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Missing Persons – Part 1

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New Kowloon. 2069 Shenghua Street, District 5. LNK The members of Blue Rose Import/Export were enjoying a meal in the back room of The Osaka Shuffle when a smartly dressed woman approached them. She apologized for interrupting, sat down and explained with great hesitation she needed their help to locate her missing daughter. “It’s been … Continue reading “Missing Persons – Part 1”


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As the setting for a skirmish wargame setting? Are you kidding? If you have ever played any of the STALKER PC games, you shouldn’t be asking that question. And if you haven’t played STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Call of Pripyat, or Clear Sky, you need to get on that. Right now. Dark, brooding, creeping dread … Continue reading “Why STALKER?”

Blue Rose Import/Export

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Character figs for our upcoming Interface Zero 2.0 games set in New Kowloon 2069.   Blue Rose I/E is one of New Kowloon’s finest independent trade services, offering secure storage, fast transport, and outstanding turnaround time for all your goods and products. Stop by our warehouse at Dock 5H – 37. North Pier, Lower New … Continue reading “Blue Rose Import/Export”

Intro to Crisis 2017 Antwerp

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It is this time of the year, early November and the TinSoldiers of Antwerp host their annual show, the Crisis. For me, preparation started in summer just when I got back from New Zealand, getting the team ready and booking hotel rooms. I was really looking forward to this weekend, as I had to take […]

Miniature Clearance Sale

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Clearing the Overflow Shelf and sending these off to a good home. FANTASY FIGS 12 assorted metal Reaper fantasy figs and 7 Reaper Bones* Orcs. Tabletop-level paint jobs, satin sealed, 40mm bases. Terrain not included. $50 Includes USPS Priority Shipping in the ConUS.   MODERN/NF POLICE AND CRIMINALS Criminals are a mix of Assault Group … Continue reading “Miniature Clearance Sale”

Busy, Busy, Busy… Lost down the rabbit hole at Grinning Skull Towers…

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Busy, Busy, Busy… Well, as you can imagine, my lack of presence here posting means I’ve been busy and somewhat distracted with all sorts of things of late. Things have been happening that have meant I haven’t had the chance to update the site as much as I’d have liked to. I’d have liked to […]

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween! Advertisements

Winter is coming

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With the last two month of this year right around the corner, the planning for Winter is necessary. One of the next events on my schedule is the Crisis, as I already shared with you here – Crisis 2017 prelude. Usually I prepare an advent calendar for December, but this year I’ll schedule something different. […]

Meeples & Miniatures blog hits new milestone

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When I started this whole blog business, I never imagined that it would be popular. Let’s face it, wargaming is something of a niche hobby (boardgaming perhaps less so), so I didn’t think that visitor numbers would be particularly high. However, this evening the blog passed a major milestone, as it has now had 1.5 Million views. Wow. Just WOW. Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog, downloaded the podcast and spent the time to read and comment on my articles – I appreciate it very much indeed. Neil  Filed under: General

Interface Zero 2.0 @ NK69

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More RPG game prep last Tuesday evening. We finished up Character Creation then read through a bit of game setting fluff on New Hong Kong in 2069. After, we ran through another simple scenario to hammer out the combat mechanics. (It’s taking me a bit to wrap my head around the granularity and pace of … Continue reading “Interface Zero 2.0 @ NK69”

Savage Worlds Test Drive

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Gave the Savage Worlds combat system a quick test drive last week. Broke out a couple of my scratch-built interior boards and had a salvage crew escort a technician through an abandoned research facility. Lights were out but of course the automated defenses were still online. Here are some quick shots   There were five … Continue reading “Savage Worlds Test Drive”

What happened to my weekly podcast episode?

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You may have noticed that we didn’t upload a podcast episode last weekend. Apologies for this, but I simply haven’t had time to edit and publish the show, which is an issue I am starting to encounter more often in recent weeks. To explain, last week’s diary went something like this: Wednesday – record podcast Thursday – regular Thursday night gaming session Friday – Was meant to be gaming with Josh (which is now a regular event), but ended up writing part of Forager review for website Saturday – Spent all day at Firestorm Games Sunday – Went to Derby Worlds. Evening spent finishing Forager Review Monday – new regular Monday night gaming session Tuesday – Podcast editing (first chance since we recorded it!) Pretty full, as you can see, and obviously this doesn’t detail any family time or work commitments… Up until September, we had a backlog of audio recorded for the ‘feature’ part of our show. This was important, as I used to edit these at the start of the week before recording our show ‘bumpers’ (Intro, Outro, ‘What We’ve Been Up To’) on a Wednesday night before putting them together for the final podcast upload at the weekend. As listeners may […]


