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Coming soon for the British of Konflikt ’47 View in Store As most nations began adopting heavily-armoured infantry, the British took a more extreme view. With automatons providing close fire support to the infantry, it was decided that any armoured troops should be capable of providing a punch beyond that of current infantry. Therefore the … Continue reading Konflick ’47: BRITISH ARMOURED INFANTRY SECTION

A Swift and Vigilant Defense

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A Preview of the TIE Striker Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ “Aborting run under heavy fire. TIE fighters came out of nowhere.” –Gold Leader Due to my extremely limited knowledge of the X-Wing game at the moment this is taken from fantasy flight games website. Designed for atmospheric combat and defense, the TIE Striker was a … Continue reading A Swift and Vigilant Defense

Two rivers in Spain 1811. Dwie rzeki w Hiszpanii 1811.

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Last Thursday we had Napoleonic game with a Over the Hills rules. This time Angus used the scenario written by Stuart Asquith called ‘Seizing the Initiative’. In our game British forces to win the game had to crossed two rivers and create the bridgehead beyond them. The Wurttembergers had to prevent that.
W ostatni czwartek mieliśmy kolejną napoleońską grę z zasadami Over the Hills. Tym razem Angus użył scenariusza napisanego przez Stuarta Asquitha, zatytułowanego “Seizing the Initiative”. W naszej grze Brytyjczycy by wygrać musieli przekroczyć dwie rzeki i utworzyć przyczółek za drugą z nich. Wirtembergowie musieli temu zapobiec.
MODELS/MODELE: Angus Konstam, Campbell Hardie

1. Forces. Siły.

Both sides started game with small initial forces and then on turn 3rd (British), 5th,  7th (both) and 9th (Wurttembergers) get some randomly selected reinforcements.
Obie strony zaczęły grę z małymi siłami początkowymi i wtedy podczas tury trzeciej (Brytyjczycy), piątej, siódmej (obie strony) oraz dziewiątej (Wirtembergowie) otrzymały losowo wybrane uzupełnienia.
(Donald Adamson, Peter)

Gen. Brig. Adamson
1 Infantry Battalion
1 Cavalry Regiment
1 Gun Battery

3rd turn:
1 Cavalry Regiment
2 Infantry Battalions

5th turn:
Col. Ronaldo
2 Infantry Battalions (Portuguese)
1 Gun Battery (Portuguese)

7th turn:
Maj. Gen. Hill
2 Infantry Battalions
Lusatian Legion (Portuguese)
(Cambell Hardie, Bartek Żynda)
Village A:
1 Jaeger Battalion

Village B:
Col. von Hoffmann
1 Infantry Battalion
1 Cavalry Regiment

turn 5th:
Maj. Gen. Flugelhorn
2 Infantry Battalions
1 Cavalry Regiment

turn 7th:
Col. von Schneider
2 Infantry Battalions
1 Gun Battery

turn 9th:
Col. von Pohl
2 Infantry Battalions
1 Cavalry Regiment

2. The game. Gra.

To win a game we had to push the British beyond the first river. I found it very difficult, so our option was to play to draw a game. For that instance we had to prevent British against crossing the second river. That looks very easy, however we had to distracted our opponent with something. As you noticed the British forces had a huge advantage over our troops till turn 5th and if we could kept them busy till that time, the draw was very possible.
By wygrać grę musielibyśmy zepchnąć Brytyjczyków za pierwszą z rzek. Było to bardzo trudne zadanie, więc nasza opcją pozostało granie na remis. By tego dokonać musieliśmy powstrzymać Brytyjczyków by nie przekroczyli drugiej rzeki. Wydawało się to łatwe, jednak musieliśmy czymś odciągnąć uwagę naszego przeciwnika. Jak zauważyliście, do tury piątej, Brytyjczycy mieli zdecydowaną przewagę i trzeba było ich czymś zająć do tego czasu, by remis był wogóle możliwy.
As we predicted, the British forces put all their efforts against our Jeagers in first village. Against them they used all Infantry battalions and did not pushed them forward. During that time we were able to secure only one crossing over the second river. However they push forward their cavalry. Against them we send our horses and unexpectedly for us, our cavalry won the first combat. Then our brave horses has been attacked from the front and the flank and finally get destroyed. The way over the second bridge was open…
Tak jak przewidzieliśmy główny nacisk sił brytyjskich poszedł przeciw naszym Jegrom w pierwszej z wiosek. Przeciw nim użyli oni całej swojej piechoty zamiast rzucić je do przodu. W tym czasie mogliśmy ubezpieczyć jedynie jedną z przepraw przez druga rzekę. Jednakże do przodu rzucili swoją kawalerię. Przeciw niej rzuciliśmy naszą konnicę i niespodziewanie dla nas, nasza kawaleria wygrała pierwszą walkę. Wtedy nasi kawalerzyści zostali zaszarżowani od przodu i z flanki i zostali zniszczeni. Droga przez drugi most stała otworem…

