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Alpha Legion – Lernaean Terminators

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Cracked on with some more Alpha Legion this time with a squad of Lernaean Terminators. I did a bit of conversion work on these swapping out a couple of the power axes with a Power First and Chain Fist respectively. I also thought it would be a goo…

Five Random Things I’d Like To See Changed in the Horus Heresy

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When my hobby time is limited for one reason or another, I like to build army concepts in my mind, and lately, I’ve been on a Horus Heresy kick. But […]

Dino Debut

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Hey there guys! This will be my first blog post, as university term has just ended and so I’ve finally gotten enough time to work on my hobbies!As a quick intro to me, I’ve been doing wargaming since I can remember, and while I’ve been playing Gam…

Pyrithite or Adrasite: Which Gun for the Guys in Gold?

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While the Custodian Guard have been out for Horus Heresy for a long time now, the resin weapon upgrades are relatively new – so I thought I’d crunch the numbers […]

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius – Part 3

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I can’t believe it. I had an idea and it worked!! Here he is all Blu-Tacked together for a quick photoshoot. I’m really happy with how this conversion came out. He reminds me of a Spartan with his spear, cloak and helmet crest especially in the bottom …

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius – Part 2

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Work on the big Man continues. I forgot to mention in the last post that I also did some alterations to his base. I added some additional details from my bitzbox to help slightly alter his pose and add a bit more height. Anyway, on with the important p…

Hail Hydra! – Assembling Alpharius – Part 1

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Time to dive back in after some hobby-burnout. Sorry for the radio silence these last couple of months, lots of things kept getting in the way of my hobby time and the longer this went on the harder I found it to get back into the swing of things. Well…

Showcase: Blood Angel Leviathan Dreadnought

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So I finished up my Blood Angel Leviathan. As an added bonus I got to play around with my new Macromats from Tablewar. They are pretty cool, and I think the photos tell as much.This is just the base of the Leviathan. I have other weapons still to paint…

Warhammer World 2018 – Hobby Centre, Gaming Area & Bugmans Bar

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As our “Operation Sealion 2018” was not only build up on visiting Salute on Saturday, we did a tour to the lead belt of Nottingham, and I was eager to see the renovated Warhammer World, the head quarter of Games Workshop. The entrance has been redone and the venue is now barrier free. The Rhino […]

Forge World, the Horus Heresy, and Product Roadmaps

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A couple days ago, I lost my damned mind. Forge World, as it is wont to do, discontinued some models. This always makes me lose my mind a little bit, because […]

Forge World – Newsletter

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New from Forge World…——————–View in web browser FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF £100 OR MORE* Mûmak™ War LeaderConquer Middle-earth with this resin and plastic kit, which enables you to build the mighty Mûmak War Leader upo…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Something new from Forge World…’Death from Below’…apparently…———————View in web browserUndermine Your Foes!Striking from beneath the planet’s crust, this transport allows you to deliver your forces to the heart of battle – and has t…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Just when you thought you could put that gold paint away…——————-View in web browserConstantin Valdor, Captain-General of the Legio CustodesWith might to match a Primarch, weapons to slay even the deadliest of foes and nearly peerless skil…

Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy. Edycja #43: Prosto z piekła, część 2 z 2.Galeria: Pomiot Chaosu (z zestawu Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw od Forge World).Gallery: Chaos Spawn (from set Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw from Forge World).

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Witam szanowne państwo-draństwo w czterdziestej trzeciej odsłonie Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowego. Gdyby ktoś z czytających DansE MacabrE jeszcze nie wiedział, FKB to inicjatywa którą w polskiej wargamingowe…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Some new Necromunda accessory packs now available from Forge World…———————-View in web browser Gang Warfare in the 41st MillenniumWith two gangs, rules and scenery, the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set contains everything you need t…

Entry #15 to AHPC VIII: Wulfen

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This lupine fellow as he reminds me of a time when I thought the scariest monster by far was the werewolf. I was born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, which is pretty much as rustic and remote as it can get here in North America. My homet…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Something for the Sons of Russ from Forge World…———————-View in web browserThe Chosen of RussThe Varagyr Wolf Guard are the most ferocious of the Space Wolves, marrying primal instinct to the very best their Legion’s armouries have to o…

Malign Portents: Sticking with Herzberg Irregulars

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I was planning on switching back to my Renegades for the next couple of weeks but have instead cracked on with the Herzberg Irregulars. The main reason? Malign Portents! Since this campaign is running for a while I thought it made sense to ge…

Forge World – Newsletter

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Can’t say I ever really imagined him with a Chainsword…not sure about the face either to be honest…——————View in web browserRogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial FistsThe Praetorian of Terra is finally here. After years of waiting, Forge…

Another Conscript Arrives

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Hi everyone , I’m Connor (instagram: @mysterion_painting) and I’m another new member for this cool blogging group .A little about me: I’ve love warhammer (all of its lines) since I was a mere youngling, I originally got into the hobby via the cool…

New Contributor? Who the heck is this guy…

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Hello! Ben of Studio22 Painting here joining as a part-time contributor. I have been invited to share a few painting tutorials and other hobby-related fluff. Here are a few bits about me:I am (almost) an exclusively Horus Heresy painter …

Herzberg Irregulars Progress Report #1

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Well these last 2 weeks have flown by! I have managed to get a fair chunk of my Herzberg Irregulars assembled and based. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on the DragonForge Bases, these compliment the models perfectly. The next 2 weeks will be spe…

Renegades Progress Report #1

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Renegades January Progress (16th to 31st Jan)Just a quick update as I forgot to mention it in a previous post. Above is the progress I have made in the first 2 weeks of my New Year hobby plan. As mentioned before, the first 2 weeks of a month are for w…

Forge World – Newsletter

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New Necromunda releases from Forge World…and some other stuff…——————–View in web browserHired Guns and Hive ScumIf your gang needs some extra bodies in a pinch, you can hardly go wrong with these hired guns to provide additional firepo…

Herzberg Irregulars and Painting Comp

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As mentioned previously I have decided to split my hobby months into half AOS and the other 40k. Since we are in the first part of the month work has finally begun on the Herzberg Irregulars. So far I have managed to assemble a 10-man Ironsides un…