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Romics – october 2017

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Two times every year, this is an appointment that I don’t want to miss. As the same I go here in the less overcrowded day of the convention. I find some comics that I didn’t pick up previously, a lot of gadgets (as Funko), and a day immersed in one of my principal interests. And […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Walk around [part11]

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I showed close-ups at the most on particular subjects. Now is the turn to watch some views of Lucca and his habitants in the 50th year of the convention. Always a partial view, but it is something at least. The eye of the camera is so small that cannot reproduce hundred of thousand people that […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Statuettes and gadgets [part07]

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Comic conventions are the reign of gadgets more than the reign of comics. Here some statuettes and gadgets that I saw around. And with a large participation of Funkyo puppets, the most popular gadget of these years. There is so many stuff that your hea…