Not really, because, the fight against our cavalry took them a lot of time and we were able to bring our reinforcements. They secured the second crossing. British tried to attack our cavalry on the bridge, but I withdraw them, then replaced them with infantry battalion and created the emergency square. British mighty Dragoons had to withdraw. As the last act of the game, was the British attack on the first village which they were driven back by brave Jeagers. The whole game finished with a draw!
Niekoniecznie, ponieważ walka przeciw naszej kawalerii zajęła im dość dużo czasu i udało nam się ściągnąć posiłki. Zabezpieczyli oni druga przeprawę. Brytyjczycy spróbowali zaatakować naszą kawalerię, ale w porę ją wycofałem i w jej miejsce ustawiłem batalion piechoty, który utworzył czworobok. Wspaniali brytyjscy dragoni musieli się wycofać. Ostatnim aktem gry był atak Brytyjczyków na pierwszą wioskę z której zostali odepchnięci przez dzielnych Jegrów, cała gra zakończyła się więc remisem!
© Angus Konstam
© Angus Konstam

3. Links. Linki.


Extra Life Game-a-thon 2016: Wargaming Recon #173

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The 24hr Game-a-thon was November 5, 2016. Jonathan was fundraising to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. It is never too late, so please make a tax deductible donation if you can. My goal was to raise $250.  Extra Life raises money for kids who need medical treatment but can’t afford it. Final tally $581.50 was raised.… Read More»

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Sunday Colour: True Scale Marine pt 2

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Hi all, last week I shared my method for making the torso’s and legs for Art-Scale Marines.  In case you missed it you should certainly check it out here.  Once you’ve finished with that come back here and learn how I do arms and see the almost finished Marines in the flesh. OK so you’ve … Continue reading Sunday Colour: True Scale Marine pt 2

Watch “Mantic Games Accessories. Movement Trays and Damage Markers” on YouTube

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Darren talks King’s of War and movement.

Project Z Spec Ops

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This huge ‘Lock n Load’ offer cranks up the adrenaline as the Project Z spotlight falls on the Spec Ops: If you’ve never ventured the apocalyptic streets this is the set to grab before it’s gone! It includes all you need to play the original Project Z then adds a whole new focus for dealing … Continue reading Project Z Spec Ops

Strike on Kar’a Nine

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Announced yesterday is the newest offeing into the wartorn future NEW FOR 2017! Strike on Kar’A Nine is a new introductory set for Beyond the Gates of Antares containing forces for both the Algoryn (the new shiney plastic kits) and the Concord, with dice, rules and templates plus a fold-out battle mat and cut-out terrain … Continue reading Strike on Kar’a Nine

Horizon Wars

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Beyond today’s horizons lie uncountable wars still to be fought by mankind – on battlefields, against foes, and with weapons that can only be imagined. So this week I finally got around to getting hold of a copy of Robey Jenkins Horizon Wars, and I must admit the wait has been worth it, opening the … Continue reading Horizon Wars

Pirates of Prestonpans. Piraci z Prestonpans.

