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3 more by Ganesha

Posted on August 8th, 2016 under , . Posted by

Ganesha Games is not a lazy publisher. Well, something is missing in the schedule progress but we have a release every 2 weeks in the last months. Too many games to produce. The English edition of Faustus Furius is out. And the Italian one? Due to work at job and at home, the translation process […]

Latest from Ganesha Games

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Ganesha Games releases are at a hectic pace, always more rules are produced that you can lose something. So here some news on the latest productions by GG. 4 Against Darkness is a huge hit with lots of supplements to upgrade your characters. Future books will expand character progression and focus on other types of […]

Ramming Speed with a chariot?!

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A welcome return to further play testing of the Faustus Furius chariot racing rules in the Battleshed last night. With a few more rule tweaks and the addition of optional rules providing a race variation with more ‘historical context’ – or hard-core r…