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Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Compound’

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Last Friday the new Season 3 Rulebook for Guild Ball was released (a very nice book with great artwork) and along with my order I decided to include another model for my Engineer’s Guild.  After seeing what the Fisherman can do to me in scoring, I…

Netting the Fishermen (S3) – the Hag

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Say hello to the Hag the Grandma of the team and certainly someone you don’t want to cross… Stats She is very slow particularly in a team like Fish (she does get a boost from shadow like), Her TAC is … Continue reading

Raising the Morticians (S3) – Brainpan and Memory

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Next on the list is the frankly weird Brainpan and his friend, I forget his name…. Stats Brainpan – He has average speed and his TAC is super low, this is not a model you want swinging unless it has … Continue reading

Widgets and Wonders Ep 72 – Guild Ball Tray/Tote by Systema Gaming

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Steamforged Games Newsletter

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Steamforged Games April newsletter…

Steamforged Games

April 2017 Newsletter: The Winter’s Moon Rises
Guild Ball Hunters

The forces of the wild are clawing their way toward you this month, coaches. It’s time to string your bow, find your warmest winter clothes, and prepare for that bitter sting of winter, Hunter’s style!

From the arrival of these new Hunters to the rampant theories of who will die in Guild Ball’s Season 3, April is bursting with big news and bigger releases. Check it out below.

Guild Hall Chatter
Farmer's Guild

Farmer’s Preview

Can’t wait to roll up your sleeves and dig into the Farmer’s Guild? Check out our preview post to unearth the mysterious origins behind the Farmers Guild and look at some of the new rules this brand-new Guild has sprouted!  

Theron Origin Story

Theron’s Origins

Dying to know what happened during the Century Wars that sent Theron to the pitch? Then it’s time to start reading. Learn about Theron’s past and the inspiration behind Salute’s Limited Edition Young Theron with his epic origin story.

Heralds Tactics

Hunting Tactics

How can you pull off wild snow-skills for epic goals with Ulfr and Skatha? Read this post to find out! You can learn the basics of using the new Hunters in both Skatha and Theron-led lineups.

Hunter Developer Diary

Hunter’s Expansion Dev Diary

Get all the details on how the new Hunters give feral coaches brand-new strategies for an aggressive goal game.

Season 3 Errata

Season 3 Errata

To address some common questions and clarify some rules language, we released a public FAQ and Errata for Guild Ball Season 3.  

Forum Favorites
Steamforged Forums

Looking for a place to share your excitement for Guild Ball and Dark Souls? Then hit up the Steamforged forums now! Hot topics include painting tips for Dark Souls™, the awesome new podcast MO-Ball, a growing Season 4 wishlist, and a hilarious thread theorizing “Who’s going to die in Season 3?

Our favorite theory so far? “It’ll be a mascot. Watch poor Salt get taken out by Avarisse and/or Greede. Fans riot. The Second Century Wars begin.” Could user TehMik be on the trail of something big?

Hunter's Guild: Heralds of the Winter's Moon

Available now from your friendly local game store!
Hunter’s Guild: Heralds of the Winter’s Moon 
MRSP: £28  $40 (USD)  €38  $55 (AUD)

Light on their feet and menacing as the cold, this pack of hunters brings the sharp sting of winter to the sport. Their fearsome captain, Skatha, commands the pitch with slick footwork and a passing game as unrelenting as winter’s howling winds. Opponents had best be wary with the ball against her pack. One misstep and their watchful protector Snow will fetch the ball and pass it to their feral striker, Ulfr. This lone huntsman lives for the rush of an ambush, targeting prey who stand between him and the goal post. To ensure their striker makes the shot, Veteran Hearne lies in wait, ready to ensnare his prey and show them the cruelty of winter. His furs now matted with frost, Hearne proves even the most ardent supporters of the Sun Father can be swayed by the Winter Queen.

This boxed set contains:
• 1X Metal 30mm Skatha (Captain) Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Snow (Mascot) Model
• 1X Metal 30mm Ulfr Model
• 1X Metal 40mm Veteran Hearne Model
• Stat Cards for each model

Tales of the Pitch
Guild Ball Season 3 Book

Guild Ball Season 3 
MRSP: £30  $40  €40  $60 (AUD)

Guild Ball Season 3 brings you the continuing stories of your favorite players from the world of Guild Ball. Along with updated art and stories, the book features the rules for all Guilds, including recent releases and the all-new Farmer’s Guild. You won’t want to skip out on these tales of glory on the pitch.

