zombie Six – Enemy of my Enemy

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Thanks to those of you who followed along at the HSSJ blog. My latest Mil SF book, “Enemy of my Enemy” is now available at Amazon.
Print version HERE. eBook available 17 March. Pre-order HERE.
Thanks and Enjoy.

A Prayer to Saint Strelok

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Now available for pre-order at Amazon. Release date: 16 December.
St. Strelok at Amazon


A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 5

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Turned into a Five Act. What can I say?   Half the lights were out in the stairway. “The radio thing is down there?” Yuri tried to keep the reluctance out of his voice. Iosif switched his flashlight on. “Bottom floor.” The stark purple-white light carved his face in hard shadows, made him look ghoulish. … Continue reading “A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 5”

A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 4

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Iosif rummaged through the musty cardboard boxes lining the plywood shelves. “Special Project 57,” he said distractedly. “I was a Junior Researcher.” Yuri swigged from his canteen and nodded like he knew what the hell that meant. He spat tepid water and motioned for Iosif to continue, trying for the ‘strong, silent’ attitude – not … Continue reading “A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 4”

A Prayer to St. Strelok – part 3

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At first Yuri thought Sasha had given him the headache; a clip and a half of her painful chatter followed by his mad dash through the swamp, gulping down bog stench and terror. But that was almost an hour ago and the throb was only getting worse. Every step deeper into the Chernya was like … Continue reading “A Prayer to St. Strelok – part 3”

A Prayer to St. Strelok, Part 2

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  It was worse than he feared, the Wet Valley. Clouds of bugs, calf-deep mud, and the rotten, low tide stink… Gah! It was so rank it burned the hairs in his nose. Yuri pulled his scarf up so as to not puke breakfast. Visibility was crap in the tall grass and the hiss of … Continue reading “A Prayer to St. Strelok, Part 2”

A Prayer to St. Strelok. Part 1

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A bit of STALKER fiction: A PRAYER TO ST. STRELOK. The tourists were whining again. Not even fifteen kilometers in and the eggheads are complaining: they are out of breath –  their feet hurt – the packs are heavy – when is the next stop so we can rest? Hadn’t he, Yuri Bonyev, always the … Continue reading “A Prayer to St. Strelok. Part 1”

Savage Tale – Seven Tigers

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SEVEN TIGERSArt – Mike Fyles July 17, 1934 The first tiger surprised Helene Vaughn. The young aviatrix was trying on outfits in a small dressing room at the Robinson’s department store in Beverly Hills. She put on a cute Tartan plaid skirt and short-s…

Pulp of the Week – Joyland by Stephen King

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Joyland is Stephen King’s new novel from Hardcase Crime. This paperback original tells the tale of Devin Jones, a college student who gets a summer job at a small seaside amusement park (the titular Joyland) in South Carolina. This being Stephen King, …

Orpheus Reborn: Meat Wagon, Pt 2 (Zombie Fiction)

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As Williams worked on the patient and called in, the police officer gave a shudder.  His body convulsed then lay still.  Williams tried to find a pulse, but couldn’t.  He relayed the info to hospital on the other end of the radio.  …

Orpheus Reborn: Meat Wagon, Pt 1 (Zombie Fiction)

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Author’s Note:  There is some vulgarity in this story.  No worse than what you’d hear on TV now a days; still there none the less.   “Man, I’m telling you things are getting friggin’ weird. Some guy attacked Johnson, you know from b…

Orpheus Reborn: Hunters and Prey, Pt 2 (Zombie Fiction)

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It was a little after midnight, and business had been slow.  It always was when a storm was rolling in.  They had just finished sweeping, and Mr. Kim sat behind the counter, mindlessly flipping through a sports magazine.  Suddenly the fr…

Orpheus Reborn: Hunters and Prey, Pt 1 (Zombie Fiction)

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The body made its way clumsily through the underbrush.  The well manicured lawn had given way to scrub brush and saplings.   The creature’s arms reached out, using trees as support, as it made its way through the woods.  Even so, it…

Orpheus Reborn: Homecoming (Zombie Fiction)

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Travis White was feeling a little piqued. The convention and long flight back from New York had seemed to take a lot out of him. All the shop talk, and partying was just a little too much. He must be getting old, he chuckled. Shoot, he’d only slept wit…

Orpheus Reborn – PT 4 of 4 (Zombie Fiction)

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Security arrived moments after Stephanie’s breakdown, and the police arrived 5 minutes after that.  By the time the paramedics arrived, Mr. Owen had gone into deep shock.  The paramedics weren’t sure if he would make it to the hospital. …

Orpheus Reborn – Pt 3 of 4 (Zombie Fiction)

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At 07:05AM, Stephanie Nielson pulled it the parking lot of a squat 4-story medical research facility in western Long Island. She was running late, so she jogged up to the building and through the double doors.  Surveying the lobby, she saw a nice …

Orpheus Reborn – Pt 2 of 4 (Zombie Fiction)

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The door to the airtight compartment open with a whoosh, Dr. Thomas Goodson reached in with a gloved hand and took out a sealed vial.  He held it up in front of a visored face to examine it.  Inside the glass container was the culmination of …

Orpheus Reborn – PT 1 of 4 (Zombie Fiction)

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Author’s note: This is the very first piece of Z-Fiction I wrote.  It is intended to set the back story as to how the undead came to be in my imaginary little world.  It is a longish piece for a blog, so I’ve serialized it and will post it ov…

Zombie Fiction

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This is just kind of an FYI type of post; nothing really special.  I enjoy writing fiction, of various sorts.  It’s a good way to keep the brain exercised, and work on honing communication skills.  Over the years, I’ve written a handful …

Rammbock, Berlin Dead, Movie Review

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Well, it’s time for another Zombie film review, thanks to Netflix Instant Watch.  As one might guess, from the title, “Rammbock: Berlin Undead” is a German undead flick, complete with English subtitles and all.SynopsisMicheal, who comes off lookin…