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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum: Narrative Campaign Report – Part #1

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The post relates to the ongoing narrative campaign that is being run by my gaming group. All the missions used for the first phase use fixed forces and have clearly defined objectives. Two of us tested the missions before those whom had not seen the missions, prior to them being played took control of the forces. The campaign itself is based around a chaos invasion of the planet designated Mirum Ostentum. As we wanted to end the first phase with a battlefleet gothic > planetstrike combo, it was decided that the first phase chaos presence would be limited to alpha legion…continue reading

MAD Blood Bowl Season 3 – Hag Graef Hexes Match #1

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“Welcome sports fans, to a Special Report on the MAD Blood Bowl League Season 3 to date. I, your touchline reporter Bertwold Humpernickle, have been following the progress of the totally focused, totally cutthroat Dark Elf team, Hag Graef Hexes, and here is my rundown of their progress so far.”   This team has come seemingly out of nowhere, after reportedly having spent the last few seasons raiding across the Great Ocean, they returned home to Naggaroth with their holds loaded with slaves and loot, only to be approached by none other than renowned Dark Elf coach Invillius the Unrepentant, with…continue reading

Event Report: London Salute 2017

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Hey all, on Saturday I went to my third Salute show that is held annually in London. The main reason I went was to pick up some Forge World event models that I have wanted to paint for quite some time.More after the jump

“News from the Front” – Expanding Bolt Action

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Greetings Wargamers and Hobbyists. This is Leicestershire calling. As we approach Easter, it seems like an age since I last sat down and typed an article for this esteemed community blog, and to be fair, it is about eight weeks since my last offering – the Cigar Box Battle mat review . Since then, I have finished assembling all the miniatures I had left to assemble, and played four games; one Kings of War, one Blood Bowl, and two Bolt Action. Not exactly setting the world on fire averaging one game every two weeks, but that’s a pace I am pretty…continue reading

Remembering and Revisiting Battlefleet Gothic

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Battlefleet gothic still plays well for an 18-year-old game. While first being released in 1999 the game received FAQs and was updated until 2010. Until I had picked up the original boxed game I was a fully engaged player of 40k starting way back durin…

Daily Chronicle: Weekend Roundup 2/24-26/2017

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Since nothing was actually completed this past weekend, I thought I’d do a recap of the progress for the some of the projects I am working on. On Friday night I was able to mostly finish my sons US 76mm Sherman Tank for his United States Bolt Acti…

RPG Players’ worst habits

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Roleplay gaming is fun. I think we can all agree on that. However, there are some things that people do whilst at the table that are less fun… Some things that drive us mad. So we decided to run a … Continue reading

2017 6×6 Challenge – My List, First 2017 Post, and a house keeping note.

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So 2016 has finally gone, while it had some very good parts, like our trip to Malta, it had it seems more than its share of pretty crappy parts as well; walking out of Rogue One only to find out that Carrie Fisher’s passing had been made public while w…