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The Summoning – Chapter One

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A STILLNESS TO THE TREES The Duke of Lorica has requested that you and your companions investigate a simple family matter. His niece, Aolynn, summers at the farmstead of a retired member of the Royal Guard near the frontier town of Dunnhaven. The dispatch rider bearing the weekly correspondence from her is two days overdue … Continue reading The Summoning – Chapter One

Skulltaliser Update (and you can buy me a coffee if you like!)

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So, it’s that time again to show you where we are on the mighty Skulltaliser chart at this point in time. So, we’re at $59 so far. Will we reach the goal by the end of the month? I would say so. One thing you can do to help is buying me a coffee! Yes […]

Chris Cornell, R.I.P.

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A quick post (First of the day, that is) Can’t believe that the great Chris Cornell is gone. This is terrible news. He was a fantastic front man, from Soundgarden to Audioslave, and a successful solo career too, his voice was unique and soulful. My thoughts are with his family and those close to him. […]

Demise of the Liche King

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From the first confrontation with Gnoll raiders at the Seer’s Farmstead, to Orc warbands on deep forest trails, swarms of mutated vermin, a Giant’s lair, vampires, werewolves, ruthless mercenaries, waves of hideous rotting minions spawned by the evil magics of Necromancers, our heroes have waded through carnage, sorrow, and trials to finally confront Dal’Kosh the … Continue reading Demise of the Liche King

Skulltaliser Update!

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Just an update to the Skulltaliser total so far today. So, total raised for the pot is $12.94, we’re off at just over a tenth of the way there. Can we get there by the end of the month? I should hope so! I’ll pop the Skulltaliser graphic in the top of the side bar […]

All Hail the Skulltaliser!

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Ok, if you have been reading this blog of late, you’ll be aware that I have a plan to pull in $99 to monetise this here blog, and before I reveal the Skulltaliser in it’s glory, I want to clarify a few things. So, I’m probably not the best at putting what I mean across […]

Star Wars Day

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The Fourth was strong with this one, on this years Star Wars Day, we remember Carrie Fisher.

“Raven 4 is down!”

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Derek blew off our regular Tuesday game night to celebrate his birthday with his wife. *sheesh* So Matt, John, and I did another ‘one-of’ Rogue Stars game. Each of us controlled two characters. Each crew was secretly tasked with a mission goal regarding a downed recon drone. (variations on a theme: secure intact, destroy, or … Continue reading “Raven 4 is down!”

Seriously though, would YOU be willing to be my Patron?

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So, I like talking shit, and if your a regular here, you’ll agree! So earlier, I asked the “lovely and not at all aloof” forum posters on a well known RPG forum, if they could offer any suggestions to add to my mad, get monetised quick scheme. As you might imagine, it’s good job that […]

Podcast & Website stats – April 2017

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Podcast April saw post no less than six new episodes of the podcast – though admittedly two of those were about Salute, and April was a five week month. We had 24,241 downloads during last month. The most popular show in March was Episode 205 – The EPIC show which saw 3,852 downloads. Website April was a quieter month on the blog, with only 17 posts being published in that time. However, this still generated 25,496 views from 10,393 visitors – which still puts April 2017 as our 5th most popular month of all time. The most popular post during the month was once again the editorial post on Perry Miniatures new Travel Battle game. A huge thank you to everyone for visiting the website and listening to the podcast – we really appreciate your support. If you want to help support the show, you can find out more on our Donation page. If you are interested in coming on the show, or wish your product to be reviewed, please contact us – details are in the linked pagesFiled under: General

The Skulltaliser (Otherwise known as, The WordPress Monetisation Rant!)

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So, where to begin…ages ago, as the old memory serves that is, blundering head first into trying to monetise my blog here, I ended up hitting a snag, old readers will remember the Semalt debarkle, and as a result of that rant, I ended up dropping myself in the shit and getting this blog shut […]

Free Mil SF Fiction: Zombie 6

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For those of you that aren’t aware, I write spec fiction. I’ve been serializing a Mil-SF piece over at my writing blog. Sort of a mistress project while I finish up my next novel. Titled ZOMBIE 6, it follows a small Spec Ops team tasked with eliminating insurgent leadership on a war-torn colony planet. It’s up … Continue reading Free Mil SF Fiction: Zombie 6

Ranta Cravis – the Right Hand of the Liche

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Our Song of Blades and Heroes campaign is coming to an end. This past Tuesday eve, our intrepid adventurers were reinforced by an additional party led by Thematurge Malik D’Orr. Together, the combined force squared off against Ranta Cravis, a cruel Necromancer and chief lieutenant to the Liche. Cravis had bolstered his zombie horde with … Continue reading Ranta Cravis – the Right Hand of the Liche

