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Latest from Ganesha Games

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Ganesha Games releases are at a hectic pace, always more rules are produced that you can lose something. So here some news on the latest productions by GG. 4 Against Darkness is a huge hit with lots of supplements to upgrade your characters. Future books will expand character progression and focus on other types of […]

Ramming Speed with a chariot?!

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A welcome return to further play testing of the Faustus Furius chariot racing rules in the Battleshed last night. With a few more rule tweaks and the addition of optional rules providing a race variation with more ‘historical context’ – or hard-core r…

4 against darkness

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4 against darkness is the first game of a series by Ganesha Games. It is a great success and one of the bestsellers in the history of Ganesha Games. Caves of Kobold Slave-Masters is the first supplement, an adventure for characters of 1 and 2 level. More books will be in this format and new […]

Playtest, demo and class

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Here the report of a long weekend with Andrea in Rome at my new, and still almost empty, house. We rallied a lot of things and events in 4 days. To begin, we held some playtests about next Ganesha games. This one is about mutant apes. And this one is about that old project that […]