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Not Another One…

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20 Sides of Karma: Evil Toys from the Toymaster’s Workshop, New title from Grinning Skull Studios!

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I’d like to take a minute to tell you about our new title series, 20 Sides of Karma, in a departure from the usual Grim’s Amazing D100 Tables and other title lines, 20 Sides of Karma will address a collection of 20 items, NPCs, adventure ideas, creatures, events & encounters, and more in each supplement. […]

DnD characters and New Terrain

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Our 5E DnD adventure began last Tuesday night with four intrepid comrades heading off to investigate the death of a mysterious stranger.   We have an Arab-flavored Paladin undergoing a crisis of faith, a Goblin Bard with a hording problem, an Fighter/Archer with a grudge, and a Halfling Rogue with a conscience. The evening’s shenanigans … Continue reading “DnD characters and New Terrain”

New Release: Sci-Fi Bundle Collection Vol. 1

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Almost forgot to tell you about yet one more Grinning Skull Studios release, this time it’s the SCI-FI Bundle Collection Vol 1, a discounted bundle of all our Sci-fi themed titles thus far! You can get this deal by clicking the link above or by visiting our publisher pages on the links below!   

New Release: 100 Things Killer Toys do, when your back is turned for all Modern Horror RPGs.

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Just a quick post to let you know about the next release from Grinning Skull Studios, Following on from the previous release, we still have some killer toy flavour, penned by Allen Farr, 100 Things Killer Toys do when your back is turned, forall Modern Horror RPGs. This pdf details 100 solid ideas for sinister […]

The Telly Rant: Too Much or Not enough?

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Watching & catching up with your fave shows these days is a lot easier in this day and age, what with the event of the smart TV and internet, but I’m also finding it a pain too. I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but with just the sheer amount of good […]

Grinning Skull’s $10 Advertising Offer!!

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great today and life is treating you well. I’m here to let you know about our new hobby advertising initiative here at Grinning Skull Studios, that is for any advertiser in the RPG/Wargaming/gaming field. We are happy to offer a full page colour advertisment in our PDF […]

‘Under The Desk’ – Caption competition entries

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Well, it would appear that the caption competition for the photo below (courtesy of Mr Michael ‘Gitface’ Hobbs) really captured the imagination of our listeners, and we have been inundated with entries (with some going on at some length…) Many followed common themes from the podcast, literature and current events – there were some that were truly outstanding! A huge “Thank You” to everyone who entered – if nothing else, you certainly cheered up my days. Winners of the rules will be announced on next week’s show (Episode 228) Here are the entries – enjoy… Will this be a great hat for Ascot next year, let’s try Darling, the figure painting inspector is here Bloody 6mm figures… Martin Armstrong I know I have some unused paint brushes somewhere! James Hunwicke “In her lair, Shelob finds she has finally met her match and prepares for a hideous end…” Meep Mervyn Having again failed in his charge Neil attempts to go into hiding. After taking too long to decide his moves Neil’s opponents decide to make him part of the furniture. Neil attempts to hide from Mrs Shuck after she finds out how much he spent on Kickstarter. John Steed “In other news, a distraught wargamer […]

Free Terrain to a Good Home

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  Just Pay for Shipping. Four Pieces 9″ x 14″ mounted on plexiglass. WW2-flavor ruins, change the posters and they could be any warzone or post-apoc setting. Scratch built out of styrofoam, foam core, cardboard, I made these ages ago when I taught “Military Miniatures and Table Top Gaming” as a part of an after-school … Continue reading “Free Terrain to a Good Home”

New Terrain Piece

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Saw this Star of Chaos bouncing around online late one night and thought I should do something with it. So…   A scrap of 1″ insulation foam, a couple hours with an X-acto, some house paint, and voila! an Evil Dias. Mantic ghouls scrounged from my bitz box make appropriate Tormented and Damned climbing from … Continue reading “New Terrain Piece”

Last of this month’s Grinning Skull Studios Titles!

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Hello again everyone, just a quick message to let you know about the last two of this month’s releases, starting with 100 Things Killer Toys do, when your back is turned for all fantasy RPGs. This is the first in a series of Killer toy themed titles coming up from us, so if creepy murder […]

Oddball Outlet: More stuff for sale…

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Well, more stuff is up for sale, quite a bit of 3rd Edition 40K in this batch, so I’ll waste no more time, and get on with the show! Let’s let the pictures do the talking!! So, if any of those interest you, please check […]

Grinning Skull’s Oddball Outlet: Custom Gamer Chests for sale!

