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Iron Crown Enterprises’ Gen Con roundup

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In case you missed it (and I don’t know how you would have done), this year Iron Crown Enterprises had a stall at Gen Con. It was the first time in many years that we have attended and we had … Continue reading

Aaron Smalley’s tales of Gen Con

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A tale of incredible magic…   The essence storms were particularly violent this summer. Two Navigators, Aaron Smalley and Monte Iafrate, were swept away and landed in the land of GenCon. There, they met so many wonderful people and would … Continue reading

Gen Con 50 Coverage28: Syrinscape and Starfinder

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Ben shares with us Syrinscape Starfinder, which is pretty awesome. I haven’t played with it enough to know yet, but it might be better than everything he has ever done.  Great job Ben.

Gen Con Coverage 3 Jodi Black from Pinnacle Entertainment Group

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I caught up with Jodi Black from Pinnacle Entertainment.  We talk about the box sets, Deadlands anniversary edition, and the future. Thank You Jodi, it’s always fun.

Gen Con 50 Coverage 1: Hewn

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I caught up with part of the Hewn (Michael) team at Gen Con. Hewn is coming to kickstarter and it is going to be a tactical game of bluffing, bidding and combat against other players and an A.I. It sounds amazing. This is one of those kickstarters I can’t wait for.

Modiphius Entertainment – Newsletter

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A Gen Con newsletter from Modiphius…


Hi there, 
Modiphius is off to Gen Con this week and so for everyone going to the show, come swing by Stand 2461 in Hall G and say hello!
We’ll be showing off a whole bunch of goodies, including books and miniatures from our brand new Star Trek RPG, plus demos of our new Fallout Wasteland Warfare game, Conan, Achtung! Cthulhu, and a whole wealth of  our great Modiphius rpgs and boardgames, plus all the usual great giveaways and fun stuff you’ve come to expect from Modiphius.

But of course not everyone can make it out to Gen Con, and for those of you who are left behind, (including us poor long suffering office staff who don’t get out much), there has to be some small crumb of consolation, surely?
Well, here it is: 20% off selected Modiphius Games and products for the duration of Gen Conincluding: all board gamesFragged EmpireMindjammerMutant ChroniclesMutant: Year ZeroSymbaroum, and Thunderbirds!
Just use code GenCant2017 at checkout to claim 20% off these great titles which include games like Airfix Battles, Shadows Over Normandie and Lugu, Fragged Empire Alien Flame, Mindjammer Traveller, Mutant Chronicles core books and faction guides, Gen Lab Alpha, Symbaroum Advanced Players Guide, plus  the awesome Thunderbundle.

This special deal lasts for the duration of the show and until midday British Summer Time on 21st August (we allowed a little extra time, because we’re good like that)!

The only game category we’re excluding from this awesome offer is our Achtung! CthulhuCollection, because that’s already on its own Month of Madness with huge reductions on core books, supplements, fiction, accessories and all sorts of goodies! 
You can pick up the Keeper’s and Investigator’s Guides for just £14.99, with Guides to North Africa and the Eastern Front just £9.99 and the Pacific just £4.99, and awesome Crossover series like Elder Godlike, Secrets of the Dust and Interface just £6.99 and FATE just £4.99.
Whether you’re off to Gen Con or staying at home, we’ll hope you’ll take some time to enjoy some great games this summer,
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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WizKids and Gen Con 50

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WizKids will not have a traditional Miniatures release at Gen Con 50 but they will have the following – some of which can be considered miniature releases.: Wartime Dungeon Hustle Witching Hour The Expanse Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Adventure System Board Game   The one closest to a miniature release would be Dungeons […]