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Iron Crown Enterprises’ Gen Con roundup

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In case you missed it (and I don’t know how you would have done), this year Iron Crown Enterprises had a stall at Gen Con. It was the first time in many years that we have attended and we had … Continue reading

Episode 214

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Rich is back from Gen Con and it tickets weren’t the only things that were sold out! We talk the hot games, RPGs and gamifying MARRIAGE! Coming up! Continue reading

Gen Con 50 Coverage 22: Starfinder with James Sutter

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I Did get to talk with James Sutter about Starfinder @Gencon.  I caught him off guard a couple of times with questions that are light years away in development.  But we did discuss societies and organizations a good bit, and his favorite character. I’m looking forward to Starfinder, I wish I would have picked it […]

Gen Con 50 Coverage 19: Game On Tabletop

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At Gen Con 50 Laura Hoffman and I talk about Game On Tabletop and how it is different from other crowdfunding platforms.  One of those differences is it’s by gamers! Some of the others include fulfillment and marketing assistance. I do believe I will be using Game on for my first game later this year, […]

Gen Con 50 Coverage 17: Paolo Rewards a Dust 1947 Player

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Paolo Parente went around the Dust 1947 tournament table. He could have started anywhere, but he started with this guy.  The sound is almost non existent/muffles but the picture is clear.  Paolo thank you for loving your players. I am fortunate enough to walk away from Gen Con every year with one true gem, I […]

Gen Con 50 coverage 14: Gaming Paper with Erik Bauer

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I caught up with Erik Bauer of Gaming Paper at Gen Con  50.  We talked about paper and the the future of Mega dungeon and the potential for Starfinder. Any one else looking forward to the vinyl mats?

Gen Con 2017 Recap

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Gen Con 2017 is in the books and it was, as always, the “Best Four Days of Gaming”. The entire Board Game Quest team was down there to play games, meet people, and otherwise game our little hearts out. I’ll skip any more preamble and just get you right to the good stuff. Thoughts on […]

Gen Con 50 Event Coverage 11: Dust 1947 with Greg

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During Gen Con 50 I chatted with Greg about Dust 1947. We talk about where it came from and what it has become. Dust has come a long way since its origin.

Gen Con Coverage 8: Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle Games LLC.

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I caught up with Sean Patrick Fannon at Gen Con 50.  We talked about Savage Rifts And Evil Beagle Games LLC.  Some cool info in this one like Freedom Squadron and the omniverse. I am looking forward to seeing Sean at Con on the Cob in November.

Gen Con 50 Coverage 7: Level 99 with Brad

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Brad and I talk about Millennium Blades, Sell Swords Olympus, and I Can’t Even Monsters.  I suspect there is even more. I can’t wait to to play Sell Swords Olympus.  I loved the first edition and I was told this is the perfected version.

Episode 213

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We travel through time as we record before Gen Con and predict everything will be awesome! We are excited about many games Rich will get to play there, possibly including some of our Pickstarters! Continue reading