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Range Impressions: Empress SAS in Afghanistan

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Despite being a blog that plays around with new releases, it’s always important to look back at some of the older figures. Today’s range covers some models which are probably among the oldest sculpts in my collection but I still rank them among my favourites. We’re talking, of course, about Empress’s SAS in Afghanistan range. … Continue reading Range Impressions: Empress SAS in Afghanistan

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Range Impressions: Spectre Task Force Nomad

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In the past my impressions on this blog have been focused on the brand new, the recent arrivals, the purchases just made. However, there are plenty of figures that I have sat in various boxes that haven’t been written up on the blog (especially in this new format). So I think it’s time to break … Continue reading Range Impressions: Spectre Task Force Nomad

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Empress Mercenaries Pack 1

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Although most modern wargamers take inspiration from current events, it’s fair to say it’s not the sole jumping off point. Games, TV, books and film all play a part in whetting the appetite for wargaming. Empress have noticed this and decided to give us a group of four mercenaries inspired by a certain group of … Continue reading Empress Mercenaries Pack 1

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Impressions: Spectre MENA Regulars

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It’s safe to say that most ultramodern games will probably end up with high tech Western forces up against irregulars. However, sometimes you’ll need some more uniform looking MENA forces to either act as the OPFOR or to act the role of the locals being advised or assisted. At Salute, Spectre released their first wave … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre MENA Regulars

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I was on my own again for the club meet last night and had not managed to sort anything out, I could join a tryout of ‘What a Tanker’ from Too Fat Lardies, despite being a rough Jack Tar and North Sea Tiger in my day the childish play on words annoys m…

Impressions: Project Z Spec Ops

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As a rule, most modern wargaming figures are either metal or resin. Due to the relative niche amount of interest in ultramodern wargaming, it’s never really made financial sense to release plastic multi-part kits. There is however one place where a modern wargamer may find some suitable figures. Of course, it’s inside the subject matter … Continue reading Impressions: Project Z Spec Ops

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Sisters of Battle – Penitent Engine

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A random piece just completed. I was trying to get my painting mojo up and running again and decided to make a fresh start and looked for a piece that was different from where I got mired in the ‘Slough of Despondency’ last year with what was on m…

Impressions: Spectre Green Beret Jungle Ops

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One thing that Spectre have always focused on is providing a range of models that bang up to date, backed with careful research to get the exact details right. Their latest release continues this trend, bringing us the Green Beret Jungle Ops, a new team of American Special Forces developed with the assistance of a … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre Green Beret Jungle Ops

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John Carter Kickstarter from Modiphius

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Modiphius Entertainment is a company I don’t know much about, to be honest.  After a little research I’ve discovered they were behind the successful Age of Conan kickstarter that I kick myself for not being part of.  I guess I’m … Continue reading

Impressions: Eureka Modern British

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One of the first projects that got me into wargaming was building up a platoon of Brits ready for operations. These inital guys were from Empress and, I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty definitive range if you’re wanting to play battles from 2010 onwards. However, the War on Terror saw some pretty major changes … Continue reading Impressions: Eureka Modern British

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Impressions: Warhansa Spetsnaz

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When I started looking for new companies to buy models from and write about, there were some that jumped out to me straight away. Others, including today’s manufacturer Warhansa, were ones I had looked at but never seen a set that screamed for me to take a look. Checking the site at the start of … Continue reading Impressions: Warhansa Spetsnaz

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Impressions: SASM Operator Juarez

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A big push this year on the site is to expand the list of companies I cover, with the goal of providing the widest possible look into all the options available to an ultramodern gamer. One of the companies that had sat on my list for a while has been Special Artisan Service Miniatures based … Continue reading Impressions: SASM Operator Juarez

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Impressions: Spectre’s December Releases

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After the massive pile of releases in November, December saw a bit more of a focused set. For all of those who didn’t make it to Crisis, this was our chance to get hold of a set of useful support options for some of the other ranges. I’m always a fan of them going back … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre’s December Releases

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Impressions: Spectre’s SAS Counter Terrorism Response

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The final part of Spectre’s November releases was the SAS Counter Terrorism Response team. These guys may be familiar to those of us in the UK who watched the news earlier this year and noticed the guys in tactical gear alongside the police. All the operators are wearing civilian clothing (with no kneepads and only […]

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Impressions: Spectre’s November Releases

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We’re almost done with the survey – just under 10 slots left before I get to sit down and analyse the results. The form is really short, doesn’t need a login and can be found at In my article on unreleased models written back in October, a big chunk was taken up with three previews […]

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Impressions: Under Fire Miniature’s West German Polizei

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As much as I love many of the established companies, I’m always keeping my eye on what else there is. One company that has caught my eye is Under Fire Miniatures. They have a wonderful range of 20mm figures but more exciting for me is their small but rapidly growing set of 28mm stuff. At […]

Rorke’s Drift Ready To Go

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It’s been a long process, working on my Anglo-Zulu War Armies, and although the figures are all painted (and have been for nearly 10 years) they still await their basing completed. Luckily the terrain is a happier story, thanks to

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Impressions: Spectre’s September Releases

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September saw a pretty big set of releases for Spectre. With 5 separate sets covering a selection of collections, there really was something in it for everyone. More importantly, it added some more female figures and filled some capability gaps.  Tier 1 Operator – Delta   We start with a new Tier 1 Operator. She […]

Initial Impressions: Tiny Terrain’s Figures

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So far most of this blog has been filled with models from Empress, Eureka and Spectre. Today however, I’m going to take a look at Tiny Terrain’s current offerings – in particular his law enforcement pack (that was released a few weeks ago)and the two man JTAC team released earlier this year. This is just […]

Rorke’s Drift Update

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Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything directly to do with my own wargaming, and an even longer time since I posted about my 28mm Anglo-Zulu War project! Way back in 2011 Warlord Game’s brought out their fantastic&#8230…

A Great Tutorial on Painting Black

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Painting black can be a challenge. I have found a tutorial that I hope will solve all of my problems.

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Merry Christmas 2016 and let’s hope 2017 is a……….

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……….good and better year!Santa sent us a letter this year with two painted figures from other bloggers Chris S and Ian W, many thanks and lovely painting boys!Internet has been playing up a little again lately but the arguments with the provider …

Leaf it out

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The fourth 28mm horse I’ve painted is this British officer from Great War Miniatures who only on being based revealed himself to be crookedly mounted. This makes his nationally questionable and suggests he might be a fifth-columnist. It’s a…

Pull the Udder One

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A short post with some poor photos of the Warlord Games dead livestock which I enjoyed painting as the Ayrshire breed, spurred on by them re-releasing them while I still had an unopened blister packet from the original release. When I first saw these I…

In a Battlefield of their own

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Happy coincidences are always welcome, especially when they produce figures which fit into somewhere the manufacturer didn’t intend.  These modern figures from Hasslefree fit quite neatly into the world of the popular game “Battlefield 3&#8…