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Ebay Tank Haul

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Got these in the mail today, not bad for the price, the shipping speed was better than most of the stuff I got from China. Just have to take out the pull back motor and wheels. Almost a true 15mm in scalewill be repainted of course and used for Stargru…

Fight For The High Ground Part II

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Fight For The High Ground Part II

Fight The High Ground!

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*Location* Graveskul Orbit *Background* The War for New Texas is in full swing, and in the previous action  the telemetry of fighters that engaged revealed the location of the enemies’ capital ships. Cpt. Thuries, commanding the Shelley, coordina…


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In U.C.0072, the Principality of Zeon begins development of a super-tank equipped with a nuclear fusion reactor and able to attack tactical targets such as armored fortresses or Big Tray-class land battleships. The Hildolfr was completed in U.C. 0077. …

Mayhem in the Midwest: The Fight for New Texas

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Now a look form the other side of the battle for New TexasFight For New Texas

TJOTMS, Ep 18: Arrival – Battle of Apache Canyon

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Well They’ve gone and done it!  Hats off boys great game and the lead up was to die for!From The Major:*The big weekend finally arrived. We played 8 games (7 connected) games and it really lived up to everything I thought it would….* *Backgroun…

Mecha Monday: Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01

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The Madox-00 is armed with a rifle that fires large caliber rounds, a spear in the left hand, and a grapple claw located in the pelvis.The Madox-01 is equipped with built-in chainsaw located in the left & right shoulder binder, a claw hand on the r…

15mm Sci-Fi Troops

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A nice pick up with some useful troop types!

Mecha Monday: House Hawkshroud Imperial knight

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Fawcett Avenue Conscripts: House Hawkshroud Imperial knight: I finished my Imperial Knight a few days ago and finally got around to taking some pics. I’m fairly happy with it, though I won’t wi…

Kitbashing Model Spaceships with Snap Ships

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One of our favorite discoveries from this year’s Maker Faire was Snap Ships, a construction kit for designing and building your own miniature space ships. We chat with Jeff from Snap Ships about how the parts connect, the types of ships you can make, a…

Watch Venus Wars subbed movie Cartoon

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David’s Cold Weather Sahadeen by Rebel Minis

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Way back in May 2009, I bought a pack of Sahadeen from Rebel Minis after seeing a review of them on the Dropship Horizon blog. I eventually bought a weapons pack and a pack of Sahadeen War Maidens to go with the basic squad and then I got stuck for pai…

Stargrunt II Finns Part 2

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I just picked up this very nicely painted and based set of, metal, infantry sci-fi figures, in winter gear, that are ready for use.  They include:151  Infantry : GZG Scan Fed Infantry, GZG weapons Crews, Laserburn infantry a mix of Imperial a…

Stargrunt Finns

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Funny how a collection starts! I bought 6 of these Matchbox MBX Explorers Blizzard Buster on a lark: Then I thought who rides in them? Why GZG Scan Fed infantry…who else? Then I went HMMM will need some support, Well Brigade makes these nice Neo Sovi…

Mecha Monday : Mecha Front

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Mecha Front models are available in two scales: 15mm Scale are sized for use with 15mm games. Models range between  65mm-110mm tall.6mm Scale are sized for use with 6mm games aka “Micro Armor” scale. Models range…

Brigade Neo-Soviet Tanks

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History was made today! For the first time ever My Brigade order arrived before my GZGs order, even though it was placed a week later! I suspect Jon being at SALUTE may have had something to do with that but, never the less , great job Tony Francis. Yo…

Tanker’s Tuesday: T28 SUPER HEAVY TANK

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Mecha Monday : Larry’s Mech With Stowage!

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“Lt. Aki Yamamoto’s Curious Walking Panzer!” The Adorable Thunder’s only ‘Mech, this is a 15mm Kirin Combat Walker from Brigade Models Merc line. Stowage from Brigade Models & The Scene UK… #BrigadeModels #TheSceneUK

Broken Stars & Burning Ships: Stargrunt Phalon Mercenary Showcase

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Broken Stars & Burning Ships: Stargrunt Phalon Mercenary Showcase: Quick post showcasing Ground Zero Games’ 15mm Phalon miniatures, painted up here as an alien mercenary platoon with a pair of UNSC liais…

GZG Phalons

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Some more nice work from Mr. McGee!

Blue Moon Manufacturing 15mm Sci-Fi — Review

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As we have noted in our annual Best Games Not Yet Published, Critical Mass Games, Ground Zero Games, Rebel Minis and Khurasan Miniatures have all been producing some outstanding 15mm sci-fi miniatures over the past few years. With the new release of th…

Mecha Monday: Xulutec, 15mm Mech

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Xulutec : 15mm Mech: White Dragon mini again, 15mm Fiddler Mech. Airbrushed using masking tape.

GZG Salute Update

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SALUTE 2018 – Saturday 14th April at ExCel…..I’ve just posted a news update on the GZG webstore front page, with info about SALUTE – please pop over there and have a quick read through it, especially if you are planning to come along (and even more imp…

Mecha Monday : At Cold Wars

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Mecha Monday

"It’s Them! Blast ‘Em!": Panzer Marsche! Follow Up

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“It’s Them! Blast ‘Em!”: Panzer Marsche!: Haaaloooo, Possums!!! So, an old client coaxed me out of my lair to build him a combined arms combat brigade for Hammer’s Slammers, and …(pictured below is another of his units that I’m currently aping  …