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Tharnulf’s Crypt – Part 2

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“Where have you been?” the Paladin snapped. “Spiders, roaches, ogres, all manner of creepy crawlies coming out of the stonework, and you’re upstairs looting bodies.” “Scared of bugs, are you?” the Dark Elf corsair smiled thinly. “Don’t tell me I have to hold your hand.” *** The party was joined by a Dark Elf Corsair, … Continue reading “Tharnulf’s Crypt – Part 2”

Musing from the Bunker #2 – Make a Noise

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I’ve just published another Patreon exclusive podcast – Musings from the Bunker, Episode 2 In it I talk about the question that was raised from a Q&A panel at the Joy of Six show – does your “insert your scale/period/rules h…

A Warhammer store on my doorstep

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Earlier this year I saw an unexpected advertisment by Warhammer Recruiting on my facebook feed. They are looking for a Store Manager in Koblenz. Wait a minute? Koblenz? That’s my (former) home town. That would mean … that can’t be … a “real” Warham…

Tharnulf’s Crypt

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“Well, that’s kinda obvious…” The party had been hired by a local duke to pursue a gang of thieves that has been terrorizing the towns and villages on his lands. After the most recent raid, the group – an Elf Druid, an Orc Mercenary, a Dragonborn Paladin, and a Dwarf Runemaster –  tracked the bandits … Continue reading “Tharnulf’s Crypt”

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 250 – Q&A Extravaganza!

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Download Episode 250 Welcome to Episode 250 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast In this episode the Meeples crew – Neil, Mike & Mike – get together to celebrate the 250th episode of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast! In honour of…

Musings from the Bunker #1 – It’s dead Jim

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I have just launched a new, Patreon exclusive, podcast – Musings from the Bunker – which is running in place of the ‘Inside the Bunker’ podcast. This is available to all supporters who pledge at the $3 level. You can find it her…

Episode 250 – Questions…?

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We will be recording Episode 250 of the podcast on Wednesday 21st June As we have mentioned previously, this is intended primarily to be a Q&A show. Therefore, in order to have a show, we need your questions! If there is anything, hobby related (!)…

New category: Little Big Adventures

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Dear readers, In future I’ll cover on the chaosbunker under the category Little Big Adventures, a new and additional topic: having kids. 2017 was an eventful year with lots of changes and special moments. We were (from our point of view) on the other s…

Hardwired: a free cyberpunk game

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  Anyone remember the PC game Syndicate? The little trench coat and mirror shade corporate cyborgs running around causing mayhem? Well, I played far too much of it back in the day. Wanting to offer more fast-play options at our weekly game sessions, I wrote up a set of rules in hommage; a cyberpunk skirmish … Continue reading “Hardwired: a free cyberpunk game”

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / DSGVO

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Hello everybody, on May 25th 2018 the new general data protection regulation (GDPR / DSGVO) will come into force. What does this mean? Well, it is a regulation to ensure the safety of personal data, your personal data. What has this to do with chaosbun…


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A little side project I’m working on. A cooperative game where players are jacked up Agents sent on corporate black ops. Guess who played way too much Syndicate back in the day… ***     An All-Nighter   Someone tipped off Han Chou Telemetrics.   04:17 in the Shunyi District, HCT Corporate Zone, you and … Continue reading “HARDWIRED”

Salute 2018 Haul

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The concluding post to our Operation Sealion 2018, the haul, the loot, the gathered goodies and shiny stuff made from metal, plastic and resin. If you’re going by plane, make sure to have enough empty space in your luggage to cope with your buying. As …

Salute 2018 Aftermath

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After having a pint or two next to ExCel at Fox, we headed to Borough Market. Imagine an urban district dedicated to food, food of all kinds, that’s Borough Market.     You can buy any kind of meat, vegetables and dishes there. From german sausages, over australian meat, to South American dishes, all kinds of […]

Intro to Salute

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Last thursday, on April 12th, Operation Sealion 2018 started. We went to Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport, for our four day trip to the UK for Salute and a brief day trip to the Leadbelt. There are a couple of ways to get to London. Two years ago and before that, we did the Salute as […]

Campaign Sea Lion 2018

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It is time to take another approach and try to loot the Island for pewter, plastic and resin! Thursday we head over to the UK, for a short trip to the “Leadbelt” of Nottingham as well as paying a visit to the Salute on saturday. Salute is the largest wargaming event in the UK, hosted […]

More from the Balearic Island of Mallorca

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On friday, March 30th, our exploring journey of the island continued. We set for the southern part and made several stops along the coast, beginning with Cala Figuera. We had great luck with the weather, it was bright and sunny, and just look at these blues of sky and sea. The second row shows the weathered […]


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Other Pat is currently running a one-of DnD dungeon crawl for our weekly game night, so the next couple weeks won’t feature many table top photo ops. In the meantime, I managed to get some color on the first of the ZONA ALFA demo figs. A Military crew with a Guide, a Medic, and a … Continue reading “ZONA ALFA Crew”

Vacation on the Balearic Islands, Mallorca

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On March 26 we said goodbye 3° and !Hola! 20°, as we were on a Easter vacation to Mallorca. The flight was taken care of by Condor and it was such a positive start into the week off, to exit the airport and to be welcomed by this warm breeze and sunshine (especially after having […]

ZONA ALFA Mission 1

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Crossroads at Blyatsk
Look under the ZONA ALFA tab up top. Or click here for more info: ZA Mission 1

Stephen Hawking

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“If a star were a grain of salt, you could fit all the stars visible to the naked eye on a teaspoon, but all the stars in the universe would fill a ball more than eight miles wide.” Stephen Hawking That is a lot of salt. I can’t get my head around that… Advertisements

Publishing Thingiverse Models

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Now that I’ve designed a few bits and pieces in Fusion 360, I’ve decided to publish them all under my Thingiverse account. I’ve benefited hugely from the free war game terrain folks have published on Thingiverse, so felt like I should try and give something back to the community there. Under that account you’ll find […]

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Citadel Painting Handle

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End of the year is always time for terrain and hobby supplies at Games Workshop, so around Christmas we got a new painting handle by Citadel. There are a couple of different approachs to this topic. Beside the basic not using a miniature holder, there are a few non-commercial / non-professional ways, like using caps, […]

Planning 2018

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Brave Free Men – Jack Vance (Cover Artwork)Well, I can only say that the last one did not really go to plan. Very little gaming activities through the year, particularly the second half and even less activities in the way of painting and modelling, mai…

New Terrain and ZP pictures

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Coming off the holiday break, last night’s game session was more shooting the breeze than miniature foes. Everyone was more intent on hanging out and chatting than getting serious about a game. That said we did a quick brawl that let me put two new terrain pieces on the table: a ruined apartment building and … Continue reading “New Terrain and ZP pictures”

Happy New Year

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What will 2018 bring? What projects can I get finished? How many new ones will I start? Advertisements