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Revving up for some Gaslands action

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In the near dark future there is still an LIDLRead more »

On the Paint Table – Gaslands Muscle Cars, Infinity JSA and more!

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Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects! Advertisements

Gaslands War Rig WIP

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I recently picked up this book from Book Depository for a nice cheap price. It’s a mix of production stills and concept art for all of the main characters, vehicles and locations in Fury Road. It doesn’t contain quite as much pre-production art as I’d hoped for (so the title is a bit of a […]

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Gaslands: Two more vehicles finished

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Got two more vehicles done for Gaslands. I actually liked the graphic on the top so I masked it off with liquid mask before spraying down the rest of the car body. Added some spiky bits, couple gun barrels, and swapped out the wheels.And a before shot …

Gaslands – Deathrace Gates

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Gaslands – I’m incredibly excited to start playing Gaslands. Having
converted a few cars, I picked up the dice and templates as well as
material to build some gates. Wandering around my local train/hobby store I
found that the HO scale stuff looked to be close to Hot Wheels size. (The
clerk informed me that Hot Wheels are technically “S” scale, but the don’t
carry that because most Railroad guys don’t like that size so it’s a
specialty item.) The carry a very inexpensive plastic girder system that
seemed like it would suit my needs and budget for this game. (part of the
draw for this game are the 99¢ models honestly, followed closely by the
nostalgia factor of playing with Mad Max style cars)

Gaslands: First cars done

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Haven’t even played a game yet but it’s been fun and a nice change of pace from painting Warmachine or Malifuax miniatures. Getting some vehicles done and ready for the table.And a before shotI tore the truck apart, stripped the paint, jacked up the he…


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Been following the Mad Max inspired game Gaslands for the last several weeks; watching battle reports, joined the FB group, and recently picked up the rulebook as well as some hot wheels and matchbox cars to convert. I also dug around in my bits box f…

TCOW Gaslands Campaign Completed

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Last week saw me speed painting a Monster Truck for my Warden team, because it was the final race of the first Gaslands Circuit Out West at my local gaming club. We had eight players set up on two tables and it was absolute mayhem. One of the club founders Greg put a nice write […]

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Gaslands Auto Combat Terrain

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I had forgotten about Gaslands until I spotted these card print and play accessories on Wargames Vault this morning, some of which were on special half price discount. I’ve downloaded the three sets of terrain designed for Hotwheels scale gaming, toget…

Gaslands Vehicle Template

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The three race Gaslands circuit I’m running at my local gaming club had another round last weekend, and I tried out these new vehicle template I designed and printed beforehand. They were inspired by other Gaslands dice templates available on Thingiverse, but I wanted a much more compact design that I could combine with the […]

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Witness Me … Fuel-Injected Suicide Machine

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Gaslands – One day I’ll finish a race – honestly. I had a chance to play
several games of Gaslands and have yet to make it further than Gate 2
before losing all my cars. I probably am pushing to hard and not managing
my Hazard tokens well enough which means I flip or hit something and then
the rest of the pack catches up. 

Battle Report – Gaslands – 3 Player Death Race!

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  Dorothia and Guillermo bring their teams Miyazaki and Rutherford respectively to face Team Mishkin in a three player Death Race! Advertisements

Wacky Racers? More Gaslands Cars

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Gaslands – One thing about “mad-maxifying” Hot Wheels cars is it’s pretty
easy if you’re not concerned with be accurate or to scale. It’s also really
enjoyable to mash together parts to make something unique for your
Wasteland Warriors to ride in. 

Gaslands Deathrace Gate

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All I’ve been doing since my last post is furiously mangling Hot Wheels cars, and designing and printing terrain for Gaslands. I’m enjoying the game so much I’ve also kicked off a three race ‘circuit’ at TCOW, my regular war gaming club. We had six players in the first race last meeting, and I know […]

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Battle Report – Gaslands – Team Rutherford vs. Team Mishkin

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  The EVENT HORIZON War-Rig from Team Mishkin has challenged the Rutherfords to a duel to the end in an Arena of Death! Advertisements

Gasland – Converting Some Death Racers

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Gaslands – I’ve always loved Mad Max, Death Race and the like, when I was a
little kid the idea of a car with guns strapped to it was just so amazing.
I still remember the Christmas my grandma gave all the grandsons a vehicle
from the Tonka Steel Monsters line. I had the pick-up truck “Blaster” and
loved it. Many hours were spent tearing through the “desert” as Talon (the
driver) was joined by my collection of GI Joes fighting it out with
Badlanders in my 1980’s infused imagination of a post nuclear apocalypse. I
wasn’t introduced to Death Race 2000 until I was “to-old” for toys and had
moved on to Comics and RPGs as my money sink of choice. GURPS and the TMNT
role playing game continued to feed my “after-the-bomb” imagination.
Gaslands plays right into that nostalgia factor for me and has me watching
Youtube for play-throughs while I convert some salvaged Hot Wheels and
Matchbox cars. 

Starting on gaslands

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Succumbed to the Gaslands frenzy, I’m trying to build a series of car while working on some Post-Apocalypse scenery. Car in the picture is a converted Hot-Wheel . I’m using the Sector Mechanicus kit from GW to as scenery bits. It’s been a good way to p…

Battle Report – Gaslands – MONSTER TRUCK SMASH!

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  It’s time for the MONSTER TRUCK SMASH! Jason is in for his first game, throwing Big Red into the ring with Team Warner (Mishkin) for Cat and Mouse! Advertisements

Battle Report – Gaslands Ep 04 – Enter the War-Rig

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  Owen’s War Rig is finally ready for the wastelands. Team Rutherford takes on the Mishkin Leviathan in this 60can game of GASLANDS in a Death Race! Advertisements

Gaslands Warden Prison Cars Team

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Late last year Osprey published Gaslands, which is another independent set of rules in their Wargames series. Gaslands is a game of vehicular combat, designed primarily to be used with Hot Wheel or Matchbox cars from Mattel. I plan to review Gaslands once I have a few more games under my belt – but for […]

Battle Report – Gaslands Ep 03 – The Arena of Death!

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  Owen brings Team Taledega to face Team Warner in the Arena of Death! Advertisements


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We had another bash at Gaslands last week with some of my newly designed a laser cut Gates. These are defiantly a better design than my first two attempts and they are much easier to put together. I tried out an unarmed Performance Car for the first time to see if its speed would help … Continue reading Gaslands

BwendTV Tuesday Tussle – Gaslands AAR

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Steve and I tried Gaslands for the first time this Tuesday. I think we mostly got the rules right, but more importantly we had a great time. The game played more slowly than expected. I imagine it will go more quickly now that we understand the rules b…

Honda S2000

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So it is finished, but I am not happy with it. As a first attempt at a Gaslands car it has given me some food for thought and a few things to watch out for. I think I will take apart the the next vehicle completely to make the conversion work a bit easier. I … Continue reading Honda S2000

Gaslands Honda S2000

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I am having a go at my first Gaslands car conversion, a Hot Wheels Honda S2000 donated by Mr Steinberg for the chop. I started by using some mesh from a garlic bag to make a screen guard, lots of glue used here and it was really messy to stick down. I then basically cut … Continue reading Gaslands Honda S2000