Click Here to Find a Store Near You
Upcoming Event: Salute 2017
Salute 2017

Steamforged Games is excited to see you all at Salute on April 22nd! Come by our booth (TD13) to preview Dark Souls: The Board Game in person, check out new Guild Ball releases and hunt down something special. We can’t wait to prowl about with all you awesome coaches.
Stalk Your Prey with Limited Edition Theron
Limited Edition Young Theron

Young Theron will be available for one day, and one day only! Tomorrow, April 22, Young Theron will be available from our booth at Salute (Booth #) AND on the Guild Ball store. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to track down this ferocious Hunter Captain in his prime.
Time for an Upgrade
Our new webstore is on the horizon! Because we built everything from scratch in our snazzy new system, only account balances over £10 will be transferrable. Don’t worry—if you have less than £10 on your account, you have at least two full weeks to spend it.(Exact date TBA, but we want to give you early notice!)

Accounts with more than £10 will get an email with a voucher or coupon code to use on our new webstore. Watch our social media channels for more updates.





[email protected]

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Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Pin Vice’

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In between doing some yard work (just a little, I hate yard work), I was actually able to get my final model for my Engineer’s Guild completed.  ‘Pin Vice’ is my second Captain for the Guild.  Most Engineer players play with ‘Ballis…

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Salvo’

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While working on ‘Ratchet’ the other day, I cheated a little and applied a few colors here to ‘Salvo’.  Then yesterday I was able to finish him up and get his base done.Since I like to play Guild Ball to score, ‘Salvo’ is a good Winger for my Guil…

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Ratchet’

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“Considered somewhat of a maverick by other members of the guild, Ratchet is often the creative mind behind their latest inventions. He wields his explosive bombs at matches, and ensures the mechanical players remain fully operational through the blood…

Tabletop Games News 14th April

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With Salute looming ever closer this year its almost time to break the bank to fund another day out in London, but just what can […]

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Ballista’

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I’d like to welcome you all to the Captain of the Engineering Guild…….’Ballista’.Every Guild Ball has a Captain and it was about time I finally got my painted.  I started with the slightly easier models (the Mechanica) to get an idea of the co…

Learning Curve: Blood Bowl vs Guild Ball

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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve got a bit of an obsession with Blood Bowl and others might have seen the odd mention […]

Steamforged Games Newsletter

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Some Guild Ball news from Steamforged Games…

Hey Coach, 

Are you looking to become a convert of the cogs? To swim with a new school? Or do you just want to run with knives? Then mark your calendars—Friday, June 23 it’s open season for new coaches to join the Butchers, Engineers, and Fishermen. Meet their Captains below.


The Butcher’s Guild: The Bloody Master

“You’re just meat to them. Weak, tender, soft meat. And they’re the Butchers.” 
—    Greyscales, Fishermen’s Guild
Tougher than gristle, Ox sees Guild Ball as nothing but brutal blood sport. More merciless maniac than athlete, the master butcher has transformed the pitch into a kitchen nightmare—cleavers, knives, hooks, you name it, his team wields it. Why the cutlery? Because to this deranged butcher, everyone—even his teammates—is a succulent meat bag, crying out for pain. 

The Bloody Master is the team for you if…

  • You’re a new coach who wants to pick up a knife and get to stabbing.
  • You prefer cleavers to clever ball tricks.
  • You want a captain whose focus is taking out players and making every game a ruthless bloodbath.
The Engineer’s Guild: The Instruments of War
The Engineer's Guild: The Instruments of War

“They have the most devastating potential of all teams at their fingertips.”
—    Midas, Alchemist’s Guild
Former dog of war. Ambitious tinkerer. Volatile genius. Ballista’s brilliance is as intimidating as his past. No longer squandering his talents on the waste of war, his newest gadgets and gizmos seek to quash the natural talents of man. Why train to be the best when you can simply build something better?

The Instruments of War are the team for you if…

  • Coordinated Mechanica Mayhem was the name of your former band. 
  • You think the best defense is a precision offense.
  • You want a bully of a captain whose go-to shutdown strategy is an arrow to the face.
The Fishermen’s Guild: The Changing Tides
The Fishermen's Guild: The Changing Tides

“Ain’t no other team that can catch ‘em. Until someone seriously gets their game on, the Fishermen’s Guild will keep on winning.”
–    Flint, Mason’s Guild
As a cunning predator, Shark is the kind of captain crowds love to watch and players hate to face because he’s aggressively fast. And he’s not shy about showing off. Circling the currents of the pitch, his plays aim to shame—he darts in, steals the ball, and sinks a shot in a flash of blue. Fading back into the murky shadows, he patiently waits to strike again.

The Changing Tides are the team for you if…

  • You prefer brains over brawn. 
  • Your dream captain is a silent predator, one of the faster strikers on the pitch.
  • You want to reel in the points with sleek, flashy goals.
Find a Store to Pre-order Now!
Upcoming Events!
Regional Qualifier: Top Tier Board Games
SATURDAY, APRIL 8: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Regional Qualifier: Top Tier Games

Are you ready to take to the pitch and prove your skill and mettle?

Top Tier Board Games in Hattiesburg, MS is gearing up to host a Regional Qualifier for the Wargames Con Guild Ball Regional Championship!

Entry is $20, or $10 if you bring a playmat and at least two pieces of legal terrain.

