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Games Workshop vs. Chapterhouse Studios

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 The famed Chapterhouse vs Games Worhshop case has been ongoing for over 2 years.  It’s over at last… This is a big case for anyone who uses the resin aftermarket.  I have always said that this case really doesn’t mean much as Cha…

Works in Progress – Gargants

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A few pictures here of my latest project. When Games Workshop finally killed off Epic and the other specialist games, I took the opportunity to buy up a last few bits and bobs. But, nevertheless, there were still a few bits and bobs I didn’t pick up. O…

Ork w kapturze | The orc with a hood

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Jeden z niedawno pomalowanych orków mojego brata, tym razem zmieniony w sposób nieco inny, niż dodanie tarczy. Ta akurat została zachowana, podobnie jak nie zmieniony nadziak (swoją drogą naprawdę paskudna w działaniu broń). Zmieniona została…

Ork Gorkanaut – A Review

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This review is later than planned because my daughter selfishly got sick and meant all my evenings were spent caring for her instead of building the Gorkanaut. I’ve still not finished it but I’m far enough along that I can confidently review it. It’s awesome. Review over. As if! My opinions can never be confined to […]

Biegnij, orku, biegnij! | Run, orc, run!

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I jeszcze jeden mormegowy ork, plastik ze starego zestawu. Tu, jeśli się dobrze orientuję, nic nie zostało zmienione i figurka prezentuje się tak, jak wymyślili ją sobie projektanci. Malowanie, jak to oświeca mnie mój brat, to głównie drybru…

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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 Well, no surprise here.Tom Kirby hired the COO of Games Workshop as the new CEO. via Games Workshop Investor Relations:The Board of Games Workshop is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Rountree as Chief Executive Officer with effect f…

A Tale of “X” Gamers – Tyranids 012.

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    Hello!   We’re here with my last article for the “A tale of X Gamers” series created by the “The Painting Frog” blog.   We get now to the end of this journey which has been unfolding for more than a year, during which …

Formować szyk, ścierwa! | Form ranks, you maggots!

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Kolejny z orków Mormega to ponownie plastikowa starość z tarczą dodaną z zestawu Maruderów Chaosu. Świetny jest jego hełm, przypominający trochę hundsgugel. Pewnie mało praktyczny w walce pieszej, ale doskonale wygląda. Skóra jak u po…

Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 1

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So this is last project I’ll be doing before I move to my new apartment, and it’ll be a tight squeeze to meet the deadline before I have to start packing! I’ll be working on a Warhammer Dwarf commission this week. The force consists o…

Zieleń w Mordorze | Green in Mordor

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Jak wiadomo, zieleni w Mordorze specjalnie nie ma, tak jak nie ma złota w Górach Szarych. Niemniej jednak, od czasu do czasu coś tam zabarwi się kolorem trawy czy liści. Najczęściej będzie to jakiś ork, o takiej trochę nietypowej dla tej krai…

Warhammer App for iPhone

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Games Workshop has finally released an iPhone App.But sadly Android users are SOL at this point.  I downloaded the app yesterday and it is nice, but simple.  It is pretty much a sales tool for GW, but a good source of news on releases and suc…

Mordheim The Video Game Teaser Trailer

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So this looks awesome.

Ultramarine Terminator from Games Workshop

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I am continuing to paint up miniatures that have laid un-finished on my too-do shelf. The latest is this Space Marine Terminator painted in the colours of the Ultramarines.  The actual model is the plastic Terminator model that was given away free…

Ork, po prostu ork | Ork, just ork

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Mormeg pomalował ostatnio tylu plastikowych orków do Władcy Pierścieni, że starczy na kilka wpisów. Ten widoczny obok został wybrany ze względu na czaszkę widoczną na tarczy. Mój brat wspomniał, że nie chciał jakichś określonych symboli…

Terrain is everything – Project Ω – Realm of Battle Board – We can rebuild it!

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What we have here is the first ‘real’ step to the restoration of Ferron Proxima. The shadow wash solved the Polyvine problem but here we see the true colours shining through. The bottom board has had it’s coat of Vermillion craft acrylic. I was slightl…

Fast Movers in 40k

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Last Thursday I got a game of 40k in using my new Ork army. As it was their second outing I thought I’d mix it up a bit and give the Dakkajet a try because, well it’s freaking cool. For reasons passing my understanding, I told Lee I’d be taking a flyer which prompted him […]

Terrain is everything – Project Ω – Realm of Battle Board – 50 Shades of Red Oxide

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Happy Hallowe’en! Dry your eyes and lets fix this mother! On with the shadow wash. You can see there is still some evidence of the Polyvine [the whiteish streaks towards the top of the board] but overall I’d say it’s been reduced by 80%Once again this …

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

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So another Warhammer 40,000 game is in production. This time it’s 40k Chess. To be honest I have no feelings one way or the other on how good or not it will be. Or even how advisable it is to make a 40k version of the original strategy game when Games Workshop spend a lot […]

Elf z "Warhammer Questa" | "Warhammer Quest" Elf Ranger

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Druga z figurek Wysokich Elfów, pomalowanych przeze mnie w ramach wymiany “malowanie-figurki” (pierwszą, Wieczną Królową elfów, można zobaczyć tutaj). Bardzo fajna rzeźba rangera z dodatku do gry “Warhammer Quest”, wydana w 1995 r. Mimo upływ…

More Tyranid Images

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It wouldn’t be a Tyranid release without a deluge of mental looking new kits and it looks this one is no exception…

Tyranids Sighted

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Okay, it’s not much but this gribbly sod makes it pretty clear that the Tyranids are about to have another reboot. Most Tyranid players will be delighted after the last two codices were pretty sucky. Let’s hope this edition bucks the trend. Having had a couple of Tyranid armies over the years I, for one, […]

Armies on Parade 2014 – Southport

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So I managed to get to Armies on Parade and this time I would face some competition, albeit there were only 3 entries [not including the stores] so whatever happened we were all going to get a prize. First up was Chris Draper’s Ogres. I think Chris was…

Nu nids, missing nids and repackaged cheaper nids, nids, nids!

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From out of the blue there’s a rumour about a new Tyranid model up for pre-order next week. The Maleceptor/Toxicrene looks mildly interesting, moreso for the crazy sounding model than the leaked ruleset. It may actually be very good but I’m not particu…

Z półki Mormega: "The Return of Nagash"

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Dawno nie publikowaliśmy z bratem niczego z cyklu naszych recenzji książek Black Library, czas więc trochę nadrobić te zaległości. Pora jest na to, zresztą, doskonała. Na naszych oczach świat Warhammera Fantasy Battle zmienia się diametraln…

GW Corporate – More on what GW needs to do.

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More on what is wrong with GW.These videos, while a bit tough due to the gents accent, are very well informed and right on point about what is wrong with GW.  They echo the petition.  Well worth a listen. Frankly, the guy is righ…