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Visigoth Tank WIP

Posted on March 1st, 2018 under , , . Posted by

    Taken with my Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 Pro, at 7mm, F8, 1.3 secs, ISO 200. Crop from 64 megapixel Hi-Res shot.This Visigoth tank from Dream Pod 9 is humongous, so much so that in my mind it better fits my 15mm Heavy Gear force than their …

RAFM Cheetah WIP

Posted on July 21st, 2017 under , . Posted by

This is picture is of the pre-loved and slightly tatty Cheetah I got off eBay, which was sans butt-plate.  As luck would have it I could find no pictures on the web of the Cheetah taken from the rear.  Fortunately, I have friends who have com…

RAFM Mambas

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Until recently I only had two Mambas.  One a brawler variant and the other was less than complete: no head and engine.  Now I have two more: a Black Mamba and a Snake Eye Mamba.  So, it looks like I have the elements of support squad.Hav…

Some More Size Comparisons

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Didn’t realize that two of the little Dogs had broken arms, they’re that tiny, but you can see it in the picture.Back here I took some pictures of GZGs not VOTOMS, but I was asked if I could take a picture showing them next to other mecha.  Hopefu…

Northern Guard Painting WIP

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And this weekend I managed to slap some paint on my Northern Guard Gears.  Still a long way to go, but I’m one colour application closer to finishing.The Jaguar on the left has had the main green shaded, while the Hunter on the right has had the a…

RAFM Even More Reinforcements

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And just when you think you have enough, along comes the chance to buy more!  I couldn’t resist these, especially as the bundle included spare weapon packs, which will mean I can play about with the weapon loadouts on my collection of Heavy Gears….

Southern Army Assembles

Posted on April 28th, 2017 under , . Posted by

I have scored seven Southern Jagers and one more Northern Hunter off eBay.  I’ve gone from not having enough models for a full squad to being able to make up two squads, which means I now have a Southern Milicia force to face my Northern Guard.&nb…

On My Workbench WIP

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  Just a picture to show people that I am working on painting and making stuff and not just buying all the shiny off eBay that I can find.As you can see the Visigoth tank from here has been primed and now has a coat of paint.  The three …

RAFM More Reinforcements

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I’ve done a bit of blitz on acquiring RAFM Heavy Gear miniatures, and these three Gears were acquired through the kindness of wargaming friends: Godfrey Sherridan for the two Recon Jagers and some essential spare parts I needed that he was willing to p…