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I was in San Francisco in August and went to Alcatraz, which is well worth a visit if you are ever there. At the mainland dock is a huge model of the island which looks suspiciously like it would be perfect for a game of something involving 28mm figures. Dust, Konflikt ’47 or Bolt Action … Continue reading Alcatraz

Side Note: Skyrim Stained Glass Shield

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When I’m not wargaming or writing stories, I run a stained glass studio on Cape Cod. This past week I took the opportunity to make a Skyrim theme stained glass shield while in production mode for a batch of retail panels. 19″ tall x 16″ wide at the top, the shield features the iconic dragon … Continue reading “Side Note: Skyrim Stained Glass Shield”

Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard

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Not a lot of photo ops from our recent DnD sessions, altho we last left our heroes carrying an injured old man with dementia to safety while his family farm burned  in the distance. (the goblin bard swears he had NOTHING to do with that. He only set the pig pen ablaze.) That was after … Continue reading “Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard”

Not Another One…

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20 Sides of Karma: Evil Toys from the Toymaster’s Workshop, New title from Grinning Skull Studios!

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I’d like to take a minute to tell you about our new title series, 20 Sides of Karma, in a departure from the usual Grim’s Amazing D100 Tables and other title lines, 20 Sides of Karma will address a collection of 20 items, NPCs, adventure ideas, creatures, events & encounters, and more in each supplement. […]

DnD characters and New Terrain

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Our 5E DnD adventure began last Tuesday night with four intrepid comrades heading off to investigate the death of a mysterious stranger.   We have an Arab-flavored Paladin undergoing a crisis of faith, a Goblin Bard with a hording problem, an Fighter/Archer with a grudge, and a Halfling Rogue with a conscience. The evening’s shenanigans … Continue reading “DnD characters and New Terrain”

New Release: Sci-Fi Bundle Collection Vol. 1

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Almost forgot to tell you about yet one more Grinning Skull Studios release, this time it’s the SCI-FI Bundle Collection Vol 1, a discounted bundle of all our Sci-fi themed titles thus far! You can get this deal by clicking the link above or by visiting our publisher pages on the links below!   

New Release: 100 Things Killer Toys do, when your back is turned for all Modern Horror RPGs.

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Just a quick post to let you know about the next release from Grinning Skull Studios, Following on from the previous release, we still have some killer toy flavour, penned by Allen Farr, 100 Things Killer Toys do when your back is turned, forall Modern Horror RPGs. This pdf details 100 solid ideas for sinister […]

The Telly Rant: Too Much or Not enough?

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Watching & catching up with your fave shows these days is a lot easier in this day and age, what with the event of the smart TV and internet, but I’m also finding it a pain too. I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but with just the sheer amount of good […]

Grinning Skull’s $10 Advertising Offer!!

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great today and life is treating you well. I’m here to let you know about our new hobby advertising initiative here at Grinning Skull Studios, that is for any advertiser in the RPG/Wargaming/gaming field. We are happy to offer a full page colour advertisment in our PDF […]

‘Under The Desk’ – Caption competition entries

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Well, it would appear that the caption competition for the photo below (courtesy of Mr Michael ‘Gitface’ Hobbs) really captured the imagination of our listeners, and we have been inundated with entries (with some going on at some length…) Many followed common themes from the podcast, literature and current events – there were some that were truly outstanding! A huge “Thank You” to everyone who entered – if nothing else, you certainly cheered up my days. Winners of the rules will be announced on next week’s show (Episode 228) Here are the entries – enjoy… Will this be a great hat for Ascot next year, let’s try Darling, the figure painting inspector is here Bloody 6mm figures… Martin Armstrong I know I have some unused paint brushes somewhere! James Hunwicke “In her lair, Shelob finds she has finally met her match and prepares for a hideous end…” Meep Mervyn Having again failed in his charge Neil attempts to go into hiding. After taking too long to decide his moves Neil’s opponents decide to make him part of the furniture. Neil attempts to hide from Mrs Shuck after she finds out how much he spent on Kickstarter. John Steed “In other news, a distraught wargamer […]

Free Terrain to a Good Home

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  Just Pay for Shipping. Four Pieces 9″ x 14″ mounted on plexiglass. WW2-flavor ruins, change the posters and they could be any warzone or post-apoc setting. Scratch built out of styrofoam, foam core, cardboard, I made these ages ago when I taught “Military Miniatures and Table Top Gaming” as a part of an after-school … Continue reading “Free Terrain to a Good Home”

New Terrain Piece

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Saw this Star of Chaos bouncing around online late one night and thought I should do something with it. So…   A scrap of 1″ insulation foam, a couple hours with an X-acto, some house paint, and voila! an Evil Dias. Mantic ghouls scrounged from my bitz box make appropriate Tormented and Damned climbing from … Continue reading “New Terrain Piece”