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Latest from Ganesha Games

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Ganesha Games releases are at a hectic pace, always more rules are produced that you can lose something. So here some news on the latest productions by GG. 4 Against Darkness is a huge hit with lots of supplements to upgrade your characters. Future books will expand character progression and focus on other types of […]

Ramming Speed with a chariot?!

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A welcome return to further play testing of the Faustus Furius chariot racing rules in the Battleshed last night. With a few more rule tweaks and the addition of optional rules providing a race variation with more ‘historical context’ – or hard-core r…

4 against darkness

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4 against darkness is the first game of a series by Ganesha Games. It is a great success and one of the bestsellers in the history of Ganesha Games. Caves of Kobold Slave-Masters is the first supplement, an adventure for characters of 1 and 2 level. More books will be in this format and new […]

Playtest, demo and class

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Here the report of a long weekend with Andrea in Rome at my new, and still almost empty, house. We rallied a lot of things and events in 4 days. To begin, we held some playtests about next Ganesha games. This one is about mutant apes. And this one is about that old project that […]

Modena Play 2016: wargaming

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After the overall part in the previous post, here the focus is on wargame relate part of Modena Play. We stayed two days, the first as visitors and to speak with people. This is true even because we are preparing a new game for Lucca Comics & Games together with another editor here present. The […]

Last 20 hours for mutants

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The end is nigh! The third Ganesha Games’ kickstarter is almost to its end. I remember you the new edition of MUTANTS AND DEATH RAY GUNS together with the add-on PROJECT SIMIAN ULTRA X. And the 14 new miniatures about mutants for this radioactive age, mostly humanoid apes mixed with flying squirrels. With $30 you […]

Mutants in the 2nd edition of the 2nd edition

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MUTANTS AND DEATH RAY GUNS is a fast-paced, skirmish level, post-holocaust, science fantasy miniature system for two or more players. Based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics, the rules are simple and, above all, FUN. With the kickstater a new print run of the game is available with a new cover. And […]

Mutant Koala Bounty Hunter

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Slowly than before, this kickstarter was funded. Not so big amounts of money to invest in miniatures, so one hundred of backers don’t emerge with their force. However there is still time to pledge here: PROJECT SIMIAN ULTRA X In the meantime two chaps are pledging for 2 special figures that Ganesha Games realised following […]

Project Simian Ultra X

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I can’t resist this one. A set of five new sculpts of tooled-up simians for use with any SF/RPG game.
A set of bio-engineered apes are sure to find a ledge somewhere on my lead mountain. After all, it’s a pretty inclusive mountain. Maybe these can sit alongside the Fightin’ Fungi on the totally bonkers but cool section. 

Even though these miniatures are totally unrelated, my nostalgia-sensor had me recalling those classic Planet of the Apes movies starring the chisel-jawed Charlton Heston taking time off from all those sword and sandal biblical epics. However, these new ape miniatures are more akin to classic 70s and 80s science fiction RPGs. I mean, one is sporting an environmental suit and another is peering down the scope of a rather futuristic sniper rifle!
This is a modest Kickstarter from Damon Richardson and Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games to produce these 28mm miniatures sculpted by Micah Nichols – along with an optional simian supplement to support Ganesha’s Mutants and Death Ray Gunsruleset. Estimated delivery is June next year. And there are some rather intriging strech goals too.
So if any of my readers are interested in some rather nifty simian characters for their games have a mosey over to the Kickstarter. Its open now with 13 days to go.


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The new Ganesha Games’s kickstarter is here! In the not too distant future, a secret military project was initiated to create a genetically engineered soldier that was specialized for stealth, reconnaissance, infiltration, and assassination. The project was known as SIMIAN ULTRA X and combined the DNA of ape, human, and flying squirrel. You can now […]

Blood Reef

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I want to bring to your attention the Blood Reef kickstarter by Antimatter Games:…/524168246/deepwars-blood-reef Blood Reef is based on Deep Wars, that is a detailed variant of the Song of Blades rules. Antimatter licensed the rules and gave them their own spin. The end result is quite different from SOBH but has the same […]

Hellana 2016

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A new location, an old convention: Hellana. Here again, year after year. But this time I didn’t bring with me gladiators. Moreover I wasn’t interested in tournaments. So only chatting with people about our lives and little soldiers. Maybe the new location is a little larger than the old one. More space among tables. One […]