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Game Review – Bucket of Doom

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For those of you who would change your name to MacGyver if it was socially acceptable, there is a game for which you’ve been waiting your whole. Once that adequately showcases all of your life saving tactics and creativity and … Continue reading

Firefly Crime & Punishment Expansion Review

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Firefly Crime & PunishmentIs it possible for a game to have too many expansions? If you love a game, the answer is clearly no. This is especially true if you have a game you get to the table quite often and want more variety. This is the 7th expansion for Firefly: The Board Game (review here), with our […]

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals Review

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Strife Box CoverStrife is a card game of head to head strategic combat for two players in which each player is equipped with a group of ten champions that will do battle over many locations in the world of Aerim. Let’s get to the review to see if it is a game you want to add to […]

Quartz Review

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QuartzBreak out the Scottish accents and the mining puns. Practice twisting the corner edges of mustaches (or imagined mustaches) and fill some tankards with inebriating beverages (or root beer). And don’t forget to brush up on bag groping skills. They’re needed top play Quartz, a new game from Passport Games Studios. Quartz is a push-your-luck, […]

Lotus Review

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LotusInteresting uses of area control pop up when you least expect them. Sometimes, games need no reason to justify their gameplay as long as they’re interesting. Both of these statements explain the existence of a new game designed by Jordan and Mandy Goddard from Renegade Game Studios. Debuting at Gen Con 2016, Lotus sold out […]

The Exiled: Siege Review

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The Exiled: SiegeBoard games based around the siege of a castle are a great concept. I think what intrigues me the most is the asymmetrical nature of the combat. The defender must turtle up and try to hold off an usually overwhelming force, while the attacker needs to break the walls. It’s the classic unstoppable force meets […]

Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo Review

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Pharaoh's Gulo GuloWhen I think about the classic movie monsters, Frankenstein’s creation, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the like, the one that I never found particularly interesting or scary was the mummy. He wasn’t very fast and had extremely flammable clothing that I’m surprised didn’t smolder when they shambled across the floor. It took adding […]

Res Publica: 2230AD Review

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Res Publica 2230ADOne of the reasons I gravitate toward board games as opposed to, say, video games, is the social element of being able to sit down with friends or soon-to-be new friends and enjoy a quick game. While the amount of interaction between players in a board game can vary greatly by game, some of my […]

Quests of Valeria Review

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Quests of ValeriaThe last time we ventured into the realm of Valeria, we were building villages for the kingdom in our highly rated Villages of Valeria. Well apparently the realm is in some dire straits as they now need guild masters to venture to the glorious Gutrot Tavern to flex their recruiting muscles. Enter Quests of Valeria, the third game […]

V-Commandos Review

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V-CommandosSuperhero movies are ubiquitous today. You can’t go six to eight months without seeing one or watching a trailer for the next. If you travel back in time to the late 1950s through the 1960s and 70s, the World War II commando replaces the superhero. Wouldn’t it be great if someone made a board game […]

7 Wonders: Duel Pantheon Expansion Review

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7 Wonders Duel PantheonA few years ago, a video game design competition resulted in a huge controversy. The design goal was to make a game that would be like a religion. In a way, as board games get published and their fans accept the rules as something near holy scripture, expansions can come along to change the righteous text. […]

They Who Were 8 Review

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They Who Were 8One of the earliest forms of Greek literature is a poem by Hesiod called the Theogony. It’s a story of the genealogy and origins of the ancient Greek pantheon of gods. It is these tales which form the basis of much of the drama and intrigue of the mystical traditions and origins of Western drama. […]

Morocco Review

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MoroccoIn strategy board games, we often see mechanics get used and re-used without a lot of differentiation. Games tend to separate themselves by their theme or artwork. However, the best games find a way to take an existing mechanic and spin it in an interesting and new direction. Morocco is as pure of an area […]

The Oracle of Delphi Review

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Oracle of DelphiStefan Feld is known for complex games involving a subset of randomness through dice rolls. Usually his designs encompass some trading of resources to complete objectives along with upgrades to improve actions. There’s usually some kind of economic backdrop that aids in fading the theme to the background. A new title from Tasty Minstrel Games […]

Kingsport Festival: The Card Game Review

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Kingsport Festival: The Card GameThe idea of taking a successful board game and creating a variation on it is nothing new. However, spin-off games can be really hit or miss. Many times they end up being a watered down version of the base game that can’t really stand on its own (Nations: The Dice Game). However, occasionally you get […]

Top 10 SciFi Board Games

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Top 10 SciFi Board GamesWhat do you like in your science fiction? To some, it’s all about sweeping space operas with strange aliens, advanced technologies and interstellar travel. To others, it’s the exploration of the human condition in that fantastical future (or alternate present). Whatever your chosen flavor of sci-fi, you can count on an immersive world, guaranteed to […]

Incorporated Review

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IncorporatedWe’re in the era of massive, global corporations that control several aspects of how we live our lives and what our culture means. Just as it is exciting and fun to play a game of RISK imagining we’re commanding massive armies traipsing across the globe, it can be equally satisfying to manage an intercontinental corporation […]

Grand Prix Review

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Grand PrixAt my first job out of college, my boss was a massive Formula 1 fan. He would talk about the cars, the races, the teams, everything. I’ve never been much of a gear head, so I had very little exposure to sport racing up to that point. The main take away I remember from those […]

Dice Stars Review

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Dice StarsDesigners Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc have teamed up over the years to bring us quite a diverse offering of games. From the combat area control game Cyclades to simpler fair, like the Lovecraftian game Pocket Madness, my ears always perk up when I see these two pairing up with a new offering. Today we are going […]

Snowblind: Race for the Pole Review

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SnowblindPleasant Company Games is doing some interesting things with dice. We reviewed their first offering a while ago, a game called Ancient Terrible Things. This Lovecraftian dice game was quite enjoyable and I tagged it in the review as “Yahtzee if Yahtzee were fun”. Well Pleasant Company Games is back on our tabletops with another dice […]

Dragoon Review

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DragoonDragons are easily one of the most iconic creatures from the fantasy genre. Heck, they are even 50% of the name of the most popular RPG ever. So when a new board game debuts that puts me in charge of a dragon laying waste to the countryside, I immediately take notice. Today, we are going […]

Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age Review

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Roll Through The AgesWhat’s the newest game?? What’s on KickStarter?? Why doesn’t Arkham Horror have 11 expansions yet?? Rush. Rush. Rush. Need new game. Must have the latest. Stop. There are good games that were published before 2015 and are currently available at your FLGS, LGS and OGS. Acronyms make me feel elite. I present you: Roll Through […]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Review

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The deck-building genre is overgrown with entries from nearly every theme imaginable—superheroes, space battles, medieval intrigue, futuristic societal markets, and other high fantasy games have all made it out onto store shelves. What could possibly stand out amid a sea … Continue reading

Carcassonne: Amazonas Review

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Carcassonne: AmazonasThe Carcassonne: Around the World line of games typically uses some standard Carcassonne rules, but integrates a variant or expansion out of the box to deliver an experience that exemplifies a particular time and place. The previous two offerings, South Seas (review here) and Gold Rush, explored the South Pacific in the time of colonialism […]

Hero Realms Review

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Hero RealmsBack in 2014, White Wizard Games rocketed onto the scene with their hit deck building game Star Realms (review here). Designed by Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle, 2 former Magic: The Gathering pro players, this card game was an instant hit and sold out almost immediately. Since then, Star Realms fans have been treated to […]