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Azul Review

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AzulAzul is a tile drafting game where players attempt to build the most aesthetically pleasing pattern on the walls of the royal palace. The game is rooted in the historical use of azulejos, tin-glazed ceramic tiles, in Portugal during the reign of King Manuel I. While the setting is historical, the theme is only carried […]

AssassinCon Review

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AssassinconConventions are wonderful things. They allow people who share a similar passion to gather and enjoy what they love. There are conventions out there for board gamers, auto enthusiast, and even Abraham Lincoln presenters. Today, we will be looking at AssassinCon, a board game that explores the possibility of assassins all getting together at a […]

Game of Trains – Review

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Over the last 2 years, the gaming industry has seen a boom in large box games, some with multiple trays of miniatures, others with hundreds or even a thousand plus cards. But let’s not forget about the small-box games, the … Continue reading

Seikatsu Review

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SeikatsuFor an abstract strategy game to impress me, it needs to do something very unique or have some pretty stellar components. Simply putting wood blocks on a grid (while that may be functional) just isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially in this crowded market. Fortunately for Seikatsu, it tries to accomplish both of those […]

Scythe: The Wind Gambit Review

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Scythe: The Wind GambitI backed Scythe on Kickstarter in 2015 and the game did not disappoint me when it arrived in 2016. I loved the variable player powers and deciding how to best utilize my four actions while balancing the map control. And PLEASE do not forget about the art, which is some of my favorite board game […]

The Expanse Review

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The ExpanseIn 2011, two novelists under the pseudonym James S.A. Corey published Leviathan Wakes, the first in the Expanse novels, a science fiction saga taking place in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, with Earth and Mars as the superpowers, and the disenfranchised and exploited Belt poised for a rise to rebellion. The […]

Outpost: Siberia Review

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Outpost: SiberiaWhen I look at Outpost: Siberia, I have memories of watching John Carpenter’s The Thing. You’re stuck in a frozen outpost, being terrorized by monsters. What’s not to love? Well unless you are actually there I guess. Outpost: Siberia is a cooperative card game designed by veteran game designers Jonathan Gilmour (Wasteland Express Delivery Service) […]

Lisboa Review

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LisboaSometimes the word “backdrop” is used to describe a game’s theme, especially with games that have only a minor connection to their theme. On other occasions, designers can take a theme and elevate it beyond the confines of the game. Vital Lacerda is a designer who knows this. When his new game was announced as […]

Loot Review

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LootPirates. Once they were they were the darlings of the board game theme hivemind. Today, they still make the occasional appearance but they’re certainly not in vogue. One release from way back before even pirates were a thing is the card game Loot. It’s got a new printing from Gamewright. The concept of Loot is […]

Escape Room: The Game Review

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Chrono DecoderNote: This will be a spoiler free review of Escape Room: The Game. By now you are probably familiar with the Escape Room craze in tabletop gaming. What was once a tiny niche is quickly reaching a saturation point with plenty of options for the puzzle solving gamer to choose from. However, as I love […]

Schotten Totten Review

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Schotten TottenThe title for Schotten Totten has a bit of a story to it. The word Schotten means “Scots” or Scottish people in German. Totten apparently comes from another phrase in German using the word Hottentotten, a derogatory term for a certain tribe in Africa. It basically means that the customs of these people, misunderstood by […]

The Climbers Review

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The ClimbersThe Climbers was originally released in 2008 and reprinted by Capstone Games at Gen Con 2017. The first game in a line of “Simply Complex” games, The Climbers promises interesting strategic decisions despite having a small ruleset that can be taught to a new player in less than 10 minutes. The Climbers is an abstract […]

Techno Bowl Review

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Techno BowlIf you were a gamer in the 80s or 90s, then chances are you are familiar with Tecmo Bowl (or the much better Tecmo Super Bowl). It was the arcade football game that has really never been replicated since. Well it seems that game designer Brent Spivey has drawn on this beloved franchise for inspiration […]

Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents Review

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Tesla vs EdisonMy home state of New Jersey was the site of one of the greatest feuds in history, and I am not talking about Hamilton and Burr. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla set up competing electric companies practically down the road from each other, working to achieve supremacy in the burgeoning power and light industry. Based […]

Posthuman Review

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PosthumanIf I had to point to one early game that still makes me gravitate to the post-apocalyptic genre, it was Gamma World. In my early years, I loved this game from the setting and the advance technology, but it was really rolling up mutant PCs. I never understood why another player wanted to play a […]

Train Heist Review

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Train HeistWhile I don’t always gravitate towards the old west theme, if there is one niche of that genre that’s sure to suck me in, it’s the train heist. Gearing up, forming a plan, and attacking a moving target. It has all the elements needed for an entertaining evening. So with that in mind, today we […]

1846: Race for the Midwest

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1846: Race for the MidwestBoard gaming has always had a lot of variety that people tend to flock towards. Some people love light party games. Others find 45-60 minute medium weight games are perfect for them. Of course others still enjoy deeply strategic 3-4 hour mind melting gaming sessions. While I’ve been in almost all of these categories, I […]

Tulip Bubble Review

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Tulip BubbleTulip Bubble is a game about the real life explosion of tulip prices in the Netherlands in the 17th century. Widely considered to be the first economic speculation bubble, it makes an interesting setting for a quick playing economic board game. Players will bid on beautiful flowers and sell them to try to make a […]

Nuked Review

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Nuked ReviewI don’t know what it is about the post-apocalyptic genre, but I’ve always gravitated towards it. Logically, I shouldn’t – it’s the fall of civilization and no one wants that. I mean I like hot water and cold beverages and can do without roving bands of raiding mutants. Maybe it was growing up with movies […]

Wasteland Express Delivery Service Review

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Wasteland Express Delivery ServiceWhile 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road may have brought the post-apocalyptic genre back into the spotlight, I’ve always had a fondness for that theme. So heck yeah I was excited to try Wasteland Express Delivery Service after seeing it at Gen Con this year. Trucking across a ravaged landscape, make deliveries, fighting raiders and earning […]

Brutal Kingdom Review

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Brutal KingdomsHaving first seen the cover for Brutal Kingdom, this reviewer was a bit taken aback. There’s a vulture pulling a dagger from a cloak with nefarious purpose in mind. Gamers entering this world may ask: “Is the image appropriate?” In this small card game, each player uses characters to outwit and gather more influence than […]

Maze Racers Review

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Maze RacersI love to build things. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a tile laying game that has me constructing a city, or a dexterity game where I’m stacking things. Building allows me to tap into that creative part of my brain that loves to get used. Today, we are going to look at a unique […]

Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail Review

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Purrrlock HolmesSome games have a theme that just grabs you and immediately generates a lot of interest. Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail is obviously a game about a feline detective set in an alternate reality of sorts where animals commit crimes. Either way, Purrrlock Holmes is a quick playing deduction game for 2-5 players that takes about […]

Cauldron Quest Review

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Cauldron QuestSometimes a game just catches you eye for a small reason. Maybe it is a cool looking pieces, amazing art, use of a dice tower, or, in the case of the game we will be reviewing here, the shape of the board. Cauldron Quest is a cooperative kid’s game where players are attempting to thwart […]

Memoarrr! Review

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Memoarrr!There seems to be a a growing trend of taking old/classic games and using them for a foundation in a modern board game. Bruno Cathala did it with 5 Tribes (Mancala) and Kingdomino (Dominoes), while Antoine Bauza did it with Samurai Spirit (Blackjack). Designer Carlo Bortolini is now joining their ranks with this new game, […]