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Dremel Dremel

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I got absolutely frozen and soaked this morning at the sprog’s rugby practice, so didn’t fancy sitting in an equally frozen garage at the workbench this afternoon with shaky painting hands. Instead, I whipped out my Dremel and cut off the sharp ends of…

Ramshackle Conversion Pack

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It’s pay day so I have splashed out on a pack of 20mm conversion bits for diecast toy cars from Ramshackle Games. I’m not keen on the over sized 40K style guns but the drivers, ram plates, turrets and missile pods should be very useful. 

Gaslands Gangs

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I’ve been rummaging about for various ‘stuff’ to use as conversion material for diecast toy cars, so that I can put together a second ‘gang’ for Gaslands and Axles and Alloys. I already have half a dozen Hotwheels and Matchbox conversions, all of …

Blotz Gas Station and Diner

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I thought I’d invest in a small number of 20mm scale scenic features to tart up my desert terrain for use with Gaslands and other post-apocalyptic car combat games like Axles and Alloys II. There’s not a lot out there in 20mm but this petrol stati…

The Growl of Gaslands Rises

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New to the Osprey Games catalogue of Rulesets is Gaslands. Set in 2018 after the martians have subjected Earth. Gaslands is a blood thirsty spectator […]

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Gaslands is Go!

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Here’s one I made earlier!The lady wife has been very nice and has allowed me to pre-order the Gaslands rules, counters, markers and dice bundle as a n early Xmas present. It’s not out until the end of the month anyway, so will be wrapped up when it ar…