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Battle at the Wadi. Bitwa przy Wadi.

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Our big 1st Sudan War game is very close, so we have decided to check how the Black Powder rules will be working for that period. We played game with two players and umpire. Our figures came from various collections, and some of my figures used in the …

Dux Britanniarum – my first game. Dux Britanniarum – moja pierwsza gra.

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Dux Britanniarum is quite popular in my club, however I have never play it. The opportunity of checking the rules came yesterday, when I joined to the game played by more newbies like myself (Campbell and Matt) plus veterans: Paul and Derek. With four …

Extra Life 24hr Game-a-thon 2014

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The Extra Life is a charity with the purpose of helping ill children. There are many children out there who suffer from scary diseases. On a daily basis these kids deal with diseases like cancer and cystic fibrosis to name two. Some of those kids have …

Inspirational Lego day 3 – into Space

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We leave the world of knights and dragons behind us today, and take the stellar transport to visit the outer reaches of space in the third instalment of this weeks miniseries `Inspirational Lego`.Space has been a mainstay of the Lego line since 1978, m…

Lion Rampant – Bloody victory. Krwawe zwycięstwo.

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Yesterday we had our third game with Lion Rampant. We had 42 points game with five players. This time we have used all rules. Whole game has been described by Jack on his blog, so I’m not going to double this. You can find the link to the relation on t…

The Great Wargaming Survey – Wargaming Recon #123

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The Great Wargaming Survey Karwansaray Publishers and their magazine Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy launched The Great Wargaming Survey in July 2014. Almost 7,800 wargamers responded to the survey. Jasper Oorthuys, Managing Editor Publications of Kar…

Lion Rampant – Big Game. England vs Rest of the World.

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The battlefield. Pole bitwy.The Village. Wieś.The sheep – main objective. Owce – główny cel gry.Last Thursday we had another game with Lion Rampant. Interest about this rules increased after our first game and more gamers wished to try them. We set …

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut now out!

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Press release Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut now out! By JHARDY | Published: SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 It’s a fine day to play Shadowrun! But then, I always think that. Today’s an especially good day, though, because you can get the Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s a standalone version of an expansion to Harebrained [...]

Lion Rampant – update.

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As I still awaiting for my rulebook (I bought them from – there is very good deal on them right now), some more relations from our game have appeared on other blogs. You can find the links below.Wciąż czekając na mój podręcznik (kupiłe…

Sign of the Pagan, by VPG (a review)

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Sign of the Pagan Victory Point Games Designed by Richard Berg Game Scales: 1 counter=500 to 1000 men 1 hex=200 yards 1 turn=30 minutes +/- Sign of the Pagan is not just an obscure and preachy Sword and Sandals … Continue reading

Lion Rampant.

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Before I start with the main subject of today’s post a small announcement. My blog just reach 60000 visits!!! Thank you very much for this.Zanim przejdę do głównego wątku postu, małe ogłoszenie. Mój blog właśnie przekroczył liczbę 60000 odwi…

Board Games for Kids’ events, 11-18 years old

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The author has run many children’s gaming camps over the years. Board Games are a recent innovations, added to the lineup to fill in gaps of slow time before larger miniature events. This is a list of games that have proven to be very popular with young gamers. Continue reading

The Big 1000

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Never would I have thought that, with my goldfishlike attention span, when I put down my first words on this blog on the 28th of february 2010 that it would endure to this point.The 1000th post on my little corner of the internet!Now, 4.5 years later, …

Saved by wind (Pt. 1). Ocaleni przez wiatr (cz. 1)

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Some time ago I have finished my British and French ship for Napoleonic naval warfare. However since this time I have never used them in game. The Kiss, Me Hardy rules are very popular in our club so few weeks ago we agreed to play a large game. The ga…

Ironclads – test game 4th. Ironclads – czwarta gra testowa.

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Last week battle was another test for Bill’s rules for 19th century naval warfare. This time we’ve tested some new ideas and it looks like the system is almost there. This game was played at Hugh Wilson’s house.Zeszłotygodniowa bitwa była kolejnym te…

Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014 – Wargaming Recon #121

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Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014 Boston Trained Bands hosts a successful annual game day at the Hobby Bunker in Malden. Jonathan attended their fifth annual game day in 2014. Listen to this episode to learn what games were played, what games wowed the gamers…

An Ancient Black Hole replay (Metagaming) #TBF

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A very long time ago, I used to run a website called “The PBeM Emporium“.  There was a lot of stuff on that site, but it was mostly a haven for Cyberboard gameboxes created by myself and others.  For a … Continue reading


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After long break we come back for testing Ironclads. During his holliday Bill redesigned the rules. He had revised the movement and initiative system and two weeks ago we were going to test it. The other reason was that Hugh is decorating his gameroom …

By Fire and Sword back to SESWC. Ogniem i Mieczem wraca do SESWC.

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Yesterday I have brought back the By Fire and Sword rules back to our club. Our new club member Petr (he is from Russia) bought on last Claymore the rulebook and two weeks ago he asked me to show him a game. To this game joined Jack with his Cossacks a…

Siberia 1919 – Update. Syberia 1919 – Uzupełnienie.

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Small update to the past game relations, the forces lists with their orders.Małe uzupełnienie do poprzednich relacji, listy armii z ich rozkazami.Japanese – Ko Lin +1(1st and 2nd game Colin Jack, 3rd Bill Gilchrist)Briefing – You want to expand into …

Wargaming With Kids – Wargaming Recon #120

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Wargaming With Kids Jonathan shares tips for adults hoping to get kids into wargaming. These are also useful for wargaming parents looking to find a wargaming event at which their child can play. Simplify the rules Fun is the goal Durability is importa…


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Once per month, we have in our club to play a Sunday  big game. This time we decided to give a go the Piquet rules. It was my first time with this set and it is not bad, however there are some buts. The title of the post I have took from Michael’s…

Dropzone Commander Battle Report – Operation Cyan Rapier: Phase 2

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My buddy Stephen and I played our second game of the campaign we have going “Operation Cyan Rapier.” I’ll talk about Phase (game) 1 later, but today’s game was the follow-on from that game in which the UCM managed to successfully extract a Praetorian insertion team that had gone into enemy territory to link up […]

Battle of Ravenna 1512. Bitwa pod Rawenną 1512.

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Last time, when we had a game with Pike and Shotte and tested the Paymaster was a lot of confusion about the rules. So we decided to stop testing the Paymaster and took our attentions on Pike and Shotte. This was very helpful and specially Bill’s knowl…

Feeling Productive

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Somehow, I have three projects going on at the moment – All Quiet on the Martian Front, some 40K and something for Chain of Command. Working on multiple projects at the same time is not too unusual for me, though I had sort of thought when I finished my Daemons I’d throttle back some. Obviously […]