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Lorenzo il Magnifico Review

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Lorenzo il MagnificoThe Italian Renaissance in the 15th century was a time of revival and renewal in terms of trade, art, culture, and expansions of power. This was partially achieved through a recovery of Greek classics found in the middle east, and the expansion of trade routes therein. This accelerated meeting of different minds helped create a […]

Exit: The Game Review

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EXIT: The GameNote: This is a spoiler free review of EXIT: The Game. Escape Rooms are an incredibly fast growing trend. About 5 years ago, I had never heard of one. Now, there are half a dozen within my immediate area alone. If you haven’t tried one before, it involves you and a group of friends being […]

Salem Review

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SalemOver 300 years ago, in the small village of Salem, Massachusetts, 20 people were executed for the crime of witchcraft. Having visited Salem recently, this reviewer can attest to the town’s capitalization on the history. On more than one street visitors will find references to witch history, magic souvenirs, and other Wiccan or occult merchandise. […]

Zombie Tower 3D Review

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Zombie Tower 3DThere are many who think the zombie theme has over saturated the gaming world. Honestly, its frequency doesn’t bother me mainly because, to me, a game’s theme is secondary to the actual enjoyment of the game itself. Sure, a theme can catch your attention, but if the gameplay falls flat, no theme will help make […]

Gnomi Review

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GnomiA Renaissance era scholar named Paracelsus first introduced the concept of gnomes. He described them as earth elementals standing about a foot tall, and able to move through solid earth at will. For the gnome lover in the family, there’s a new game from Poppy Jasper Games called Gnomi. Gnomi is a hand management card […]

Dragon Tower Review

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Dragon TowerA prince (or knight) recusing a princess from a dragon is about as classic as a fairy tale gets. Yet as ubiquitous as these stories are, there really aren’t too many board games on this topic. Well the King (Queen?) of family games, HABA Games, has sought to remedy that with their newest family game Dragon […]

Legendary Showdown Review

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Legendary ShowdownGames based of intellectual properties are nothing new to the world of board games. These games tend to come out with mixed results in terms of gameplay and enjoyment. People will flock to play the new game from their favorite movie, video game, or television show, but are sometimes left empty with game mechanics. Killer […]

RONE: Races of New Earth Review

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RONEOne of the difficulties of playing Magic: The Gathering for many years is that players can eventually grow tired of the collectible nature of the hobby. The physical demands of managing a large collection of cards needs considerable time. Those same players who are looking for more compartmentalized games often seek out designs with a […]

Imperial Settlers: Aztecs Expansion Review

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Imperial Settlers: AztecsImperial Settlers has been one of my favorite card games since its debut in 2014. It combines unique factions, engine building, and multi-use cards, all mechanics that I love in card games. You can read our full review of Imperial Settlers here, but suffice to say, we love it. Since its premiere, Imperial Settlers has […]

Space Invaders: Dice Review

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Space Invaders: DiceWhile the Atari 2600 predates my time as a video gamer by a couple of years, I’ve had the great fortune of playing a lot of Space Invaders. Today we are looking at a roll-and-write game that use some interesting mechanics and the Space Invaders license to deliver a simple, quick playing, dice game. Space Invaders: […]

Coal Baron: The Great Card Game Review

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Coal Baron Card GameGoing back many moons, the marketing and usability efforts when creating a card game version of a board game are a well trodden subject. Even this reviewer, with a recent review of a popular board-to-card game (Castles of Burgundy Card Game) has been annoyed with the trend, especially with games that simply convert a board […]

Difference Review

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DifferenceOne reality of children is that you will increase the amount of time you spend at the doctor’s office. One saving grace of these visits is getting to show my kids my favorite magazine when I was a kid, Highlights. Two of my favorite features of the magazine were the spot the differences and the […]

Green Deal Review

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Green DealApparently, the “Green Deal” is a real thing. When searching on the Internet for videos, readers should take notice of the many Green Deal videos posted by UK residents. Is there room for a game with the same name and something of the same subject matter? Karma Games and designer Juma Al-JouJou have presented just […]

Draconis Invasion Review

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Draconis InvasionBack in 2008 when Donald X. Vaccarino dropped his deck builder Dominion (review) on the gaming world, I wonder if he knew what he was starting. Dominion quickly took the gaming world by storm and has since inspired a plethora of other deck building games. Today, we are going to be taking a look at […]

Game Review – Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout

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Have you ever wanted to add some more variety to your party game collection? We can all recall the tried and true group games that we’ve played way too many times throughout the years, but sometimes we need to add … Continue reading

Star Realms: Colony Wars and United Expansion Review

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Star Realms Colony Wars and UnitedStar Realms (review) has maintained a successful run thus far. Debuting in 2014, it won numerous awards from a variety of outlets. Excluding the most recent two reviewed here, there have been 3 expansions in the ensuing years which have not disappointed its loyal fan base. Even the digital versions have been warmly received. That being […]

Manhattan Project: Energy Empire Review

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Manhattan Project: Energy EmpireIn board gaming circles, with wave after wave of new games entering the market, ten years can seem like ages ago. In 2004, Power Grid gave board gamers a strong economic game with the theme of creating energy networks across various countries. In that year, auctions as a game mechanism were prevalent and engaging. These […]

Hoplomachus Origins: A Solitaire Perspective

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The Lone Gamer Rides Again Welcome back! Today, I’m talking all things solitaire in Hoplomachus Origins. If you’ve followed my posts long enough, you may well be aware that I play many games by my lonesome. And, I’m always on the … Continue reading

Twenty One Review

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Twenty OneGrowing up, my family played a few traditional board games, but most often we played Yahtzee. Especially between my mother and grandmother, there must have been hundreds of pads of Yahtzee scorecards demolished throughout the years. In the past few years, a number of games have been released that are often categorized as “roll-and-write” games. […]

3 to 4 Headed Monster Review

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3-4 Headed MonsterThe Kaiju genre of movies has spawned a few notable games in the board gaming landscape. Most notably King of Tokyo (review) and Terror in Meeple City (review). Huge monsters destroying the monuments to civilization create a dramatic tone of vengeance and apocalypse. Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) has taken a stab at creating a tiny […]

Neuroshima Hex: Mephisto Review

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Neuroshima Hex: MephistoWhile I’m not a huge fan of abstract strategy games, there is one title that has absolutely captured my attention. Neuroshima Hex surprised me with its unique, balanced game play, variety of armies, and just how darn fun it is. You can read all my thoughts in my full review, but suffice to say, I […]

New York Slice Review

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New York SliceNew York has the best pizza in the world (Editors Note: Tahsin clearly misspelled Chicago here). With that out-of-the-way as a universally accepted fact, gamers are left wondering “When will someone make a pizza game that artfully envelops players in the challenges and drama of selecting pieces of delicious pie? I’M WAITING HERE!” Bezier Games […]

Orphan Black: The Card Game

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Orphan Black: The Card GameIt seems that over the last few years, social deduction has been a fast-growing genre in the board game hobby. Taking a spin from games like Werewolf, publishers have boiled down those experiences into shorter games that give a similar feeling. Orphan Black: The Card Game is, at its core, a deduction game. But it […]

Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift Review

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Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal RiftWhen I made the transition from playing mostly RPGs to focusing on board games, one of my gateway genres had to be the dungeon crawler. While the RPG experience can never really be replicated as a board game, the dungeon crawler is probably the one that comes the closest. This is probably because it does […]

Game Review – Bucket of Doom

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For those of you who would change your name to MacGyver if it was socially acceptable, there is a game for which you’ve been waiting your whole. Once that adequately showcases all of your life saving tactics and creativity and … Continue reading