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Daily Chronicle: SteamCon Swag Box

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Steamforged Games announced over the weekend the contents of the SteamCon Swag Box.  SteamCon UK is taking place this weekend November 17th-19th and SteamCon USA will be December 1st-3rd (Chicago area).

I have not gotten in a game of Guild Ball in quite awhile, but I am looking forward to SteamCon.  My oldest son is flying in from Arizona for the event, and I plan on getting in a lot of friendly games with him trying out all my different guilds.
Anyway’s back to the contents of the Swag Box.

  • 1x Metal Skulk Miniature
  • 1x Old Jake’s Coaster
  • 1x Guild Tattoo Sheet
  • 6x Random Guild Cards (Yes, they’re the new errata cards)
  • 1x Union in Chains Ball
  • 1x SteamCon Goal Token
  • 1x SteamCon Bottle Opener
  • 2x SteamCon Bang Sticks
  • 1x SteamCon Lanyard & SteamCon Ribbon

Steamforged also surprised us with an announcement that the next two 6-man boxes for the Farmer’s and Blacksmith’s Guild will be sold at SteamCon with a strict 1 per customer.  Good thing I have 2 son’s coming with me.

Farmer’s Guild: Old Father’s Harvest

Blacksmith Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Part 17 – Kill Team – Prisoner Rescue

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This mission revolves round the imperial force finding out that the real inquisitor Ditya is being held at a remote facility then sending an Aquila lander full of troops (The dirty dozen as it can hold 12 models) to mount a rescue.   Using an imperial strongpoint tile as the outer portion of the area the Aquila lander arrives and then the troops deploy from it. (this is their deployment.) Outside on this tile we have 2D6 (rolled for once) units of 3 cultists, these regenerate when killed and will keep coming back. Inside the facility we have 10 squads of 2…continue reading

Dwarf Runic Golem from Alternative Armies Review

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Greetings Wargamers and Hobbyists, and thank you for joining me after what seems like an age. I am afraid I have been off the boil for a little while following a very busy few months at work, and a fairly serious car accident that thankfully was not as…

A Guide to the Grand Alliance Destruction for Age of Sigmar

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In Part Three of this series on giving an overview of all the grand alliances in Age of Sigmar, we take a look at Destruction! With the new General’s Handbook recently released, Games Workshop has really kept up their promise of regular updates to the rules and point cost adjustments for the units.  This is a great time to get into the game for sure! Grand Alliance Destruction Destruction armies provide you with some great opportunities for some wanton mayhem. And, in some cases, some fun that doesn’t necessarily take itself too seriously like those stuffy Order armies, or the skulls for the skull throne guys. The…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum Part 16 – Attack on Altum (Apocalypse Part 2)

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The story so far Chaos 10 victory points, imperium 5 victory points. Carrying on from the previous coverage of the apocalypse game we now have the outer wall destroyed completely, a flying circus above the chaos deployment zone and a load of chaos term…

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum Part 15 – Attack on Altum (Apocalypse Part 1)

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Here we go stats for apocalypse Chaos 51,000pts, Imperial 46,000pts. The attack on Altum is the final main mission before we deviate and play battlefleet gothic and then see which characters can be evacuated from the planet by the losing side. The forces of chaos gain victory points through breaking through the walls of the city. Four structures [2 Bunkers, firestorm redoubt and Creed’s bastion] that are between the inner and outer wall are worth 2 victory points to chaos if destroyed and 2 to the imperium if they survive. The chaos portal [in the chaos deployment zone] is worth 2…continue reading

40K Comic Book Battle Report – Chaos Marines vs Grey Knights

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I was going to give a dull intro to this with the usual stuff I say proceeding a battle report. Instead, I’ll change it up a bit. I have been using Abaddon a lot lately. He’s finally where he should be in terms of effectiveness (in my opinion), and it’…

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Blood Sacrifice (Part 14)

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Doing away with victory points this mission instead focuses on infantry being killed. If 101 or more infantry models are killed during the mission and at least 70 cultists and conscripts are part of that number, then chaos wins and the blood ritual is …

Simple Fog of War in Boom! Zap!

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My plan was to debut the playtest game of Boom! Zap! (my pulp SF reworking of the old Rules with No Name engine) at camp this year, but there was such a clamor to run Frostgrave for another day and … Continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – The Burning of Xalaciva (part 13)

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Phase 3 mission 3 – The burning of Xalaciva City fight. Chaos gets 1 victory point for each building they set alight and 2 victory points for destroying any structures in the enemy deployment zone. Imperials get 1 victory point* for each building that is neither destroyed or on fire at the end of the game. (*Score 2Vp for structures within own deployment zone) Chaos may use a lord of war. Imperial forces get free ammo dumps (Re-roll 1’s to hit for occupying infantry units) in the buildings wholly within their deployment zone (but these buildings may explode if lit,…continue reading

A Guide to the Grand Alliance: Chaos for Age of Sigmar

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Oh look, it’s that Jack Shrapnel guy… he’s still alive! Yes I know you were all very concerned when you hadn’t heard from me in so long (the search party finally found me).  Real life Chaos kind of has a way of interfering with the more important things like gaming, writing about gaming, and you know, having a life outside of work.  I’d like to apologize for my absence.  Sorry Thor, I really have no excuse! With the release of the General’s Handbook II coming this weekend, there’s no better time than the present to get right into the second…continue reading

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Sudden Strike (Part 12)

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We altered this mission from a simple strike and kill mission into a more narrative form with the imperial forces defending a derelict titan hangar, finding a titan within but being attacked by the alpha legion before they can fully explore the site and bring the titan online. Phase 3 – Mission 2 – Sudden Strike Kill point mission. Short table edges [End to end] deployment. Chaos forces deploy first and have first turn. Chaos force includes their Lord of war selection. The imperial forces lord of war will arrive on a 6+ at the start of turn 3, a…continue reading

Comic Book Battle Report – Fate of Konor Week #3

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Last week my opponent and I opted to skip week #2 in the Fate of Konor campaign. However, this week my opponent mentioned playing this week’s mission, so that’s what we did! I do feel that these missions are pretty bland. They are virtually the same ev…

KnaveCon 10 – Double Digits!

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In a couple of weeks KnaveCon will reach double digits. They grow up so fast, so they do. I can recall when KnaveCon was called BastardCon, before we went all legit and respectable. It’s grown from that motley collection of grognards into the shining b…

Templates and Scatters: Why 8th Ed 40k didn’t "fix" the problems they caused

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A common consensus seems to be that 8th Edition has “solved” the problem of Templates and Scatters by getting rid of them. Really though, it only treated the symptom of the real problem.”But they caused so many arguments” you may say. And therein lies …