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Last Saturday I took the part in 2nd memorial game for our good friend Hugh Wilson, which took place in The Goth, the Gothenburg tavern in Prestonpans. Twelve players took part in the game, which was set up according to the last prepared game by our past friend. We used the simple rules created by Hugh for that game, without any changes.
W ostatnią sobotę, wziąłem udział w drugiej grze, rozegranej ku pamięci naszego dobrego przyjaciela Hugha Wilsona, która miała miejsce w The Goth, gothenburskiej tawernie w Prestonpans. W wydarzeniu wzięło udział 12 graczy, by rozegrać grę, która jako ostatnia została przygotowana przez naszego zmarłego przyjaciela. Do gry użyliśmy prostych zasad stworzonych dla tej gry przez Hugha, bez wprowadzania żadnych zmian.
Before I move to the game, few words about the place, we had a game. It is nice tavern and club for the local  community. It was build in 1908 as the part of the British Gothenburg experiment. Now The Goth besides of being the very nice pub with a very good meals have something more. Upstairs it has a little Battle of Prestonpans (1745) memorial, with some nice paintings telling the story of the battle. If you will be some day near by, please have a look.
Before przejdę do samej gry, kilka słów o samym miejscu, w którym mieliśmy okazję gościć. Jest to bardzo miła tawerna i klub dla lokalnej społeczności. Została ona zbudowana w 1908 roku jako część brytyjskiego eksperymentu gothenburskiego. Teraz The Goth, pomimo bycia świetnym pubem z bardzo dobrymi posiłkami posiada coś więcej. Na piętrze znajduje się mała izba pamięci bitwy pod Prestonpans (1745), z kilkoma obrazami opowiadającymi historię całej bitwy. Jeśli kiedykowiek mielibyście okazję być w pobliżu, zajrzyjcie tam, bo warto.
More about Gothenburg experiment:
Więcej o eksperymencie gothenburskim:
UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Tim Wilson, Donald Adamson
MODELS/MODELE: various collections.
Tim with the table.
In our game every one started with a gang consist of 10 figures. We started with searching the islands for treasures, which could be exchanged for money. The game would be only won by the player with the bigger amount of pounds. My first opponent was Mike Palmer. Unlucky for him, he started a private war against me about to control one of the islands. He lost and  as the prize I took the half of his money.  That put me on the second place just after Dave Peterson, who earn a lot of money on slaves (he took control over the slave factory). That push both of us for a deadly duel, which has not be resolved, because of lack of time. So finally Dave save his position and won the whole game.
W naszej grze każdy z nas zaczynał z gangiem składającym się z 10 figurek. Zaczęliśmy od przeszukiwania wysp w celu znalezienia skarbów, które mogliśmy wymieniać na pieniądze. Gra mogła zostać wygrana tylko przez jednego gracza z największą ilością zdobytych funtów. Moim pierwszym przeciwnikiem był Mike Palmer, który nieszczęśliwie dla niego rozpoczął prywatną wojnę przeciw mnie w celu opanowania jednej z wysp. Przegrał i w nagrodę otrzymałem połowę jego pieniędzy. To umieściło mnie na drugiej pozycji, zaraz za Davem Petersonem, który zdobył dużą ilość pieniędzy na handlu niewolnikami (zajął faktorię z niewolnikami). To doprowadziło do zaciętego pojedynku pomiędzy nim a mną, który nie został jednak rozstrzygnięty, ze względu na brak czasu. W ten sposób Dave obronił swoją pozycję i wygrał całą grę.
My gang.
My Capitan taking the ship.
The winner of that fight would take all.
Final list of the game:
Ostateczna lista gry:
1. Dave Paterson – £2410
2. Bartek Żynda – £830
3. Dave M. – £730
4. Colin Jack – £580
5. Campbell Hardie – £500
6. Mike Palmer – £440
7. Ray Neal – £220
8. Bob – £170
9. Bill Gilchrist – £130
10. Ian Carter – £60 
Participants (from the left): Mike, Ian, Campbell, myself, Bill, Bob, Ray, Colin, Dave M., Donald and Dave P.  Photo by Tim Watson
Donald with the winner of the day: Dave P and the main prize.

It was great game and we are going to continue that tradition with playing the games, favourites by Hugh. Next meeting soon. In this place I would like to thank Tim and Donal for their hard work, preparing whole venue and for the stuff of the The Goth, for making our day so great.
To była świetna gra i będziemy kontynuować tą tradycję rozgrywania gier, lubianych przez Hugha. Wkrótce następne spotkanie. W tym miejscu chciałbym podziękować Timowi i Donaldowi za ich ciężką pracę w przygotowaniu całego wydarzenia oraz ekipie The Goth, za ich pracę, dzięki czemu nasz dzień był taki super.

