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Showcase: Space Wolf Terminator with Assault Cannon

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Quick post today sharing this Terminator from the Space Wolves Chapter. A couple of different angles after the jump.More after the jump

Ultramarine Army for Sale £500

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After the success of my last sales, I have around 4500pts of Ultramarines left to sell (all pictured above) and I want to sell 1500pts blocks for £500 each. After the jump find out how you can own a piece of White Dwarf history.

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Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Primal Kings Warhost

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This fledgling Stormcast Eternal warhost is my entry into the world of Age of Sigmar. I started painting this force around 6 months ago. It’s not much to show as I’ve been painting these models in-between other projects. This side project is slowly turning into a main project. After the jump I share more thoughts and close ups of each unit. 

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Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Judicators of the Primal Kings

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Back on the 4th of December I posted a Work in Progress post showing some base colours added to this unit of Judicators. It’s now the middle of February and I’m proud to say I’ve finished painting the unit. After the jump I gush over how happy I am with my paint scheme and share more pictures. 

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Review: The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver

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Here on Tale of Painters we have produced lots of tutorials explaining how to paint your miniatures, but we’ve never explained how to clean and look after your brushes. In this review I explain what brush cleaner and preserver is and I’ll give you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to looking after your brushes. Check it out after the jump. 

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Bonus Showcase: Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion Vrosh Tattersoul

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“Call that a knife, this is a knife!” Quick post today to share with you guys a ‘bonus’ picture of my Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion I recently finished. I really like this shot of him crashing into the young Deathwatch Blood Claw. The action mak…

Showcase: Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion Vrosh Tattersoul

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I’ve finished a model that has been hanging around my man cave, undercoated, since it was released years ago. Feels really good. He’s also the last Chaos Model I own that had to be painted. After the jump more close ups of all the angles and a link to how I painted this model. 

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WIP Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion Vrosh Tattersoul

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When Dark Vengeance was repackaged, they ditched the Dark Angel Chaplain exclusive model and repacked the set with an already existing Aspiring Champion model. They named the model Vrosh Tattersoul and gave him his own datasheet. He’s pretty tooled up….

Tutorial: How to paint Necrons the Garfy way

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This is the first part of a two part tutorial for my Necron scheme. This guide will show you how to paint the model above and the second guide to follow shortly will teach you the secrets to painting the NMM (Non Metallic Metal) style blade. Read the f…

Showcase: Garfy’s Chaos Space Marine Black Legion Army

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Hey everyone, in today’s post I share pictures of my Black Legion army… seems appropriate as Cadia is about to fall to Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade. Unit close up shots after the jump.
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WIP: Space Wolves Ragnar Blackmane #1

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Someone spied this mini in my airbrush review post and asked about the parts I used for the conversion. After the jump I list the parts. 

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WIP: Stormcast Eternals Judicators Primal Kings Stormhost

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This unit of models has dragged on throughout the whole of December. I undercoated parts of them white and parts of them black thinking it would speed things up and to a point it did, but there is still a tonne of work involved. I’ve finished two of th…

Chat: Garfy’s 2017 Hobby Resolutions and RECAP of 2016

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Carrying on the proud tradition of hobby recaps and resolutions on Tale of Painters, today I share my plans for 2017 and recap what I actually achieved during 2016. Read on to see what I have planned and what I managed to get done.More after the jump