Joe McLaren reviews Travel Battle

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Whilst at Salute 2017 yesterday we bumped into Joe McLaren, who had just bought Travel Battle from Perry Miniatures. As you may have read, I have been somewhat lukewarm about this release, so I was very interested in what Joe thought of the game, so I asked him to let us know. Joe has written a great blog post on the subject, which can be found on his blog The Sword in the Sprue – well worth a read for anyone still wondering about this product. As an extra titbit of information, I was chatting with Henry Hyde yesterday, and the subject of Travel Battle came up. Henry revealed that the idea for the game went right back to when Michael Perry was in hospital following the horrible accident where he lost part of his right arm. Alan made a game for him using 6mm figures on a board, which could be played on a hospital table, so it meant that Michael could still play miniatures battles in hospital during his recovery – Travel Battle is the ultimate result of this. When you hear the human story behind the game, things suddenly make a lot more sense.Filed under: General

Technical Updates

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Beside the usual updates in WordPress and the used plug-ins on this blog, I moved the blog to a server with current PHP and MySQL versions. I want to thank my host All-Inkl for the superb service for nearly 10 years now. Fast responses, very supportive and fair prices. What could I want more? Everything […]

Holiday Time

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A am taking a week off in the sun somewhere to chill out and drink Gin.
I may be back.

Podcast & Website stats – March 2017

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March turned out to be another record breaking month for both the podcast and blog. Podcast March saw post another four episodes of the podcast, and we reached a couple of  milestones in the month. Not only did we publish our 200th episode, but we also went over the threshold of 800,000 total downloads. We had 26,032 downloads during last month – our highest monthly total ever! The most popular show in March was episode 198 – Tiny Terrain Models, which saw 4,323 downloads. Website March was another busy month on the blog, with 29 posts being published in that time. This generated 28,620 views from 11,059 visitors – the highest number of views in a single month since December 2012. The most popular post during the month was the editorial post on Perry Miniatures new Travel Battle game. A huge thank you to everyone for visiting the website and listening to the podcast – we really appreciate your support.    Filed under: General

Lo, the spirit of Leeroy Jenkins was heavy upon them.

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Getting back in the regular gaming schedule, we re-ignited our ASoBH campaign last night with Matt and Derek’s parties supported by additional adventurers under John’s command. The three of them created a 7-person party with characters from their own teams, and together braved the outer ring of the Lich King’s domain. Facing them were Ebramon … Continue reading Lo, the spirit of Leeroy Jenkins was heavy upon them.

Possibly the best TV advert? EVER!! (Oh yes!!)

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If you live here in the UK, you have probably seen this excellent advertisement for Moneysupermarket (Comparison site) that features Skeletor, Iconic 80’s cartoon villain. All I can say, is Brilliant! By far the best advert I have seen in a long, long time! So for the benefit of my international visitors who may not […]

Guess who’s back? The Return of the Skull!!

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Well, long time no post! Yes I’m back. Yup, it’s been a long time since I was here to post, so I thought it was time to get back into the old blogging and let you know what I’m up to. I suppose I’ve been putting off doing a revamp on this site, and yes […]

11th Bitbox & “Kramkiste”

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It is mid of March, so it is time for the spring Bitbox! A tabletop flea market in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The opening times were shortened from 11:00 to 14:00 and for the first time I had the sensation of queueing at this event. Christian, Martin and I were a bit early, usually early […]

If I’m Lucky…

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The weather seems to have picked up and I may just get a chance to undercoat models this weekend. Today my car was telling me it was 16 degrees Celsius. Considering how cold it has been recently, that is positively tropical. I have been busy making sure everything is ready for an undercoating marathon, figures, … Continue reading If I’m Lucky…

Annie’s new lamp…

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In the latest episode of ‘Inside the Bunker’, Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games talks about a new lamp that she is using to aid her painting. If you are interested in knowing more, here is the lamp she is talking about. What do you mean you know nothing about ‘Inside the Bunker’? Check out our Donate page for more details.Filed under: General

February 2017 Podcast and Website stats

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Website stats for February 2017: Views: 22,935 Visitors: 9,480 Most Popular Post: The ‘next big thing’ in miniatures gaming? Podcast Stats for February 2017: Downloads: 20,938 Most Popular Show: Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 196 – Over the Hills – 3,770 downloads Thank you to everyone for visiting the website and downloading the podcast in February – We hope you’ve enjoyed it.Filed under: General

Westfalia Halfmen Kickstarter Painted

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Westfalia Miniatures had a Kickstarter for a lovely looking set of 28mm ‘Halfmen’ that closed back in March 2016. I backed it for a bunch of figures which arrived late 2016 after a few production hiccups along the way with the casting process that was used. The final figures are lovely little resin casts that […]

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