Some links for other relations and galleries:Kilka linków do innych galerii i relacji:

Dave O’Brian:

Tournaments next year

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Well yesterday I may have done something slightly crazy, in fact it was so crazy I didn’t realise just what I was letting myself in for, it takes biting off more than you can chew to a whole new level! The first thing I did was pencil in four dates for my Guild Ball tournaments … Continue reading Tournaments next year

Into the Breeding Pits

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With this new supplement for Frostgrave, players can lead their warbands into the vast network of catacombs, sewers, and dungeons that run underneath the Frozen City. It was in these dark confines that the ancient wizards known as Beastcrafters experimented on living creatures, creating strange hybrids and deadly monsters, many of which still roam the … Continue reading Into the Breeding Pits

Sunday Colour: True-Scale Space Wolves

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Sorry that I’ve been absent for a few weeks.  Real life has been absurdly busy and that’s left little time for projects unfortunately and even less to type about it!  So what was going to be a short but challenging project to build some art-scale Grey Hunters has been dragged out for quite some time … Continue reading Sunday Colour: True-Scale Space Wolves

Revenge of the Calander

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Tonight for a limited time the Tabletop Games UK Calender is back, hopefully it will be to stay but I had to remove it doue to some technical issues, what they were I’m not sure and how I fixed them I am even less sure! Needless to say hopefully over the next week I will … Continue reading Revenge of the Calander

Hello… Can I interest you in some Mech Action?

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All the Blood Bowl teams that didn’t make it into the book.

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The list of the other teams that didn’t make it into the new books has been shared online on Reddit. Follow this link for the PDF.

All the wargames Black Friday Deals in one place.

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Hot of the press as they come in, so here is all the Black Friday deals so far.   Mantic. The crazy Box is back and details can be found here Warlord Games. Currently they have two deals, 20% of resin tanks details here and 25% of plastic tanks details here Games Workshop. No News yet. … Continue reading All the wargames Black Friday Deals in one place.

Mantic Black Friday Crazy Box details

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Mantic will be bringing back the crazy box for Black Friday and this time it will be more crazy. The box will only cost you £25/$34.99 and comes in two flavors, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but in each box will be more then £50/$70 worth of items. To add to the great deal you are getting … Continue reading Mantic Black Friday Crazy Box details

Warlord Games Black Friday Offer 3

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Warlord Games have posted up offer 3 for Black Friday online. Offer 1 and 2 have been posted here. Offer 3 is for the Armoured Fury box set for just £50/$80. Normally retailing at £80/$128 and already with over £100 worth of tanks, dice and other bits this is a real offer. Warlord are not … Continue reading Warlord Games Black Friday Offer 3

Zombicide Black Plague with pitch forks and torches

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So a while ago I posted an article detailing my first foray into Zombicide, since then I have only managed to play one further game, which was the first scenario to use 6 players. If you can remember (or have just read the article) you will see I was a bit scathing of Samson and … Continue reading Zombicide Black Plague with pitch forks and torches

High Orbit Mats – Review

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When I was waiting for my order for Dropfleet commander one of the fun things was to look at what else I was going to need.  I knew pretty early on I was going to need a new gaming mat.  I have a few star maps but as Dropfleet is all about grabbing land masses … Continue reading High Orbit Mats – Review

Warlord Games Black Friday Offers

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Warlord Games have outlined their Black Friday deals. Starting on the 22nd at 1pm GMT there will be 20% of selected resin tanks. This is a limited offer so when its gone its gone. Each tank will have a countdown to show you how many are left, so if your after that King Tiger you’d better be … Continue reading Warlord Games Black Friday Offers

Blood Bowl Games Workshop Winter Pitch details on Twitter.

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A new winter pitch has been spotted on twitter and showing the price as well. This is double sided for both the Humans and Orc teams. It shows the pitch in the depths of midwinter and comes with a unique weather table. The price has also been snapped and posted up on twitter by @Sonofultramar, … Continue reading Blood Bowl Games Workshop Winter Pitch details on Twitter.

Dropzone Commander Phase 2

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Reconquest: Phase 2 , the follow on from Reconquest: Phase 1 (I wonder if the next one will be called Phase 3?) and adds more units and scenarios to the expanding universe of Dropzone Commander Available now, my copy was delayed as I ordered it with some pre-order bits as well, most of the models featured … Continue reading Dropzone Commander Phase 2

British Army Starter Set

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The new Konflikt ’47 British Starter Set is just bursting at the seems with new Automated infantry and special weapons! Pre-Order in Store March 1947. Europe is gradually emerging from it’s most severe winter in living memory. Dug in through the winter, British and Commonwealth troops prepare to begin the last push into Germany. Setbacks the … Continue reading British Army Starter Set