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Gioco & Storia 2016

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Piana delle Orme is a huge museum in the reclamation of swamps under Rome towards Naples. We are almost at the South confines of wargaming Italy. But when people organise themselves and put their efforts all together, they can create a convention as this one. The convention was for two days but we went only […]

Empoli Games 2016: first part

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A day-off after Romics, then a train to Terni (1st class because of scarce availability of trains due to a strike, one of many), and a 3 hours trip to Empoli, for the Tuscany wargame event of Autumn. This city is in the middle of Italy so many wargames can come here. Two days, so […]

Rogue Stars preorder

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Mario Sisters played it in Lucca C&G and liked it very much. You can now preorder a signed paperback copy directly by Andrea, the author. Buying from Andrea means that you support his efforts to create games, because he can earn a living with direct selling. He will ship it at the start of December. […]

Weekend with bunnies

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I’m returned from Lucca. Still alive, almost. New adventures are waiting us, but now it is better to narrate the old ones. As this long weekend with Andrea in Rome. The time to do something related to miniatures and something different. In spare time we dedicated our efforts in playtesting for Ganesha Games. Now I […]

Rogue Stars – Nickstarter Live

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Darren posted up some info the other day on the Rogue Stars Nickstarter you can read about it here; The Nickstarter is now up and running and you can see the details of it here on the Northstar newsletter. Unlike the Nickstarter for say the various Frostgrave ones this is going to have two formats.  The … Continue reading Rogue Stars – Nickstarter Live

Fumetterni 2016

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The first of post-Summer conventions and fairs. Too many to post all together here, so I’m accumulating a constant late with reports. But Winter is a less crowded period, so one event post every week is the rule. By the people of the comic-shop that I spoke about some months ago. They have organised previous […]

Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes – Review

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When Darren asked me if I wanted to do a review of Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes it was a bit of a giver that I was going to say Yes.  I have already done a review of Songs and even a small piece on how I developed my Campaign setting so it’s not … Continue reading Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes – Review

The end is nigh for the kickstarter

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Last days for the fourth kickstarter by Ganesha Games. Pledge now or never more. Here some other items available. There are 6 different heads to make each possessed look unique. Even the same body can look very different with a different mask. The Possessed usually wear a demon mask resembling the appearance of the demon […]

Kickstarter new addictions

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More miniatures are available for this new kickstarter. $18000 are needed to unlock all of them, but this amount will be surely reached at the end. So maybe something more will be out. The campaign in the book is based on these minis, so only after the kickstarter Andrea could know where the story entirely […]

Song of Blades and Heroes new kickstarter

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Axe and Brimstone is a project to create a new range of 28mm fantasy miniatures representing Demon Possessed Dwarfs and Halflings for the popular ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES game system. Of course, the miniatures can be used with any game system, including RPGs, or even just collected for the joy of painting them. […]

Axe & Brimstone – Fully Funded and Reaching for Stretch Goals

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This past Monday, I wrote an article about a Kickstarter to fund an expansion for A Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games. After three short days, backers fully funded the project and the campaign is now heading towards its stretch …

Axe and Brimstone – A Song of Blades and Heroes

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When I first started this blog, I wanted to shine a little bit of hobby light on items that capture my attention. One of those items that has captured my attention more than once is A Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games. Lately, this game has co…