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What’s On The Table

Posted on June 26th, 2018 under , , , , , . Posted by

I have actually started the lower hull of the large transporter, but the weather is so nice, I have been spending more time in the garden drinking Gin and Tonic, or when not drinking Gin and Tonic, going out on the old Ducati. But some progress is being made…just very slowly… Advertisements

What’s On The Table

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The upper hull is about done. The nose cone is removable and reveals… …an embarkation point for models. As you can see, I added a few rivets… …and a missile launch module The engines will get glued into a fixed position, when they rotate, the paint on the supporting arms gets scratched off as the … Continue reading What’s On The Table

What’s On The Table?

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It is big, grey and getting painted. I have started with the upper hull and the engines, I wanted to do a multi grey pattern like the Enterprise D, well a bit like it anyway. Advertisements

Whats On The Table?

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The painting of the GR-75 transporter is proceeding slowly, it is actually very hard to hold in one hand when painting. I have also built two towers with an interconnecting landing platform but the transporter looks a bit big for it. Of course I could always design a larger landing platform. Advertisements

Grey and Gray

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I will be painting most of the upper hull of the GR-75 Transporter a few colours, grey and gray. Well I actually have about four versions of grey and plan to paint all the panels in different greys. I have started on the nose section, so if it goes wrong, I can just respray that … Continue reading Grey and Gray

Undercoating Nerves

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We have had some fantastic weather here in the UK over the May Bank Holiday, this provided the long awaited opportunity to undercoat the rather large GR-75 transport ship conversion. I have had a grainy undercoating experience in the past when it may have been too damp or cold spray paint. There were no excuses … Continue reading Undercoating Nerves

Final Touches

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After a long cold and damp winter, a window of opportunity to undercoat the beast was approaching. I still had a couple of last gasp decisions to make, I had been undecided on which sort of vertical thrust engine nozzles to use. In the end I went for the large type. I also added a … Continue reading Final Touches

Landing Engine Nozzles

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I needed four more rocket nozzles for the transporter landing engines. As I have not been painting much recently, mainly due to building this monster, I have not been accruing very many of the Vallejo/Army Painter paint lids. So instead I have made four larger nozzles from white wood glue containers. Note sure if I … Continue reading Landing Engine Nozzles

Landing Engines Installed

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The landing engines have been finished and added to the hull. They needed some intakes adding to the top, so these were made from display bases and plenty of plasticard. Plenty of extra plastic was added to the engines but they still need some rivets. Some old pens were used as the supporting arms of … Continue reading Landing Engines Installed

Engine Intakes

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The top of the engine casings are a bit plain, so some intake turbines seemed to be a good idea. I removed the center from a display base and backed it with some plasticard. The first attempt was not as good as I had hoped, but the second version had better shaped blades that fitted … Continue reading Engine Intakes

More Engine Work

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These are taking shape, it is quite tricky to make a resilient tube, especially when you drill a 9mm hole in it. It sure is a messy business. Inside the tube, I wanted to make the supporting rods able to turn 90 degrees, so I have over engineered the inside and made a supporting pivot … Continue reading More Engine Work

More Rocket Nozzles

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The last three rocket nozzles for the rear of the transporter have been finished and fixed to the hull. I have added extra plastic in a hope of making it a bit more resilient. From the rear, all of the engines look pretty good, at least they should when they are all painted. Advertisements

Landing Engines

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I am considering mounting four landing engines onto the hull of the transporter. I started by using some deodorant can lids as the engine body, but the plastic proved to be resistant to glue! One alternative was to do it the hard way and make four engine cylinders from plastic card. Sometimes, you just need … Continue reading Landing Engines

Missile Rack

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I have yet another weapon option for the top of the transporter. Over on the Lead Adventure Forum, a regular poster offered to send me a Taurox missile rack all the way from Finland for no charge, very nice of him indeed. This weapon is nice and low profile and so looks perfect on the … Continue reading Missile Rack

Finishing Internal Detail

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The last bits have been added to the ship interior and I really should stop. Any blank wall space in the following pictures will have detail added when it is painted, these will mostly be computer displays with some graphics. Other wall space has been covered in techno gubbins that should look okay when painted … Continue reading Finishing Internal Detail

Radar Dish

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Any decent spaceship needs a radar dish of some description. I have several options for the top of the hull, all interchangeable. The radar dish is a few bases stuck together and finished with some perspex off cuts and plasticard. Initially I did not have a bit for the center of the dish, I was … Continue reading Radar Dish

Upper Hull Detail

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The upper hull of the transport has had plenty of rivets and detail added. I may still add some more rivets, particularly around the edges. The front recess also needs a bit more so there are not too many flat spaces left. I found some really old plastic twin lascannons in the Loft Full Of … Continue reading Upper Hull Detail

Adding Details

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With the fiddly bit done, the main build of the transport ship is done! All that is left is to add three more rocket nozzles and more bits of interior detail. Then it is a case of waiting for a nice dry day to undercoat it. The bridge had some plastic bits added to hide … Continue reading Adding Details

Bridge Fiddly Bit

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I went with a curved front wall for the bridge and this presented a small challenge in covering up the remaining space. Rather than use one piece of plastic across the front wall, I decided that multiple panels would be much easier. A rough cut piece of foam board was inserted first to provide some … Continue reading Bridge Fiddly Bit

Upper Deck Door

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The door is in place on the upper deck of the transporter hull, it looks a bit flat, but hopefully will look better when a control panel and more rivets are added. Advertisements

Scratch Built Turret

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On the top of the transporter hull is an opening that needed filling. I can make several things to go in here depending on how I want to use the ship when it if finished. I thought a turret would be a good idea, but building a symmetrical turret seemed a bit tricky, so I … Continue reading Scratch Built Turret

Upper Desk Platform

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A deck has been added to the front of the transport which can be used for models to disembark from. Getting the plastic deck to fit was a bit hit and miss so there are some large gaps around the edge. In these situations, it is sometimes better to make any remedial work a feature. … Continue reading Upper Desk Platform

Internal Layout

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Finally worked up the internal structure for the bridge. The front of the bridge will be a curved wall for a change, although I may be making it difficult to conceal some of the nose section where the wiring is. The rest of the ship is pretty much done except for some more detailing here … Continue reading Internal Layout

Engine Nozzles

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Using some old paint pot lids, I have made some rocket nozzles. My initial nozzle used a plastic disc inserted into the cap, but cutting a decent 15mm circle was really quite difficult. I used some 15mm mdf offcuts in the end which were much better. Bits of plasticard make for useful bits to conceal … Continue reading Engine Nozzles

Transporter Battery Cover Mk 2

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I have made a new battery cover as the original was warping and I was not that happy with the shape. There is plenty of bracing to stop this one from warping. A covering of tread plate plastic will make this a cargo storage area I think. I will add some more detail to the … Continue reading Transporter Battery Cover Mk 2