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Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate Review

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Betrayal at Baldur's GateBetrayal at House on the Hill (BHH) has been a cult favorite board game of mine going back to the first edition in 2004. This was the first horror-themed board game I had ever played and the exploration and cooperative mechanic is what I gravitate to. In 2010 BHH Second Edition was released and it […]

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn Review

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Civilization: New DawnDesigning board games is a challenging business. It has the same risk as movie production, albeit at a dramatically smaller scale. However, the need to meet the demands of a taste-specific audience while also attracting a larger audience is still at the core of some types of game design, especially when dealing with an existing […]

Macroscope Review

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MacroscopeGames that require an outside knowledge or skill to be successful are ultimately hit or miss for players. If you are not packed full of useless information or are an awful drawer, like me, your enjoyment of a certain game can be limited. While I love guessing what others were drawing in Pictionary or Telestrations, […]

Game Review – Bears vs. Babies

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Bears vs. Babies Review: From the same people who brought to us the glory of Exploding Kittens, comes a new installment that pushes the boundaries of family appropriate filler games…Bears vs. Babies! For those of you not familiar with Exploding … Continue reading

Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition Review

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Axis and Allies Anniversary EditionIf you are any kind of board gamer, chances are you’ve at least heard of Axis and Allies. This war gaming staple has been gracing gamers’ tabletops since 1981 and has bounced around from a few different publishers, the most recent of which being Avalon Hill. To celebrate their 50th anniversary as a publisher, Avalon […]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – Monster Box of Monsters Review

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Harry Potter: Monster Box of MonstersAt Gen Con 2016, publisher USAopoly created a ton of buzz with their new deck building game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. If you haven’t heard much about this accessible deck building game, you can read our full review on the core game here. This year, publisher USAopoly has designed more content for the game in […]

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 Review

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 2Note: This review will be a spoiler free look at Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. Everything discussed in detail can be found in the rulebook and the prologue. Everyone wants to make a legacy game these days. After the wild success of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, there seemed to be an explosion in campaign style games […]

Wizards Wanted Review

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Wizards WantedIn software quality assurance testing, one of the most important concepts is to use the software in a way that doesn’t just test the most common scenarios, but also tests extreme scenarios. The software should work and present appropriate errors to guide the user even when they’re using it in a non-intended way. There should […]

Game Review – Brew Dice and Sports Dice – Baseball

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Brew Dice and Sports Dice – Baseball: Everyone is a fan of filler games. Even alpha gamers will play filler games between turns of their more intense gaming sessions. They are typically easy to learn, appeal to a wide audience, … Continue reading

Near and Far Review

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Near And FarArtist, designer and publisher Ryan Laukat’s success with blending the storytelling + resource management in Above and Below has the potential to be duplicated in a new sequel. Near and Far is a storytelling and resource management game in the same thematic world as his previous game. Players occupy the role of adventurers forming a […]

Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time Review

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Professor Evil and the Citadel of TimeI’ll say this about games published by Funforge, they sure know how to make them pretty. Just browsing through their catalog is a virtual cornucopia of fantastic art and vibrant colors. So it’s no wonder than I had to stop and take notice of Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time when I wandered past […]

Ink Monsters Review

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Ink MonstersMonsters, Inc. has definitely registered itself in the minds of moviegoers as the default style for cute monsters. From the wackiness and cuddly factor of the creatures to the range of colors and appendage designs, the film’s style just ingrains itself into the minds of fans. That’s important because any game that implements that style […]

The Quest for El Dorado Review

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The Quest for El DoradoOne of the most common ways people sum up a game (and indeed the same way Board Game Quest does it) is to mention the primary mechanisms in a game. For example, a press-your-luck, dice rolling game might immediately conjure visions of Yahtzee and other derivative games. Unfortunately, this can also have the effect of […]

Reef Route Review

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Reef RouteThere are some games that kids somehow become familiar with by the time they are about three years old. Tag, and all of its varieties, is one of those. At my son’s preschool they play a somewhat modified game of tag called Sharks & Minnows, which is basically tag where you try to be the […]

Hotshots Review

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HotshotsFirefighting seems to be an underserved genre in tabletop gaming. I can count on one hand the number of games that use this theme and still have a few fingers left over. Which is too bad, because it’s really a theme that can suck people in. Perhaps veteran publisher Fireside Games realized this when they […]

Alien Artifacts Review

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Alien ArtifactsI seem to enjoy the games released by Portal Games. Several of their games have taken up permanent residence in my collection. Year after year they release quality titles. 2017 is supposed to be the year of First Martians, a title they have admitted to being their biggest release yet. This reviewer, while appreciating the […]

America Review

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AmericaVeteran game designer Friedemann Friese normally has a thing. He names all his games with the first letter F. However, when veteran game designer Ted Alspach joins in, some exceptions follow. The real exception in this case is actually a trivia party game. This, like its predecessor games Fauna and Terra, presents players with a […]

NMBR 9 Review

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NMBR 9If 1 is the loneliest number, what does that make number 9? Nine times lonelier? I’ll leave the answer to that question to people much wiser than me. It’s only relevant (not really) because today we are reviewing the abstract strategy game NMBR 9 from Z-Man Games. NMBR 9 is a Tile Laying game for […]

Codex: Card-Time Strategy Review

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CodexLet’s go for a walk down memory lane. Raise your hand, dearest reader, if you were first exposed to hobby gaming through the addiction inducing Magic: The Gathering. It’s just as I suspected. And who among you weaned yourself off of MTG and landed yourself on this side of the board? You are not alone. […]

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Review

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Legend of the 5 RingsLegend of the Five Rings and its world of Rokugan are one of the most beloved fictional setting in gaming. With eight great Clans and several minor houses clamoring for position to become the Emperor, the mythology is full of military stratagems and posturing, political intrigue, and danger around every turn. It found success as […]

Woo-Hoo! Review

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Woo-Hoo!Gaming with children can be both rewarding and excruciating. Kids games, especially for kids in the 2-4 year old range, have to walk a very delicate line as attention spans are short. Its great for your kid to get something out of the experience without having to end up in timeout for throwing the pieces […]

Rhino Hero: Super Battle Review

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Rhino Hero: Super Battle2011’s Rhino Hero is one of, if not my #1, favorite game from family game publisher HABA Games. It garnered a 5 Star review here on BGQ and makes it’s way to our gaming table early and often (with and without kids present). So when I heard they were releasing a sequel, I was all […]

SpyNet Review

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SpynetIf there’s one designer whose name is legend amongst card gamers, it’s Richard Garfield. The designer of Magic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner has a distinguished repertoire, but he still has the occasional misstep. Whenever he delivers a new game, especially a card game, it’s a tense moment to digest it and decide if it’s […]

King Frog Review

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King FrogMany game designs set up grand themes and try to connect abstractions of reality with elegant mechanisms. Designers steep themselves in the world of their games honing the minutiae of decision structures. The rabbit hole goes deep and produces all sorts of types of games. Just as crucial is the role of the consumer in […]

Paramedics: Clear! Review

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Paramedics: Clear!Some games give you a chance to relax, turn off your brain, and enjoy an almost zen like experience. Tokaido comes to mind, a nice leisure stroll through ancient Japan. And then there are games like Paramedics: Clear! who run up to your board game shelf and punch those games in the face, all while […]