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Box Breaking 192: Arena Rex Morturi Starter

Posted on October 26th, 2016 under , , , , . Posted by

Matt Shows off the Arena Rex Morturi Starter, Arena Rex is a skirmish game that truly grabs the concept of applying tactics. I really can’t wait to play.

Arena Rex – Review

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Like a lot of games around at the moment Arena Rex is another from Kickstarter game.  Whilst I never noticed when it was up (slight shame to be honest), it is a game I have picked up and after a slightly confusing start have found I really enjoy it.  For many it will be seen … Continue reading Arena Rex – Review

Box Breaking 191: Arena Rex Ludus Magnus Starter

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Matt Takes a look at the Ludus Magnus starter for Arena Rex.  If you haven’t seen this game yet and are looking for something unique this might be it. I have played twice now and I think the rules are solid.  The models are beautiful and they have plans.