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Finished! Space Wolves Murderfang

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To Valhalla and back again! The Murderfang is ready to dance, be it axe and shield of scissorhands, meet your maker!Rock the vote and check out the Gallery View !

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – NEW Idoneth Deepkin vs. Free Peoples

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  The Idoneth Deepkin have arrived and to celebrate I’ve painted up 1000pts to take on Owen’s newly finished 1000pts of Free Peoples as the Sea Elves raid a the humans for their precious soul-matter. We play Battleplan: Duality of Death from General’s Handbook 2017! Check out the Rules review HERE: Advertisements

‘nids part 248 – Biotitan Tyranid Hierophant pt.5 – Chitin highlights again

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Apologies but this is going to appear a little tedious for a while as I fill in all these chitin bits. The top leg is complete [as may have already been said in the last post, it’s all a blur]. But the bottom leg has one side done.The other side has ju…

Battle Report – Necromunda – Orlocks vs. Escher

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  Luke is back with Hairmongous and the War Daughters to face my Orlocks in a revenge mission! Coleman and his men are cornered in a downhive tunnel by the vengeful Escher…. will they escape? Advertisements

White Dwarf April 2018

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It’s been a while since I did this, as I plainly forgot to do them every time, but it’s time for a short review of the newest White Dwarf.Now, I admit, when I quit the GW hobby a few years before getting out of wargaming as a whole, WD had dwindled dow…

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – New Idoneth Deepkin!

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  Having knocked out three units for my Idoneth Deepkin this week, I muster together a Grand Alliance of Order with the Sylvaneth to face the Maggotkin of Nurgle who threaten two entrances to the Whirlways in Ghyran! Owen from Gaming with the Cooler and I throw down a 1k Matched Play game of ‘Knife […]

Intro to Salute

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Last thursday, on April 12th, Operation Sealion 2018 started. We went to Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport, for our four day trip to the UK for Salute and a brief day trip to the Leadbelt. There are a couple of ways to get to London. Two years ago and before that, we did the Salute as […]

Moje pomalowane ożywieńce | My painted undead

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To miał być nieco inny wpis. Miałem pokazać, jak dzięki dobrej zmianie… Eeee, no dobra, to nie TVPis…. Miałem po prostu pokazać pomalowaną część mojej kolekcji undeadów. Wymyśliłem to sobie tak, że wyciągnę wszystko z pudeł, ustawię na stole, zrobi…

Tarssis 4 – The Betrayal at Modgud Prime

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The tickets for the next Tarssis 4 Horus Heresy narrative event hosted by Geno Five Two have gone up and at time of writing 30 mins later there is one solitary space left. After missing the doubles event in February I was super keen to get back on the …

Sigmarite Mausoleum Again !

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I’ve not been very busy over Easter but did manage to finish some projects and went to Salute. I always find it very motivating to go there. I’ve found some stencils for airbrushing that I cannot wait to try and some scenery from Fenris Games that I’ve…

‘nids part 247 – Biotitan Tyranid Hierophant pt.4 – Chitin highlights

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If you recall in the last Armiger post I reached a hurdle with the metallics and promptly shifted to the Hierophant. Alongside my Razorback [shading] these three projects all have elements that are far from unpleasant but they always retard my progress…

GMG Reviews: Order Battletome – Idoneth Deepkin

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  The newest Faction for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is up for Pre-Order today; Order Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin. I was lucky enough to get a preview copy to run through for you all and here’s the second part on the Rules, Traits and Warscrolls! Check out the Idoneth Deepkin Lore Summary HERE: Check out […]

Da Bosswagon!

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I have had an unbuilt Ork Battlewagon in my model stash for several years.  The plan was to get an Ork Battlewagon upgrade sprue and really deck it out.  The problem was this project was never a priority so I never ordered the upgrade.  …

Nedeljne vesti 6.4. – 13.4. 2018

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Za petak trinaesti u nedeljnim vestima, uglavnom samo najave, sa malo opipljivih detalja. Sa druge strane tu su imena vredna čekanja. Games Workshop ako ne prdne u čabar sa pravilima i prekomplikovanosti igranja, sa novim naslovom Quest to Mount Doom m…

Finished! Trajann Valoris

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I finished this ol boy a while back but was having some quirks in the photography department. A super fun piece to work on, the simple color scheme allowed me to maximize the tones and sink some time into the finer points. Painted in about 12 hours, en…

Imperial Knight – Warglaives in manufactorum pt.3 Red Planet BASE!

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Having made the chassis and legs bronze I suddenly recalled I usually paint the base first. I had a bit of black between the legs that I definitely had to cover up with Vermilion and overall it started to tie everything together with the way my models …

Zielonoskóry czerwononosy | Rednosed greenskin

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Jeszcze jedna rzeźba Boba Olley’a wydana przez Citadel pod marką Iron Claw. Miniaturka ukazała się w 1988 r., po raz pierwszy pokazano ją w 104 numerze White Dwarfa – nie miała już swojego imienia, zamiast tego oznaczono ją po prostu numerem 2.Rzeźby g…

Games Workshop – Warhammer Community Roundup

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A Warhammer community news round-up courtesy of Games Workshop…——————–Card Library Updates, Grand Clashes and More  Check out all 120 cards from the latest Warhammer Underworlds expansions for free and plan your next Grand Clas…

Unboxing – BloodBowl Ogre

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Hello Wargamers! Today I would like to share with you small unboxing of Ogre miniature for BloodBowl game. Small but classy box with printed instruction and impressive preview of model. Ogre is designed for human team.   Inside we have a plastic tray with one sprue and base. It looks very good and „premium”. On[…]

Battle Report – Warhammer Fantasy Battle – TBT EP 136

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  Ryan returns with his Dark Elves to face my Ogres in 2000pts of Dawn Attack! Advertisements

Campaign Sea Lion 2018

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It is time to take another approach and try to loot the Island for pewter, plastic and resin! Thursday we head over to the UK, for a short trip to the “Leadbelt” of Nottingham as well as paying a visit to the Salute on saturday. Salute is the largest wargaming event in the UK, hosted […]

Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Chosen Axes vs. Ironskull’s Boyz

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  Mike brings Ironskull’s Boyz to face my Chosen Axes in their first Matched Play series! Advertisements

Imperial Knight – Warglaives in manufactorum pt.2 Big Build TO DONE!

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With some concerted effort I was able to finish the conversion work on these two and add the base material.However, as they’ll be painted in sub-assemblies it’s somewhat a misnomer to describe them as ‘built’. All the armour pieces were primed Red Oxid…

W40k / Thousand Sons – Scarab Occult Terminators

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Hello! Another part of Thousand Sons army on my blog. Three units of elite Scarab  Occult Terminators. Enjoy! Termies are big, really! Thousand Sons are one of the newest releases for Chaos (ok, Death Guard) and in compare to the old, generic Terminators they are massive. Inside the box we have some weapon/visual options and[…]

Black Library – Newsletter

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The poor mans Night Haunter gets a compilation book and a new story…there’s some other stuff as well…——————-View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsCoraxGav ThorpeThe Lord of Ravens, Master of Deliverance, primarch Co…