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Video: The FASA STAR TREK Universe Explained!

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Found this on YouTube today..Aaah, what a great Gameverse it was to RPG in.. Nice to see that, though it’s gone, it’s not forgotten despite TNG and all the other mediocre so-called “Star Trek” crap that came after. 

It’s the one-off nature of board and war games that is the cause of my growing boredom

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A week or so ago, I created draft Frostgrave rules for Star Wars. It got me excited a bit in gaming after years of growing increasingly bored with board and war games. Thirty years ago, I was a fanatical RPGer.. building worlds, building campaigns, see…

New Year’s Eve thoughts on gaming.. still an old man GM RPGer at heart

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I’ve been heavily into boardgames and miniature games these last 10 years. I’m having some good times but I find myself losing interest in boardgames though.. While RPGs are so ephemeral – you got nothing to show for it at the end- boardgames are both …

Books that give a historical overview of tabletop RPGs

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I am too old to now enjoy tabletop RPGs. I don’t have it in me anymore to suspend disbelief and or even have the time and interest to devote to it. However, I remain interested in the hobby from a distance and can be, when I’m in the right mood, nostal…

Why… kids today are spoiled.. they do not have to wax in their dice :-)

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I got into a conversation with this owner of a large gaming store here in my city once, and he did not believe me when I said that in the early 80s, we had to wax in our own dice..Back then, I found d10s so.. futuristic! I’ve never saw anything like th…

EnWorld interview with Guy McLimore about the late, great FASA Star Trek RPG

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My first RPG gaming love was FASA’s Star Trek RPG, which I played from 1984 to about 1987, and then used Gurps rules to convert our FASA characters, but stay in the FASA universe, for another 4 years after that, to about 1991.I was very bitter about wh…