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Hello there everyone, In a departure from the usual stuff we have on sale from Grinning Skull Studios, I’d like to show you some physical product for once. Oddball Outlet is a term coined by yours truly, to describe any stuff I’ll be putting out to sell. I have quite a few gaming items coming […]

Anet A8 3D Printer and Creating Terrain

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Kim from Kreative Scenery recently picked up an Anet A8 3D printer from and was getting very good results from it while printing 15mm terrain. At around $200 NZD the Anet A8 is a steal, so I picked one up as well. That’s my Anet A8 in the photo, assembled a couple of weeks […]

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The Fall of House Navratola

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Our gaming group is arranging mini-campaigns for our Fall game night schedule. John is currently hammering out the details on one, possibly two Dungeon Crawl RPG sessions. Derek is perusing the Pathfinder version of Interface Zero for some cyberpunk adventures, and Matt ordered the Blood Rage 5th player expansion so newcomer Anti-Patrick can join in … Continue reading “The Fall of House Navratola”

US Prices In Sterling

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Many years ago, when Sterling was strong against the US Dollar, I remember being able to buy Games Workshop stuff in America at a cheaper converted price than in the UK. So while I was here in the US, I visited a nice big independant games store to have a look around. However, as of … Continue reading US Prices In Sterling

Recent Brushwork

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Trying to change my palette if not my technique to achieve a different look on my minis. I read a ‘How To Paint Military Miniatures’ book ages ago, and settled on the ink wash/Shade Down method rather than the Highlight Up all the cool kids do nowadays. Whippersnappers! Back in my day, a real painter … Continue reading “Recent Brushwork”

Primaris Marines and Vedros Objectives

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A root canal and a light work schedule for a couple days gave me some time at the painting desk. First, here’s my take GW’s new super-sized Primaris Marines. Stock color schemes, I have to say they paint up easily and make a table top quality painter like myself look good. Blue with darker shoulder … Continue reading “Primaris Marines and Vedros Objectives”

The Great Wargaming Survey 2017

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Wargames Soldiers & Strategy repeats their Great Wargaming Survey in 2017! A brief introduction by Guy and Jasper, the two heads behind WSS Magazine. Welcome to the Great (tabletop miniatures) Wargaming Survey 2017! Apart from rolling dice, there seem to be few things wargamers like to do better than discuss the state of their hobby. […]

Hard Kill and Zombie 6 – Free Stories

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Wanted to inform anyone interested one of my Military Sci-Fi shorts “Hard Kill” will be available free at Amazon August 8 – 12. Here’s the Link.  Also, I’ve been serializing another story, Zombie Six: Planetfall over at my author’s blog. It’s up to chapter 10. Click HERE for the start.   And hey, if any of … Continue reading “Hard Kill and Zombie 6 – Free Stories”

Holiday Time

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I am currently in the good old USA having a bit of a break. Spending some time in Idaho and then heading off to California. Not a paint brush in sight and no purchases planned!

3:10 to Yharma

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A Song of Blades and Heroes Bat Rep *** “That’s a ‘4’!” Brynar insisted.  “No you thick Northman, that’s a ‘3’,” the grizzled cleric replied. “It says the caravan leaves at 3:10. The caravan we were paid to escort.”  The barbarian shrugged his massive shoulders. “It’s not my fault the attendant scribbles. You’re the educated … Continue reading “3:10 to Yharma”

Test of Honour: North Star Painted Ronin

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I’ve been playing a bit of Warlord’s Test of Honour recently at TCOW. It’s a fun little Japanese skirmish game that comes with a bunch of plastic figures in the box. The box set is a great deal, but to be honest the plastic figures are all pretty similar. They’re fine for rank and file […]

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New Zealand / Aotearoa 2017

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You might be wondering, why it was so quiet in July on Chaosbunker. The ones following me on facebook, might have seen it – I was in New Zealand / Aotearoa for a month. It was a great journey and I’m very lucky and happy to have experience the islands for this amount of time. […]

Battle for Vedros armies

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Recruiting the next generation of wargamers   40 years wargaming and playing with toy soldiers, I’m still not a WH/40K tabletop player. I tried several times and it never took. But when Grandsons 1 and 2 caught me playing the PC game “Warhammer 40,000 : Armageddon”, they were so taken by the epic battles between … Continue reading “Battle for Vedros armies”