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What I painted in May 2017

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The first full month back in the painting hobby, and it was quite a decent production, in general thanks to a couple of long weekends and a heat wave from which I hid inside.And all that resulted in no less then 65 miniatures getting painted.Now, for t…

Some FIW Gaming

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Colonial Rangers scout ahead of the British Main Body

Over the last few months Alan and I have been progressing a FIW campaign and continuing to add to our forces.  So much so that we are now at the upper edge of what we can reasonably setup an…

FIW Fences

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I wanted to add some linear type obstacles to our FIW games, so this week I made some fences.  Two packs of Renedra Cross Rail fencing to be precise.  The kits are really great kit, but its like constructing a mechano set with lots of bits to…

1754 at the club

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We had a dozen guys out at club this week, with two new fellows. Dave hosted a game of Pikeman’s lament in 28mm.Kevin and Elliot were playing something I hadn’t seen before (can’t recall them name). Cool terrain.I hosted Scott, Craig and Jessy in a gam…

French Indian Wars Colonial Settlers

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Made for the Black Powder game, this Warlord Games blister pack contains 6 armed settlers ready to defend their homestead against the Native Indians during the French – Indian War.Now, these models are just as suited for the American War of Independanc…

1754 Conquest

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Last week, I received my copy of 1754 by Academy Games. Basically the FIW at one level of detail greater than Risk. It uses the same card-driven play and random turn sequence as 1775 and 1812. Bruce popped over Monday and we had a quick run throug…

British FIW Command stand

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Over the weekend I completed this project, which I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

The is a British Senior officer is a Front Rank figure from the SYW range, as is the staff Officer (he is from their artillery crew collection). The hound is from…

More Redcoats!

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Just before Easter I received reinforcements from Front Rank miniatures for my British FIW Army.  I also got my new sabot bases from Warbases to help rank them up and speed game play up (moving all those figures was taking quite a toll on game …

Indian Longhouse

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Presenting my Indian longhouse which was waiting in the wings for attention during the recent painting challenge (where terrain doesn’t score for points) so its nice to get it completed.  Hoping to get it on the table in the coming weeks for a F…

FIW Scatter Terrain

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A few pieces of scatter terrain I recently made for our FIW games. Its been fun to do some terrain after all the figs during the painting challenge :-)

Firstly, some rocky outcrops, made from bark.  I spray painted them black and then drushbrushe…