Learn More
Salute 2017
APRIL 12 –14

Steamforged Games is coming to Salute. Come by our booth (TD13) to preview Dark Souls: The Board Game in person, buy new Guild Ball releases, and hunt down something special.
Learn More
Thank You AdeptiCon Attendees!
We had a blast at AdeptiCon meeting and playing games with everyone. From the themed teams to the completely full 32-man qualifier for the Regional Champions, we could’t believe how much Guild Ball we crammed into the weekend. We can’t wait for next year.
In Case You Missed It
Dark Souls the Board Game has begun assembly and shipping! Check out our update on Kickstarter for more information. Praise the sun! [T]/
Information Is Key to Victory

We’ve had an update to one of our Regional Championship locations. Our third Regional Championship will be at Wargames Con Aug 26–28 in Austin, Texas.

Below you can find information on the event and the updated dates for the Regional Qualifiers that feed into the event.

*These Regional Qualifier dates are subject to change, as we await confirmation.

Been to our events page yet? (Rumor has it that rejected Guild Ball Mascots tinkered for hours on that page and get fed based on clicks and web page views.) For more detailed updates made without mascot labor, be sure to check the official SFG Blog where you’ll find announcements, upcoming release information, posts on Guild Ball’s Regional Qualifiers and more!




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Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Locus’

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In case you did not get a chance to read my earlier post on ‘Colossus’, this past week I painted ‘Locus’ and ‘Colossus’ at the same time.  I figure it is the same colors, and it will save some time. ‘Locus’ was just released last weekend at A…

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Colossus’

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Even though it is April 1st, this guy was completed last night to count as March points for my ‘Painting Point’s.  ‘Colossus’ is a Central Midfielder with a pretty decent MOV/TAC/KICK, he is lacking in the DEF department, but does proivide a 2 ARM…

New Guild Ball Starters

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Don’t worry Steam forged Games have got your back, as well as the fantastic Kick off 2 player starter set these are coming. These awesome […]

A very happy Guild Ball Birthday to me

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So earlier this month it was my Birthday and the lovley Mrs and Miss Tabletop Games UK brought me a few Guild Ball bits, as […]

Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Masons

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The Masons are finished and that makes two guilds painted in three months. It was a challenge.

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The Farmers Sighted

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On display at the GAMA show in America the Hunters starter set was on display. Although the photos aren’t great you can still see that […]

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Mainspring’

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What team doesn’t need a mascot? Well for my Engineer’s Guild his name is ‘Mainspring’ and he fits right into the playstyle I am looking for in my games of Guild Ball.  I am trying to play the game with more passhing and shooting and Mainspring’s …

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Hoist’

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This past Sunday while I was painting ‘Velocity’, I was also painting this model ‘Hoist’ at the same time.  ‘Hoist’ is an Attacking Midfielder that has a unique Character Play called True Replication where he can choose a Character Play (6″) …

Guild Ball: Engineer’s Guild ‘Velocity’

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After my 3v3 intro game I had the other week I have been itching to get in another game of Guild Ball and to get some of my models painted.  Getting in a game is tougher than getting some models painted.  Closest ‘regular’ Guild Ball group is…

Steamforged Games Ltd. Newsletter

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Some new Guild Ball releases from Steamforged Games Ltd…

It’s a new dawn for the Union thanks to the divine talents of Grace and Benediction. A bottomless well of healing, the Living Saint, Grace, gives self-sustained support to her teammates near and far. Meanwhile, Benediction stands as a devoted guardian, poised to beat back opposing players. Together, the players make their teams as resilient and unwavering as their faith. Whether you find their presence to be a blessing or a curse will depend on your side of the pitch..

The First Light of Solethecius  includes one metal model and stat card for each of the following models (assembly required):
Grace — Player (30mm)
Benediction — Player (40mm)

The Chruch is now playing with the Union, giving coaches access to two beacons of supportive power for more resilent playstyles.
But their defensive potential goes beyond shrugging off damage or conditions or taking hits for the team—they bolster the potential of their whole team, unlocking more opportunitites for you to control of the pitch!
If you want influence independence, more denial strategies,  or raw support power, the First Light of Solethecius will do it. Union coaches, get ready for more exciting strategies and new line-ups.

Battle Report: Guild Ball 3/1/2017 Engineer’s vs Butcher’s

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Last night I headed down south to South Bend, IN for an introductory 3vs3 game of Guild Ball at Fantasy Games. Of the three gaming stores I have visited so far, this one has the most gaming space and selection of models that I am interested. &nbsp…

Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Brewers

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The first half of the Guild Ball Kick Off! Project is complete. Time to look back on what I’ve done and what remains.

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Daily Chronicle: Weekend Roundup 2/24-26/2017

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Since nothing was actually completed this past weekend, I thought I’d do a recap of the progress for the some of the projects I am working on. On Friday night I was able to mostly finish my sons US 76mm Sherman Tank for his United States Bolt Acti…