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Pathfinder Player Companion: Weapon Master’s Handbook

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Weapon Master’s Handbook $14.99   Being proficient with a weapon is a good start, but you can become a true artist of combat with the secrets of the Pathfinder Player Companion: Weapon Master’s Handbook!   Within the volume’s pages are the benefits of studying at the great schools of war, details on […]

One for the Cabinet- Street Gladiator by Comfy Chair Games

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What is that I see? Is that a smiley face in my Spinespur column on the LXG Painting board? Why, yes it is! I have just finished my last, lovely Spinespur model. And here he is, the Street Gladiator. It took me a while to get around to him, but I’…

Hey, look, *Generic* Gladiator Cards I could possibly use for Jugula!

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JUGULA is the the latest publication from Tomahawk Games (the creator of SAGA). I bought JUGULA at Historicon 2014 and only am just now wrapping my head around it. The thing is that isn’t really “a gladiator combat simulation. It … Continue reading

Vengeance at Vesuvius AAR from Cold Wars

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VENGEANCE AT VESUVIUS!! 73BC6 players met at the base of Mount Vesuvius in 73 BC for Vengeance at the 2014 Cold Wars Convention.  Each player controlled a single model, playing out Spartacus’s raid against the camp of Praetor Gaius G…

Gaius Glaber and the march on Vesuvius for Cold Wars 2014

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Cold Wars Convention is nearly upon us and I’m working on a Spartacus Rebellion Scenario for Victus using some of Black Cat miniatures excellent 54mm figures. Here are the Roman forces I got painted so far: Glaber with retinue A local Ludus o…

I AM SPARTACUS!! VICTUS outside of the sands

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I’ve been happily painting some of Black Cat miniatures 54mm Romans for use in some Victus games outside of the arena.  The idea is to do some smaller skirmishes where players will work as teams on each side, each controlling one Roman or one ex G…


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My friend Rob came over and we had a hobby workshop night. Rob worked on some buildings 15mm for his mech project, namely a reactor.Me, I worked on commissions and the Fall In Spartacus game using Victus.More to come,Doc

VICTUS in York, Gladiator tourney

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The Army Group York was gracious enough to allow me to act as The Editor for a tournament of gladiator matches using Iron Ivan Games’s ruleset, Victus.We first generated a name and place of origin for each of the gladiators and issued a name tag with t…


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Had a chance to get together with some great friends and run a Gladiator Tournament using Iron Ivan Games ruleset, Victus.Participants were:Al “Gratian of Gaul”Bryan “Angus the Celt”Chris “Pugnax of Greece”Keith “Ferrus the Goth”Rob “Marcel”Jayson “Vib…

Free Printable 54mm Gladiator Arena for Victus

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I’ve had a few friends ask about Arenas for Victus especially for 54mm. Victus can be played at any scale, but I picked 54s personally because I wanted to change up my usual painting and I love the heroic scope of the game in the larger scale.  So…

What is Victus? By Iron Ivan Games

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What is Victus?Victus is a man vs man combat sport game set in the Ancient world of the Roman Gladiator, brought to you by Iron Ivan Games.In Victus you can play a one off game with speedy ruthlessness against an opponent to settle old scores or immers…

First Painted Miniatures of 2013! Gladiators

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I painted the first miniatures of 2013 A Provocator from Alpha Miniatures A Myrmillo from Alpha Miniatures A Myrmillo from Irregular MiniaturesAll figures are 54mmMore posts coming, I got a Victus arena project completed and a little som…

Gladiator: Competition between Ludi part 3 of 3

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In this second fight both Lannista’s had to provide 6 gladiators each.

Team Batiatus draft

Team Solonius
Gallus (with 1 wound)
Myrmillo with 2-handed battle axe
Noxii …

Gladiator: Competition between Ludi part 2 of 3

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So to illustrate how the Competition between Ludi campaign would work I staged two fights.

The two Lannistas, Batiatus and Solonius drafted the following teams:


Gladiator: Competition between Ludi part 1 of 3

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I went ahead and tried a simple campaign model for players that want to use all of  their Gladiator collection.

I call this campaign model “Competition between Ludi” (Gladiator schools), and this three part post will show how it works with the sk…

Victus Game Retiarius Vs Secutor

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A few weeks ago friends Rob and Tony met on the sands of the arena to see who had more heart using the upcoming Victus Gladiator rules from Iron Ivan Games.Rete Tony began the game with a net cast attack right away to the slower Secutor Rob, but Rob wa…

Gladiator: Tigris of Gaul arena champion

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This is yet another miniature from Crusader Miniatures that is clearly inspired by the movie “Gladiator”, I posted Maximus in full armour a while back, and Maximus and Juba as they looked in their first fight in the Marrakech arena. This miniature is t…

Gladiator: Damned to the arena

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While waiting for my brushes to arrive to mail (hopefully early next week, fingers crossed) I was in no mood to continue painting the tiny Dreadfleet details and instead shifted focus back to Gladiator. I still had a couple of Crusader Miniatures gladi…

Gladiator: Myrmillo vs Thracian AAR

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Third and last game was a classic pairing of a Myrmillo against a Thracian.

As in previous cases both gladiators were rated at Tyro level and had no additional skills or perks.

Turn 1 Thracian Initiative
Both gladiators move forwards.

Turn 2 Myrmill…

Gladiator: 2 shorts fights AAR

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I ran a few games of Warhammer Historical’s “Gladiator” while testing additions to the version 2.0 house rules which you can find HERE. I used the proposed matchups of gladiator classes provided in the Gladiator rulebook.

The first one was between th…

Gladiator house rules enhanced & improved (v.2.0)

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I spent the afternoon looking over my Gladiator house rules for Warhammer historical’s “Gladiator”. There were a few things I were not happy with, which I have now re-worded. I also added my take on the Retiarius/Net rules and a few other additions to …

FALL IN! 2012

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Had a great time at FALL IN! this year. Below are some pics I took including shots of the Victus game I ran.Also a pic of Keiths Point Blank game.

When in Rome…

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So awhile back Mongo and Todd helped me test some Gladiator rules I’ve been working on with some good results.Below are some images from the matches. We had a Stantes (Draw) in the first match and in the second match a Missus (Mercy) was granted to the…

Gladiator: Greedy and corrupt arena owner

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Love how greedy and evil this guy looks – he got that Mr. Burns thing going with his hands as well haha. The only problem is that godawful shine which I can’t do anything about as I have mentioned it a hundred times like a broken record in previous pos…

Gladiator: Rival Lannista’s

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Painted these two up as Lannista’s, choice of colors was inspired by the characters Batiatus and Solonius from the tv show Spartacus (if you ask me the show is mediocre at best, though the “Gods of the Arena” season was a vast improvement in all aspect…